Review of Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick and lip liner from LOreal Paris.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this pic?



Honestly, I was using this brand of lipstick in Taiwan (where this picture was taken), happily munching on some YESHI snacks and my friend went, OMG!!!! Why your lipstick will leak one?!?!?!

So my bf and I decided to take a picture like this, okay I admit kissing him HAHA, but ya, the lipstick pigment transferred and we looked like zombies on a massacre. EEEKSSS!!!




Super happy that Loreal Paris SG has come up with this brilliant formula that:

  • Minimizes colour transfer
  • 10hr long wearing
  • Ultra Gliding – super easy to glide these babies on
  • Moisturizing, non-drying formula


& yes! I guess I wouldn’t face anymore of these terrible lipsticks leaks ever again!!!


Introducing, the Infallible Le Rouge from LOreal Paris Singapore!





Here is a swatch of the colours:


Starting from the left to right-

747: Bold Bordeaux

712: Everlasting Plum

737: Persistent Plum

337: Refined Ruby

543: Charming Lilac

212: Rambling Rose

421: Charismatic Coral

227: Eternal Rose

519: Tender Berry

423: Perpetual Peach


These colours are super pigmented and the texture is ultra smooth. The claims on it being moisturizing and hydrating were proven to be right! My super cracked lips were not as bad upon application, picture below:


Shade, 212 Rambling Rose.

Now for my top 3 picks of the collection, I have picked 3 different colours.

Everyday wear:


Shade: 519 Tender Berry



How it looks like on the lips – a subtle tint to my discoloured lips hence it is suitable for everyday wear! LOVE!!!!!!



My FAVOURITE of them all – the Vibrant.


Shade: 212 Rambling Rose

This is a fuchsia pink kind of tone that is not too in your face, but at the same time, it gives my always-tired looking face some life to it!


As featured earlier on, this shade was my favourite the instant the team made me try on for my shoot with them.

Video up VERY soon!!!!

Now for the sexy hot look that I love to variant for my makeup style…

I call it the date night bombshell look.


Shade: 737 Persistent Plum

I grew a liking to darker shades in the recent years; perhaps it could be a sign of ageing HAHA. BUT SERIOUSLY, it gives my look a different type of look and I am slowly becoming more adventurous when it comes with trying on new lipstick colours!

This shade gave me a total different persona. You know how you can’t seem to smile for a picture when you have a certain look on? Yeap this is the one.

I would describe this shade as the blood red, or maybe slightly towards the maroon – not too red but a little purplish brown hue.




As illustrated above, did you notice that my lips are not that nicely shaped?

This is because my lips were not lined before I applied the lipsticks.



LOreal sent me their Never Fail Lip Liner range to try and test out if applying lip liner helps in the application… SO here is my review on them!!!


My take on the liners:

  • Easy to glide on
  • The sharpener at the back of the liner was a saviour because you do not need to source for a separate sharpener to sharpen your liners, SO THIS IS AN AWESOME FEATURE!
  • Pigmented
  • Matches their Infallible Le Rouge range, so you can match with them!


Check out the tips of the liners – aids in the precision so that your cupids bow could be defined easier!!!

Tested out on my lips, following the cross-in-the-middle technique – thats how makeup gurus achieve their cupids bow!!!


Instructions: By drawing a cross in the middle would help the lining of your lips better because it gives your lips a cupid bow even though it was pretty non-existent for me.

If you are wondering what shade?

It is the Rose shade on my lips for this lip liner.



After having the Infallible Le Rouge lipstick on – You can instantly tell the difference ya?!

My cupids bow became super prominent with the help of the lip liner! AMAZING right?!!? I kid you not when I saw what a difference it makes by adding one more step – line your lips with a lip liner!!!


As shown:

  • Lips much fuller
  • Cupids bow very significant

Alas! My completed look with LOreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge in shade, Refined Ruby – 337 and the Never Fail Lip Liner in shade Red Wine (specifically matched). I love how full my lips looked with the full lip makeup!


Just a close up on my lips:



This series of lip liners comes in 6 shades, however the plum shade will only be in later, so I have swatched the 5 shades I have on hand for your reference!




I must say, I am very impressed with this new range as lipsticks these days don’t come with such qualities.

It is either the lipstick is pigmented, but drying.
OR the lipsticks are super moisturizing but it does not have any staying power.


This new kid on the block is definitely something for us to lookout for!

Here is the video on the Infallible Le Rouge range!











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