Dr Belter Bio Classica Aquasilk Serum

I have used a couple of serums and Dr.Belter Cosmetics AquaSilk Serum is one of my favourite (just to name a few).

My routine everyday before heading out includes – cleansing, applying a base serum (BioClassica AquaSilk serum), moisturising and sunblock.

Probably mentioned this a couple of times before, I swear by light-weighted products because of the humidity we experience in Singapore. No one wants to head out in this sweltering heat with a heavy and oily face. Hence, I really like the AquaSilk serum from the Bio-Classica range.



So this is the 30ml bottle.



I used two of these small pumps for the entire face.

It gave the face a very refreshing sensation.

This boosting serum prevents wrinkles and loss of firmness which leads to an instant smoothing effect.




That’s an after makeup effect. It helps to keep my skin soft and holds up my makeup well too.


FullSizeRender-1Here is to show that the serum has a watery and light consistency.




& not forgetting to mention, a glowy after-effect!!!

It is suitable for all skin types btw, even if your skin is sensitive!



After a full day of running around with a full face makeup!!!

Told you this serum holds makeup pretty well!!

Having said so much about this raved serum, I got my bottle from Annabelle Skin (check out my Annabelle Skin post for my facial review) after my facial. They use Dr.Belter products for all their facial treatments so was recommended by them to use this Bio-Classica Range, hence I picked out the serum!

If you are keen to experience Dr.Belter facials, simply quote my Instagram @Eexuan to enjoy 50% off your first treatment at Annabelle Skin!

Annabelle Skin is located at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street

#02-42, Singapore 179803

To make an appointment:

Tel: 6336 8975 / WhatsApp: 82281454 Annabelle Skin Website: https://www.annabelleskin.com/

If you’d like to find out more about Dr.Belter and its skincare range (there are 11 lines for different skin types and skin needs), visit the Dr.Belter’s social media pages or find out more from its participating salons:

Instagram: @DrBelterGirl | Facebook: Dr.Belter Cosmetic Singapore

Dore Review: My Aesthetics Face Whitening Experience

Was super stoked when I received an invitation from Dore to experience their aesthetic treatments in their establishment, so I made an appointment to head down and check out what options are there available for me.


My first impression of the clinic – was awed by their super brightly lit clinic interiors, not forgetting to mention, spacious too.


Did a short tour around the clinic and went for my consultation with the friendly staff thereafter.


Just a quick fun fact about Dore, Dore has served more than 2,000 satisfied customers and a Google Review rating of 4.0 stars, featured in The Straits Times and various popular magazines such as ELLE, Her World and Singapore Women’s Weekly, so you can certainly trust the standards of their treatments and services!









The staff went thru the treatments available at their clinic, listing out a few right down below:


  • Acne Scar Removal
  • Acne Treatment
  • Face Whitening
  • Pigment Removal


After the consultation and checks on my skin, having no acne problems, the consultant recommended me to opt for the face whitening/ pigment removal treatment, as there was a tiny pigment on my left cheek. Good lord, I never knew I had that, I am guessing it was developed only recently.

I was told that pigmentations could occur even though I diligently slapped on sunblock due to family history, well, my aunties do have pigment problems so that probably explains?

After addressing my questions and concerns, I was brought to the treatment room to have my skin prepped for my Face Whitening treatment.






After which, I went ahead with my treatment.

Do note that this treatment has to be administered strictly by a certified professional, no tom dick or harry can do this job okay. Pretty sure no one wants any of such treatments to be done anyhow and ended up with a botched job done. This is why in Dore; only the trained and certified can do the treatments for you.

Admittedly, I was slightly nervous when it comes to any treatments. Mentioned it a couple of times that I have a very low threshold for pain, so this explains the jitters.







This treatment is totally painless, it felt like tiny ants crawling on my face, or maybe on areas like my under eye, it will be slightly sensitive. But don’t worry, the sensation was really bearable.


Do not be alarmed when you smell something burning, your skin is not gonna be chao ta or sth. It is normal!!! Rmb, these people are trained and certified.


I was also given a laser prep on my hands before the treatment started to let me have a rough feel on how the treatment is gonna feel like.


After the laser treatment, they gave me a moisturizing LED cooling mask to calm the redness down.

To be honest, I didn’t experience much redness. I was told that there will be slight redness on my skin after the treatment, but that will be for a short period of time – 10-15mins?



Moisturizing mask slathered on. It feels super cooling and I feel relaxed too.




& the LED activator was used to treat and rejuvenate my skin right after the laser treatment.

All in all the treatment took about less than an hour?

This Face Whitening treatment is pain-less, no downtime and it does helps the skin to even out the skin tone, in the process of lightening our dark spots.


Here is a collage of my face over the course of 1 week right after the laser.

The effects will come slowly after, and over the course of a few treatments. However, for me it is just an one-off treatment and it did showed results.



Note that I didn’t edit or adjust anything from these photos to prove accuracy of my review.


The dark spot that remained constant was actually my mole, focus on the tiny brown dot that disappeared 1 week later.


Pretty amazing results yield I would say!


Here are the details of their sister company, Dore Aesthetics:

160 Robinson Road, SBF Center (via Mediplex Lobby) #4-02 S(068914) and operating hours (Mon to Fri, 11am to 8pm and Sat, 10am to 2pm), closed on Sundays and PHs.

It is a walk able distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT (EXIT F), less than 200m.







Annabelle Skin X Dr Belter

It has been so long since I did a facial and I am honoured to be working with Annabelle Skin for this collaboration, super glad I did though.

Remember my first ever IG story snap with Annabelle Skin? (If you guys watched it) I commented that I just had the best facial of my entire life and my skin never felt so clean.


Why did I say this? Well, it is because I love how customized the treatments were for me and I know that it is the good stuff (Dr Belter products are made from Germany) they used on my skin that helps improve my skin condition.

Annabelle Skin differentiates their treatments and facial from others, coming from a small humble shop in The Adelphi, it has so much more to offer. Everyone received different facial treatments because what might work for you might not work for me, hence I would really recommend you guys to try out Annabelle Skin!

My very first session, the lady boss did a skin analysis for me.

She pointed out that my skin could be a little thin on certain areas, below my eyes and on my forehead, hence I would need to take extra care of those areas.




Off for my treatment!

I have tried Annabelle Skin’s treatments for about 3 mths.


They never fail to rejuvenate my skin. My skin is getting pretty worn out through the long late nights even though I make it a point to stick to a strict skincare regime. Therefore, this facial treatment I am doing monthly is a good perk-me-up!

My makeup seems to stay longer on my skin than before, I guess a better and plump skin does make a difference when it comes to having makeup on too. My skin not only feels plumper, but it is incredibly smooth, I would say like a baby’s butt. HAHA! Wish I could let u all feel it, but nope hahah!

& Also, as you can tell, my skin really glows after the facial treatment, a classic example of it as shown right down below in my picture, which I took right after the facial!



My favourite part of this PhysioMarine Caviar Treatment?

The PhysioMarine Caviar Balance mask.

It left my skin soft and bouncy!

The whole masking treatment took about 15mins, there about, and the soothing mask cream comes with a light comforting scent. I am not sure how to describe the scent, but it definitely helps me relax and unwind from the entire hustle bustle I face everyday. So comforting that I fell asleep LOL! I guess facial is always a good time to have a short snooze in between.

Other than the masking, I’ve tried their Eye Gua Sha because Shirley, the laoban niang mentioned that my eyes looked really puffy.

She is definitely right because I am always having a lack of sleep. The Gua Sha is supposed to help de-puff my tired eyes.

During the treatment, it may sound really scary because gua shas are never painless. Surprisingly, it was comforting!!! Like an eye massage kind of comfort? I felt zero pain, in fact my eyes really looked less puffy after the treatment!!! No eyebags!!! & btw, I swear I didn’t edit the eyebags off my picture (the one below).




No eyebags, checked.

Glowing skin, checked.

Smooth skin, checked.

So if you have puffy eyes like me, do the eye guasha!!! Swear it works, n not pain one!!!

One of the products I would love to share with you guys is this Aqua Silk Serum from Dr Belter’s BioClassica range.




I have been using it for the past 1 month ever since they gave this bottle to me.

The texture is light, if you know me well, I hate putting on heavy and oily products on my skin.

This serum is used on my skin before moisturizing and after toning. It helps to lock in the moisturizer better and also adds on more hyaluronic acid, leaving my skin super refreshed and refined. Can’t find a better serum than this so far!!! I do see myself using this product on a daily basis from now on.

I always believe in a strict skincare regime, having monthly facial does not mean you can neglect your skin on a daily basis okay! Do take note!!!




& not forgetting to mention, my skin is visibly glowing.

It gives me the confidence to go out without makeup.

The best kind of makeup is being confident. I believe that having good flawless skin gives me the confidence I need.

Thank you Annabelle Skin!

If you are keen, simply quote my Instagram @Eexuan to enjoy 50% off your first treatment at Annabelle Skin!

Annabelle Skin is located at:

The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street
#02-42, Singapore 179803


Have been sent a few products from Healthypets a few months ago and I finally found the time to review and blog about it!

What I have received from Healthypets, click on the links to directly purchase:

  1. Stella & Chewys Savory Salmon and Cod Meal Mixers
  2. Stella & Chevys Wild Caught Salmon & Cod Recipe treats
  3. Pure Paws Amplify Volumizing Conditioner
  4. Pure Paws Amplify Volumizing Shampoo


Stella & Chewy is a brand that I have been meaning to let Fifi try, be it food or treats because my dog parent friends have been telling me soon much about it. However, you can’t find it in a lot of places in Singapore. SO GLAD THAT HealthyPets CARRIES THIS BRAND!!!!
Why switching from kibbles to freeze dried raw diet?

Was alternating between Orijen and Merrick for Fifi previously, but Fifi is still growing fatter as the days go by. This can be super worrying because obesity for dogs, esp for a small tiny dog for her will be an issue in future – heart problems, leg problems etc etc. even the vet kinda warned me to watch her diet. BUT I DIDNT FEED HER EXTRA deliberately, suspected it was from kibbles. Most of my friends suggested that I switch to freeze dried raw, so I did!!!

Freeze Dried Raw diets is recommended because their food is not as processed as how kibbles are. Many of them told me they saw a healthy weight loss, so I am definitely taking this chance to do so!



Fifi loves her meal times, but she loves it even more now because SHE LOVES THE FOOD! It smells bit too fishy for me, but this shows that the food is the REAL DEAL. Cod and Salmon leh, literally freeze dried!!!

She ends off the meal by licking the whole food bowl after. So cute haha!!!


However, one disadvantages of a freeze dried diet that I have identified would be the preparation.

For kibbles it is super easy, just scoop and pour into the bowl. Freeze dried requires warm water to rehydrate the food. But for the health of our dogs, why not right?



Added warm water into the food bowl.

BTW, every $48 purchase entitles you to w free gift – the cute pink bowl you see on this picture!! Super handy, trust me!!!



Use a fork/spoon to stir the water with the food to make sure all of it is hydrated.


Always doing everything and anything for food ah this one haha!

They come in different flavours like chicken or lamb, just check them out and choose accordingly 🙂


Another brand to recommend, which I have ordered for Fifi to try is Primal. Primal is a brand recommended by most!!! Cant wait to let Fifi try it! I got the chicken flavoured one! & HealthyPets is having a promotion for Primal foods, so do click on the hyperlink or the image below to purchase 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-30 at 1.20.34 PM



Next, if your dog is behaving well or have performed tricks, positive reinforcement is always encouraged – TREATS!

Treats are always perceived as unhealthy. BUT! Stella and Chewys contains no artificial flavourings, antibiotics and all the harmful chemicals, JUST PURE MEAT, but less messy because its in a compact treat form.


Fifi loves it!!!!


This is how the treat looks like!!!


Making her work hard for her treats!!!

She is really food motivated! Ah my precious :)))


Last but not least, maintaining her fur.

White dogs aren’t the easiest to maintain when it comes to their fur.

It gets dirty easily!!!!

Healthypets sent me a shampoo and conditioner than she recommended to me for malteses/white dogs.



After a walk, Fifi has super dirty paws and it is visible because of the white fur. THIS IS WHY, I have to shower her whenever I walk her, because wiping her is not enough.



Shampoo and Conditioner from Pure Paws!







Mix with water to bubble up the shampoo!!! This is good cause it curbs me from wasting shampoo, I SPAM SHAMPOO every time I shower her because she is always super dirty.




Looking so pathetic, she hates showers!!!



  • Does what it promises – cleans/ smells good
  • No skin allergy so far for Fifi
  • Adds Volume, fifi looks super fluffy after her shower
  • Other shampoo brands (can’t mention what) makes my hand peel, which means it is bad cause too much harsh chemicals, BUT THIS SHAMPOO doesn’t!!! Rejoice!!!!


We all are always concerned about our pets and always want the best for them. Our pets are like our babies right!!!

I am sure you can find something you need on Healthypets because this online pet store is owned by a dog lover herself, so she knows her stuff well and I am sure we can trust her recommendations on what is good and how to do our best to keep our pets healthy!!!


Thank you Healthypets SG for sending these goodies over! Looking forward to trying more products from their online store!!!


Free Delivery for $48 and above, also comes with a free gift (while stocks last!)

Refer a friend with the referral link and get a $8 coupon!





Arent we all attracted to this bottle at first sight? Moschino is a brand known to many of us for their quirky style, which I admire so much!


This is surprising as the fragrance from this bottle gives off sweet and flowery nodes!!!

To dispense/spray, here is how it looks like!




Caps off!!!


This fragrance for her, interprets the original essence in a delightful and refreshing way.


The sweet pink colour code of the bottle gives off spring/summer vibes.


If you are curious what the fragrance smell like, here is an illustration on this bottle of goodness!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.16.56 AM


Alternatively, you can head down to Metro Paragon to have a smell of the fragrance and make your purchase!!!


I love it because it gives off a girly vibe with and edge.




Get yours today!

Product Review : Physiogel Daily Defence Facial Care

As someone who loves outdoors, I’m constantly exposed to environmental aggressors and modern pollutants which may potentially cause my skin to be more sensitive.

When I say environmental aggressors, they would mean the day-to-day environmental factors we face, such as – UV rays, haze and cigarette smoke. We face these pollutants daily, begging the question: How do we defend our skin against these harmful pollutants?IMG_1830

Here’s a solution! It’s Physiogel Daily Defence Facial Care range to the rescue!!!!!

From the left to right: 

DD Protective Day Cream (Light), DD Protective Day Cream (Rich), DD Replenishing Night Cream and DD Gentle Facial Cleanser.

I recalled when I first received this media package and posted it on my IG story, someone actually DM’ed me and said, omg this series is ultra good!!! You must try it!!!!

I did and here’s my review on the products!




I’ve been using the facial cleanser to clean off the light makeup on my skin for the past 2 weeks. The formula is light, fragrance-free (super useful for people with ultra sensitive skin), and non-greasy. This cleanser does exactly what a cleanser should, and I have no complaints about it! 



As you can see from the picture above, it helped to remove that much of impurities – in this case my makeup – in just one swipe.



This cleanser purifies and refreshes effectively without stripping off the moisture on your face, leaving your skin soft and supple.




Next up, it’s the Daily Defence Day Cream.

You know how day creams can be heavy and uncomfortable after application? However, this cream is good for sensitive skin because it is light, not heavy on the skin and most importantly, it blocks out harmful UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays causes aging (I HATE THIS!) and UVB rays causes burning and pigmentation. Hence, having a day cream that blocks out both UVA and UVB rays minimizes the number of products I use before heading out. This saves me a lot of time.




There are two types of Daily Defence Day Cream to choose from– Light and Rich. I prefer the Light one as I feel my skin takes lighter formulas better. However, I would recommend the usage of the richer formula when you are in a cold and dry country.

Moisturizing is a vital step in my skincare regime. I can safely say that I have used a couple of Physiogel moisturizers and I have no qualms about this range at all!



Here’s me with no foundation – only the Daily Defence Day Cream Light. This gave a dewy look effect on my skin. Don’t you guys agree?

Key points: 

  •  It has UVA/UVB protection 
  •  BioMimic Technology repairs the skin’s natural barriers by mimicking the structure of our skin – helping to retain the moisture in our skin 
  •  Protects our skin from damaging free radicals 

I like how I have found a product range that suitable for sensitive skin. Physiogel did not disappoint and totally nailed that!



Review: The Moisturizers Co. – Cell Regenerate Gel Cream / Brightening Moisturizing Cream

The Moisturizers Co.™ creates a new age moisturizer that penetrates the skin deep with it’s active ingredients specially formulated by the moisturizers experts – skincare chemists.


Was sent a day moisturizer (top)Cell Regenerate Gel Cream with Mulberry and Squalane and the night moisturizer (bottom)Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins.

& Oh! BTW!!! The Moisturizers Co.™ is a Singaporean brand!!! It is always a good thing to support local! & Trust me when I say that their moisturizers are LEGIT stuff!

You know how humid Singapore is and having heavy products on the skin is just a no-no? I am a classic example of a person that doesn’t include moisturizing as part of my skincare regime. Why? Most moisturizers in the market are either:

  1. Too oily
  2. Smells bad
  3. Doesn’t absorb into the skin fast enough; feels super heavy on the skin when applied

& do you know that even if you have SUPER oily skin, there is still a need to moisturize? This is because when the skin feels that it is lacking of moisture, it will produce more sebum – oilier skin and more acne/pimples :O

So lets all debunk this myth of ‘oily skin – don’t need to moisturize cause enough moisture in the skin’

Now, what about dry skin?

What if you don’t moisturize?

Dry skins are usually very prone to wrinkling and as a result, YOU AGE FASTER!!!!

Hence, having a moisturized skin is important.

If you are wondering which category I belong to?

I have super dry skin, which means if I don’t start the moisturizing habit since the ‘tender age’ of 26, I might prematurely age faster 🙁

This scares me. HAHA.


Cell Regenerate Gel Cream with Mulberry and Squalane.

  1. Helps to regenerate collagen (from the Squalane) within the skin by encouraging skin cells growth and retaining moisture with just one application
  2. Contains anti-oxidant (from the Mulberry Extract) that prevents skin from free-radical damages which might accelerate ageing if not prevented, hence this moisturizer shields your skin from the harm


The texture?

SUPER DUPER LIGHT, the gel cream just melts into my skin with one application, leaving a healthy glow on my skin!

The smell?

It has this very comforting baby powder smell. Super nostalgic.


Super happy with this moisturizer and I recall that my friends love it too! Everyone wanted to use it everyday during my Bali trip and I, of course obliged.

I love sharing good things especially when it comes to things related to Beauty.


I love it when my skin is moisturized and full of elasticity after application. It makes putting on sunblock and makeup much easier as I found that my skin absorbs the moisturizers very well.

It also assists in holding my makeup better.


My skin is glowing right here ya?!?!


Steps for application:

  1. Dot 5 dots on your face (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin)
  2. Spread them evenly
  3. Remember to apply on your neck too! (The skin around the neck is super susceptible to ageing, so we should always apply our moisturizer there!)


Here is my glowing skin without makeup!!!

Having a good complexion really helps you build confidence in just being in your own skin without makeup! Moisturizing really helps!!!






The night cream – Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins.

  1. Brightens (from Arbutin, this agent removes freckles and skin pigmentation)
  2. Moisturizes deeply all thanks to the vitamins derivatives, leaving a glowing and supple skin the next day.


The texture?

Luxurious yet light, melts into the skin too VERY QUICKLY.

The smell?

Lemongrass!!!! Super soothing, after application, it smells like you are gonna have a massage in a spa.


This product has become my holy grail. Trust me when I say that it really gives you a glow the next day with super duper soft skin.

Again, my friends were using my moisturizer in Bali HAHAH!


Really impressed with these Moisturizers thus far, no breakouts or whatsoever.







For application:


  1. Dot.




2) Spread.

& do not leave out your neck okay!!!




Yay to glowing skin the next morning!!!

My skin can even look like it is glowing and bright without any make up on!! Very amazing.


All in all, the moisturizers REALLY do not feel heavy at all on the skin and I am really all about light formulas, therefore I really highly recommend these moisturizers.


Remember to incorporate moisturizing day and night into your skincare regime, because I can’t emphasise enough on HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO ‘FEED YOUR SKIN’!

Both moisturizers work hand in hand to meet your day and night needs, so here is a promo code for you all when you shop at The Moisturisers Co.™  – EEXUAN10 – for 10% OFF when you purchase both Cell Regenerate Gel Cream and Brightening Moisturizing Cream!

For more information you can check out:




Here is a video on how this moisturizer has been incorporated into my skincare regime, and it is also my first video on my youtube channel!!! DO SHOW SOME LOVE OKAYYYY


Continue reading Review: The Moisturizers Co. – Cell Regenerate Gel Cream / Brightening Moisturizing Cream

Review of Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick and lip liner from LOreal Paris.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this pic?



Honestly, I was using this brand of lipstick in Taiwan (where this picture was taken), happily munching on some YESHI snacks and my friend went, OMG!!!! Why your lipstick will leak one?!?!?!

So my bf and I decided to take a picture like this, okay I admit kissing him HAHA, but ya, the lipstick pigment transferred and we looked like zombies on a massacre. EEEKSSS!!!




Super happy that Loreal Paris SG has come up with this brilliant formula that:

  • Minimizes colour transfer
  • 10hr long wearing
  • Ultra Gliding – super easy to glide these babies on
  • Moisturizing, non-drying formula


& yes! I guess I wouldn’t face anymore of these terrible lipsticks leaks ever again!!!


Introducing, the Infallible Le Rouge from LOreal Paris Singapore!





Here is a swatch of the colours:


Starting from the left to right-

747: Bold Bordeaux

712: Everlasting Plum

737: Persistent Plum

337: Refined Ruby

543: Charming Lilac

212: Rambling Rose

421: Charismatic Coral

227: Eternal Rose

519: Tender Berry

423: Perpetual Peach


These colours are super pigmented and the texture is ultra smooth. The claims on it being moisturizing and hydrating were proven to be right! My super cracked lips were not as bad upon application, picture below:


Shade, 212 Rambling Rose.

Now for my top 3 picks of the collection, I have picked 3 different colours.

Everyday wear:


Shade: 519 Tender Berry



How it looks like on the lips – a subtle tint to my discoloured lips hence it is suitable for everyday wear! LOVE!!!!!!



My FAVOURITE of them all – the Vibrant.


Shade: 212 Rambling Rose

This is a fuchsia pink kind of tone that is not too in your face, but at the same time, it gives my always-tired looking face some life to it!


As featured earlier on, this shade was my favourite the instant the team made me try on for my shoot with them.

Video up VERY soon!!!!

Now for the sexy hot look that I love to variant for my makeup style…

I call it the date night bombshell look.


Shade: 737 Persistent Plum

I grew a liking to darker shades in the recent years; perhaps it could be a sign of ageing HAHA. BUT SERIOUSLY, it gives my look a different type of look and I am slowly becoming more adventurous when it comes with trying on new lipstick colours!

This shade gave me a total different persona. You know how you can’t seem to smile for a picture when you have a certain look on? Yeap this is the one.

I would describe this shade as the blood red, or maybe slightly towards the maroon – not too red but a little purplish brown hue.




As illustrated above, did you notice that my lips are not that nicely shaped?

This is because my lips were not lined before I applied the lipsticks.



LOreal sent me their Never Fail Lip Liner range to try and test out if applying lip liner helps in the application… SO here is my review on them!!!


My take on the liners:

  • Easy to glide on
  • The sharpener at the back of the liner was a saviour because you do not need to source for a separate sharpener to sharpen your liners, SO THIS IS AN AWESOME FEATURE!
  • Pigmented
  • Matches their Infallible Le Rouge range, so you can match with them!


Check out the tips of the liners – aids in the precision so that your cupids bow could be defined easier!!!

Tested out on my lips, following the cross-in-the-middle technique – thats how makeup gurus achieve their cupids bow!!!


Instructions: By drawing a cross in the middle would help the lining of your lips better because it gives your lips a cupid bow even though it was pretty non-existent for me.

If you are wondering what shade?

It is the Rose shade on my lips for this lip liner.



After having the Infallible Le Rouge lipstick on – You can instantly tell the difference ya?!

My cupids bow became super prominent with the help of the lip liner! AMAZING right?!!? I kid you not when I saw what a difference it makes by adding one more step – line your lips with a lip liner!!!


As shown:

  • Lips much fuller
  • Cupids bow very significant

Alas! My completed look with LOreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge in shade, Refined Ruby – 337 and the Never Fail Lip Liner in shade Red Wine (specifically matched). I love how full my lips looked with the full lip makeup!


Just a close up on my lips:



This series of lip liners comes in 6 shades, however the plum shade will only be in later, so I have swatched the 5 shades I have on hand for your reference!




I must say, I am very impressed with this new range as lipsticks these days don’t come with such qualities.

It is either the lipstick is pigmented, but drying.
OR the lipsticks are super moisturizing but it does not have any staying power.


This new kid on the block is definitely something for us to lookout for!

Here is the video on the Infallible Le Rouge range!











OSIM – uStiletto Massager

OSIM uStiletto – remedy to your aching feet after a long day in heels!!!

Attended an event at the OSIM Headquarters one evening to experience the newly launched OSIM uStiletto!!!

Glad to be one of the first few to get dibs to this wonderful experience/ leg massager.

Ladies, you girls will be so glad this massager happened!!!


This uStiletto helps in relieving stress on the balls of your feet, ankles and calves. I shall save you guys from all the product specifications because honestly, no one reads it thoroughly. Am I right?

We were made to wear stilettos to the event; find out why later!

IMG_1353Welcomed by the pretty backdrop, fairy lights & pretty pink ballons – super photo worthy!!!


Check out the pretty dessert table and the cakes!!!!



The cake toppers suit the theme so well!!!



As I belonged to group 1, (they split us into 2 groups), we were first led to the experience zone – THE MASSAGE!!!!

We were made to remove our heels from our tired feet (thank god) and let the uStiletto massager do the ’healing ’.



The experience zone!!!



Me enjoying the massage!!!!


Do you agree that they did so well setting up this whole experience zone?

There are 5 beautifying leg massage programs.

We tried 3 of the massage programs – Pamper, Reflexology and Beauty.

Personally, I like a slight pain on my feet. Hence, Reflexology stood out for me because it gave my feet a good deep tissue massage.

After which, we were made to put on our heels and walk around.

Trust me when I say that my feet felt like it was floating and the heels did not hurt that much anymore. I was surprised and amazed with the instant therapy it does to my feet!

So ladies, next time, no more dreading all the stilettos because OSIM has came up with this amazing massager that helps us relieve the pain from wearing heels.

It is like we love and hate wearing heels because heels obviously make us look better in anything but at the same time heels are super tiring and harmful to our feet; so this massager is a savior to this issue!


So happy to see this girl here at the event! ☺


And bae for your company though you stayed outside most of the time ☹


After the amazing massage, not by masseuse but the uStiletto massagers, it is some girly time – PAINTING!!!!!!

Got to learn some water-colouring from this expert over here!!



Almost couldn’t finish my artpiece because I was just being a rusty art student hah!


My masterpiece!!!


Here’s me giving this event and of course the main lead of this event, the uStiletto a thumbs up and highly recommendation for I highly recommend it to you ladies out there!!! This massager works wonders!!!!!

& if you’re a boyfriend/husband reading this, do get this for your other halves!!! I swear they will need it esp when they wear a lot of heels.

As for me, being an events talent/financial consultant, I am required to wear heels sometimes and the heels I love are the super high ones. Yeappppppp. So thankful for this holy grail (now it has become my holy grail).

& Thank you OSIM for sending me a uStiletto leg massager!!! It has become an essential to my day to day life, giving my poor tired feet back it’s life again!


What is having Fifi beside me and a comforting massage after a long day out? HEAVEN!!!!


So here is the promotion I have for you guys!!!


Limited Period Pre-sale Exclusive: Use my code < OSIMKOL57lklb> at http://www.lazada.sg/osim1/ to enjoy exclusive offer off the uStiletto from now till 30 May! uStiletto is also available at these selected OSIM roadshows, try it today!:

Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun)
Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May)
Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun)
Waterway Point, outside Charles&Keith (29 May till 11 Jun)

For more information on uStiletto: http://sg.osim.com/ustiletto-leg-massager.html

Heard that prices are only going to go up, so do grab it fast!




EVANESSENCE – The secret to radiant skin

Got my hands on these illuminating tablets recently that promises to promote radiance to my skin. Being 26 this year worries me (please don’t roll your eyes at me) because aging (skin aging in particular) is one of my main concerns and it is recommended that anti-aging regime should start as soon as the age of 25.


Question is…. How?

Skin supplements!!!

Having to be constantly exposed to the harmful UV rays is definitely not helping as the UV rays causes our skin to age.

EVANESSENCE helps in a way that it restores collagen structure of our skin, and also increase the skin elasticity with the enriching ingredients of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes; which help the skin to renew energy, thus promote anti-aging.

It also reduces skin damage from free radicals, enhances skin tolerance of exposing to UV radiation, and increases the skin’s capability in self-healing and anti-inflammatory.

What is even better is that EVANESSENCE also assists to even out your skin tone and texture, by reducing skin pigmentation and dark spots and also repairs coarse pores, and lightening your skin to achieve and maintain radiant and younger skin.




Simply take one EVANESSENCE tablet before you sleep every day with a glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professionals.

As for me, I just take it every day before I have my first meal.

My review on it:

Tasteless, which is super important as I hate supplements with funky tastes so this is a plus point.


As for the results, I am pretty positive about it as I don’t see my skin condition deteriorating and my skin is glowing everyday (maybe it is also with my skin care regime which I will share veryyy sooooon)

I cant guarantee results just yet because I have had this for just more than a week but it is recommended to have it for 3 months minimum to see full results!


&& Don’t worry about the horror stories of supplements because…

EVANESSENCE has been reviewed by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore and sold under the Singapore Guidelines for Health Supplements[1].

So YAY! It is safe to be consumed! However, please consult a healthcare professional prior to taking EVANESSENCE if you have any existing health issues.

As of where to get this supplement?

Visit ‪http://www.evanessence.com.sg/for more information.

Or alternatively,

Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre #06-10, Singapore 228510, Tel: ‪(+65) 6733 3895


PlusHealth Medical Clinic & Surgery, 89 Whampoa Drive, #01-841, Singapore 320089, Tel: ‪(+65) 6264 7845


Stay beautiful!