Have been sent a few products from Healthypets a few months ago and I finally found the time to review and blog about it!

What I have received from Healthypets, click on the links to directly purchase:

  1. Stella & Chewys Savory Salmon and Cod Meal Mixers
  2. Stella & Chevys Wild Caught Salmon & Cod Recipe treats
  3. Pure Paws Amplify Volumizing Conditioner
  4. Pure Paws Amplify Volumizing Shampoo


Stella & Chewy is a brand that I have been meaning to let Fifi try, be it food or treats because my dog parent friends have been telling me soon much about it. However, you can’t find it in a lot of places in Singapore. SO GLAD THAT HealthyPets CARRIES THIS BRAND!!!!
Why switching from kibbles to freeze dried raw diet?

Was alternating between Orijen and Merrick for Fifi previously, but Fifi is still growing fatter as the days go by. This can be super worrying because obesity for dogs, esp for a small tiny dog for her will be an issue in future – heart problems, leg problems etc etc. even the vet kinda warned me to watch her diet. BUT I DIDNT FEED HER EXTRA deliberately, suspected it was from kibbles. Most of my friends suggested that I switch to freeze dried raw, so I did!!!

Freeze Dried Raw diets is recommended because their food is not as processed as how kibbles are. Many of them told me they saw a healthy weight loss, so I am definitely taking this chance to do so!



Fifi loves her meal times, but she loves it even more now because SHE LOVES THE FOOD! It smells bit too fishy for me, but this shows that the food is the REAL DEAL. Cod and Salmon leh, literally freeze dried!!!

She ends off the meal by licking the whole food bowl after. So cute haha!!!


However, one disadvantages of a freeze dried diet that I have identified would be the preparation.

For kibbles it is super easy, just scoop and pour into the bowl. Freeze dried requires warm water to rehydrate the food. But for the health of our dogs, why not right?



Added warm water into the food bowl.

BTW, every $48 purchase entitles you to w free gift – the cute pink bowl you see on this picture!! Super handy, trust me!!!



Use a fork/spoon to stir the water with the food to make sure all of it is hydrated.


Always doing everything and anything for food ah this one haha!

They come in different flavours like chicken or lamb, just check them out and choose accordingly 🙂


Another brand to recommend, which I have ordered for Fifi to try is Primal. Primal is a brand recommended by most!!! Cant wait to let Fifi try it! I got the chicken flavoured one! & HealthyPets is having a promotion for Primal foods, so do click on the hyperlink or the image below to purchase 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-30 at 1.20.34 PM



Next, if your dog is behaving well or have performed tricks, positive reinforcement is always encouraged – TREATS!

Treats are always perceived as unhealthy. BUT! Stella and Chewys contains no artificial flavourings, antibiotics and all the harmful chemicals, JUST PURE MEAT, but less messy because its in a compact treat form.


Fifi loves it!!!!


This is how the treat looks like!!!


Making her work hard for her treats!!!

She is really food motivated! Ah my precious :)))


Last but not least, maintaining her fur.

White dogs aren’t the easiest to maintain when it comes to their fur.

It gets dirty easily!!!!

Healthypets sent me a shampoo and conditioner than she recommended to me for malteses/white dogs.



After a walk, Fifi has super dirty paws and it is visible because of the white fur. THIS IS WHY, I have to shower her whenever I walk her, because wiping her is not enough.



Shampoo and Conditioner from Pure Paws!







Mix with water to bubble up the shampoo!!! This is good cause it curbs me from wasting shampoo, I SPAM SHAMPOO every time I shower her because she is always super dirty.




Looking so pathetic, she hates showers!!!



  • Does what it promises – cleans/ smells good
  • No skin allergy so far for Fifi
  • Adds Volume, fifi looks super fluffy after her shower
  • Other shampoo brands (can’t mention what) makes my hand peel, which means it is bad cause too much harsh chemicals, BUT THIS SHAMPOO doesn’t!!! Rejoice!!!!


We all are always concerned about our pets and always want the best for them. Our pets are like our babies right!!!

I am sure you can find something you need on Healthypets because this online pet store is owned by a dog lover herself, so she knows her stuff well and I am sure we can trust her recommendations on what is good and how to do our best to keep our pets healthy!!!


Thank you Healthypets SG for sending these goodies over! Looking forward to trying more products from their online store!!!


Free Delivery for $48 and above, also comes with a free gift (while stocks last!)

Refer a friend with the referral link and get a $8 coupon!





Arent we all attracted to this bottle at first sight? Moschino is a brand known to many of us for their quirky style, which I admire so much!


This is surprising as the fragrance from this bottle gives off sweet and flowery nodes!!!

To dispense/spray, here is how it looks like!




Caps off!!!


This fragrance for her, interprets the original essence in a delightful and refreshing way.


The sweet pink colour code of the bottle gives off spring/summer vibes.


If you are curious what the fragrance smell like, here is an illustration on this bottle of goodness!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.16.56 AM


Alternatively, you can head down to Metro Paragon to have a smell of the fragrance and make your purchase!!!


I love it because it gives off a girly vibe with and edge.




Get yours today!