Dr.G Super Aquasis Line

I finally got the time to blog about my latest skincare product (:(:
Very thankful that I always got the chance to try new stuffs, (:

Gowoonsesang Cosmetics launches ‘Super Aquasis Line’‏, which is a 3-step skincare solution for exhausted, dehydrated & UV-exposed skin. Guess who’s the endorser? PARK SHIN HYE! omg she’s my idol! i love her smile, her skin, her actions, she’s so natural and pretty!


koreans all have good skin!

The full line up consists of TONER, AMPLE and GEL CREAM.


do not be distracted :D

‘Dr G Super Aquasis Line’ contains

– Opuntia coccinelifera Fruit Extract, Argan oil, marine water to provide moisture into the skin to sooth flaky keratin.

– Crystal moisture seed to provide a water-retaining protective film on skin, which keeps your skin moisturized for long.

– Abyssine to protects skin from UV rays.


Super Aquasis Moisture Toner is a aqua booster toner that exfoliates dead skin cells.
A starter toner containing water-retaining Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract to sooth flaky keratin to prevent the evaporation of water and provide elasticity and moisture to the skin.

(I’ve started using this, i feel very refreshed once i applied it.)


Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample
A moisture-rich ample of crystal moisture seed, a highly concentrated moisture ample to provide a water-retaining protective film and radiance. In another words, prevent skin dryness.


Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream, a moisture-charged cream to quench the skin’s thirst.

A moisture gel cream that provides refreshment and moisture on the skin. It contains Sea Water enriched with an abundant mineral and the Resurrection Plant Callus Culture Extract that help to quench the thirsty, tired skin; supports the natural functions of skin, leading to naturally clean and clear skin.


Sounds good right? Do you want to try it?


You still got 8more days! =)

Dr G is available exclusively at SaSa Cosmetics in Singapore.

like SaSa facebook first <3 😉

Wishtrend – skin&lab c plus brightening cream


You can be a SKIN DOCTOR too!



Vitamin cream, does it sound special to you?

Although research has proved to us that the consumption of vitamins and mineral are essential for us, the pills are still insufficient to have significant outcomes on our skin, in order to improve our skin, we need additional vitamin application. With the intake of multivitamin and the application of vitamins, we actually get the best of both world!



Everyone! Especially if you want

1. brighter skin
2. beautiful, radiant and clear skin
3. to prevent skin aging against UV rays
4. to get rid of pigmentation caused by UV

I’m thrilled to try this out because I want to get rid of the brown spots on my skin!!

Got the parcel 2days ago!


Yes, you will get a free gift too with any SKIN&LAB purchase

C PLUS BRIGHTENING helps you achieve bright and gorgeous skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. It brightens dark skin resulting from continuous exposure to UV and frees your skin from external radical attack to restore its brightness and clarity.

The main ingredients are

Vitamin C – As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C inhibits melanin formation and returns oxidized melanin back to a normal state for brightness

Manganese – It activates SOD, the most powerful antioxidant enzymes of the body, which stimulates body mechanisms

Acerola Extraction – The acerola extraction soothes skin damages caused by UV rays and inhibits skin pigmentation. It also revitalizes your stressed skin.

Alpha-Bisabolol – Ingredient extracted from Brazilian candeia tree, functions to inhibit melanin synthesis


let’s check out this cream


mmmmmm :)

I’ve only used it for 2days, can’t really say if it works or not, because it’s only 2days!

But I love the scent of this cream, light citrus smell makes me feel happy when I apply on my face.

It’s very light and smooth, (doesn’t feel thick or heavy at all), definitely very easy to apply, also it absorbs very fast into my skin.

How and when to use it?

After cleansing, I apply it after my toner, before my moisturizer, twice a day (DAY/NIGHT).

I don’t find it troublesome to apply an additional product because it feels really light haha. now i shall monitor the effect =D

Other than Vitamin C, they still have other vitamin creams! let me show you this cute picture!


SO CUTE RIGHT, different vitamin creams for different family member! HAHA.

another interesting stuff is YOU CAN MIX 2CREAMS TOGETHER AND APPLY IT ON YOUR SKIN, wow this is something new!


Go and check out their website, maybe you will find the combi of creams that fulfill your needs!

Make good use of this coupon!



and enjoy shopping lovelies!

Sexylook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

[Sponsored Review]

today’s le bf’s birthday and it’s my extraction + braces day! :D:D

Another awesome lifting mask that im going to review today!
You can read my Lovemore Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask review here!

This time round the lifting mask is abit different because it comes with whitening effect! it’s also the first lifting mask that im going to try from SexyLook!


Sexylook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask


thank you secretive.sg!

let’s start masking now! 🙂


i usually mask after a morning bath, follow by a short nap :D

the lifting mask all comes with uplift hooks to hook onto your ears.


the mask face is always stone one, but the after effect is always good.

the below photo is the best feeling ever, you feel the lifting effect on your neck, i got nothing for me to lift ( BUT prevention is better than cure), and the feeling is awesome, cos it’s tight! 😀


save your double chin and your neck!

remove after 15-20 minutes.

This mask is supposed to nurture and hydrate your skin, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a fresher, younger looking complexion.

What’s my take on this mask?

1. No instant whitening results, since the description did not further elaborate on whitening i think it’s not a main issue over here.

2. this mask is less tighter than the Lovemore Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask, BUT i think i prefer this, cos this tightness seems just right for me 🙂

3. absorption is really fast not like other masks whereby the essence will just go to waste, and after removing the mask, for about 10-20minutes, i can feel the tightening of my face. I feel the tightness on the neck during the mask but feel the tightness of the face after the mask.

4. Last but not least, a very comfortable mask, i can jump and walk around without fearing it will fall off (thanks to the hooks) and also feel good and refreshing after masking. 😀

Overall, good! The next that im going to review would be LoveMore White Crystal & Platinum Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask (whitening mask from Lovemore! I’ve got high expectations because of the ‘wow’ name of the mask! )

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Lovemore Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask


A very fanciful name for a mask, I’m very excited to try this out! thanks to http://www.secretive.sg/ again! ^^



Lovemore Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask

very very cute packaging! very sweet too!

Lovemore Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask is very different from the usual mask I used.
Remember i mentioned i don’t like mask that give you the feeling that it will drop anytime? THIS MASK WONT DROP AT ALL!


it’s all about firming, firm firm firm!

with firm skin you love yourself more! so true!


very pretty design

”Turn back time lifting mask” fits our face & neck perfectly! Helps to fight against gravity, lift up the skin at our neck, mouth area, cheek and eye area!


With Co Q10 and SNY-Ake to tighten & firm our skin!
Also brighten dullness skin, enhance moisture level and promoting collagen synthesis increase skin elasticity!

After 20mins of the mask, you will feel like you just did a SPA massaging session emerging with a smaller + tighter face!

lets try it out!


ear hooks on your ears

you can already feel the tightness here..


eh how come got excess? dont worry pull it and put at your ears again! see the hooks?



another mask that adheres to the skin so perfectly! 😀

What’s my take on this? Definitely worth it, the firming effect is almost instant!
During the 20minutes, you can feel your skin tightening up, and especially the neck area feels like it’s being ‘push up’!

wonderful i love this!

do like their facebook! Secretive.sg facebook! and also LoveMore fb to get more updates! ^^

Lovemore Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask can be purchased from watsons and http://www.secretive.sg/ =)



Thanks secretive.sg for sending me this HELLO KITTY MASK to try! It’s super cute and when I received, i just cant wait to try it. hehe!




– to help tighten up large & visible pores.

– To keep skin hydrated for that soft & glowing complexion!


kitty is so cute!

why isnt there rilakkuma masks? HAHA!

This mask is super comfortable because it’s very thin, and adheres to my skin very well. I dun like thick masks, because it feels very heavy and can come off very easily (for me)

AND YES, i love the strawberry smell! cos i love anything that is strawberries related!


After masking, my face feels damn smooth after the generous amount of essence. hehehe.

You should get a pack and try it too 😀

It is available at selected Watsons stores and secretive.sg for $10.90 (box of 5 pieces).

Also, like SexyLook fb to find out more + updates ^^ or follow their twitter – Secretive_sg!

[review] Neogence Ace revitalizing & Brightening Series

[ Sponsored review]

Introducing the latest skincare products from Taiwan – Neogence Ace revitalizing & Brightening Series. remember this is exclusive to SASA! 😀


6products in total, targeting the face and eyes. :)

This series consists of 6 different skincare products that is developed and designed for combination & oily skins. Target to ‘restructure and renew the heavy skin, brightening, protection & anti-oxidant‘.


Whitening lotion, Renewal & Repairing mask, Hydrating Fluid, Pore concealing Base Gel, Eye Serum and Whitening Serum

Before I go into the details of the different products and my ‘before and after‘ photos, let’s have some discussion about skin 😛
Qns: Do you spend alot of $ on skincare but still see no improvement? Do you know that oily and combination skins actually have poor essence absorption issues?
Slow metabolism of the mentioned 2skin types leads to irregular epidermal cells, excess sebum secretion causes the old & dead skin cells stick up on the skin surface, that explains the poor absorption ability! If no action is taken for this issue, no matter how much $ you spend on skincare, the result of anti-aging protection would still be limited!
Take a look at the picture below for a better idea.

shouts* I want good skin!

Now we have Neogence to address our problems! 😀 Neogence has applied “Patent Biochemical Conduction Technology”in the series to further enhance the quality of this series. Ace products allow the active ingredients to penetrate into our skin effectively & easily. Clinical tests have also proved that skin absorption is 300% INCREASED after using them!

Qns: 300% that’s too awesome! And what is this Patent Biochemical Conduction Technology? O.o


Liposome® Patented Liposome Conduct Technology:
Through use of the structure of a special double Phospholipid. Liposome is able to coat a large amount of active ingredients and pass through layers of stromal cells to the target area. Liposome then deforms to release the active components in a stratified manner, aiding oil-soluble ingredients that would otherwise be unable to penetrate the skin and reach the deepest layer of the epidermis to do so!

That is not the end of it, other than that, Vitamin A, one of the ingredients, works on the deep, underlying layers of skin to renew, restructure, and metabolize old skin cells, improving absorption.


you might be thinking.. Neogence ACE, why is it ACE? Because there’s vitamin A,C and E that helps in skin renewing, lightening, and anti-oxidant. Also with the help of the other two patent ingredients, Biophytex (eye contour brightening factor) and Matrixyl™3000 (fine lines smoothing factor)….

Take a look at the picture below to see how ACE helps us!


and when the 3vitamins come together, hand in hand, they effectively release skin from dullness and roughness, darkness and restore skin firmness!

Okay enough of me rambling on and on.. shall let the pictures+my reviews do the talking 😛




-Vitamin A+C+E microemulsion essence, 15minutes of intensive repairing.
-Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively reduce wrinkles
-Vitamin A renews skin, refines pores, and increases elasticity
-Superconducting fiber material applies flawlessly to skin, allowing complete absorption of the essences.

Before mask..


picture taken using macro lens. omgoodness! ahhh! okay nvm back to topic, obvious redness/uneven skintone/open pores -.-

after mask..


so much better! improved in the redness area and i seemed more ‘glowy’ :D

verdict: Improvement in 15mins, especially in the redness. Thinnest mask I’ve ever used, super comfortable, good design as well. I show you why I say so.


you have to peel off the blue layer, i think with the blue layer the mask is more stable, because it’s too thin!


see? damn thin! And the best part is I can also mask my eyes! yay! super love this mask!

I rate it 4/5 😀
Mask comes in a pack of 3 – 3pcs/ $22.90

Second: Whitening lotion + Hydrating fluid followed by Pore Concealing Base gel



-Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
-Ellagic acid + Chamomile effectively represses melanin processes, brightening skin tone
Hydrates, conditions skin texture, and effectively enhances absorption of active ingredients


ACE REVITALIZING HYDRATING FLUID, comes with spatula, this is what I call ‘hygiene’

-Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
-Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively smoothes wrinkles
-Natural olive extract is refreshing, moisturizing, and easy to absorb



-Vitamin A renews skin, refines pores, improves skin elasticity
-Elastic elements refine and cover up pores and fine lines, refine skin smoothness.
-Trehalose Tornare® control sebum secretion, moisturize, and keep skin fresh
-Light and fresh Serum texture, keep make up last long

Photo of bare skin! Nothing on it. ONCE AGAIN, I HATE MACRO LENS.

After: (with lotion, fluid and basegel!)


Verdict: Instant results as pores minimize drastically! Omg!
Whitening lotion: Still cannot see the whitening effect yet, but it’s very light and absorb really fast.
Hydrating fluid: Super light, very smooth texture, looked like natural yogurt, absorb really quickly (i dun even need to fan my face)!

The above 2 is very refreshing because this is the first time I used products that need to be refrigerated 😀

Base gel: The best! I SUPER LOVE IT! I’m gonna use it for the rest of my life until they met a competitor. Because the effect is instant, and it really makes my make up last long!!! A light, effective serum that covers pore and control oil!!! <3

Lotion: 3/5 Priced: 120mL/ $26.90
Hydrating: 3.5/5 Priced: 50mL/ $39.90
Base gel: 5/5 Priced: 50mL/ $33.90

Lastly: Eye Serum & Whitening Serum



-2% high concentrate vitamin A increases elasticity and improves firmness around the eye area
-Patent peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively reduce wrinkles
-Eye-area brightening factor Biophytex® lighten dark eye circles.
-Vitamin A+C+E energize the eye-area all around



-Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
-High concentrate vitamin A rejuvenate skin cell, refine pores, and increase skin elasticity
-Vitamin C brighten and firm your skin
-Liposome® coated conduct technology enhances ingredients penetration.

Verdict: For both the eye serum and whitening serum I’m currently using, did not show the before and after photos because usually for eye and whitening I think it actually need some time to see the results, so no rating for now! I will monitor my progress ^^

Whitening Serum priced 30mL/ $67.90
Eye Serum priced 15mL/ $36.90

So now what do you think of Neogence Ace, don’t you want to try it? Especially the basegel!!!

Neogence ACE is running a 10% introductory discount! Receive one piece of ACE RENEWAL & REPAIRING MASK worth $7.60 when you buy any Neogence product from SaSa! *while stocks last. So act now while you can!!

Of course there’s more!!

Remember to mark down your calendar on the 17th and 24th February ( SGSASA) has NEOGENCE ACE MASK giveaway and promotion exclusively for SaSa fans!
So if you haven like their facebook faster like it now!!! <3 Yay to Neogence Ace! 😀

My favourite makeup remover!

Share with you my favourite make up remover! 😀

2011-11-16 16.18.40

Green tea olive oil!

Moisturizes skin, lips and hair.

I super love this as it removes make up instantly, leaving my skin soft and supple.
Green tea smells nice too, my friend even used it to apply on hair before washing off with shampoo! She said it works wonder though I haven try it yet 😛
But I always apply this on my face and mixed with my facial foam before washing off to prevent my face from having the tight and dry feeling.

2011-11-16 16.18.26

Ginvera Bio Pure Olive Oil


• Use as hair oil to prevent graying
• Prevent and treats dry, dull hair and split ends
• Removes make-up, eye shadow and lipstick
• Prevents eye-bags and cracked lips
• Use on abdomen during/after pregnancy to prevent and reduce stretch marks
• Protects and nourishes baby’s skin
• Prevents nappy rash
• Treats coarse and itchy skin
• Relieves itchiness and prevents skin infection caused by insect bites
• Serves as an ideal massage oil

Wow, seems like natural pure oil still serves more benefits and purposes.
I will only use this when the green tea ran out of stock (which usually it does), reason very simple, cos green tea smell nicer! HAHAHA.

I really love ginvera olive oil, because not only it’s cheap, from $3-5, it removes make up instantly and have many benefits!

Don’t mind you can give it a try! 🙂

2011-11-16 16.20.49

BTW, for those who drink Kinohimitsu collagen drink regularly, watsons is selling it for $29.90 only now, i dunno when the promotional period ends, but yah, go grab before it ends!

[To be launch lancome] The best eyecream I’ve ever tried!


owe this post for quite some time :P

What is that that I’m holding? Something that target your wrinkles, EYE BAGS and DARK CIRCLES. Read on to find out more! 😛

Was invited to Lancome product launch media preview at Bistro Soori.

Bistro Soori is at No.2 teck lim rd, they served great food!

The moment I received the email i know i have to go, because one of the thing that I hate about my face is my super ugly eyebags!


I was the only blogger present on that particular day, and the rest are from her world, insing, straits time and etc, basically all the media people.

So what is Lancome coming up with this time round? 😀


It’s a pre launch event for Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift!
we were each given a tub to try on, and there’s even LIVE DEMO going on!


The difference before and after applying the cream really awed us!

As I got my make up on on this day, I tried it on my hand..


can you see a difference over here?? I applied the cream on my left hand, and the lines reduced instantly!

okay, you may think that the pic looked abit blur, nvm, i also tried it on my eyes! which i will show you guys later 🙂


Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift was innovated due to the latest trend in aesthetic enhancements to promote a younger looking eye contour, which is the key area of our face.

Targeting people who have

– Visible frown lines

– Sagging eyebrows

– Slackened upper eyelid

– Wrinkles and Crow’s feet

– Puffiness and Dark circles

Renergie Yeux is able to let you achieve what you want without going for botox, collagen injection, lipo filling, or hyaluronic acid injections and many more which targets your eye area. (at least improved our condition)

What exactly does Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift gives us?

1. A firmer eye contour

2. Lifted eyelids with a skin tightening active extracted from Argan

3. Reduced appearance of Crow’s feet

4. A visibly more luminous eye contour

5. Puffiness reduced from the extracts of caffeine.

6. Diminished dark circles

Sound like a gimmick? There’s results proven by women who used it! 😀


Results shown after 4weeks…

98% of them said their wrinkles appear smoother!
96% skin more luminous!
100% eye contour looks as if it’s ‘lifted’!
100% skin seems firmer!
98% undereye puffiness reduced!
And 94% dark circles less visible!

Did I mention that I alrdy tried it? Yes! now its my eyes that you are going to see!


This is mine and after having a closer look at it, the packaging is so luxurious and refined!

2formulas in one single product! The upper layer is a protective luminous treatment. You can also touch up when you’re out! =D

and now my review!


Observed this! Left eye is so much brighter than the right!
Dark circles also looked lighter, eyelid more lifted and less lines!

Amazing right? No products can get rid of anything to be honest, but this improvement is drastic!

There’s a unique technique you have to follow to maximize the effect! And you only have to apply every morning to clean skin before applying make up!

Step 1:


Always start at the inner corner of your eye and smooth your finger gently over the skin! (see the picture)
1. Under the eye, smooth over any puffiness or dark circles
2. On the upper eyelid, including over the eyebrow
3. From the outer corner of the eye up to the temple to smooth out crow’s feet

Step 2:


After the cream! Apply the protective illuminating treatment with the finger tips over 3specific areas:
The inner corner of the eye
Dark circles and puffiness
Below the eye brows
*Remember to carry out light, circular movements until the texture blends perfectly into the skin. 🙂

Are you excited about this product?

The official launch is in January! BUTTTTT
There’s an exclusive prelaunch in December with a retailer! Be patient and wait for it yea, Nearer to the date I will update about it to you guys! ^^


Retail price $120, 15ml +4g

Estee Lauder *Meet the bloggers* make up workshop

“Wear it Subtle or Make a Statement Color Your Way” workshop held by Estee Lauder on the 20th October (the one I attended) @ VivoCity! And also meet the bloggers session~ ^^

Before going out..


2friends/fans were coming with me but one of them was busy! oh well… next time okay 😉 and the other one that came with me was Caifang!


love her camera! the lighting so good


pics before making up at the workshop

workshop starts at 7pm! got our goodie bag as well! and like the other time, we were supposed to strip off our make up!

look at the pretty eye shadow palettes and lipcolors~


and this wendy keep tou pai us!! and i returned the favour! LOL


aiyo! too far!

Before I go on, remember I blog about the skincare products that was given by Estee Lauder?
if you forgot, click here

I super love the Idealist Even skintone illuminator and the Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion.

It really evens my skintone and I even throw away my BB CREAM!!

hint* get one and try 😛

kk, back to workshop…………………………….


brush and eyeliner for our eyes

and tada, this is our day-look!


and moving on to night look..


kind lady helping me with my eyeshadow ^^



basically for the night look which is also your statement look, you can just apply the darker shades of your Pure Color Five Color Palette onto your eyes.

A really versatile palette that transformed from a day look to a night look, also can be used for eyelining the eyes!

workshop ended and how can i forgot about all the mfp girls right? hehehe


herine, her friend, me, wendy, caifang!


these 2tiny girls!


ohhh blur!!! BUT THE BIG FAMILY! ;D

and us again 😛



thanks estee lauder and all the people! :D

love estee lauder, learned alot from them, and really enjoyed myself on this particular night, especially with the company of so many lovely and sweet girls 🙂


till then~

[ADV] Attend Estee Lauder workshop and meet MFP BLOGGERS!

Last Monday we were invited to Estee Lauder’s sneak preview workshop at their office. It’s a wonderful and informative workshop which I brought back a couple of tips home. 😛

What do you think this preview workshop is about? I’ll keep you in suspense for now, so read on.. 🙂



Catherine, Jessie and Me were the first to reach, so we went up first, and were greeted by the friendly staffs of Estee Lauder! They also prepared refreshments for us, how thoughtful!! 😀
Our goodie bag!

From left to right:

Pure color Five color eyeshadow palette, Pure Color Sensual Rouge Lipcolor, Idealist Even skintone illuminator and Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion.


We were told to remove our makeup and to put on again.

It was my first time meeting Wendy, Huirong and Joyce! Others were Cath, Jessie and Ju Ann! So we were looking at each other with our bare face. Lol.



You might ask, why do we have to remove our make up? Is it to try out their skincare products? To learn make up skills or to try out their new make up products?

*thinking thinking*

BINGO! YOU’RE RIGHT! It’s a new make up introduction by TOM PEDEUX, creative makeup director of Estee Lauder.

Introduce the first….

NEW Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor


Aside from the classic and modern design of this range of lipcolors, it is definitely different from the usual lipstick that you used. So what’s the amazing vibe about it?

Sensous Rouge lipcolor brings a soft and sensual touch to our lips, through the combination of 2 rich formulas. I took a picture of me with it, it looks really sensual and kissable (which I will show later)

This new “core within core” technology delivers two high-performing formulas with one swipe.
1) Shell – Firm, pigment-rich shell provides an easy application to highlight the sensuous curves of the lips
2) Core – Jellified, glossy core boosts shine and moisture for a sensual appeal

Lips will love this succulent, voluptuous lipstick that drenches in shine and moisture for a euphoric sensorial experience.

Sensous Rouge comes in 12 insanely indulgent shades classified under 4types:

Nude to brown
– Nude Affair
– Sensuous Nude

Pink to berry
– Enticing Fuchsia
– Rose Exposed
– Blossom Tease
– Pink Seduction

Coral to Red
– Peach Pleasure
– Curvaceous Coral
– Sublime Nectar

Mauve to plum
– Lavish Quartz
– Orchid Surrender
– Wistful Wisteria

Product will be available at all Estee Lauder counters in Singapore from NOV’2011, but you will be able to get an exclusive preview at the Estee Lauder Tangs Vivo City from 19 October onwards!

Retail Price @ $42.