Dr Belter Bio Classica Aquasilk Serum

I have used a couple of serums and Dr.Belter Cosmetics AquaSilk Serum is one of my favourite (just to name a few).

My routine everyday before heading out includes – cleansing, applying a base serum (BioClassica AquaSilk serum), moisturising and sunblock.

Probably mentioned this a couple of times before, I swear by light-weighted products because of the humidity we experience in Singapore. No one wants to head out in this sweltering heat with a heavy and oily face. Hence, I really like the AquaSilk serum from the Bio-Classica range.



So this is the 30ml bottle.



I used two of these small pumps for the entire face.

It gave the face a very refreshing sensation.

This boosting serum prevents wrinkles and loss of firmness which leads to an instant smoothing effect.




That’s an after makeup effect. It helps to keep my skin soft and holds up my makeup well too.


FullSizeRender-1Here is to show that the serum has a watery and light consistency.




& not forgetting to mention, a glowy after-effect!!!

It is suitable for all skin types btw, even if your skin is sensitive!



After a full day of running around with a full face makeup!!!

Told you this serum holds makeup pretty well!!

Having said so much about this raved serum, I got my bottle from Annabelle Skin (check out my Annabelle Skin post for my facial review) after my facial. They use Dr.Belter products for all their facial treatments so was recommended by them to use this Bio-Classica Range, hence I picked out the serum!

If you are keen to experience Dr.Belter facials, simply quote my Instagram @Eexuan to enjoy 50% off your first treatment at Annabelle Skin!

Annabelle Skin is located at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street

#02-42, Singapore 179803

To make an appointment:

Tel: 6336 8975 / WhatsApp: 82281454 Annabelle Skin Website: https://www.annabelleskin.com/

If you’d like to find out more about Dr.Belter and its skincare range (there are 11 lines for different skin types and skin needs), visit the Dr.Belter’s social media pages or find out more from its participating salons:

Instagram: @DrBelterGirl | Facebook: Dr.Belter Cosmetic Singapore

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