Orbis – Powder Wash +

Finally got my hands on Orbis Powder Wash +, a superior enzyme powder foaming wash!!!


Getting rid of blackheads on my nose is really a hassle. Thankful for this new range by Orbis, it solved my PORE-blems! 😛

XXX brand pore strips
Why no pore strips for me? This is because pore strips stick firmly to the skin, the tugging motion used to remove blackheads causes irritation. Opened pores may also be vulnerable to infection, so it’s important to keep the skin clean. Definitely not for sensitive skin!!!)

Hence, pore strips will not be my only option to solve my pore-blems.

Introducing, Orbis – Power Wash +!!!!

Two powerful enzymes formulated in this one bottle to tackle your blackheads pore-blems – Protease and Lipase. They are specially formulated to tackle the sebum and Keratin plugs (nah! That’s how the nasty blackheads are formed) by breaking them down HOWEVER, at the same time, keeping the skin moisturized without stripping moisture off your delicate skin!

So here are the steps to achieving a deeply cleansed (ditching all these blackheads) yet moisturized skin:


Step 1: A small amount of the powder wash would suffice. Was really fascinated by this powdery formula. Have never ever tried any cleansers in a form of powder.


Step 2: Lather the powder with lukewarm water to create a foamy texture.

This Easy Whip Formula enables the powder to dissolve and lather quickly; creating firm and creamy foam that can effectively capture the grime broken down by the enzymes. The foam cushion texture washes gently without irritating the skin.

As you can see, the foam created was dense and bouncy – just like whipping cream 😛

To achieve it, you can refer to this link on YouTube. Kinda feel like I was whipping up some meringue – not too many visible bubbles as illustrated in my photo!


Step 3: Massage the creamy foam gently on your skin and rinse thoroughly thereafter!

Enjoy the foamy massage therapy on your face girls, because the aftermath gives a very nice cleansed feeling.


Skin feeling super boingboing after the foamy wash!

Do remember to only use this in place of your regular facial wash 2 to 4 times a week, depending on your skin condition! I have actually tried this for 3 times in a row!!!



Orbis – Powder Wash +

  •  Oil free, free of fragrances, free of color additives
  •  Allergy-tested (formulated to minimise risk of allergy)

Available in all Orbis counters and stores, RRP $25 (including GST).

And in any case, you ladies are curious about the key ingredients and what they do, here you go!


What’s better than having a facial wash that cleanse deeply and providing hydration at the same time?


Big love to Orbis, for sticking to their belief in true beauty and activating the skin’s enzymes responsible for skin’s beauty. You’re amazing xx

Nose Fillers with Simplistiq


Im back to blogging again!

This space would be for an elaborated description for things/experiences I go through in my day to day life.
So here I am, dedicating my first ever post to Simplistiq.

I am really ecstatic to be onboard with Simplistiq for my virgin experience with nose fillers in which they call it the DERMAL FILLERS BELOTERO® INTENSE. Click the link for more info.

Have been meaning to try nose fillers as I am always dissatisfied with my button nose.

Two problem areas of my nose:
1) The lack of nose bridge
2) My button front, its a tad too meaty my my liking. I HATE IT.

However, I have absolutely no guts to do any invasive surgery because I am REALLY REALLY AFRAID OF PAIN, a very low threshold.

I can’t deal with the downtime and a nose surgery is too drastic a change for me.
Hence, given this opportunity from Simplistiq, I am so thankful that it changed my life/nose – a little.

Let me show you a picture of my ugly round bulbous nose.

As you can see, my nose bridge starts from the bottom of my eyes.

This is a mugshot I took before my fillers in the clinic.
I can’t deal with my button nose URGHHHH.
Anyhoos, I deliberately went out without contouring my nose because I knew that I would take a before and after, so yep.

I would contour my nose usually, cause I really can’t deal with a flat nose.

Here’s the process of my nose fillers.

I had a consultation with Dr YZ Tan, ig: @dr.yztan.

Next, the numbing cream.
Say, 30 mins?

Here comes the injection.

I hate needles and they scare the shit out of me.

So the very kind ppl from Simplistiq gave me a cushion to hug and my eyes were completely shut during the injection.

I was really surprised that it is not painful at all!!!
like 0% pain?!

All I felt was something touching my nose HAHA.

This was for my nose bridge.

However, when it comes to the nose tip, it was slightly sensitive, so the sensation felt like somebody squeezing blackheads, but less painful.

Yep, I think I can describe this feeling pretty well as I had a facial the day before so I still had the discomfort at the back of my mind.

Here comes the aftermath of my fillers.

A collage of before and after side by side:

As you can see, theres a slight change to my nose bridge, the change is really mild as Dr Tan believes in subtle enhancement; and he has done it perfectly!!
I am too conservative in the sense that I hate seeing drastic changes to my face. So for a start, Dr Tan gave me something natural and minimal.

More pictures to show how having fillers change my look, not drastically, but I feel that I look better.

Guess it’s really the skills of an aesthetic doctor that determines how you look after fillers!!!

Thank you Dr Tan!!!! You are nothing short of AMAZING!!!

I took this selfie after my fillers.

Notice that theres some slight bruising, but rest assure that IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL.
You can conceal it with some makeup.

Looks like my concealer is not good enough haha!!!

Day 3 before work.

No contouring of my nose BTW!!! AND MY NOSE BRIDGE IS DAMN OBVIOUS!!!!

Side view.

Do y’all agree that it is job done well and naturally?!

Not only I saw a difference in my selfies, but my photos from my shoots show a lot!!!

I did not contour my nose on purpose, because what for ya?! I have nose fillers and isn’t that the purpose – to look good without makeup.

My nose bridge is damn obvious here!!!! omg!!!

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You can find the top here and the backorder of the skirt here.
Its really my kind of casual look btw!! Go get it!!!

I kept the shirt in blue.

Heres another angle of my nose that shows my super obvious nose bridge!!

I FINALLY HAVE A NOSE BRIDGE and it definitely creates an illusion of a smaller face.

All thanks to Simplistiq!!! I am so so soooo thankful. :’)

Can’t wait to try the other treatments they offer in their clinic; so do check them out if you’re keen to visit the clinic!!!

They’re located at:
8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-52
Operating Hours-
Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm
Saturday: 11am to 4.30pm

Till then!
Stay beautiful ;D