Double Suture & Twist with MeClinic (Johor Bahru)


I am finally doing this long awaited post to address all of your enquiries on this Double Suture & Twist procedure that I did with Me Clinic (Johor Bahru) recently.

First of all, I would like to thank ALL of you for the enquiries! I was still cracking my brains on what to write about this whole procedure.

Thank you ladies!!!

I know that many of you actually asked me why I did it when I have double eyelids….. or maybe non-existent double eyelids (we call it 内双)
The truth is, my double eyelids are too thin for my liking, ESP when I smile or have eyeliner on, it is as good as having no double eyelids.

On top of that, I have super uneven eyes. Even a few makeup artists that I have worked with before had a lot of problems making them even… till one day, this makeup artist that I met during a print ad shoot introduced me to eyelid tapes.

&I have had them on ever since, perhaps for about 5 years?


As you can tell from this picture above, my eyes are really…. I dont know how should I describe this… It looked horrendous I kennut la sial.


You girls knew what I meant right??? Like my double eyelids were non-existent. Looking at my old pictures just make me wanna burn all of them. *sighpie*



Back to the topic on double eyelid stickers, I found a picture of me having them on for the very first time!!!


doubleyelid sticker

The makeup artist did a good job on my eyes, but not exactly my eyebrows as they were way too thin for my age. I was 21 or 22 then? I can’t remember when though.


I am so sorry for our kan cui photo before the procedure. I was super deprived of sleep because I WAS BLARDY WORRIED.  & ivy just came back from a flight with zero sleep. lul… You know the feeling of not knowing what to expect? Yup, so I spent the whole night reading up on the procedure, asking my bf to pinch my eyelids so I can kinda have a feel of what it is going to be like. HAHAHAH I sound retarded.


My nervous 内双 face before the surgery, SUPER HATE MY ONE BIG ONE SMALL EYES!!!!!


I have compiled a list of questions with regards to the double eyelid procedure, so here you go!!!!

Why did I choose to go for this procedure and not continue having double eyelids stickers on?

Pretty simple, I wanted something long term n not having to worry whether I brought extra eyelid tapes when I am out. (just in case my eyelids get oily and the tapes get visible)

Was the procedure painful?

To be REALLY REALLY honest, the process was not painful.

However I would not say that it was not painful AT ALL. It was the local anaesthesia that stung. & when I say that it stings, means its pretty painful, but the pain lasts for about 3 secs for every jab.

Upon 10 perhaps 6? Mind you, I have a very low threshold for pain.

How long will the procedure last?

30 mins! Approx 15 mins for each eye,

What is the process of the whole procedure?

  1. A consultation with Dr David to see if my eyes were suitable for the procedure. (The DST procedure is unfortunately not for everyone. Fatty eyelids are unfortunately a no go.)

thumbnail_IMG_7650 (1)
This was my reaction when I was told that the doctor would have to flip and jab my eyes on the underside of my eyelids. IT SOUNDED SUPER INTIMIDATING OKAY.

2. Preparation for the procedure – cleansing

I was starting to freak out as they were cleansing my face for the preparation. Super thankful for the nice and comforting staff in the clinic that kept me ‘sane’ during the procedure. I teared up a little, and they kept comforting me, giving me a pillow to hug and squeeze. Trust me, when you are alone in the cold room, you’ll need that.

3. Dr David will start doing crease markings on my eyelids

Was recommended to do the medium crease for a natural look.

And a tapered crease too.

4. The scariest part – the jab.

I had 3 jabs on the top of my eyelids.


As illustrated here, on the eyelids and on the underside of the eyelids.

& 3 jabs on the underside of the eyelids (flipped)

Messages Image(3886117909)

I know this sounds CRAZILY scary. I was so scared during the consultation that I was close to tears okay!!! But… I teared a little before the procedure. BECAUSE IM A COWARD OKAYYYY I ADMIT!

5. The doctor will start sewing the first eye and then the next.

I felt nothing after the jab. This is why I specifically highlighted that the scariest parts of the procedure were the jabs and not the procedure itself. I felt nothing, perhaps only the tugging and pulling of the eyelids when he was sewing it.


Felt so stupid and embarrassed for being a baby because I cried. HAHAH! I hope everyone reading this won’t judge me, as a 26 yr old I’d still cry over things like jabs HAHAH *PAISEH*


The doctor would tug and make sure that the threads were tight and fastened. The ‘sensation’ was weird, tbh. But, no pain okay!



After the procedure….

My ever-so-supportive Haohao came in and I just had to smile for the camera.

thumbnail_IMG_7656 (1)

Was given an ice pack to ice my eyelids.

Was there any pain after the procedure?

For me, NO. Zero pain. Totally nothing. Just that, my eyelids felt super heavy and tight. I can’t open my eyes totally.



$4.8k RM

Why DST and not cut?

DST is scarless, reversible and a no incision procedure, we wouldn’t call it a surgery as there is no cutting involved so yeppp.

Downtime is close to zero, at least for me…

The cutting surgery is permanent. So if the doctor screws up, it would mean your eyelids are as good as gone. It’ll scar, so it would not look as natural.

HUH!!! Johor Bahru, KL, Malaysia eh? Reliable not? I thought Korea or Taiwan would be better?!

Yeap this was my exact reaction when my friend told me that she did hers in Me Clinic (Berjaya Times Square). I absolutely have no clue that she did her eyelids. Furthermore, hers was beautifully done!!! Sometimes, it is really not the country that affects the outcome. I would say that it is really the skills of the doctor that did the procedure for you. I have friends that did theirs in Korea and got screwed over. So.. do the math yo’self!!!

How long will this last?

Sewing methods are usually not permanent. Say 5 – 10 years? It really depends on your eyelids and how fat it is! I have a few aunties that I know of had their eyelids sewn and theirs are still going strong.



I was super fortunate that my recovery process was a BRISK.

I did a super YOLO thing by heading to work for an event the very next day.

Took this picture right after the surgery when I got home:






okay let me do a little explanation here.

My left eye (the one that looks weirdly swollen) was super swollen and I felt really ugly after the procedure.

That’s the thing about going thru a surgery, there’s always this insecurity within you that tells you ”Hey! Maybe it will not get better and you will look like this for the rest of your life.” Y’know…..

On the contrary, my right eye swelled beautifully, it is almost like the height I’ve always desired – with double eyelid tapes (like the picture below)



I iced my eyes before I slept, so thankful that Haohao was there to take care of me. Thanks love <3

Day 1


I woke up feeling better, the swell has gone down a little too. Very optimistic about my recovery.

Went to work still!! YOLO OKAY!!!


Hao and I took a cab together to work. Here’s an irritating photo of him showing off his LEGIT eyelids and mine’s the artificial one *roll eyes*


My lovely partner and I.  The crew commented that the swell was not as bad as I thought it was. So thank god I didn’t look abnormal.

Day 2


The swell has gone down significantly. This was my face without makeup. Intended to do the makeup in the car for my shoot.

Side views:

FBD279A9-DAE4-4273-8E6E-ED6736977946 5E2E2F6B-2081-4863-88A7-9C52D995BD41

In fact my right eye looked normal.


I guess I look really normal with eyeliner and eyelashes on ya?

RMB ladies!!! No eyeshadow at all for about 1 week because it might cause an infection.

port 3 17

Day 3


Worked for a golf event:





Made a collage from day 1, 3, 5, 7 for you girls to see the difference better.


Told you all that my recovery was a walk in the park!!!

I could do my usual stuff from day 1, like wearing lenses, go to work etc. However, do note that each individual has a different reaction to the procedure, so do not get your hopes high okay!


This was after a week, the scars were fading pretty fast!


VS a 3 months after the procedure.


Totally scarless!!!!!!!!!!


and my eyes now, as of today, 26/1/17.

Pretty even ya? I think Dr David did a good job with my eyes and it was worth the 30 mins of ”torture”.

BTW, I am also in the midst of editing my vlog on the recovery process! Will upload it on youtube soon!!! Stay tuned okay?!

Throw me more questions if you must!!!



For more IG posts on my procedure, go to my instagram, @eexuan with the #eexuanDSTmeclinic.


Much thanks to the sweetest Jenni, from Me Clinic for being such a sweetheart!!! <3 See you soon for the official opening!!!!

And not forgetting, Thank you Dr David!!! (I dun have a picture with him I just realised!!!)

&&& So…..

Here are the details of the clinic in Johor Bahru:

ME Clinic:

JB- No.11, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300, Skudai,Johor

& If you are keen to have your DST done with them, book an appointment with them, (RMB TO QUOTE MY NAME FOR A FREE CONSULTATION) at:
+6018-231 8122(Whatsapp)
or call 607-554 0518


Psst:// show you guys some pictures in comparison of how I grew out of my stupid eyelids. LUL


No double eyelid stickers, terrible eyebrow drawing.




With double eyelid stickers

eyelid sticker



After DST procedure.

port 1 17


NUDE – Brazilian IPL

I have always been doing Brazilian IPL years ago, but it was never effective for me because I haven’t been going for my sessions diligently…… & THE REASON?


& yes, the previous IPL salon that I have been going to did a terrible job.

It was super painful, (okay maybe not super painful) but every pulse the IPL machine gives, it gave me shocks.

Can you imagine how scared I was to go for my IPL sessions? I WAS DREADING EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

I even constantly postpone them when I have booked an appointment because their IPL sessions were nasty. & I didn’t know that IPL wasn’t supposed to hurt this way, that is prolly because the machines used were outdated.

Furthermore, the VJJ area is always sensitive. Can u imagine the torture I have been through…….. :O

So glad that NUDE came and saved me from all the IPL misery. Trust me, their IPL sessions were nothing but painless. I have stopped shaving ever since my first session with them and that’s because most of the hair didn’t grow out ever since.

I could even chat with the therapist during the IPL sess’ (forgetting about the awkwardness and there was not even a single tinge of pain AT ALL).

Saw results even with one session, but with more

, I am sure I’ll be hairless totally. So….. who needs unlimited sessions with a hefty pricetag when you can be totally NUDE down there with just 6-8 sessions?


NUDE has never failed to make me feel comfortable and relaxed before and after every session.



Their therapy room, very sanitary right?FullSizeRender.jpg-2 Here we have the Flower Tea (nice!!!!!) and their fruits-infused water.




Their huge array of products that caters to your needs.


The products that I have picked up:

Left to right

1) Body Exfoliant Scrub 200ml

Quickly buffs off dry skin and dead cells, unblocks congested pores and helps uncover and dislodge ingrown hairs.

2) Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Lavender Liquid Soap 236ml

I love their lavender body soap!!! The fragrance of the flower makes my hot shower relaxing, especially after a long tiring day at work.
3) Tea-Tree Soothe Lotion 125ml

Helps calm & reduce redness on heated & sunburned skin. Suitable for all skin types and for any post-waxed skin. It has a cooling effect to the skin and contains Tea-Tree Oil which is well known for its anti-bacterial benefits.

For more information, do check out their webpage!

Now for the promotion!!!!!!!

Calling all ladies! For a limited time only (SO YOU ALL BETTER ACT FAST AND BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT), bring a friend and enjoy 1 free IPL treatment session for every treatment session purchased between the two of you.
Brazilian IPL: $138 for two (U.P. $393.80/session)
Underarm IPL: $68 for two (U.P. $222.60/session)



Boyzillian IPL: $178 for two
Underarm: $138 for two.

Fast, painless and effective, 6-8 sessions is all you need to achieve hairless results. There’s no better time than now to go Nude….. 😛

Call 68161116 for enquires and to secure an appointment with them.

As for where they are located and the opening hours,

6 Stanley Street
Singapore 068725

Opening hours:

Mon to Sat: 11.00am to 8.00pm
Sun: Closed



Thank you for the confidence to wearing a sexy swimsuit without being afraid of unsightly hairs peeking out :p