Black used to be my favourite colour but…

 photo tumblr_o6oicaG6Oi1qceqkco1_500_zpsieyyxznn.jpg

This dress is from Uniqlo. 

Sharing post today and also sharing all of my outfits for the past few.. I don’t know? Just can’t wait for explore series already.. It takes me awhile to post them and I decided to post whatever outfit I want to share in a separate post. But now let’s hear what I have to say first, shall we?

It’s very funny when I hear people say that I’m a very colourful person now. Because I used to hear people asking me why do you always wear black. LOL. My favourite colour was black, always black in the past. I always buy black dresses, black shoes, black bras and everything black.

I don’t think I like black because I really like black. I remember switching to all black when I was told that you will look slimmer if you wear black and dark colours.

Sound familiar?

Don’t wear bright colours, don’t wear striking colours, try to wear black or dark colours, don’t wear stripes, blablablablabla. Just so that I will look slimmer. 

And I just follow accordingly, black and all black, until it became a habit. Then I don’t know when and how I start to love white. And then slowly I start to get obsessed with pastels, neons, then pantones. Everything that is related to colours other than black makes me happy now. I even love planning my outfits with colours. Well I love neutrals too but not everyone can carry off that.

Mmmm I also want to clarify that I don’t really like colourful things. I just get a sense of satisfaction when I managed to match my colourful outfits properly. Well to compare to the all black past me, I do look happy with colours right? lol.

I still wear black nowadays, but I always make sure that I pair it with unique/bright/or cute colours. And of course there’s nothing wrong with loving black. Black gown is beautiful, I would love to wear one too.

 photo DSC04712-2_zpskbjkwkui.jpg

Black with neons. You know this skirt is already 5years old? It’s from Aforarcade blogshop.
My hat and top is from taobao.

 photo DSC04713_zpswieik42r.jpg

edited photo nicer or the original? I only change colours okay, nothing else.

 photo DSC04776_zpsbbtldajf.jpg

White. My favourite colour is always white. I also love white sneakers, just that my feet has too much problems with shoes. Don’t be surprised if you see me with slippers, I am ALWAYS with slippers. My shoes are always in my bag to prepare me for ootd. HAHAHA.

But no lah, these pair I wear for the whole day.
This pink cap I got from Carousell, you can get it from taobao for even cheaper!
My top is from hervelvetdolls and the skirt is from taobao (simon bought for me)
Sneakers is from Superga!

 photo tumblr_o8rl78Euoj1qceqkco1_500 1_zpsc5brr5bf.jpg

My bag is also from taobao. Damn it’s only 8bucks please.

 photo IMG_1589_zpsfbwbpiyf.jpg

Pantones. Such a pity I have to take these in the evening. Can’t really bring out the colours. The colours match so perfectly! 🙁

My top is from carousell – it’s originally from thetinselrack, someone sold to me for only 5bucks. What a steal my god! It’s so pretty!
My pants is from anticlockwise. Best buy ever super comfy butttt abit loose now. They have one in grey I’m so gonna get it.
Then my sandals is from rubi shoes, it’s only 5bucks!

I love taobao man.. their items are so cheap! And the quality is not too bad too. Usually I shop from the ezbuy app because it’s faster and easier, and so far all my clothes are in great condition. I know there are alot of people who have had bad experience with taobao, but I think it’s always good to read the reviews first before buying. 🙂

So I’m finally done with my post today, now you know why I am so colourful now. 😀 But I look kinda good with colours right. :p

By the way I will share whatever I buy and wear in the fashion and accessories category, so if you’re interested just click that. ^^

See you next post!
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[Simonseries] Ramen cravings at Sanpoutei Ramen!

Hi guys,

Its about food again, on this weekend both myself and Claire had to work. I’m off earlier than her so I’ll need to wait for her. I went many places, mostly just window shopping around town. I got hungry, its past lunch time and I haven’t had anything to eat. Knowing she doesn’t have lunch hour (she’s working part-time), I’ll have to wait for her to be off before we can fill our empty stomachs.

This couple of hours is killing me slowly… I went through the net checking out foodie places around Orchard area and looking at those pictures were a torture while waiting for Claire to appear… I decided on going to a rather new ramen place at the basement of Shaw House.

 photo _jpegIMG_0572_zps3e28430d.jpg
Sanpoutei Ramen

I dragged Claire over as soon as she arrives at Orchard MRT, at that point I’m starving and would kill for food. We step into the place and were greeted by all the employees in the place, such is to be expected when you enter any Japanese restaurant. We were seated along a long table which I couldn’t care much about because I only care about whats going into my stomach. We studied the menu for a bit and settle for a Rich Tori X Miso Ramen with extra char siew pork and vegetable (upsize)

 photo _jpegIMG_0560_zps54960912.jpg

BUTARIKI NIIGATA Rice mini Don for her. It turns out that she’s starving as well and that “mini” don can hardly satisfy her, luckily I asked for extra topping on my ramen, because she’s stealing from my bowl.

 photo _jpegIMG_0559_zps287fca3d.jpg

I have to say I always preferred pork bone broth for my ramen, after going to marutama I’m not very keen on chicken broths. I thought I’m screwed when I saw the ‘sold out’ on the pork broth version, I don’t like shoyu ramens so I just settled for the Tori X Miso one. BUT I wasn’t disappointed! The rich taste I always get from pork broths was nicely reproduced with chicken instead. The taste was salty and creamy. The charsiew melts in my mouth like all good charsiew should and the drinks were nothing fantastic. What did you expect? I order hot green tea leh.. LOL. The mee was a burst of flavour with every mouth I take, as for the mini don, I only took one mouth, so I can’t really tell whether it was good or not, so only Claire would know LOL!!

 photo _jpegIMG_0566_zps68d352da.jpg

After the meal we were just goofing around and before long we were tired. So we ended the day just like that and went home to take a break.
 photo _jpegIMG_0569_zps8aae3671.jpg

Ciao people,


Be Strong Be Happy Be Thankful!

Last week was such a emotional week. BUT I’m glad all’s settled.
Communication is very important, just a little bit of miscommunication would turn your life upside down.

Ahma and Simon have been asking me to drop one item off my hectic schedule. It’s either job or school.
BUT I’m stubborn and determined to carry on with these 2, even if it meant having no time for myself, and having to sleep 5hrs a day!

I’m a strong woman, life has never been easy for me so this time round I know I can get through it too! Although I’m super tired now, it’s just a phase that I have to go through, and I just have to keep going until Oct 2015!!

At the end of the day, it’s just a certificate, but when you looked deep into the cert, it actually shows a story. So I want my story to be beautiful!

It’s really tiring when you dont have enough sleep. To the extent that I dont care how I stand in the train, or if there’s vehicles on the road. It’s really bad, gotta get more alert. So it’s just last thursday that I was on the train, and I looked at the moon, I thought I saw it smiling at me. You can say that I’m just too tired that I hallucinate, but I decided to just believe that the Moon is smiling at me, because it makes me happy! I want to believe in things that makes me happy even though it might sound crazy? haha.

Along the way, I looked at how Singapore has changed and, I actually feel proud to be a Singaporean. (like wtf I have never feel this way before!) I want to say I’m fortunate to be born here, even though I complained that sg sucks, but I really appreciate that there’s no natural disaster, and that I don’t need to witness any tragedy here. I might sound like I’m mad but yes, I really feel that I am safe here. And I’m happy. It’s actually easy to feel happy! It’s actually easy to feel positive, it’s all up to myself to feel what I want to feel.

Other than feeling thankful living here, I also want to thank the foreigners for their contribution even though it’s just a job to them. I always feel excited when I see new HDB flats are constructed, it’s truly amazing, the hard work and sweat they put into to complete the project. So must feel thankful!

So anyway I need to stop rambling because I’m going to start revising, and time really flies this year. It’s already March and I look forward to May because that’s when I can have a break!

I need to put more of my face here, so you all won’t forget how I looked like, and also I think I can remove my braces in a month or 2!! And when I’m more free, I will share some of the products I’m using lately! 😀

Happy International Woman’s Day! (belated. lol)

Lancome – NEW Advanced Genifique Youth Activator

Before this, I was telling Xinyi and Yirong that I want to try out SKII because Xinyi has been raving about it, and okay not only Xinyi, almost everyone who has used SKII before is saying how good it is. But what’s holding me back is the price and my age. LOL! Xinyi has been using anti-aging skincare when she was 23 (my age now), but my skin is bad and I dun want to start with a strong product.

And it’s always this period of time that the universe will answer to my call, when my brain start signalling, “I need new skincare products, I need new skincare products… Also I need new BBcream and yet I want to try CC cream,” (this will be on the next post). So the universe answered my call and presented Lancome New Advanced Genifique Youth Activator to me!

From the name itself, you know it is supposed to be Youth Activating. And it’s definitely what I’m looking for because I need it, not too young, I feel old already..
You are supposed to feel the difference in 7days, and yes I did! In less than 7 days!

 photo Picture3_zps17687074.jpg

Inspired by the latest discoveries in gene science, their research labs have revealed more about key skin functions that help to maintain it’s youthfulness. With age, these functions are altered and the recovery ability decreases. Enriched with new active ingredients, Advanced Genifique has been formulated to boost visible signs of youthfulness and to help skin’s recovery during the day and night.

So what’s the difference between the new and the previous Genifique?

• New Formula with additional Ingredient (additional probiotic)
• Repairs and activate 10 signs of youth
• New Enveloping Texture (Wraps your skin like a cocoon, Absorbs really fast, leaves skin soft as silk)
• New Exclusive and Patented self-loading dropper
• Each drop now contains 40% more active ingredient
• Produces 25x more youth proteins as compared to current version

Advanced Genifique was being tested on 34women and these are the results.

Skin looks smoother, more luminous and rejuvenated after 7days.
After 8weeks, 10Key signs of youthful looking skin appear improved.

10key signs – Fine lines, Coarse Wrinkles, Radiance, Clarity, Evenness, Texture, Resiliency, Tonicity, Firmness & Sagginess.

 photo Picture1_zps7d19c2d9.jpg

Aside from the product itself, I SUPER LOVE THE PACKAGING!!!

Elegant and sleek design makes me happy whenever I used it, and the best thing is it’s a self loading dropper!

I just need to twist to load and click to dispense and there I get my daily drops! Each drop delivers almost 40% more active ingredients than before!

No matter what my review is the most important right? 😛

 photo Picture4_zps183d21b4.jpg

A product that is light weight is very important to me, I hate having sticky and heavy stuffs on my face, I get irritated and I will never buy that product again.

Advanced Genifique is light weight and it absorbs really fast, I can apply the following product once I finished applying this.

It’s my 44days on this product (sorry for the late review) and I really love it. Even though the price is more expensive than my usual product but it’s good and I’m gonna get it once this bottle is done! I will definitely blog about my next bottle to prove that I really buy it! haha.

My skin is plumper and much much much more smoother and elastic now! It looks cleaner but I got to admit PMS period still ruin my face. My skin tone are getting more even and clear too with the consistent application of Genifique.

I actually feel the effect on the next day already and got really amazed with this! Just a few more steps I’m with SKII and thank god I found this!

 photo SAM_0973_zps709b510c.jpg

this was the 2nd day of the product application, sorry for the unglam-ness.

This is a must use, a definitely must have!!! and current loved product on my list right now!!! I cannot live without it, sometimes I forgot to bring over my moisturizer and toner to the bf’s place and I’m ok with it, but I will never allow myself to go to his or anyone’s place without this! If I really forget about this, I think I will cab home from his place just to get my bottle.

I’m not sure if you guys know about the complimentary islandwide 7-day trial sampling campaign which is happening in May and June. It’s June now and if you haven’t already, please go try!!! This product is really good!

*review is done based on my skin


Photos should be sweet, crazy & fun, just like memories. I’m postponing my wedding day to our 7th year anniversary. Any feedbacks/comments on this??

Cos I’m worried about the 7years itch but the 7th year is like the best timing already. By then my teeth should be okay and my flat should be ready in a few months’ time…

So anyone wanna share their story or opinions??
 photo 228403_10151600812011998_656691595_n_zps3eef06cd.jpg

 photo 549711_10151549226281998_2016639930_n_zps18e591f6.jpg

Food for thought @ Botanics Gdn.

This month I spend alot!!!
Sourcing venues = spending money! lol. But I finally settled on the location. hoho! Now I’m thinking about the decor! So fun So fun!

Not much lunch pics becos somedays are like more or less the same.

drumstick from chicken soup and 2types of veggies.

cai por egg, meat and chap cai

I really cannot live without veg-gies.

A bla pic of myself! HAHA, messy hair got its own advantages.

Last saturday went to Botanics Gdn again! (OOPS i realized i haven update our wedding spoof photos.) If you follow me on fb you will see la. Otherwise you just have to wait for me to blog about it. HAHA.)

Food for thought @ Botanics Garden is so spacious here.

 photo IMG_20130316_144045_zps713fbd88.jpg

 photo IMG_20130316_145153_zps94949726.jpg



Breakfast for $20! We shared this cos the portion was huge.

and 2 big pancakes WEEE, with gula melaka so special!

hate the gaps, but nvm it will get better. :)


Level 33 @ Marina Bay Financial Centre

Address: 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01 • Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 • Singapore 018981

We dolled up for this day because we were excited for the dinner, i am specifically excited for food.


contact lens featured here: luxury babe lens. will blog about it soon :)




Our outfit of the day.



I dun mind coming here every week if im rich hahaha


Of all the dishes, this is the best. sizzler beef $18


ordered a blond lager and nearly puke my guts out, I will tell the story if I had a chance. Mojito doesnt taste good too LOL $22


Boss recommend this fish and chips, which I love it becos of the potato $14.00


bread is my favourite as always but the sauce (garlic chickpea and truffle oil!!) nearest to me is the best. Bread dips $16.00



Chargrilled beer brined Kurobuta, potato date gratin, celeriac remoulade, plum chutney, apple and wild mushroom jus $39.00

My order for the pork. The Pork is thick, tender and juicy, but the gratin disappoint me.


Hash’s Gnocchi – Slow braised lamb shoulder, potato pasta, pine nuts, cranberry, port jus, crumbled goat cheese and fried sage $28

Just a few of that pasta makes you go, OMG IM SO FULL after our starters. But it’s good to me, cos this is what i like, chewy chewy. hehe.


Kong’s Back and belly – Chargrilled 200 days Stockyard sirloin and slowly braised blackened Wagyu brisket, potato onion hash, blistered tomato and wild mushroom jus $43.50

What can I say, this dish is for guys lol.

We continue drinking (me with grapefruit juice :X) outside, the wind is so strong and the view is gorgeous.

See, a shot of renee drinking. LOL. posing for me..





A group photo is better. lol

I love level33 and I’m gonna bring Mr tey there sometime soon! heheheh 😀

Mylife – A trip to Gardens By The Bay

Finally a break from school and revision, a trip to Marina Bay! Gardens by the Bay! looking at MBS from there, makes me wanna stay there for a night! tsk.

i feel damn weird wearing long skirt to school, god my friend cant even recognise me.

House downstairs. Before putting lower braces, after the lower braces, can have significant jaw change ma?



random shot!


everyday i look at my teeth lol


stupid face.



the walk to the Gardens! the bf brought me chips as i haven take my lunch *^^*


and also my outfitoftheday, i was lazy to dress up but with this skirt, i think it does make things a little easier.



pretty view! this is singapore, can you believe it?



the bridge. many people are taking photos there, i think ive gain weight alrdy! so people pls stop saying im skinny.


many reflections~


simon, dun u ever dare to sell away your fisheye lens




i brave myself up the log!


i was saying the flowers v pretty leh *snap*


‘siao fo’


artificial tree?


scary stuff, look at the body. T.T


hahahha i purposely ask him to sit there



i like this!


me walking around like crazy girl


bye Gardens by the bay! I’m coming back again when i got more time and i haven roam the tadpole playground!

I left the place to attend some stuffs, and i got to say, my dear friend, i didn’t know i set an example for you, thank you for looking up to me, thank you for being my friend, i know in your next life, you will be better than me! =’) love you my dear friend. R.I.P


and then let me end with a photo of the day

Mylife – Watami Jap Restaurant

Backtrack post again to advance birthday celebration with MR SIMON.

im a weightloss blogger that love food! dont hate me!



i took alot of photos over here, all damn bird one


the guy wanted to eat santouka ramen but i dun eat noodles so in the end we decided to eat at WATAMI @ The Central


i press this for a few times, no one came, i actually was abit frustrated.

if im not hungry, nevermind, i can wait, but im hungry like hell! so i just walked in, there were customers inside but where’s the staffs? stand there for awhile and the staffs finally approached us. -.-! i think we are very nice, we are those who don’t complain one.

okay lah, maybe because its lunch time. *console self*


i think this is some sort of lunch menu.

the food looked damn good, EVEN THE SALAD LOOKS GOOD. HOW TO CHOOSE U TELL ME?


a photo of the birthday boy


so we ordered the special for 2, we ordered the $59 one.



specialty pork rice with egg yolk in stone pot.


i think this is (I THINK AH) katsu tamago toji this is damn yummy! i swear!


beef bone broth nabe comes with udon.



we also take polaroid!






we finished everything, and we were so full! wanted to order dessert but cannot digest anymore LOL!

it was a very very happy meal happier than macdonald’s happy meal!

this meal is damn worth it! i will definitely go back again, but i think the staffs should stay at the counter and look out for incoming customers!

after our dinner we went to cine. this day is meant for mr simon.


the guy actually wanted to buy herschel bagpack for me, but i want baggu cos it’s cheaper. so we had a argument at CINE after some misunderstanding. zzz right i know.

we went home afterwards, when we alight at hg, Mr simontey told me he need to go somewhere and ask me to go home first, i said, you go lor, i go other place cos im still frustrated.

IN THE END U KNOW WHAT, HE WENT BACK TO CINELEISURE AND GET THE BAGGU BAGPACK FOR ME. omg i damn touched! and shocked obviously. im really thankful to have met him :’) he always do things to make me happy, and even waiting outside for me when i got events just to give me food and surprise. he even blog for me when i got no time to blog. WHERE TO FIND THIS KIND OF BF?

thank you be, <3

now i just hope that your acid reflux will get better and nothing serious will happen to you. God bless you!

Singing Contest is here in Singapore!

OMG! I’m so excited for this! HAHA.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s hitting Singapore this July!

If you love singing, and love MANDO POP TOO, you’re in luck!

The auditions will be held at Square 2 shopping mall (Novena) on 19 – 20 May 2012. it’s the coming weekend, omg you better prepare now! hehe

VISIT THE LINK TO KNOW MORE –> Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – Call for Auditions

This programme will debut on 8 July 2012 featuring 14 of the selected finalists, one of which will win a 2-year contract with Ocean Butterflies who manages top regional artistes including JJ Lin, A-Do, Li Bing-bing, Kym, Rynn & BY2, etc (

Give it a try you might just become one of the 14! 😉

Auditions can be submitted online NOW via Academy’s website (


*All auditions are open to youths of all nationalities between the ages of 16 and 30*

tell me if you’re going, i might go with you! :X

also, have you read my HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ARTICLE PART 6 on the previous post 😉