Dore Review: My Aesthetics Face Whitening Experience

Was super stoked when I received an invitation from Dore to experience their aesthetic treatments in their establishment, so I made an appointment to head down and check out what options are there available for me.


My first impression of the clinic – was awed by their super brightly lit clinic interiors, not forgetting to mention, spacious too.


Did a short tour around the clinic and went for my consultation with the friendly staff thereafter.


Just a quick fun fact about Dore, Dore has served more than 2,000 satisfied customers and a Google Review rating of 4.0 stars, featured in The Straits Times and various popular magazines such as ELLE, Her World and Singapore Women’s Weekly, so you can certainly trust the standards of their treatments and services!









The staff went thru the treatments available at their clinic, listing out a few right down below:


  • Acne Scar Removal
  • Acne Treatment
  • Face Whitening
  • Pigment Removal


After the consultation and checks on my skin, having no acne problems, the consultant recommended me to opt for the face whitening/ pigment removal treatment, as there was a tiny pigment on my left cheek. Good lord, I never knew I had that, I am guessing it was developed only recently.

I was told that pigmentations could occur even though I diligently slapped on sunblock due to family history, well, my aunties do have pigment problems so that probably explains?

After addressing my questions and concerns, I was brought to the treatment room to have my skin prepped for my Face Whitening treatment.






After which, I went ahead with my treatment.

Do note that this treatment has to be administered strictly by a certified professional, no tom dick or harry can do this job okay. Pretty sure no one wants any of such treatments to be done anyhow and ended up with a botched job done. This is why in Dore; only the trained and certified can do the treatments for you.

Admittedly, I was slightly nervous when it comes to any treatments. Mentioned it a couple of times that I have a very low threshold for pain, so this explains the jitters.







This treatment is totally painless, it felt like tiny ants crawling on my face, or maybe on areas like my under eye, it will be slightly sensitive. But don’t worry, the sensation was really bearable.


Do not be alarmed when you smell something burning, your skin is not gonna be chao ta or sth. It is normal!!! Rmb, these people are trained and certified.


I was also given a laser prep on my hands before the treatment started to let me have a rough feel on how the treatment is gonna feel like.


After the laser treatment, they gave me a moisturizing LED cooling mask to calm the redness down.

To be honest, I didn’t experience much redness. I was told that there will be slight redness on my skin after the treatment, but that will be for a short period of time – 10-15mins?



Moisturizing mask slathered on. It feels super cooling and I feel relaxed too.




& the LED activator was used to treat and rejuvenate my skin right after the laser treatment.

All in all the treatment took about less than an hour?

This Face Whitening treatment is pain-less, no downtime and it does helps the skin to even out the skin tone, in the process of lightening our dark spots.


Here is a collage of my face over the course of 1 week right after the laser.

The effects will come slowly after, and over the course of a few treatments. However, for me it is just an one-off treatment and it did showed results.



Note that I didn’t edit or adjust anything from these photos to prove accuracy of my review.


The dark spot that remained constant was actually my mole, focus on the tiny brown dot that disappeared 1 week later.


Pretty amazing results yield I would say!


Here are the details of their sister company, Dore Aesthetics:

160 Robinson Road, SBF Center (via Mediplex Lobby) #4-02 S(068914) and operating hours (Mon to Fri, 11am to 8pm and Sat, 10am to 2pm), closed on Sundays and PHs.

It is a walk able distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT (EXIT F), less than 200m.







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