OSIM – uStiletto Massager

OSIM uStiletto – remedy to your aching feet after a long day in heels!!!

Attended an event at the OSIM Headquarters one evening to experience the newly launched OSIM uStiletto!!!

Glad to be one of the first few to get dibs to this wonderful experience/ leg massager.

Ladies, you girls will be so glad this massager happened!!!


This uStiletto helps in relieving stress on the balls of your feet, ankles and calves. I shall save you guys from all the product specifications because honestly, no one reads it thoroughly. Am I right?

We were made to wear stilettos to the event; find out why later!

IMG_1353Welcomed by the pretty backdrop, fairy lights & pretty pink ballons – super photo worthy!!!


Check out the pretty dessert table and the cakes!!!!



The cake toppers suit the theme so well!!!



As I belonged to group 1, (they split us into 2 groups), we were first led to the experience zone – THE MASSAGE!!!!

We were made to remove our heels from our tired feet (thank god) and let the uStiletto massager do the ’healing ’.



The experience zone!!!



Me enjoying the massage!!!!


Do you agree that they did so well setting up this whole experience zone?

There are 5 beautifying leg massage programs.

We tried 3 of the massage programs – Pamper, Reflexology and Beauty.

Personally, I like a slight pain on my feet. Hence, Reflexology stood out for me because it gave my feet a good deep tissue massage.

After which, we were made to put on our heels and walk around.

Trust me when I say that my feet felt like it was floating and the heels did not hurt that much anymore. I was surprised and amazed with the instant therapy it does to my feet!

So ladies, next time, no more dreading all the stilettos because OSIM has came up with this amazing massager that helps us relieve the pain from wearing heels.

It is like we love and hate wearing heels because heels obviously make us look better in anything but at the same time heels are super tiring and harmful to our feet; so this massager is a savior to this issue!


So happy to see this girl here at the event! ☺


And bae for your company though you stayed outside most of the time ☹


After the amazing massage, not by masseuse but the uStiletto massagers, it is some girly time – PAINTING!!!!!!

Got to learn some water-colouring from this expert over here!!



Almost couldn’t finish my artpiece because I was just being a rusty art student hah!


My masterpiece!!!


Here’s me giving this event and of course the main lead of this event, the uStiletto a thumbs up and highly recommendation for I highly recommend it to you ladies out there!!! This massager works wonders!!!!!

& if you’re a boyfriend/husband reading this, do get this for your other halves!!! I swear they will need it esp when they wear a lot of heels.

As for me, being an events talent/financial consultant, I am required to wear heels sometimes and the heels I love are the super high ones. Yeappppppp. So thankful for this holy grail (now it has become my holy grail).

& Thank you OSIM for sending me a uStiletto leg massager!!! It has become an essential to my day to day life, giving my poor tired feet back it’s life again!


What is having Fifi beside me and a comforting massage after a long day out? HEAVEN!!!!


So here is the promotion I have for you guys!!!


Limited Period Pre-sale Exclusive: Use my code < OSIMKOL57lklb> at http://www.lazada.sg/osim1/ to enjoy exclusive offer off the uStiletto from now till 30 May! uStiletto is also available at these selected OSIM roadshows, try it today!:

Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun)
Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May)
Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun)
Waterway Point, outside Charles&Keith (29 May till 11 Jun)

For more information on uStiletto: http://sg.osim.com/ustiletto-leg-massager.html

Heard that prices are only going to go up, so do grab it fast!




EVANESSENCE – The secret to radiant skin

Got my hands on these illuminating tablets recently that promises to promote radiance to my skin. Being 26 this year worries me (please don’t roll your eyes at me) because aging (skin aging in particular) is one of my main concerns and it is recommended that anti-aging regime should start as soon as the age of 25.


Question is…. How?

Skin supplements!!!

Having to be constantly exposed to the harmful UV rays is definitely not helping as the UV rays causes our skin to age.

EVANESSENCE helps in a way that it restores collagen structure of our skin, and also increase the skin elasticity with the enriching ingredients of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes; which help the skin to renew energy, thus promote anti-aging.

It also reduces skin damage from free radicals, enhances skin tolerance of exposing to UV radiation, and increases the skin’s capability in self-healing and anti-inflammatory.

What is even better is that EVANESSENCE also assists to even out your skin tone and texture, by reducing skin pigmentation and dark spots and also repairs coarse pores, and lightening your skin to achieve and maintain radiant and younger skin.




Simply take one EVANESSENCE tablet before you sleep every day with a glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professionals.

As for me, I just take it every day before I have my first meal.

My review on it:

Tasteless, which is super important as I hate supplements with funky tastes so this is a plus point.


As for the results, I am pretty positive about it as I don’t see my skin condition deteriorating and my skin is glowing everyday (maybe it is also with my skin care regime which I will share veryyy sooooon)

I cant guarantee results just yet because I have had this for just more than a week but it is recommended to have it for 3 months minimum to see full results!


&& Don’t worry about the horror stories of supplements because…

EVANESSENCE has been reviewed by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore and sold under the Singapore Guidelines for Health Supplements[1].

So YAY! It is safe to be consumed! However, please consult a healthcare professional prior to taking EVANESSENCE if you have any existing health issues.

As of where to get this supplement?

Visit ‪http://www.evanessence.com.sg/for more information.

Or alternatively,

Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre #06-10, Singapore 228510, Tel: ‪(+65) 6733 3895


PlusHealth Medical Clinic & Surgery, 89 Whampoa Drive, #01-841, Singapore 320089, Tel: ‪(+65) 6264 7845


Stay beautiful!