Video: Japan, Hakone Tokyo Day 1: Our Airbnb at Miyagino & Dinner at Odawara Fish Market Den!

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I’m sure you guys have already read the posts written by Simon. Today I’m here to share the videos. Might as well break them into individual days so that it’s easier to watch right?

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So here’s the clip for Day 1, we bought limited express tickets to Hakone Yumoto, then went to our Airbnb at Miyagino, and then Odawara to visit the Odawara castle and had dinner at Odawara Fish Market Den! I highly recommend this place for dinner!

During the journey to Hakone, we also laughed alot in the train. Videos allow you to know more about us and how lame we are LOL! So pls watch it! haha.


[S-series] Tokyo-Hakone Travel Journal Part 1: Arrival in Hakone and Odawara Castle 

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Watch the video of our day 1 here:

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[S-series] Tokyo-Hakone Travel Journal Part 3: Exploring Hakone 2/2 – Sightseeing boat, Hakone Shrine, baby wishing tree, (Image-intensive and excess words!) 
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[S-series] Tokyo-Hakone Travel Journal Part 5: Last day in Japan, The Roastery by Nozy Coffee, Yoyogi Park and Blue Bottle Coffee. 


I rarely write about our travels, I usually just take the photos and be done with it. But wifey had been asking me to post more of my photos, because when we go out and take nice photos, its to be shared and enjoyed by whoever who enjoys my work. While its not much, my photography is always a spontaneous overwhelming urge to steal the moment. Its often unplanned and therefore, a hit or miss job. More so with the latter. That’s why on a trip like this, I usually take about 2-300 photos per day, on average. But the ones that passed my QC number at around 10%.



Anyways to cut the story short, we went on this trip on a whim and rushed through the planning. The kit I brought with me was poorly planned as well.

  • Sony a7II
  • Zeiss Batis 25mm f2
  • Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.8
  • Voigtlander Super-wide Heliar 15mm f4.5 III
  • Velbon travel tripod (flimsy old unknown model)

The heaviest lens and also the most under used one is the Batis 85… Throughout the trip, its only there in my backpack to weigh me down.. Voigtlander is a specialty lens so its understood that it will see little usage. So I’m only left with my Batis 25 to cover most of my shots, and I can’t count the number of times I wish I’ve had my Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5 with me.



Gora Station of the Hakone Tozan Railway. This is the terminal stop where we will be taking the Tozan Cablecar up to Sounzan Station tomorrow. Well that’s for the next post.



What a peaceful place, our bnb was at Miyagino Town. On the map it looks really close, but I neglected the terrain, the short cut from Gora to Miyagino involves multiple narrow flights of stairs that nearly sent me to my Maker, as I carry both our luggage and negotiated those endless, crumbling stone steps… This tranquil river is the exact opposite of my mental state.


And finally some rest in our traditional Japanese home styled bnb. Tatami floors are awesome, they gave us that peaceful zen feeling unlike those cold hard tiled flooring in our HDBs. I just lay down on the tatami and stayed there for like 30mins while Claire dolled herself up.



We next spent an hour on a local bus all the way to Odawara, on which we dozed off and missed our stop. Ended up walking an extra 5mins to Odawara Castle. By then every’s closed, so no visiting the castle and no shopping for medieval Japanese souvenirs…


Escape the castle.


And stumbled into a forest of hydrangea.




And after a little while, the sun begins to set. Guess we should move on to dinner.


Odawara Fish Market Den (小田原 魚河岸 でん)


And here’s our dinner place, after walking for half an hour. Claire found this place online and as the temperature turned Southwards, we welcomed the large bowls of piping hot miso soup with lots of scrap fish meats inside. 100 yen each if you bought it with a rice bowl. I’ll let Claire tell you about how awesome this place is. Stay tune. 

Odawara was a small town that we didn’t have much time to explore properly. I believe they have much more to offer, but our highlight for this trip is exploring the Hakone area. That will come in my next post. For the night, we ransacked the snacks section at the 7-11 in our bnb area and went to sleep early.

Signing out for now.


Melbourne 7D6N (Spring): Day 1 Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, Skybus Express and Myki Card! 

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Watch our travel video here!

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Melbourne 7D6N: The Airbnb we stayed- Light & Airey Collingwood loft apt

6 months probation means I cant go anywhere far during this period. I shouldnt complain actually.. should take this time to rest, relax, and clear all my travel related posts. (Update: i can start taking leave after september already hehe)

The more time I think I have, the lesser time I catered for myself to rest. Why am I so weird.. maybe its like how they say, I am too used to having too much on my plate and when I have the time to rest, I get into a panic attack. LOL.

So here we are, officially starting on my Melbourne posts! Oh god I love travelling so much! 😀

Landed into Melbourne Tullamarine Airport after our 6hours plus flight with scoot.

We walked out and saw this ePassport self service machine and wonder if we should queue for it too. It is our first time there and we really don’t know what to do. Lol.
 photo 1_zpsmnsosotp.jpg

So tourists being tourists, we followed the other people since we got ample time to spare.

Thank god we queued here because its like a fast lane for us. Once we insert our passport into the machine.. which is abit like singapore airport.. we will get a ticket to let us pass through another exit.

 photo 2_zpsm3fvqacc.jpg

We continued walking without our jacket because it is not that cold YET inside the airport.

 photo 3_zpsgu75a6di.jpg

Welcome to Melbourne!

Anything else after that is self explanatory and since I am not allowed to snap any photos inside.. im gonna skip this part. :p

I was so excited because it was my first time to Aussie. You are the happiest if there’s no expectations!

It was spring in November and we were super cold. The wind is the killer I tell you. We were already shivering the moment we stepped out of the airport.

Our first stop is of course our airbnb, and to get there we have to get to the city first.

To get to the city, we had to take skybus. The counter is just outside the airport, and we bought the tickets (AUD56 for 2pax) and wait for our bus. It is pretty fast, if Im not wrong theres one every 10 minutes.

 photo 4_zpsveqltg8f.jpg

It was a 30-45 mins journey to southern cross station.
 photo 5_zpsmbnca3tt.jpg

Theres wifi in the bus too. Very important business.

 photo 6_zpsgtupuvbj.jpg

 photo 7_zpssszaybca.jpg

A cafe at the station! Didnt order any drinks here because we have like a week to try really good coffee from elsewhere!

 photo 8_zpsbyh8g66o.jpg

Then we need to get a card for public transportation. Please keep all these cards for future use. A pity this cannot be used for other Places, only Melbourne.

 photo 9_zpsblm1vgze.jpg

Hi this is my Myki card!

 photo 10_zpszezlxkor.jpg

We were very hungry and so we went to find a place for breakfast/lunch.

 photo 11_zpsi8fixdc6.jpg

Pie Face no. Hungry jack’s maybe.

 photo 12_zpsjgs86oxk.jpg

Building opposite us.

 photo 13_zpsmqnjhxom.jpg

Hungry jacks is like burger king right?

 photo 14_zpstj7wudug.jpg

 photo 15_zpsb5ysxzke.jpg

I was just happily looking outside because it is so not asian looking lol!!

 photo 16_zps5a3kdvtu.jpg

Wifi in hungry jacks too!

 photo 17_zpsf4zns2or.jpg

Our meal!

 photo 18_zps6dtn7raa.jpg

fries are so crispy and thick in aussie!

 photo 19_zps42jpqeqh.jpg

the burger tastes very good too! Not sure if I’m bias cos everything overseas are just better. ^^v

 photo 20_zps6caxa2jw.jpg

Just sitting here and eating my burger I already know I will love this place. Doing this post makes me miss Melbourne but I miss Japan even more. 😀 Can’t wait to go back this year end again! I just realized that March is the only month that I haven’t traveled this year 😮 no wonder I feel so tired and I feel like I don’t have enough time to catch up on blogging.

I am so sorry that I haven’t update as regularly as before.

Now I got the next 3-4months to rest, I just wanna covered 8 more places first then will rest more so I can save more to go further 😀 I am very sad that I missed the chance to go Korea in September but it’s okay, my luck is good. More opps will come. hahaha. I have already psychoed Simon to go with me next year. He say OKAY!! YAY! FYI he don’t really like korea.

Anyway alot of people have been asking if my trips are all sponsored. They are not okay. LOL and I am proud to use my own money.

This is just the start of the many posts to come and I shall stop here and continue in the next post. I haven’t edit my videos for Perth and Japan too. oh well. SOON!! 😀

Till the next, 
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Bali D3P2: Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Tegenungan waterfall if you want to do cliff jumping!

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And here we are at Tegallalang to see the amazing rice terrace!
 photo 46_zpsnjlgdakg.jpgThere were small shops there selling paintings and also fabrics.

 photo 47_zpsksumdrcm.jpg

so nice right?

 photo 48_zpshjfrfdsa.jpg

Tourists everywhere.

 photo 50_zpsdyvssoum.jpg

Amazing. wanted to go down but we didn’t because it was too crowded. I think you have to pay $1 SGD/pax if you want to go down, something like a tour.

 photo 51_zpsopmneaxt.jpg

everyone is standing there taking pictures.

 photo 52_zpsbuaubsae.jpg

trying hard to take a good shot and find out that candid is still the best.

 photo 53_zpsf0p4j8i6.jpg

July 2016 me.

After this we went to Tegenungan Village to see the waterfall!

 photo 56_zpshmyub1al.jpg

shops along the road.

 photo 57_zps7opcmcga.jpg

 photo 58_zpsageljt38.jpg

entrance fee is $1Sgd/pax.

 photo 59_zpszgpnt2d6.jpg

you can buy hats here too. Bali is freaking hot.

 photo 60_zpspqztng3j.jpg

 photo 61_zpsqemcze19.jpg

The waterfall from far..

 photo 62_zpsnfxkkirt.jpg

Took about 8-10mins walk/climb to reach the waterfall.

 photo 63_zpswqxxuc0l.jpg

 photo 67_zpstf37pwje.jpg

 photo 68_zpssmdwxdhz.jpg

Reaching soon!

 photo 69_zpsdwpqe5gv.jpg

 photo 70_zpsoblsueua.jpg

and here we are! Not safe for jumping that day by the way.

And if it’s safe we wouldn’t do that too. lol!

 photo 73_zpsoikwpqhr.jpg

 photo 74_zpsmqrdjgtm.jpg

Kids are inside this corner showering.

 photo 75_zps4q9a9t1p.jpg

nothing much to explore and we went back to our Villa before we head out to do some shopping. AND GUESS WHAT!?

We walked all the way to Beach Walk Shopping Center at Kuta Beach and during the routine security check, Simon got nervous and while leaving, he pry his toe nail from the nail bed when he missed a step on the stairs! WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? So much blood and we had to look for a clinic there. We couldn’t find one and he had to self treat himself by getting bandage and betadine.

We went to Changi General Hospital A&E when we reached Singapore the next night and we had to wait for 4 hours. -_- Lucky the nail already grow back now.

People please be careful when you travel. LOL! Shall continue my day 4 – last day in the next post! =D

Till the next,
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Bali D3P1: Bali Zoo feeding elephants *scary* and Mount Batur & Batur Lake!

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Maybe one day I will rest for a year just to catch up on all these travel posts. :p But that’s impossible hahaha! Simon complained that he got so many photos to edit and I just kept adding new trips. hehehe.

So welcome to our July 2016 Bali 4D3N trip Day 3! We went to the zoo for a short while to feed elephants. Just to gain experience you know. Then check out volcano mountain, Mount Batur – to recce the area first before we do the actual trekking next time (probably). Next we went to Tegallalang to see the amazing rice fields and finally Tegenungan waterfall WHERE it’s the perfect place to do a CLIFF JUMP! I didn’t because I was scared. Obviously. 

So this post I will cover Bali Zoo and the amazing Mount Batur and Lake Batur!

Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu Banjar Seseh Sukawati Batuan Sukawati Gianyar Bali, Singapadu, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

 photo 1_zpscoziaamt.jpg

 photo 2_zpsecl71bgy.jpg

walking in~

 photo 3_zpsyxpzgf6x.jpg

 photo 4_zpsbshhsvyj.jpg

Us with parrots.

 photo 5_zpsuuffs8wm.jpg

 photo 6_zpsfluxkdiv.jpg

and followed by feeding elephants! 

I was so so so so so so scared. I remembered riding an elephant when I was younger. Back then the elephant pooped so I didn’t have a really nice experience but feeding elephants is a completely different story.

Achmed asked if we want to try feeding the elephants and I thought we should try something different. Visiting Bali itself is already different from our usual travel destinations so I don’t see why we shouldn’t try something new. 😛

 photo 7_zpsfaounpwf.jpg

We pay 60,000 Baht (~$6) for the basket of fruits. Didn’t pay entrance fees because Achmed’s friend worked there last time. :p

The entrance fee for Zoo is quite expensive! It’s about $32~ man.
Check out the price here:

 photo 8_zpsbfq0airp.jpg


Not very excited honestly because elephants are HUGE.

As usual I asked Simon to feed the elephants first because I am really scared. hahaha. The elephant trunk itself can already lift me up okay, I’m not kidding.

 photo 9_zps6b28rm2j.jpg

Look at Simon’s face HAHAHA.

It’s my turn and…

 photo 10_zpsum3rx9sx.jpg

Moist moist one the nostrils LOL!

Along the way the elephants became a little aggressive, I suspect it’s because we feed too slow. lol!

 photo 12_zpsagjon9et.jpg

Too scared already I decided to walk away.

 photo 13_zpso8obv8zs.jpg

There are still fruits though so Simon bring me back to them again.

 photo 14_zpsj3ynvo21.jpg

Then I don’t really remember what happened here but I think the elephant snatched the whole basket!?

 photo 15_zpsjfd4fmff.jpg

and the story continues…

 photo 16_zpsr300x6th.jpg

 photo 17_zps4gnb2sb9.jpg

 photo 18_zpsicb32wip.jpg

Then suddenly simon sayang the elephant? LOL!

 photo 19_zpsfa8ur7gn.jpg

The elephant is fierce! I find them very sad because these guys riding on them usually hold a hammer or some tool to hit them if they turned aggressive. :/ (If I never see wrongly)

 photo 20_zpsofwour3v.jpg

Then Achmed asked us to take a photo with the elephant. :O

 photo 21_zpsib59iy0a.jpg

Super weird pose because the elephant can’t keep still.

 photo 22_zpspntrpiev.jpg

Damn scary.

 photo 23_zpsvsns96u7.jpg

Look at my sian face.

 photo 25_zps2ifihu7i.jpg

Both of us run away quickly. There was this instance where the elephant trunk actually wrapped around Achmed! We were so shocked!! Luckily the elephant let go of him man.

I think I’m not cut out for this. It’s something fun but no next time LOL!

After Zoo, it’s time for lunch and to check out Mount Batur and Batur Lake!

 photo 26_zpsi1rdmfdb.jpg

I kinda wish I was there to hike. But I’m only there to look at it.

 photo 27_zps4spbsft0.jpg

 photo 28_zpsbzyevxpg.jpg

 photo 29_zpshdkhevms.jpg

I think it will be awesome to stand over there instead of here.

 photo 30_zpskyirstqo.jpg

Another get fat day again. Instead of hiking, we stopped at Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant for buffet lunch! The food is alright. Not so fantastic but it’s only $11 or $12 per person so I’m not complaining!

Jl. Raya Penelokan | Grand Puncak Sari 2, Kintamani 80652, Indonesia

 photo 31_zpscktejk9a.jpg

 photo 32_zps5znpqlui.jpg

 photo 33_zpsj4ah9fce.jpg

The spread.

 photo 34_zpsvcbqbcok.jpg


 photo 35.5_zps6defye4q.jpg

Achmed managed to get us a table with wonderful view!

 photo 35_zpsyw31nfhs.jpg

 photo 36_zpszi6tjmsu.jpg

 photo 37_zps29uboilf.jpg

 photo 38_zpsxxiwt0ta.jpg

Right outside the restaurant is a lookout area where we can stand there and take photos of the volcano mountain.

 photo 41_zpst71k2olf.jpg

 photo 44_zps5szd8gto.jpg

Us and the volcano mountain!

 photo 45.5_zpsaepkfl81.jpg


 photo 45_zpsg8cfw343.jpg

two of us again. 😀

Didn’t stay here for very long because we don’t have much time left, and next we head to rice paddy field at Ubud! Will continue this in another post. 😀

Till the next,
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Bali D2P2: Blue point beach, Single Fin Cafe Bar and Uluwatu Temple!

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David was right when he told me that I will love this place. 😀  photo 37_zpsaompbvbg.jpg

We had our lunch at Single Fin where we had good food with an amazing view. This place also overlooks one of best Bali’s surf spots, the Blue Point Beach! (Suluban Beach)

Pantai Suluban, Jl. Labuan Sait, Uluwatu, Kuta Selatan, Pecatu, Kuta Sel., Bali, Indonesia

 photo 38_zps1ywnqll1.jpg

We stayed here for a full 2 hours. The weather was good, the view was really amazing and I just felt really relaxed and calm sitting there.

 photo 41_zpsksdbe7ja.jpg

I ordered a salad for lunch because I can’t help but to feel guilty for having that heavy meal the previous day and Simon as usual ordered burger and fries. This guy always order burger and fries!

Here’s also the menu for your reference. I think the pricing is pretty acceptable.

 photo 43_zpsra724z98.jpg

 photo 44_zpsk9n2njpy.jpg

 photo 45_zpsfua6dclu.jpg

I ordered coconut but it is not that sweet.

 photo 46_zpsi5xkorns.jpg

Here’s my pesto chicken salad.

 photo 47_zpsostfy3xj.jpg

His chicken burger and wedges!

 photo 48_zps1p2jf14w.jpg

Our view…

 photo 49_zpsg6lsym3r.jpg

David met up with us afterwards and helped us to take a shot outside Single Fin before bringing us to Uluwatu Temple. They have such a cute background for couple shot!

And here we are at the next location, Uluwatu Temple. This is one of the must visit because not every temple is perched on top of a steep cliff. Another must visit is Tanah Lot and I will share soon too.

Whatever you’re wearing should at least cover your knee. But they will provide sarungs and sashes at the entrance too. I was wearing a maxi dress but David gave me the sarung anyway. The sarungs and sashes are free, and you just need to pay the entrance fees.

 photo 50_zpsuzl0yat9.jpg

walking along the pathway and taking shots here and there. We were early and couldn’t wait for the sunset. I heard the sunset view is amazing.

 photo 51_zps9dwyxopz.jpg

 photo 52_zpsk0ct2m50.jpg

 photo 53_zpshjzdu3zl.jpg

 photo 54_zpsmgdtjwiq.jpg

Love this shot but look at his eyes!!

 photo 55_zpsnckfncrw.jpg

Awkward face because we are not used to others taking photos of us HAHA.

 photo 56_zpszzmeicmf.jpg

 photo 57_zpszezejpmf.jpg

We didn’t go in by the way, honestly I don’t remember why too but we just walked around the temple.

 photo 58_zps321zgikv.jpg

Looking down can be quite scary.

 photo 63_zpsht8o3pno.jpg

Uluwatu Temple opens daily from 8am to 8pm and the entrance is $3 per person. Another highlight of this place is the Kecak dance that starts everyday at 6pm. We didn’t wait for that but maybe next time. I heard it is very loud and full of Bali history so if you’re interested in history and culture do wait for the dance when you go next time!

It’s $10 per pax to watch the Kecek dance and if it rains, they will perform indoor but of course it won’t be as nice as the outdoor performance. So if it rains, don’t buy the tickets for the show.

and also quote from Achmed:

we have the best stage to watch dancing in Bali…. open view stage with sunset and temple view. 


So if you want to watch the Kecek dance, the total fee for per pax would be $13.

 photo 64_zpsrg3m4cto.jpg

It was very crowded that day and I couldn’t get a good shot of the temple. Simon probably has the picture but I don’t dare to ask him for it. hahhaa because he has like thousands of photos to edit now. 😡

 photo 65_zpss8sac5ma.jpg

And here’s a guide for you!

  1. Pay entrance ticket
  2. To be dressed neatly and properly
  3. I don’t understand point 3 
  4. Women who are having period can only go to the steps of the temple
  5. Keep the environment clean.

Left the place and went for souvenirs and grocery shopping at Discovery Shopping mall. Right infront of the mall there is a beautiful beach too. Seriously Bali LOL.

 photo 66_zpsw9lkhnhq.jpg

Beaches everywhere. 😀

 photo 67_zpsk2tjzmxy.jpg

 photo 68_zpsii6gq4lx.jpg

David drove us back to our villa and we went swimming. Not exactly swimming because the pool is not big enough.

 photo 69_zpsmzr8mzfc.jpg

 photo 70_zpsbkqz0geq.jpg

 photo 71_zpsjreqisgn.jpg

And here I am ending our day 2! Day 3 I will touch on Bali Zoo, Mount Batur and more!

Till the next time people! 😀
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Travel with Kipling DARCEY, a premium, light weight and functional luggage!

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This is my first time using a carry on wheeled suit case and I must say I’m hooked to it! It makes my travel experience so much better and also lessen the weight on my shoulders.

What makes the luggage even better is that it is light weight and super functional. There are also multiple compartments for me to keep my essentials, like my portable charger and moisturizer!

I have a few instances where I have to search high and low for my essentials because I’ve packed them deep into my backpack and I always ended up taking all my things out at the airport just to find that item. Now with proper compartments, it really makes my life easier! 😀

I always carry a backpack if I’m going on a short trip, but even though it uses both my shoulders to share the weight, the bag is still heavy and if I were to bring along my laptop, which I have been doing so for the past few trips, my shoulder will ache real bad and Simon will suffer because I will be in a nasty mood for that few hours before we checked into the hotel.

This time round at Bali, I didn’t. With the wheels I just need to maneuver it around and make sure that the luggage is close to me. 😀 I’m very happy because I feel so light and carefree!

 photo IMG_5822_zpsiksq4xzk.jpg
Before I continue, let me share with you the Specifications and Features of the bag first!


  • Size: 35 W x 55 D x 20.5 H cm Small
  • Weight: 2.3000 kg

 photo _DSF0917_zpsagqcoltw.jpg


  • Volume: 30 Litre
  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Adjustable packing straps to avoid creasing
  • Front zipped pocket
  • Four flexible spinning wheels
  • Fully lined interior
  • Soft structure exterior
  • Monkey Name: LEANDRO! (LOL)

 photo _DSF0925_zpsl9io3bmf.jpg

Fully lined interior with adjustable packing straps. This is also where I keep my laptop.

 photo _DSF0926_zpswmw1uxrw.jpg

 photo _DSF0928_zpsaeku0wsy.jpg

The 2 front zipped pockets allow me to place all my essentials there and I don’t need to worry about wasting time and messing up my bag anymore. :p

 photo _DSF0922_zpscyw2qmqp.jpg

My favourite signature monkey key chain! Leandro!

 photo _DSF0913_zpsp1fpfc03.jpg

 photo _DSF0914_zpssqhcjc42.jpg

Super adore the exterior too, excellent quality but very soft to the touch. The handle can be hidden as shown in the photo above as well.

Really wanna thank Kipling for sending this over to me. 😀 will be bringing it to Taiwan in Feb on top of my usual luggage! 😀 Will plan more holidays too! haha.

Go check out Kipling facebook page: and website:

Till the next time people! 😀
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[Travel] Melbourne trip 7D6N summary + outfits

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Hey people we are back! It was a super tiring trip (again!) but we totally enjoyed ourselves! I actually missed chinese food because we had cafe food almost everyday. Eggs, toast, coffee, cakes and this repeats. I think I probably gain a few pounds but it’s okay cos I enjoyed myself so much! :D:D

I was abit stressed up during the trip because I had to come up with an idea for work but other than that everything is well and fun!

Today I’m going to share what I wear for this trip and also all the places (pics not included!) we’ve been to! Detailed post will be coming up after Bali and that will probably take awhile so be patient yeah!

Finally Australia is checked! I love Australia! I want to come back to Melbourne again! Actually I don’t like to visit the same place more than once or twice. For me I like to spend money on places that I’ve never been to instead of the same city. But Melbourne? Yes I will definitely go back again. But not so soon because I will want to visit Perth and Sydney first. =D

We took Scoot to Melbourne and my overall fare was about $1100 for two. Added insurance and checked in luggage for both of us. I almost upgrade to ScootBiz because it was a 7hrs and 40minutes flight but Simon nearly killed me for that. =P

Our Airbnb was about $640 for 6 nights and we spend about $1100 (food and expenses) for 7 days.

Alright let’s start with the blog now.

 photo 1_zpsnpjadsle.jpg

No make up with my open shoulder green knit top at Changi Airport.

Day 1: Took Skybus to Southern Cross station and had lunch at Hungry Jacks. Their Hungry Jacks is like our burger king!

 photo 2_zpsxv20c7hy.jpg

We took tram to our airbnb next, which is at Collingwood. (will do full review on that!)

 photo 3_zpswvlbnsyg.jpg

Tram got stopped and delayed because of the demo going on outside.

 photo 4_zpsm1t1u85y.jpg

arrived at our Airbnb and changed to a new outfit.

 photo 4.5_zps6yn38ues.jpg

Colorful off shoulder knit that I got from Ezbuy and my suede skirt from Carousell. Also with my new Gola sneakers I bought just one day before my trip because I think I can’t survive with Superga. This pair costs me $130 bucks but I’m very happy with it.

 photo 5_zpsb0lbpthy.jpg

Couple shots around the neighbourhood just outside Pavlov’s Duck at Smith Street.

 photo 6_zpstjpmeqle.jpg

We were freezing but still need a selfie. Sweet right this shot LOL!

Dinner was at The Higher Ground Cafe (little bourke street) where we had atas Duck Confit, side dish and Coffee.

2nd Day: Hiking day. 

Breakfast at Breakfast Thieves (Gore Street) before going to the National Rhododendron gardens.

 photo 6.5_zps4krnxl0s.jpg


Had Pie in the Sky for lunch (apparently #1 in Victoria), ordered takeaway and ate it at the Gardens.

Explore National Rhododendron Gardens (so many pretty flowers!) and HUGE TREES!

 photo 8_zpsfayqj8au.jpg

couple shot again. ^^

 photo 9_zpsxh7nf5t6.jpg

Big yellow tree!

 photo 10_zpsy7fz7sum.jpg

Us admiring the super tall trees. Honestly I have a thing for tall trees, I don’t know why myself either but I find them very pretty. I don’t know if I blog about it before but one of the places on my to go list is the Sequotia National Park at California. The trees there are HUMONGOUS! Go google it.

 photo 11_zpslhopqkgf.jpg

The tiny me with the BIGBIG TREES!!

Simon told me there was this super huge tree where I can stand inside the trunk, YES but we didn’t have enough time to head over there. 🙁 So end up we took a bus and head to Kalorama lookout instead. 🙁

 photo 7_zpsurnpgquk.jpg

Didn’t have much time anymore so we are here waiting for the bus to go back to the station where we will head back to the city 😀

And here’s my tiring face with my ootd. Can’t show you the details of my dress cos I was freezing but it’s a dress from Warehouse.

 photo 12_zpslbjlxvt8.jpg

For dinner we had Mappen Ramen (bourke street), (rhymes like melbourne?) and it was full of MSG. lol!

Day 3: 1 Day Grampians National Park tour with KKDAY. 🙂 Will write a full review on it too.

 photo 13_zpsugxcdlql.jpg

 photo 14_zpsljt7kbpe.jpg

Standing at the Grand Canyon. I think I might have developed a interest for climbing rocks now. :O

Top H&M, neckerchief H&M, Denim shorts Cotton On, Stockings Topshop.

 photo 15_zpsehmklhlz.jpg

Outfit definitely not appropriate hahaha.

 photo 16_zps1hy7ot9l.jpg

Melbourne sky is so blue!!

 photo 17_zpsyfzdk7hd.jpg

Us looking at the silverband falls. 😀

Dinner was Mcdonalds and lunch was provided.

Day 4: Exploring the city, EUREKA SKYDECK and shopping!

 photo 18_zpsjxplqyv5.jpg

Using Maybelline Colorsensational Velvet Matte on the lips. 🙂

 photo 19_zpsaj4kovlg.jpg

Breakfast was at Hammer and Tongs (Brunswick street).

 photo 20_zpsuhl5usxn.jpg

then went to St Patrick Cathedral Melbourne. So magnificent!! Also visited St Paul’s.

 photo 21_zpsgdtyhgyf.jpg

Took some photos there too. And this is one of it.

 photo 22_zpsvhodaq09.jpg

Top from theclosetlover. 😉

Lunch was at Industry Beans (Rose Street) and Simon bought his aeropress there too.

Dinner was at Nandos because we were too tired to walk. We went to Eureka Skydeck 88 after dinner and it was so scary. We paid extra to go into the glass cube (the edge) and this cube extends from the tower’s 88th floor!!! The whole cube is glass made so the experience was quite scary! Will talk more about it in future posts!

Day 5: City, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, State Library of Victoria, Hosier lane! 

 photo 23_zpsvkku1far.jpg

First time sitting and playing around a tree. LOL

 photo 24_zpsrtnj0kyv.jpg

State library of Victoria is so beautiful! Went to Mr Tulk’s cafe too.

 photo 25_zpswutq0jjq.jpg

 photo 26_zpsy9fj223n.jpg

Vivienne bow tie top from Pomelo. 🙂

Then to Hosier Lane to check out all the graffiti! It’s a must visit!

 photo 27_zps3xavgrbz.jpg

 photo 28_zpsmmzm6t88.jpg

I’m just quoting but yea, ‘fuck trump’ is on the wall.

Dinner was at Emporium, Spud Bar. Amazing potato dishes! Before we head back we also bought sushi from Sushi Hub.

Day 6: St Kilda, Queen Victoria market and Night noodle market! 

First thing in the morning got coffee from the cafe right beside our Airbnb. It’s called the Knife Shop Cafe.

 photo 29_zpsdin3vuhk.jpg

Me with coffee! 😀

 photo 30_zpsbeifvku4.jpg

Took a bus to St Kilda to visit St Kilda Pier! We spotted penguins hiding behind the rocks! I also wanted to visit Luna Park but it was closed!! =( Only open from friday to sundays!

 photo 31_zpskprvwnvy.jpg

Pink biker jacket from Ezbuy and my dress from (I forgot where).

 photo 32_zps6xtv05lo.jpg


Had lunch at Little blue restaurant. 🙂

Went to Queen Victoria Market next and had mussels from The Mussel Pot, fish and chips from the market food court and coffee from Market Lane Coffee! Wanted to go Old Melbourne Goal but we were too late. :/

 photo 33_zpsbmebjkfh.jpg

All the beautiful architectures there. 😀

And Last stop for the day? Night Noodle Market at Birrarung Marr!! Didn’t plan for this at all, all thanks to my love Eunice for telling me. hehehe <3

 photo 34_zpslf24iu9w.jpg

Had beer, peking duck on fries from Bao Stop and thai cracking pork salad from Shallot Thai! The food were so good we nearly died! Will post the pics soon!

 photo 35_zpsycawyn1u.jpg

and of course it’s more pics of me again! =D couldn’t miss the golden hour!

 photo 36_zps18kxovcs.jpg

 photo 37_zpsfu0ddcaq.jpg

Day 7: Had breakfast at The Knife Shop cafe and rush to the airport to catch our plane. LOL. Really fun trip! I miss Melbourne already!!

Oh by the way I actually spend money on the plane for the first time in my life. 20 bucks for instant food and coconut water. Guess we were too hungry. lol!

Till the next people! 😀 Counting down 2 weeks to Bali!
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Kam Wah



my friend asked, why ur food so long


i wait very long for my charsiew to come!

hahhaha egg sandwich, i want to laugh again, bf tot french toast is egg sandwich as stated in the menu, he also paiseh to say french toast to the lady as she might not unds! so no french toast for us -.-


fishy fishy!


smell damn nice!


free internet! i was checking fb & email! HAHA


i forgot we took this before food or after nvm la ok hahha!

then, SHOPPING TIME! @ SHAM SUI PO! 深水埔 sorry ah the ‘pu’ i cant find the word.


all the wholesales!


DISNEYLAND AH! i edit the pictures to a slide show so it’s easier for you all to see, see, i so nice, CAN U SEE THE SLIDESHOW? IF NOT PLS TELL ME. also put your cursor over the pics to see the captions 😀 sorry ah load abit slow 🙁

VERY ANGRY BECAUSE MY SLIDESHOW KEEP SCREW up! i swear i will never do slide show again!

these are the pictures..




below is the pics for small world


we went back to autopia, this time round i drive! HAHAHA.





did a survey which i thought was a waste of time, okay la at least she’s friendly..

next, we went to TST, Tsim Sha Tsui, 尖沙咀!Avenue of Stars!


we got free coke, damn funny, i was saying come hongkong, buy 1 mineral water, get one coke HAHAHA!

Yes, dinner at Tsui Wah 翠華 again.. the crispy noodles f**king nice! the bf’s 牛腩面 also v nice!!


loots for the 2nd day!

day 3 next!

ps: pictures worth enlarging 😀