Melbourne 7D6N (Spring): Day1 P2 Southern Cross Station and the Higher Ground Cafe Melbourne! 

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Welcome back people. It’s Melbourne again. So continue from the previous post.. I was eating burger at Hungry Jack’s…..

After our unhealthy meal, we took tram 86 from Spencer St/Bourke St to Rose St tram stop, then walk the rest of the way to our Airbnb. Along Bourke St, the tram had to stop because of the demo going on outside.


All these grandmothers are so cool and friendly. Because of them the tram couldn’t move so we spend quite awhile watching them walk by. They even wave and said hi to me. Maybe cause I was videoing them haha. 25





After like don’t know how long the tram finally started moving and we continue our journey to Rose St. 33

We had to walk about 15mins to the Knife Shop at Wellington St to get our keys from the bnb owner.


Along the way there are many interesting stores and one of them are The Craft & Co. Love the building too. 


And here we are at the Knife Shop Cafe which is just beside the Knife Shop. I seriously thinking if the owner owns all of these.


Finally checked into our Airbnb. Before that we met the owner, she was this elderly lady sitting in the knife shop. She saw us wrapped in thick clothing and shivering. She asked were we cold? We told her we were freezing. She comment: ‘Freezing? Its nice today, yesterday was really hot, it was like 27 degrees I think?’ Oh my goodness.. My aircon at home is always at 27 degrees…


We settled in and familiarize ourselves with our loft room. Its got all the basic necessities, even have a kitchen sink in the room! It was so spacious it could pass off as a studio apartment in our home country.


We went out to explore the area around our Bnb and begin looking for our dinner place!



Stopped at Pavlov’s duck to take our couple shots. Wanted to try the food here but didn’t have time. 434.5

Beautiful flowers everywhere! It’s spring you know! 6

Hihi it’s us. 😀5

Love this shot! Simon left his camera on a window ledge across the street and dashed back and forth to get the best shot you see above. Who said we need to hire a photographer when we have window ledges. 🙂


Then we took the tram back to Southern Cross station. 45

to check out the different timings for the train, prepare ourselves for the next day. 46

Then we went to Woolworths. Tim tam is only $2.50 here! 48

47Mango flavour was damn sweet. 

Its getting dark real quick, so we decided its time we go get our dinner settled. We were near one of our shortlisted cafe places to visit that’s still open at this hour. Many cafes don’t serve dinner as we soon found out in our trip.. So we were really lucky The Higher Ground is open at 7pm. We went in, a little lost because we were really shy, but a waitress soon attend to us and showed us to a table. Not knowing what to order and still struggling a little with the Aussie accent, we managed to order the following for dinner. LOL.


Our appetizer: Almond Hummus, seed cracker, roasted chilli and spices.


We shared a main, recommended by the waitress: Confit Duck leg on pan seared sweet potatoes. This is the best duck dish we ever had to date. Honest.


And how can we not have coffee in Melbourne? Latte and Mocha for me! Our first quality coffee in Melbourne and we savour every last drop!


And that concludes our first day in Melbourne. It was really awesome, the chill vibe after 5pm, unlike Singapore where our rush hour goes all the way till 8pm. LOL.

Day 2 coming up next so stay tuned!