Modern Si Dian Jin for the stylish me!

In my earlier post, I shared my reservations about getting Si Dian Jin for my dowry. I was terrified they would look gaudy on my wedding gown!

But you know what, that mindset was based on my exposure to Si Dian Jin from watching period dramas. And boy, was I in for a surprise when Goldheart Jewelry presented their interpretation of Si Dian Jin.

Here’s what I have come to understand in my wedding journey with Goldheart: Si Dian Jin is a symbolism of MIL’s gesture to reassure that I will be taken care of throughout my marriage. However, the craftmanship of the Si Dian Jin is opened for interpretation, and this is where Goldheart really shines.

The MODE GOLD 916 Si Dian Jin collection boasted such extensive, elegant and excellent designs that I seriously questioned if it is “Si Dian Jin” at first glance – they seemed to be designed for daily stylish wear (as opposed to occasion wear, such as a wedding)

My MIL wanted to gift me Si Dian Jin as part of tradition, while at the same time, she wanted me to pick a design that I would be proud to wear for the wedding (and, I believe, even after to demonstrate my appreciation for her gift). This is going to be a win-win situation with Goldheart’s MODE GOLD 916 Si Dian Jin.

I know my taste for jewellery designs I’d be wearing on a daily basis, so it was a cinch in picking out my Si Dian Jin set. My taste in jewellery can be defined as modern minimalist, versatile and nothing that looks obiang… so check, check and check – Goldheart has got them all!

Just like the process of picking out the wedding bands, identifying and trying Si Dian Jin designs was an enjoyable session. In fact, it opened up new ideas and inspirations for future stylish ensembles … and I caught myself wondering if we can actually push past “Si”, if you catch my drift. The Si Dian Jin designs are made and designed in Italy, and I must say they are definitely on point for looking contemporary and so easy to accessorise with!

For those of you who are new to Si Dian Jin, it literally means “four touches of gold”. It is also a figurative for “four corners of a roof”, which is an expression to mean that the bride is promised security by having a roof over her head in the groom’s family. The “four touches of gold” corresponds to a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earrings.

Here’s a look at some of the MODE GOLD 916 Si Dian Jin that I browse at Goldheart Tampines:


First few designs that I tried on and it is SPELLS ME!!! Minimalist with a touch of details perfect to accentuate (virtually all) my outfits!


Oh, and this collection design comes in a ring, dangling earrings and a long necklace too!



This man made a joke that made me giggle. I kinda forgot what he said but lol this was my reaction! But I certainly remembered how perfect the ring looked on my finger!


And, OMG, this piece is so pretty! Can you believe this is even a part of a Si Dian Jin collection?



There is always joy and laughter when I’m with him, which I believe made this session incredibly effortless and memorable as one of our many milestones of my lives together!

And the next design has a dressier, nature-theme look with its the butterfly motifs. Although I didn’t pick this design ultimately, I wanted to show this in order to give you an idea of the range of designs that MODE GOLD 916 Si Dian Jin is capable of. If you have a taste for elaborate and flashier designs, Goldheart has got it covered!


I wasn’t the only one shopping! This design caught Hao’s eyes and he suggested it for me. However, my intention was to own a SI Dian Jin that I can wear on a daily basis; personally, I felt this design may be too “dressy” for my wardrobe to be worn regularly.





Since he really to see this piece on me, why not try it on to show him! Wouldn’t you guess – it glammed me up just like that! Thanks, dear for showing interest for me!

After picking out the wedding bands and Si Dian Jin, it is time to put them all together for our Big Day. Stay tune on my blog and Instagram, as I will be revealing more in the next couple of days!




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