Artistry Hair Professional- Mucota Scena ABC treatment and new hair color!

 photo 14466481_10209440808113579_1514369513_o_zpsibj1w0g9.jpg

About 2 weeks ago I went to Artistry Hair Professional (formerly known Headlines By Artistry) for their very popular Mucota Scena ABC Treatment and to have a change of hair color.

I wasn’t too sure what I want for my hair so I just leave it to Chris (my hairstylist) to decide for me. 🙂 Actually wanted a striking color for the whole head but I think it is better to play safe when I am working in a proper office environment. lol..

So in the end we decided on dark brown and hidden reds. 😀

 photo IMG_4355_zpsw1v4829q.jpg

I love it so much! Especially love it when the wind blows through my hair and reveal all the pretty strands. 🙂

Other than the hair color, I also want to talk about their super amazing hair treatment but before that! Photos first!  photo DSC06784_zpsvyvcu93d.jpg

This is my hair before the treatment and coloring. Look at those ugly black roots. I don’t mind all black, but black and brown is just bad. My hair also look very dull and frizzy, totally unhealthy.

 photo DSC06788_zpsy2voh9zk.jpg

Chris started off with coloring the bottom part of my hair with red.

 photo DSC06793_zpsqsnlpvrs.jpg

Followed by brown on the remaining hair.

 photo DSC06798_zpszkrvwuoh.jpg

Have to wait around 20-30 minutes before washing.

I think I mentioned before that I really love people washing my hair for me. You don’t have to massage or anything (well of course that would be a bonus if you do) and I will just feel super relax and happy.

After washing and conditioning + massage, it’s time to start on my Mucota Scena ABC treatment!

If you are wondering what ABC stands for?

It is Adel (Moisturize), Brava (Repair) and Calore (Protect). It is a 3 step treatment that moisturize, repair and protect my hair.

  1. Chris applied Adel onto my freshly shampooed hair first. Starting from the middle to the ends, he gently massaged the product into my hair before rinsing them off. Adel contains a mixture of 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine that can be found in natural ceramide, this step basically moisturize and prep the hair before the next treatment.
  2. Next, Brava is applied onto the damp hair so as to repair, treat and nurture them.
  3. Without rinsing off, Calore is being applied right away. This last step helps to protect hair cuticles, retains hair moisture and this will gives me soft, smooth and silky hair. 🙂

 photo DSC06806_zpsr6ed1vjs.jpg

After the 3 steps, it is time to steam! After that, he wash, blow dry and style my hair and ta da – the outcome!!

 photo DSC06810_zpsnhqtfyrv.jpg

It’s so amazing! My hair was super soft and silky! The treatment takes less than an hour but the effect lasts for a week! You know there are days when your hair becomes dry and lifeless right after a wash the following day? Mucota Scena ABC doesn’t do that, in fact it gives me many good hair days! Super love this treatment, can’t wait to go back again! 😀

 photo IMG_4377_zpslpkxyraz.jpg

And here is a photo with my hairstylist Chris. ^^

Thank you Chris, Wendy love and Artistry Hair Professional for my healthy and beautiful hair. 😀

Here’s some photos for you, which I took during the day!

 photo IMG_4374_zpskdgmskvs.jpg

 photo IMG_4355_zpsw1v4829q.jpg

Look at the beautiful reds!

If you want to try out this treatment, these are the promotions for my readers. 🙂

  1. Mucota Scena ABC treatment + Hair Cut @ $108 nett
  2. Dyna Argan oil treatment first timer @ $218 nett
  3. Look for Chris to get up to 30% off!

There’s also a promotion for October now!

 photo 14581416_1601189210182211_4985280018759002370_n_zpsfk6stvsy.jpg

October Promotion!!

Enjoy Yuko Premium Japanese hair straightening/rebonding with them @ only $140 onwards!
Promo comes with a free HAIR CUT by their hair designers!
(U.p $250 onwards)

*This promo ends 30th November 2016

Check out their Facebook page for more updates!
Call them to book your appointment! 6221 9255

Instagram: @artistryhairsg
Address: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #03-32 Singapore 079903

All reviews are solely of my own. 

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Nailz Haus IMM Singapore review – Cute gelish nails pinterest inspired!

2 weeks ago I went to Nailz Haus at IMM to have my gelish done.

I am not really a nails person especially when I had a somewhat unpleasant experience at a nail salon last year so I did not have any expectations for Nailz Haus at all. Thought I’m just going to sit there, fall asleep while someone do my nails and let my bum ache and rot on the seat. But it was not like that – I had a very pleasant experience and definitely very happy with the outcome of my nails. ^^

My nails are inspired by Pinterest by the way. I show Lena (my manicurist!) the original photo and she thinks that brighter colors suit me better, so she asked if she could design for me instead and here’s what she came up with!

 photo IMG_3723_zpsoavjf4kq.jpg

Lena must have a hard time drawing the arrows on my nails as they are really small. But she is really patient and so cheery, totally made my day!

Enough of my crazy talking. Shall share with you my experience now. Let’s go!

 photo IMG_4195_zpsodlvrg4a.jpg

They were awarded Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award in 2014.

 photo IMG_3684_zpsq3undn5s.jpg

View from the entrance.

 photo IMG_3690_zps3pd8y0xg.jpg

The sweet and pleasing interior.

 photo IMG_3692_zpsaux3cfqq.jpg

Various nail art samples.

 photo IMG_3689_zpsw9pvlnyf.jpg

Those blings.

 photo IMG_3685_zpsoww2ylof.jpg

Nail polishes. I thought of having such shelves at home but nah, I finally realized how tired it is to clean surfaces. LOL.

 photo IMG_3682_zpsvzpouch2.jpg

where I was seated at.

 photo IMG_3695_zpsyuyhwrl4.jpg

The happy go lucky and bubbly lena, my manicurist! :):)

 photo IMG_3671_zps8cimhcpv.jpg

She is cutting my cuticles here. Not painful at all and I didn’t bleed. The last time I did it was so painful and they bleed. :/ She is so gentle by the way! Kept asking if it hurts. 😀

 photo IMG_3674_zpsvuudupxh.jpg

Choosing colors for the nails.

 photo IMG_3677_zpsmggrzgdo.jpg

Lena asked if I want round or square shaped nails and she filed them accordingly. I asked for Square if you’re wondering.

 photo IMG_3678_zpsxwtuh2lh.jpg

Base coat first.

 photo IMG_3679_zpswlnrylqr.jpg

It’s very hard for me to take photos once the colors are up and hence I can only show you how it looks like after the whole session. Anyway I also asked lena if I could buy a machine and put at home but when I think about it now, I won’t be using it too!

 photo IMG_3704_zpsn2xr9cwe.jpg

Here’s the final nails! Lucky I have this bouquet of flowers to take a picture with!

So cute and sweet! Love the color combination too! 🙂 Lena is very professional and I liked that she really focus on perfecting the arrows on my nails, not every manicurist is so meticulous like her.

 photo IMG_3723_zpsoavjf4kq.jpg

Overall I am very happy with the experience and the service. The place is spacious and relaxing. The chair is very comfortable too. My ass didn’t ache at all despite sitting there for about 1.5hours. The staffs were all very friendly as well.

I had to go all the way to IMM to do my nails then but now they already open another outlet at AMK hub!

AMK Hub outlet , #B1-24
Tel: 6481 5768

If I am not wrong, they will be opening another outlet soon!

Hope the new one is at a accessible place too! But most importantly I hope Lena will always be the one doing my nails for me. ^^

Once again thank you Nailz Haus and Lena for the pretty nails!

If you’re interested there is a promotion for my readers: 
Classic Manicure + Classic pedicure + Hand scrub @ $45 ^^v

Nailz Haus
Address: 2 Jurong east Street 21, IMM building #02-29
Contact: 6566 5676

The arrows remind me of my wedding bands too which I haven’t share with you guys. I will be blogging about my graduation for sure. 

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Healthy snack! Yummy granolas, nuts, seeds and more from Amazin’ Graze! And I snack alot! So when Amazin’ Graze contacted me asking if I want to try out some of their healthy snacks I agree immediately!

Amazin’ Graze is all about making fun & healthy snacks for the Southeast Asian community.  Their current product ranges include granolas, nuts and seeds, butter-free cookies, dehydrated fruits and more. They are all 100% natural, nutritious and baked fresh weekly in their kitchen!

 photo IMG_2588_zps8ebdvvrb.jpg

They sent me 4 different flavours of their healthy snacks and these are also their best sellers! (Incase you’re wondering what are those fork thingy, it’s my new tsum tsum forks I got from Japan)

  1. Mocha Latte Vanilla Granola
  2. Berry-Licious Trail Mix
  3. Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola
  4. Rosemary Pepita Crisp

I’ve only tried the Mocha Latte Vanilla Granola and already think I’m addicted. Love that it’s chocolatey but not too sweet! 😀 Will try the remaining ones but I shall share them with you first!

 photo IMG_2596_zpssfo1rhz7.jpg

The Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola contains Almonds, Chia seeds, Wild blueberries, goji berries and coconut.

 photo IMG_2595_zpsjnwhjqvg.jpg

Amount per serving is 203.2 calories. Servings Per container: 5.

I’m not sure about the calories in the other packs, but I reckon should be more or less the same.

 photo IMG_2593_zpsbpdpves0.jpg

The Mocha Latte Vanilla Granola contains coffee, dark chocolate chips, vanilla, chia seeds, almonds.

 photo IMG_2594_zps6ydg741c.jpg

 photo IMG_2591_zpsw4mro6sz.jpg

The pepita crisps are roasted with fresh rosemary which explains the name! There’s pink himalayan salt and garlic added in it too!

 photo IMG_2592_zpsexmvjxng.jpg

 photo IMG_2590_zpsmuxjox7g.jpg

Lastly the Berrylicious trail mix which is quite self explanatory! It’s a mixture of mulberries, cranberries, black raisins, walnuts, almonds and pepitas!

I just did a google search – apparently pepitas is pumpkin seeds? 

 photo IMG_2589_zpslf6njunk.jpg

I am going to do up another post once I tried the other 3 (if I remember) but if you think the snacks are interesting and want to give it a try, here’s a discount code for you!
Just quote ”amazinclaire” when you purchase anything at and you will get a 10% off your entire basket. 🙂 This offer ends 31st August. On a side note, free shipping also applies for orders over $35! 
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SIS-lite 100% Natural Extra Fine Sugar, a healthier alternative!

This week I’m sharing quite a few healthy stuffs, first the smart shake, now the sugar and next will be some healthy snacks! I will be updating about my house soon too. maybe a vlog? Yes I missed making videos, I can’t wait to video myself talking again!! hohoho.

So if you follow me on instagram – @claireaudreylim – follow me if you haven’t! you will know that recently I’ve switched my normal sugar to sis lite.

Why I decided on the switch? Simple. I just want to cut down on my calorie intake. 😛 What enticed me is that one teaspoon of sis lite will give me twice the sweetness of regular sugar – and this means that I just need to add in half a teaspoon of sis lite! Half a teaspoon of sis lite is only 8 calories!

 photo IMG_2044_zps1j6zcgks.jpg

SIS-Lite 100% Natural Extra Fine Sugar Blend combines cane sugar with stevia plant leaf, has a very natural taste and are perfect for beverages, baking and cooking! I think this is suitable for people who consumed alot of sweet stuffs and drinks and are thinking of cutting down on their sugar intake!

 photo IMG_2045_zpstnoli7k5.jpg

I even brought them to Starbucks for my coffee.

 photo IMG_2041_zpshpjcbzdo.jpg
Want to save calories? Want to be healthier? Join me and give this a try!

SIS-Lite are available at major supermarts like NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Giant etc, and are available in pouch form (750g) or a pack of 100 sachets. 😀

Remember to let me know how you feel about it!

For more info visit:

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MKUP’s 5 in 1 Skin Purifier Micellar Cleansing Water review!

It has been more than a month since I talked about this cleansing water. Apologies for the late review as I was having really bad rashes back then hence I could only post this review after about using this for almost a month now.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a 5 in 1 cleansing water/makeup remover:

Removes makeup.
Soothes and calms. 

After using this for about a month, I find that it is quite effective for a makeup remover, one cotton pad of the solution is enough to remove my face makeup and abit more for the eyeliner. But not so well for the eyelashes though – I just can’t find a crazy good remover to get rid of my heroine mascara except for the olive oil.

Even so I still think this product is quite good because it’s cooling, not harsh on the skin and removes makeup easily. The solution looks super clear just like tap water but it amazed me when being applied on the skin.

 photo IMG_0079_zpsy6gf2s2p.jpg

To further add on, this product contains No Alcohol, No Fragrance and no colourant!
The main ingredient includes

  1. Sacchiride Isomerate to boost moisture retention, reduce moisture loss and maintain skin’s moisture.
  2. Pansy Extract to improve skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  3. Vitamin B3 to help soothe & improve skin conditions like dehydrated yet oily skin, acne prone skin, dull skin, redness, dark spots and sensitiveness.

A test has also been done to show that placing a cotton pad with this product for 5 seconds on the affected face area can help to reduce redness.

As you know, this product is also unique in a way that it can be used as a toner. I thought this is a really great idea because it means I can save some money. 😛 but I tried this twice leaving the cleanser on my skin overnight and I ended up with minor hives on the face.

I have very sensitive skin so that might be the reason why this happens but nevertheless I intend to try a few times more. 😡 and will update this space if it finally works lol!

 photo IMG_0080_zpsk4tfvoxd.jpg

Anyway I will be getting a new one once I finished this bottle, which I think would be soon since I used it everyday and even brought it to Bali. This has officially become one of my favorites.

 photo DSC04925_zpshoyqg7ny.jpg

I removed half of the makeup on my face (on the picture below, except for the eyelashes) but I think you can’t really see the difference as the lighting is too good.

 photo DSC04931_zpsuhwltcjt.jpg


I would definitely recommend the MKUP cleanser if you’re looking for an affordable remover that has multiple functions, lightweight and make you feel refreshed and clean after using. 🙂 With normal and sensitive skin, you can even use this as a toner which imo really helps to make the night routine more convenient and less costly. :p

For myself, I suspect I’m allergic to one of the ingredients but that would be another story as I’m still using this as a makeup remover happily. 🙂

For the price and info of the product click here.
MKUP cleansing water has been awarded the most effective cleansing water in Cleo 2016 Beauty Hall of Fame

Please note that although this post is sponsored, all reviews are solely of my own. 

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MKUP’s 5 in 1 Skin Purifier Micellar Cleansing Water review – Part 1

I recently received the MKUP’s 5 in 1 Skin Purifier Micellar Cleansing Water for review. I am very excited to try this but due to my sensitive skin/hives I have to delay the review for abit. Nevertheless I thought I would share this with you first before I follow up with a Part 2 post of the review provided that I’m not allergic to this product.

I am fascinated with this product because like what it mentions – It is 5 in 1.

 photo IMG_0079_zpsy6gf2s2p.jpg

5 in 1: removes makeup, cleanses, tones, moisturizes, soothes and calms.
The most unique feature is that there is no rinsing required and it can be used as a toner. 

Did I ever tell you how much I love 2 in 1, 3 in 1, or whatever in 1 product? It helps me to save money and it’s perfect for me when I’m feeling lazy. Anyway I’m currently using the Bio-Essence 24k bio-gold platinum dual cream and I really LOVE IT. I bought them myself, will post a review soon. =D I heard from the Bioessence sales girl that they might discontinue this dual cream because customers feedback that they prefer the day and night cream in individual packaging. mmm I like this leh.. I think it’s easier for me. zz

But that’s for another post. I will monitor my skin first and post a review on this soon! Till then! =)

 photo IMG_0080_zpsk4tfvoxd.jpg

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Circles.Life #NewTelcoInTown – More data, FREE whatsapp & lower monthly bills!


Last week I followed Claire to an event introducing Circles.Life.

Its a new telco.. well, sort of.. its a Mobile virtual Network Operator (MVNO). To be honest, I’m not as well informed as I thought myself. So I did a quick search at our friendly wikipedia to get the following explanation:

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which the MVNO provides services to its customers. An MVNO enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates, then sets retail prices independently.[1] An MVNO may use its own customer service, billing support systems, marketing, and sales personnel. ~from wikipedia

Anyways, its different from the 3 mobile network operators we’re so familiar with locally that its plans focus on providing more affordable data and more control on how much your mobile bill costs every month.

Usually, we get free bundled talk time, smses and a miserable amount of data by today’s standards, even have to pay 5 bucks for caller ID which I thought should be a basic service provided in every telco plan. I have been a loyal Shittel customer all my life, I remember they used to offer loyalty perks if you continue to sign new contracts with them, and they used to give us 12gb of data usage for a base plan. Now they scrapped the loyalty perks, must be because our loyal support means nothing to them, and because no matter what shit they throw as us, we still need them.Then the 12gb became 3 or 4gb for a basic plan. Can’t help be feel some similarity with our local politics and them telcos trying to milk every cent our of our pockets. Somemore if you overshot your miserable 4gb of data by say 1mb (1gb has like 1000mbs) you pay $10 + $0.70 (gst…) for the next 1gb block. MILKING IN PROGRESS.

Now comes the next ‘virtual’ telco riding on M1’s infrastructure, offering us much much much more flexibility that suits the current time and age. Check out their price plan:


Please note all the asterisks at the upfront cost are early bird fees.

They don’t offer free incoming calls though, if that’s important to you. But for a basic plan of $28, you get 3gb data and 100mins talktime. But if you stay with, they will give you bonus data! Currently they will provide extra 2gb for the promo period. How’s that, 5gb for 28 bucks, sounds like a good deal to me.

To manage your plan, you can download the app on your mobile. You can then adjust the amount of data, talktime and sms for your plan. To my limited knowledge, its all cheaper than our usual telco’s offering.

  • data at $6 per gb
  • talktime at $4 per 100mins
  • sms at $4 per 100 smses

Anyways who still uses sms nowadays.. I personally don’t, I use whatsapp with my friends and between with Claire. Now have a partnership with whatsapp, whatever you do on your whatsapp is free! be it calling or messaging. The brochure says ‘unlimited whatsapp valued at $8’, I’m not sure what my usage is to be honest, but whatever lah its a nice perk.

Furthermore, if you overshot your data usage despite the constant reminding from the app, yes they will bug you, they will auto boost by 100mb valued at just $1! No more overshot 1mb and pay $10.70 from shittel. The boost buttons is a nice feature IMO, you can manage the cost of you bill. Like if I got 7 days to go till the end of my bill cycle but already at my 3gb limit, I can simply boost 750mb for $5.50. (I usually use 100mb per day) No need to pay the additional $5.20 for 250mb extra that I won’t be using as compared to the Shittel’s 1gb for $10.70 block. Cheaper right!

The boost comes in 3 categories at

  • 100mb for $1
  • 250mb for $2
  • 500mb for $3.50

Managing my bill  feature is handy too, say if I know I will go overseas next month and will be using lesser data, I can just adjust my plan to the lowest possible and pay less next month.

One last thing is, this telco don’t bind you with a 2 years contract! If you really don’t like it, you can quit anytime, no need to tahan till your contract finishes. Really, what’s there to dislike about The other 3 telco please buck up, the times has changed, and its leaving you behind…


Simon Tey


Explore P5 – We went to the AIA Music Run 2016!

Categorizing this post under our explore series because this is our first run together! Anyway I just created a explore series category so it’s easier for you if you want to check out where we go and what we do as a married couple. There might be videos in the future #justsaying. :p

If you remember, I actually blogged about this, so when I got the passes I was really excited!

It was a very fun music festival btw! The only bad thing about the run is that you couldn’t run much. Most of the people were enjoying the music and busy taking selfies and photos!

We took about an hour or more to finish the whole 5km, cos we were very busy trying to take photos and videos, haven’t use the GoPro for awhile. :p

Anyway, I think I should stop typing and just share the photos with you!

 photo 2014-01-02 19.42.15_zpsxtpce6oh.jpg

 photo IMG_9804_zpsqphlfmfm.jpg

Coffee Bandits’ coffee are awesome!

 photo IMG_9803_zpsyf2hicl4.jpg

 photo IMG_9805_zpselnweupz.jpg

Start running!

 photo IMG_9806_zpsjljivfxo.jpg

First one, the ROCK Zone!

 photo 2014-01-02 19.58.37_zpsse9wpqfv.jpg

wanted to go on the bike but too many people, I’m too shy! haha.

The 2nd one! Pop Zone!

 photo 2014-01-02 20.02.39_zps97xdjdi2.jpg

 photo IMG_9808_zpsep8kcuod.jpg

The very cute Pop Candy land! We can play with the big balls! purposely sabo people LOL.

 photo IMG_9807_zpsvaygz5js.jpg

3rd one! Hip Hop!

 photo IMG_9812_zpst2hztsxn.jpg


 photo 2014-01-02 20.22.53_zps4cjk8jnj.jpg

As you can see, I’m getting tired! lol.

 photo IMG_9811_zpslpeabdei.jpg

4th one the old school zone!

 photo IMG_9810_zpsxhhohyuk.jpg

 photo 2014-01-02 20.13.05_zps4eavztnj.jpg


 photo IMG_9809_zpsj5iuvxdn.jpg

 photo 2014-01-02 20.27.19_zpsxup5ft36.jpg

Last one the Dance Zone! Paiseh if I get the sequence wrong. Near the finishing line, we stopped at one of the vending machine and bought Fuji Apple hahahaha! cos I was damn thirsty!

 photo IMG_9814_zpsrlqhcdq5.jpg

 photo IMG_9815_zpssvtovfwi.jpg

And finally the finishing line! So sad though!

 photo IMG_9816_zpsqkpkqavu.jpg

The medal! After that we just went ahead to party!

 photo IMG_9817_zpswktk1ctu.jpg

 photo IMG_9820_zpsektq1x3r.jpg

 photo IMG_9818_zpsfmkvqjf5.jpg

 photo IMG_9819_zpsd3rnkkhu.jpg

 photo IMG_9825_zpsuuuzfuol.jpg

 photo IMG_9821_zpsrwxsr5dj.jpg

 photo IMG_9822_zpsiuvhtlon.jpg

 photo IMG_9824_zpsnwninfb4.jpg

It was a really fun day! Especially when I’m stuck in Singapore now I really enjoyed this special event! This music run is for people who love running and music! How nice to not have your ear phones irritate you when you’re running! The best part is it’s non competitive, no stress at all!

Did I mention that the tickets were all sold out? It’s so amazing! There were 120 speakers along the track if you’re wondering!

We really enjoyed ourselves and am looking forward to 2017! You guys should consider going! You will have a good time! =)

Thank you Ninemer for the invitation =D


Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner – Does this works?

 photo tumblr_o5u2mwFBb91qceqkco1_1280_zps30dmxurl.jpg

Reviewing a new product today! I was given The Revitalash Eyelash conditioner (together with the brow conditioner) a few months ago to try out if it really works well for the eyelashes.

Had been delaying the review so here I am today to talk about this product.. like finally!

Revitalash is a tested and proven eyelash conditioner that will work on our lashes to enhance its appearance and also giving it a fuller and volumised look. This product contains Proprietary BioPeptin Complex and natural botanicals to defend against breakage and brittleness while improving flexibility, moisture and shine.

All you need to do is to apply once a day and it will help to promote the attractiveness of the eyelashes.

Here are some info on the RevitaLash Eye Lash Conditioner. It is ranked #2 in the website under ‘The Ten Best Eyelash Growth Serum’ and here are the results from a 6 week independent consumer study:

98% Improved in Lash appearance
98% Healthier looking Lashes
98% stronger lashes and 
95% more attractive lashes 

Looking at the statistics made me want to try it out and let you guys know if this product really works wonder for the lashes! And after applying it for about 2-3weeks, here are my thoughts.

 photo IMG_9582_zpsgynglvzm.jpg

 photo IMG_9583_zpsojuurbi0.jpg

The conditioner looks exactly like a mascara on the outside but the applicator looks more like a liquid eyeliner. I know it looks pretty small but supposed to last for 6months. :O This would cost about $200+.

How you apply this is by brushing the product across your eyelashes as shown here:
 photo eyes.jpg_zpsqrwsacy5.png

Believe me it was kinda tricky trying to apply like the above but for the sake of beauty you gotta do it. I wasn’t that diligent to apply everyday actually.. but even though so I felt that my eyelashes had strengthened, before this my lashes were very weak, all I need to do is to rub my eyes and I will see one or two coming out! I was so scared man. eyelashes are very important to me.

Lately I haven’t seen any lashes dropping out, mm maybe only once like a month ago? which is pretty good! Other than that, I haven’t notice any differences in the length. Maybe because I am too lazy. :p Will continue to monitor my lashes anyway~

By the way I am quite afraid with the liquid going into my eyes, so I was super careful with this product.

As for the brow conditioner, I’ve did some research and saw that there were some good reviews on it. one example is this:, well of course there are side effects too to some individuals which you can do a research on them as well.

I haven’t tried the eyebrow conditioner because I just did my eyebrow embroidery and really loving it. You can check out my 6D Nano eyebrow embroidery with Beauty Recipe here, there’s a promo going on! I guess I will only have the chance to use the Revitabrow in a year and a half’s time? haha.

Anyway here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for your reference so you can have a better idea to the product.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.58.29 PM_zps63vcslcj.png

 photo Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.58.42 PM_zps5kde9e4l.png

For even more info you can always visit the following:

Website: / Facebook: &

Stockist for Revitalash Advanced: 

The Lifestyle clinic
1 Orchard Boulevard #16-03 Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649

Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre
290 Orchard Road #19-01 Paragon Singapore 238859

*Reviews are done based on my personal experience with the product, you might not have the same results as me.



Beauty Recipe 6D Nano Korean eyebrow embroidery review! So natural and save so much time!

 photo IMG_9160_zpsjtup8q2n.jpg

Okay this post is a must share and must read! Although it’s sponsored but I’m really really really happy that I did this, BECAUSE I SAVE SO MUCH TIME IN THE MORNING!

I’ve done my eyebrow embroidery for almost a month and these brows of mine are looking so neat and natural. :D:D FYI I haven’t go back for the touch up because they are already very good looking. This means that my skin absorbs the ink pretty well? woohoo.

I was invited by Jessie (her shop: Beauty Recipe) to try out their 6D Nano eyebrow embroidery about a month ago. Actually before that I was already stalking her customers for awhile because I really liked how natural their eyebrows look after the embroidery. The idea of not spending 5-10mins every morning to perfect my brows is also something that’s pushing me to go for it.

Like I always say, if you want something call for the universe, then the things you want will come to you. LOL. Like I got my AIA music run passes btw omg :p:p

Ok back to today’s topic: The outlet I went to is at Marine Parade Central, very hard for me to tell you the exact location but it’s just right opposite Parkway parade shopping center.

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The girl is also doing eyebrow embroidery!

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Look at all the different kind of D’s embroidery they have. The best would be 6D because the strokes are finer, closer in order to look exactly like your real eyebrow hair.

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There are 2 outlets by the way, one at Marine parade central and the other at Jurong East. The Marine parade central outlet although small, is cosy and comfy. I was also introduced to Elaine the eyebrow specialist who will be doing my brows and she is so cute and friendly!

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This is me without drawing my eyebrows. My brows are in a super bad condition. Imagine the time I took perfecting my brows every morning.

Elaine plucked my eyebrow first before designing the perfect eyebrows that will suit my face shape. She knows that I got drooping eyelids and she advised that the new shape will help to create the illusion that my eyes are lifted, which was very true.

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The finalized shape.

After that we moved on to applying numbing cream on my brows to prepare for the embroidery! This process takes 20minutes.

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Smiling to my hubby/photographer 😀

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Waiting for the 20minutes to zoom by..

After 20mins it’s time to do the embroidery! Elaine unwrapped and took out a brand new blade for my brows, don’t worry it’s sterilized and brand new.

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We agreed on using a light brown colour for my brows because I was quite fair and my hair colour is quite light. The ink will be pigmented into my skin by using the blade.

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If you’re worried that it would be painful, like what I was worried about initially too. Then rest assured that your brows would be numb and all you will hear is just scratchy sounds.. like someone drawing strokes on your brows.

This went on for about 1hr or so and next she apply this dark coloured thing on my eyebrows which will sting a little! The slight discomfort lasts only about 3-5mins.

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This black liquid thing will help your eyebrows to last longer. :p

So here is the comparison of how my brows looked like before the embroidery and after it.

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Look at the fine strokes. FYI for about a week or so your brows will look kinda thick and dark, just be patient because after that you will have really chio brows.

I was given a protective gel to apply for a week and was told to avoid water and makeup remover for about 3days on the brows area.

The protective gel is to apply 4times a day using a cotton tip but actually I only applied 2-3times a day.

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Thank you elaine for giving me awesome brows!! 😀

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This is how my brows look like the next day.. abit self conscious when I go out but all still fine.

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16th March, 2 days after the embroidery was done.

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18th: 2days more later.. The dyed skin are flaking off bit by bit.

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19th: looking more natural.

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One of the pieces. Let them drop off naturally don’t go and pluck them.


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And after like a week. Very natural looking brows finally!!

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hehhee I am so happy with my brows now! With the brows, my eyes also look so much more lifted compared to the brows that I used to draw previously. 😀 I also save time in the morning because I don’t need to draw my eyebrows anymore. 😀

When I go out with my bare face during the weekends I also looked more alert because of my brows. 😀 I always know that eyebrows are important but I never know that it could be so important!! This embroidery will last from 1.5 to 2 years.

I highly recommend this to you guys! There’s a promotion now for the 6D Nano Korean Eyebrow EmbroideryFor a limited time only, it is offered at a promotional price of $488 instead of $1288! Email or call/SMS 98593982 for enquiries & appointment bookings now (promo not available for walk-ins) Definitely a good time for you to try it out! What are you waiting for?

Feel free to drop me an email: to asked about the dos and don’ts for the embroidery. 🙂 I shall end my post with my face with the pretty brows again. ^^

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Pic dated 23 April. Brows looking good!