My day with Guo Da Li (过大礼)

I have always envisioned my Guo Da Li(过大礼) to be an ultra simple affair, where we simply exchange Pin Jin(聘金) and … we are done!

But, as I soon discovered, Guo Da Li is more than that – it is a symbolic ceremony where a particular gift takes centrestage: Si Dian Jin(四点金).

Even today, Chinese families continue to place emphasis on traditions to mark life’s significant milestones, such as weddings. Naturally, my MIL requests for this ceremony as it is a happy occasion. And, being the first daughter to be “married off” in my family, I naturally became the torch bearer to fulfil this tradition.


Guo Da Liis a betrothal ceremony that involves the exchange of gift where the groom’s family brings traditional hampers to the bride’s family. Of all the gifts, the most significant one will be the Si Dian Jin, which the groom’s mother will present to the new daughter-in-law.


Literally meaning “four touches of gold”, Si Dian Jinis also a figurative for “four corners of a roof”, which is an expression to mean that the bride is promised security by having a roof over her head in the groom’s family. The “four touches of gold” corresponds to a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earrings.


Gold was, and remains, a valuable investment and asset. By giving Si Dian Jinto the bride, it is the MIL’s indirect way of saying that she will be taken care of throughout her marriage. This gesture, orchestrated in a ceremonial form, “officiates” my acceptance into the groom’s family and marks another milestone in my life.


If you want to find out more about the Guo Da Li, here are some light reading to enjoy:


Growing up, my impression of Si Dian Jinwas shaped from watching period dramas. Unfortunately to me, they just look … obiang, gaudy and massive. I knew then that I’d never be caught dead wearing in those things!


As we discover and learn more, our perspective evolves and preconceived notions change. On this note, I have Goldheart to thank for helping me find a new appreciation forSi Dian Jin. Here’s onething I learned about Goldheart’s extensive SDJ collection that sets them apart from other jewellers: they are all made and designed in Italy. So, if you desire contemporary designs, quality and manychoices, Goldheart will certainly impress with their plethora of modern selections and quality craftsmanship!


I am also very thrilled to have Goldheart, who is Singapore’s leading bridal jeweller, to accompany me on my exhilarating wedding journey! Here’s a little trivia for you: in 2009, Goldheart was the official bridal jeweller for our famous celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee’s wedding! Can’t help but feel privileged to have Goldheart onboard with me on this journey!


Stay tuned as I will be sharing more about my journey in picking out my Si Dian Jin and other bridal jewellery. Meanwhile, here are the photos of my day with Guo Da Li, which includes a sneak peek at my MODE GOLD 916 Si Dian Jin!







Here’s my MODE Gold 916 Si Dian Jin! Can’t wait to put it on!

I still have a lot to share about my wedding journey, so do check back my space for more!


Till then. xx




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  1. Hi I noticed that you initially had parallel crease on your left eye. After how many days, weeks, or months did it take to change into tapered? I just got double eyelid and one of my eye is parallel too. Thanks.

    1. it was parallel cos it is swollen! but after the swell is gone it will either stay parallel or tapered. you can’t really choose for this procedure actually!

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