Eating healthy is easy.

I’m starting my full time job next Monday, and I gonna make sure that I prepare home cooked meal everyday for lunch. Why?

1. I hate crowds. I can’t even eat in peace.

2. Eating out to me are unhealthy no matter how healthy the food are. For example vegetarian food, oily and full of flour. Even the vegetables are oily, but I realized that all the vegetables out are oily, except for pure salad. haiz.. and not to forget they are full with MSG. this is enough to kill me.

3. I dunno what to eat when I go out for lunch, I dun like to select my food last minute. crazy right? My personality says I’m a planner, I dun even know since when did this start, probably 1 or 2 yrs ago?

4. Home cooked meal is awesome, I can make it as healthy as I want it to be yet filling and fill with varieties and also, satisfy my cravings for the day. ๐Ÿ˜€

Some home cooked lunch ideas to bring to work after a week of thinking: (oh by the way sorry for being away for so long)

– aglio olio, soba noodles, grill chicken with veggies, chicken salad, potato salad, all kind of salads that you can think of with different dressings, interesting sandwiches and more la.

– I always thought I got no time to prepare a good lunch for the following day but after ‘this thing’, I realize I can, sometimes you can’t have the best in both world, so you gotta sacrifice and suck it up!

I will post whatever I brought to work if I think it’s good enough for a photo. HAHA!

So please eat healthy and continue to work towards your goals even though I’ve been blogging lesser. Weight doesn’t indicate how you look, remember this.

I’m feeling much happier now, it’s like a heavy load off, I won’t need to worry about that anymore as I’ve already do what I can, now I just continue to wait for another few months ๐Ÿ˜€

Weightloss article – Ume Plum

I dun featured products in my articles, and if I do, that meant it is harmless and beneficial (to a certain extent) for me.

I should have blog about this long ago but I was so busy that I got no time to build up a interesting post for it. And since I was in Malaysia last week I thought, why not I just bring them over since I’m certainly going to eat alot of unhealthy stuffs there.

Everytime I visit malaysia, most of the time it’s Malacca.

So last week was really unhealthy because most of my meals were OILY. And that’s my hard limits becos oily = fats.

The below is only like 60% of the food I ate so its very bad. haha.


stall beside jonker 88. their laksa not nice.


still prefer 88 de chendol






btw this orh lua is in Singapore, kovan!

Eating oily food not only makes me feel OILY, it causes indigestion and pimples outbreak!!!

The advert reflects what usually happen to me after I eat oily food because I got Irritable Bowel Syndrome, am lactose intolerant and I got digestive problems, so in short, food hates me. (please see the story/advert below :p)

and yes let me clarify something I totally hate the taste of plums! And if I can eat this, you can, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

and if I can do this in an Indian Restaurant, you should know how crazy I am. L.O.L!

In malacca, Restoran Selvam… (we took a trishaw there, i love trishaw!!)


that day itself i think i alrdy ate 3000calories. LOL




compact and easy to carry around :P





credits to simon tey for playing with me in this indian restaurant HAHHAA

I went to the toilet the next morning after my buffet breakfast, and I feel so much better after that! I was so bloated and the trip to the toilet give me a relief from the discomfort :D:D

In my opinion, I won’t take this regularly even though it is safe to consume everyday, I will only take this during the festive seasons! e.g christmas, new year and etc etc..

You can get UMEPLUM.

in Singapore: Guardian, SASA, Unity, Watsons, John Little, Mustafa, OG, Robinsons, SinChong.

in Malaysia: EON Wellness, Be Pharmacy, Easy Pha-max, Farmasi Alpha, Health Lane Pharmacy, Sasa, Watsons and Zenith outlets.

You can also buy online at their eshop!

that’s all for today! my next weight loss post would be about vegetarian food! ๐Ÿ˜€

note: do not take this product with other detox products, and PLEASE CONSULT THE PERSON THERE BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING! or contact Hi Beau, all the infos are from this website.

Merry Christmas in advance! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lucky draw: PurpleSage Turkey Package!

Check out my feature on PurpleSage – Taste Magazine!
It’s about my weight loss story and how I incorporate fruits into my daily diet!

TASTE: Fresh Fruits Galore


They are running a lucky draw where YOU will answer what MY favorite fruits are, and you stand a chance to win Turkey package for THE COMING CHRISTMAS!!

Contest ends on 30th Nov so hurry up now hehe!

How to lose weight article Part 15

I didn’t know my articles can make you guys so excited. haha! It does seemed like it’s very easy to blog about losing weight, but I damaged my brain cells to think about how to continue the article.

I manage to pull through 15articles, give me a clap please? LOL.

I don’t really have ideas when it comes to writing all these articles. Sometimes I go blank and I can’t really think of anything to blog about for weeks, and other times it’s just purely me being busy.

So after the previous hulahoop article, I thought of a topic for today, which is

Healthy Eating.

I know I blog about eating good and healthy over and over again, but I’m always on a constant look out for healthier choice and preparing low fat and healthier meals. That’s why sometimes my meals can be so exotic like trying soya bean milk with pasta, and all sorts of ‘crap’. I believe as long as you dare to eat and the right seasonings are being used then any food can taste good, that’s me lah. lol.

Okay today there’s

2 short parts

First is soup spoon, (the soup i’ve always wanted to try but worry that I will not feel full) and the 2nd part is the oil I used when I cook!

I love soup and one of my favourite place is soup spoon. And if you’re a soup spoon fan too, you should know that pumpkin soup has the lowest calorie out of all the soups, 130calorie.

But I never once tried it before until last friday. I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I decided to try out pumpkin soup. Surprisingly it taste good and I feel very full drinking that. And I decided that on my feel fat days, im gonna just go there and order pumpkin soup!

there’s a reader who told me that the calories in soup spoon are not accurate. there might be a possibility but no matter what!! Pumpkin soup still has the lowest calories of all!

Pumpkin has many nutritional benefits as well so go try this if you haven before.


add the almond, good source of healthy fats and protein.

and the 2nd part which is the oil I used for cooking.

Before that I was using normal olive oil, but recently i changed to cooking oil spray!


I bought this at about $11 plus if i’m not wrong, and it’s only 1calorie per spray! Usually I spray less than 5times! haha.
U know how all this small little changes can make a difference to your calorie intake?!

You can find it at cold storage, GO BUY ONE AND TRY AND UPDATE ME! =D

Mylife – Korean BBQ BUFFET! & 938live!

finally – the last exam of my poly years on Monday.

After that I’m going for internship, and now i sort of missed the school life. :/ omg human beings are so contradicting.
when you work, you want to go back to school, when you’re in school, you want to go to work. -.- (nvm im gonna survive this 16weeks, and after that january =)=) i got some plans after that)

I’m going for Fall In Love Wedding Workshop 2012 by Purple Sage later, and i think it would be so fun! haha, btw it’s not sponsored hor.. yes, wedding workshop BUT not getting married yet.

So I know I havent been updating on my life yet, nothing much, all about exams, but I went for Buffet after my exam last tuesday! at Novena!

allow me to post a camwhore pic of myself first, taken in the cab cos i was late for UT -.-


kay, now this is the place. I paid $14++ for the lunch buffet.


SSIKKEK BBQ, 2D1N, it’s at Novena Ville

It’s within walking distance to Novena Sq. you can google map it since technology is so advanced now. heh


we reached there pretty early like before 11am.

cannot go in yet, so we gotta stay outside and wait.

hahha maybe we are so hungry that, once we settled down, we chiong to the food area and grab the MEATS.


fatty pork! lol. fyi, I don’t eat pork already.

erm maybe i should clarify, i don’t eat pork not because it’s fat or whatsoever, it’s just that i got sick of the taste after eating pork for many days!


lol eating with them was so funny man, we were laughing loudly inside.

after that we went to novena sq and walk to digest our sinful food, HAHA. super full. all become crazy.


and sheron treated us to baskin robbins hehehe =) thank u sheron! <3

and that was tuesday, i really like catching up with my friends ๐Ÿ˜€

so next would be thursday?

i went for blood test and it’s normal! I was super lazy and sleepy that day and I just wore shorts down to town! LOL. i hope nobody saw me.


1Q84 is an awesome book!!!

i was too early so decided to go home and come out again as I got this appointment at mediacorp! haha, I didn’t blog about it before, i know im gonna be nervous so i dun wan u guys to hear my shaky voice. :X


after 11th, my teeth would be better, currently it had to be pushed out, no choice =/

my friends told me that the first year of braces would be ugly, so i shall just bear with it. I’d only wore it for 3mths plus T.T


live radio interview

I appeared on yahoo!, on shin min, and also radio. i never thought that this would happen when i was 14yrs old.
nic told me that being fat was a blessing in disguise, but given a choice, i would rather not be fat in the first place.

Angela Lim from 938 LIVE she’s so nice, so friendly and so HOT. omg i hope u see this!


Hi, im back to center part again, blame my hair. but i still love the curls =) formspring questions will be replied soon okay? so sorry for the delay, and anyhow YES. I KNOW WEIGHTLOSS POST, I WILL BLOG SOON. SORRY!

mr simon just got me a new camera yesterday, me can’t wait to see and use it later! thank u bebe! i will also blog about the wedding workshop <3

Mylife – I’m a lucky girl

I think the title of this post is quite crap but I do think I’m very lucky! HAHA. maybe it’s the help of the secret?
I don’t know what I did in my previous life that I got myself a super nice bf. But I wanna thank the previous life me! =)

August is a crazy month, September-Jan is internship time. Jan is a special month, feb a special month too and APRIL IS GRADUATION!



my weird face appeared on shinmin paper. LOL. i dun like how they call people ‘nv lang’ sound so wrong.

And my bf travels all the way from hougang just to cook fish for me, cos he says i need protein! LOL He even bought me pumpkin and lettuce for my minerals and vitamins intake. LOL <3


Once again FOOD FOOD FOOD.


I do not remember which sunday is this but yes we went chong pang again! ehhehe


coffeeshop near my house, i think dimsum nowadays are getting more and more exp.

and fast forward tooooooo NATIONAL DAY!


ju on 3

i think i only went NDP once in my 22years. maybe i should go next year? ermmm..

So I went to Boonlay on national day, FTs are everywhere i wonder why?
I travel all the way from yishun to boonlay to get my darling’s bday gift, yes im so sweet HAHA. here i mean my darling is huizhen!

We comb all the levels in jurong point and decided to go Carl’s Junior instead, lol! super random but really too long never eat.



my bf is too crazy over camera stuffs, i do hope that my kids are not named nicole (nikon), kenneth (canon), i cant think of a name for pentax T.T


yes me! i will blog about my pathetic front tooth soon, super sad =(


and then i decided that since i dun wan to take too many shots of me smiling, i will use frenchfries to cover my mouth LOL! and this is a long fries! HAPPY

Not going BKK in september already because I need to save for January, omg toooo excited!

Till the next post, =)

sorry i know i haven been blogging about how to lose weight, running out of topics, come shoot me some!

How to lose weight article Part 12!

I FEEL SO STRESS! I can’t think of a proper topic to talk about this week! If you guys want, please leave me more questions so I can blog about it. HAHA. I already get alot of questions to be honest. haha.

By the way I’m not a weightloss guru, I’m just sharing what I know and what I’ve gone through! So if there’s anything medical related one, pls pls pls consult a doctor!

Since I don’t know what to blog about this week, I shall talk about my GREEN TEA DIET.
I got quite a few questions on this, like how many kilos I lost with this diet, how I got to know about this diet, what’s the drastic effect etc.

GREEN TEA DIET. Sounds healthy hor? But it’s so bad that I will never try it again and PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY IT!

I’m going to edit this post to cover up the details of my green tea diet in case you guys adopt the method. and thanks to the reader who notify me!

Qns: How did you get to know about this ‘GREEN TEA DIET’?

Ans: I didn’t do any research, I just thought of it and just try it. Cos at that point of time I love that green tea so just randomly I picked it as my diet drink. It’s not because it’s low in fat or whatsoever, i just chose it becos at that point of time i love drinking that.

I don’t know if this diet exists or not. But i hope in future people will google ‘CLAIRE LIM’S GREEN TEA DIET’ haha! but please dont ever try it. NO NO NO.

Qns: How did you have the energy to do things?

Ans: no energy AT ALL. It was my school holiday period, so i just lie on my sofa, on my bed for whole 2freaking weeks.

Qns: What was the ‘side effects’?

Ans: Insomnia, i cant sleep at night, and i wake up quite early every day cos im hungry. I drop alot of hair, and I feel damn deprived of food.

Qns: Did your boobs shrink?


I thinkkkk that’s about it. and on the 14th day I fainted at home and hit my chin, then bleed. That’s when I realized I need to stop this shit diet.

So please don’t ever take up this diet!

I don’t understand why people comment that seeing me slim now will make people want to lose weight more. I MEAN YES LAH THEY WILL WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT BUT I EMPHASIZED ON SLIMMING DOWN HEALTHILY RIGHT. Since when i emphasized on dieting drastically!?


So if you have more questions do ask me through email (, leave down comments (yes i will not show it if you req), or ask on formspring (on the right, click and you will go to my formspring) =)


How to lose weight article part 11!

I wanted to discuss about my thoughts after appearing on yahoo! news but decided not. ๐Ÿ˜€ But many thanks to those who really look up to me as an inspiration, a motivation and all sorts. I’m really flattered and happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, for today’s topic!

Question of the day: I sweat a lot after exercising, am I burning fats?

This can apply to those who always ask me why are they not losing weight even if they exercise!

let me side track abit here..

To lose SIGNIFICANT weight is to exercise at least 250mins a week, to maintain is to exercise at least 150mins a week. This is what I always heard and I got confused, really confused.

How many people can do that?

I probably know why I can’t gain weight even though I eat alot. Because I clock 180-250 mins a week briskwalking, sometimes even more. I love walking too much, and my bf loves walking too, we can walk the whole day, we can walk 10km during travel or during weekends on a normal day. We can walk home from serangoon to hougang, clarke quay to orchard and not to mention all the park trails that we visited.

im telling you this because im clarifying why im not gaining weight, because people still thinks that I’m dieting, -.-

But working out 250minutes a week is actually ALOT. You need to work, need to take care of family, need to do this and that. and especially for my friends, need to do rj and study!

250mins = 50minutes 5times a week.
can you run 50minutes at one go? okay dun talk about run, what about jog? maybe if you can for today, tomorrow will you? if you happen to skip for 3days, then you will never hit that 250minutes. Then how? can’t lose weight?

i can tell you it’s not easy to walk 50mins 5times a week for most people too, because simple reason, where got time?

BUT i still see people losing weight jogging 30minutes 5days a week, why is that so?ย  To be honest I don’t know! I need a doctor to explain this to me, and I need somebody to correct the articles/forums out there claiming that to lose weight need to exercise 250mins a week cos it’s quite ridiculous! not everyone can do it! especially for women!

exercising 250mins a week is like having an disorder. 1 week is okay, your life is revolved around exercising. how to sustain in the long run?

im different because im always walking, and me and my bf walks very fast, lol. so going out with him is like brisking walking to me.

So if possible someone pls explain to me where did this 250mins a week weight loss method came from?


Okay now im going back to the topic: I sweat a lot after exercising, am I burning fats?


People feel shiok if they sweat it out, cos they think they are burning fats. PLEASE. you are not, you are just losing water weight.

I can do pilates for 10mins and sweat like mad, literally wet from head to toe. I can weigh lighter after this 10minutes because it’s all WATER.

But if you wanna burn fats, you can’t expect to exercise for just 10-15mins, sorry but this is reality.

10mins jog make you sweat but sorry that’s water.

You only start to burn fats after 20minutes! It’s better to start slow if you choose to jog because you have to continue long to burn fats.

Usually people start to lose water weight first before they lose the fats weight. that’s probably why it’s easier to lose weight at the start. it applies to me too.

yes, dun doubt water, water weight make you look bloated, so of course you look like you ‘lose weight’ after the water weight loss.


Dun think that drinking lots of water will make you BLOATED, in fact it actually helps to reduce water retention.

Recommended intake is at least 8glasses of water a day.
I usually drink about 3litres a day because I exercised and I’m already used to it.

But drinking too much is detrimental to your health just like eating too much of anything else can harm your body.

Moderation is the key.

One advice from me,

still wanna continue the 15mins jog, or a 40mins walk? ๐Ÿ˜‰

My post are for people who really want to lose weight and in a healthier way, and not to ASK them to lose weight, i feel that as long as your loved ones love you, stand by you, you don’t need to make any drastic changes. Be yourself, that’s very important.