Shopping for food/ pet supplies for FiFi with

The very sweet people from Kohepets gave me a $200 credit to shop on their fuss-free webpage for Fifi!

Here ‘s what I ‘ve got for a $200:



Freeze dried Salmon treats, Seek a Treat toy, Whimzees Dental treat, Merrick (Salmon and Sweet Potato) and JW Gripsoft Slicker brush.


Chose Merrick as I have done a couple of research on dog kibbles/food, at a very reasonable price point, Merrick is one of the best IMO.

Fifi alternates between Orijen and Merrick. Origen is pretty pricey, but since Kohepets only offer Merrick at the moment, I got the salmon and sweet potato for her. Fifi is more of a fish/seafood dog than a meat one, prolly under the influence of her mum, ME.

They are having a 50% off for Merrick!!!!

Link to purchase:


A very unwilling dog posing for the photo. AS USUAL.



Next up, Whimzees.

I’ve heard so much about unhealthy dental treats, so I was pretty convinced by the ingredients contained in Whimzees.

IMG_4922 IMG_3399.JPG

It is on a 25% off!!!

Link to purchase:


I checked out this Seek A Treat toy to exercise Fifi’s very lazy brain.
Was pretty surprised that she got a hang of it after 1hr of the temptation.

Hid some toasted ikan billis and some freeze dried salmon treat (also from Kohepets, BUY 2 GET 1 FREE BTW!!!) and I guess my silly dog is really food motivated. LOL.

Link to purchase:

I also got a slicker brush to groom Fifi’s super stubborn curly mane. LOL. She gets a lot of matted fur if I dun groom her often & she ABSOLUTELY hates being combed because her other combs were not fit for de-matte.

This JW Gripsoft comb was a life saviour I SWEAR. Grooming her was made easy as it didn’t hurt to de-matte her.





Before combing her:


In the process:




After combing:


So much neater right?

If your curly hair dogs have such a problem, I am sure this slicker brush would do the trick!

Link to purchase:

Kohepets got all these items delivered to me within 2 days, and do note that there will be a free delivery if you spent $60 and above!

Remember to checkout with my discount code: EEXUAN10.

I couldn’t decide on what to get for Fifi as they really had a huge array of dog supplies. Glad that I got my indecisive ass settled HAHA.

Shop at Kohepets now!!!