New shops and shopping experience at Wisma Atria! Check them out!

Had a very exciting Saturday the previous previous weekend! Mitsueki and I went to Wisma Atria for the first ever WAmazing race and we went home with $200 wisma vouchers because we won 3rd place for the race!

It was such a fun event, running around Wisma like crazy girls, and exploring different and new shops in the mall!

 photo IMG_4263_zpsrv5kzb0n.jpg

We have 5 checkpoints and have to finish the tasks given in the shortest time possible! My favourite one was at the 4th stage where we have to finish the drinks and sandwich before hopping to the last stop! I think I like this stop the most because it is food and drinks related. =D

 photo IMG_4123_zpszlpdolmc.jpg

By the way I really like the coffee from Joe & The Juice. It’s rich and fragrant. I shall bring Simon there one day.

 photo IMG_4258_zpsvnfxxiad.jpg

Me and my smoothie in the morning. ^^

 photo IMG_4124_zpsbahtbkoo.jpg

The 5 different stops that we need to go:

#1 Mido Optics #01-34/35/36
#2 Qoosh Nail Spa #03-03/04
#3 Fitflop #01-31/32
#4 Joe & the Juice #B1-56 to 59
#5 #01-18A
After we are done with the tasks, we need to gather at the Concierge which is at level 1 again!

Both of us are damn blur by the way! We went to the 2nd level to look for Mido Optics when it is located at level 1! Imagine how much time we have wasted? lol!

 photo IMG_4259_zpszuoiodqf.jpg

Over here at this stop we need to find 2 frames, take a picture and also a video because it is our first stop.

 photo IMG_4255_zps8d6s6kqq.jpg

Us with our cute shades!

Next we ran to Qoosh Nail Spa on the 3rd level! We have to help each other stick on nail extensions and paint them with colours. lol!

 photo IMG_4257_zpsokjr49ev.jpg

Both of us were trembling while trying to perfect the nails LOL.

 photo IMG_4264_zpsly7tmifk.jpg

 photo IMG_4268_zpsj0css0oc.jpg

blue and red we choose!

The 3rd stop is at FitFlop which is at Level 1! We had to find the sandals they want us to, wear them and take a picture. I know I know don’t remind me of my socks!

 photo IMG_4266_zpsxue2pst7.jpg

4th Stop is at Joe and the Juice where we have to finish a sandwich, a smoothie and a drink (I still don’t know what drink is that) before we can run to the last stop which is at Xpressflower!

 photo IMG_4265_zpskfv1zuzf.jpg

The last stop which is also the one that took us the longest! We have to rearrange the flowers and package them into a nice bouquet again. Not only that, we have to make sure our flowers look like the one she show us.

 photo IMG_4261_zpsrlpp7tjr.jpg

Stress man. LOL. We eventually did it but As you can see we are already sweating!

 photo IMG_4267_zpsmo3n0uoe.jpg

But it wasn’t for nothing LOL because we won 3rd place and $200 vouchers for us to shop, eat and drink at Wisma!

Still holding on to the vouchers because I’m waiting for Picnic to open. You must be thinking what is Picnic, I will get to that later. 🙂

 photo IMG_4260_zpswbouogsp.jpg

Anyway I really enjoyed the event and I had so much fun running and playing the games with Mitsueki. I find myself weird calling her Mitsueki cos I usually just call her DAPHY! But we really had alot of fun and of course happy with the vouchers too.

 photo IMG_4256_zpsbgeyrczh.jpg

A group photo of us. Maybelline and James got the first place! Lucky them!

Okay let’s get to the Picnic thing I was talking about earlier..

Wisma Atria has lined up an exciting wave of culinary concepts and lifestyle retail offerings as part of the mall’s continuous efforts to enhance its shoppers’ experience. They are creating a brand new refreshed dining and shopping experiences for the new and loyal patrons, you and me!

One of the most exciting developments in the F&B scene is PICNIC, a 10,000 sq-ft next generation communal dining restaurant, which will be located at Level 3. This is really exciting because they will be providing a range of international cuisines, including American, French, Italian and Japanese. In addition, they will also feature a in-house third-wave coffee bar and cocktail bar! PICNIC will open in the last quarter of 2016 and you should be excited for it!

Other than PICNIC, there are also another 5 new dining options in Wisma Atria!

Joe and The Juice – A contemporary danish cafe that serves an array of organic cafe, freshly made fruit and vegetable juices and rye bread sandwiches! (Already open!)

Gong Cha – The popular bubble tea brand will join the ranks of other food cluster favourites, such as Llao Llao, Ben’s cookies, Garrett Popcorn and Famous Amos! (Already open!)

Fruce – A coconut based dessert in a drink shop will be opening in December

Eyescream and Friends Read Simon’s post here on the new eyescream and friends in Singapore if you haven’t! They offers a visually appealing ice cream eating experience, asian style of shaving the ice cream, very interesting you must try! (Opening in dec!)

Samurice – Offers delicious Onigiri and Bento using specially selected rice, seaweed and salt produced and imported from Japan. Samurice will join the family of Japanese Cuisine, Kotobuki Japanese Izakaya and Japan Food town that are currently found in Wisma Atria! It will be open in Jan 2017!

Isnt all these very exciting! I myself am looking forward to Samurice and Picnic!! But if you’re not a food person then don’t need to worry about that too. :p because Wisma also offers more lifestyle options with 4 new tenants! 

FitFlop – comfortable sandals, shoes and boots for all of us! (Already open!)

Vivre Activewear – Trendgy gym apparel designed for Asian body frame and uses moisture wicking fabrics to keep you fresh while working out! (Opening in october 2016)

Qoosh Nail Spa – New manicure and pedicure service where ladies can spend their time there to beautify their nails! (already open!) – Easy for guys to surprise their partners especially when they forgot about certain important dates. :p (already open!)

In addition to these new stores, Wisma Atria is also a mecca for international brands, comprising luxury timepiece brands, such as Rolex, Franck Muller, Breguet, Blancpain, Glashuette and TAG Heuer, as well as well-loved fashion brands, such as Coach, Tory Burch, Lacoste, and many more!

Here’s also some information for tourists!
Tourist Privileges
Visitors from overseas can present their passports at the Concierge Counter on Level 1 and receive a $10 F&B voucher when they spend a minimum of $50 nett in a single receipt. In addition, they are also entitled to redeem a 3-day Tourist Privilege Card that entitles them to discounts and special offers at participating stores in Wisma Atria.

You can find Wisma Atria on the following platforms. 🙂 
Official Hashtags: #wismatria

Thank you WOM for the invite and Daphne for partnering with me! 😀

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E12: Castlery Furnitures & Butter Studio Bakery Cafe Halal Certified!

Hi People, continue from my previous post!

But first, a ootd!

 photo IMG_0453_zpsvzt9rcgu.jpg

Took this photo when I was on the way to Hock Siong. ^^v

Top: Forever 21
Outerwear: Muji
Denim Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Superga

When I walked into Butter Studio, I had no idea that this is where Daphy ordered the cupcakes from for Athirah’s farewell. We went in because we were tired. tired from sourcing household items.

 photo DSC01411_zpsovk32pzb.jpg

Butter Studio – Hand-baked goodness.

 photo DSC01414_zpsqmxookmy.jpg

I wanted to try every single one of them except for the chocolate one (mainstream) because they are so beautiful!

 photo DSC01416_zpsxyvjnvzj.jpg

The cupcakes. I tried the salted gula melaka one by the way. :p I want to try the lady ispahan cake the next time because the colours and the flavours (rose scented, raspberry and lychee!) they are just so attractive!

 photo DSC01417_zpsn6donxy4.jpg

the rose pistachio sounds like a great idea too!

 photo DSC01418_zpskcavk3f1.jpg

Ordered flat white as usual. Simon and I thought of using this board for our house as well because we want to act like we are chef and barista. HAHAHA.

 photo DSC01420_zpsr8wwqxqa.jpg

I loved this fan but my living room has no space for ceiling fan already.

 photo DSC01421_zpsaymdmwqb.jpg

I think the decor at butter studio is pretty cool and unique. Its like a combination of rustic plus industrial.

 photo DSC01422_zpsoqsklbep.jpg

am not a fan of sweet stuffs actually. Don’t really crave for cakes or cupcakes but whenever I eat cupcakes I just feel happy, maybe because they are very delicate and beautiful? I’m weird like that. But the salted gula melaka from Butter studio is really good! I super love it!

 photo DSC01423_zpsoedwbght.jpg

On top of the cream frosting, lays the shredded coconut and chocolate chips.

 photo DSC01426_zpsnyaj4ilk.jpg

 photo DSC01431_zpsqmjkgyky.jpg

our flat white doesn’t really go well with the cake. :p

 photo DSC01433_zpstncotekd.jpg

It was really good. But a suggestion here! Would be even better if the palm sugar can be more! 😀

 photo DSC01435_zpsakszan9j.jpg

After my happy treat, our last stop was at Castlery. Talking about this, I just went down to Castlery yesterday. I won the miller coffee table from their collaboration contest with the Singapore Coffee Festival. I’m very excited because this is the exact table that we wanted to buy initially! It was $499 which explains why we took so long to decide. BUT NOW I WIN IT WAHAHHAA. But I also spend another $800 for the miller tv console because matchy matchy then look nice. oh god..

 photo DSC01436_zpsvpuznnpy.jpg

Castlery’s opening hours.

 photo DSC01438_zpskubrhay1.jpg

Pretty furnitures!

So now my sofa, tv console and coffee table are all from Castlery. I haven’t update about my stay at the new house yet, long story again will explain next time. But before I end this post.

Dinner was at ABC market!! Had fried oyster after such a long time!!!! 

 photo DSC01439_zps9zs9fntz.jpg

TANGLIN fried oyster.

 photo DSC01442_zpskj2ldvy9.jpg

Look at the ORH (oysters!!) sighhh so sinful but so goooood.

 photo DSC01444_zpsf8d0kpe5.jpg

and this bowl of meat. sedap!

I am finally ending my post here, just fyi I’m going away again. Don’t know if I should bring my laptop to blog anot cos it feels weird when I travel and not blog. zzz. Excited to visit my 2nd favourite place after 2-3years. Hope to travel to my 1st favourite place soon too. Why can’t we have more leaves, 14 is sooo not enough.. 🙁

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Explore P6: Went to Hafary to choose my tiles x Hervelvetvase

The explore series’ not in sequence okay.. If I were to follow the date accordingly I think I might go crazy. So anyway today’s Part 6 I’m sharing our trip to Hafary with you!

There were so many tiles to look at but as we already know what we wanted, we took less than an hour there. I think our designer confirms love us alot, we are very chin chai and decisive. :p

 photo IMG_8575-2_zpsnswdgf4c.jpg

 photo IMG_8576-2_zpsjfodi1dg.jpg

I will definitely blog about this but now let me share with you what we chose first..

 photo IMG_8574-2_zpsxaxmttcp.jpg

If I remember correctly right.. ours is the dark one right in the middle. The original tile is way darker.. I edited this pic.

As for our wall leh.. We decided on black and white tiles. The ID asked if we want this design, as shown here:

 photo 05ca64ac9bf20406aa9cce88f95c007a_zpspirnzpp4.jpg

but i think it’s abit over. I want my toilet to look clean and maybe abit of victorian theme. Something like that (below). Cos has to match my kitchen and living room too. 

 photo White-Metro_zpslojvqh05.jpg

So anyway I am still deciding, once confirmed I will blog about it. I’m pretty anal about my toilet okay cos I spend alot of time there. I know in a way I’m wasting money here BUT it’s important to me.

Then next will be my OOTD moment again! hahaha. Featuring this top from Hervelvetvase. Bought it at 30bucks but it shrinks when wash! 🙁 Nevertheless still super love it.

 photo DSC03814-2_zpsysxcstze.jpg

Lovely mint colour, sweet front details and bell sleeves. All my favourite. Super boho chic.

 photo DSC03812 1-2_zpsqm0r732g.jpg

And finally Simon’s collection of my candid and stupid faces which he find them loving and cute. *mygod*

 photo DSC03821-2_zpsrm5tjwfd.jpg

 photo DSC03822-2_zpsjtdpndrf.jpg

That’s why I have the explore series, to show every side of me. The ‘chio’, the stupid and the awkward. (like above).

I’m going to blog everything about the house, I’m serious. So if you’re interested in reading more about renovation, decors and DIYS. Then return for more. <3

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HulaHoop to lose weight and Sleek Tag Review!

Hello guys I’m very excited to show you what I got today because it’s the one thing I always like to do! If you read all my weight loss related posts before (thank you very much!! 🙂 you will know that I always play hula hoop, and I started losing weight with the help of a hulahoop!

I love hula hoop so much because it is super convenient and I can exercise anytime and anywhere. It’s very hard for me when I have to work + school and I really have no time to exercise so the only thing I can do frequently is hula hooping. Imagine the time I sit during work and school, I really want to prevent the growth of a tummy so hula hooping is really my best friend!

Another thing is whenever I want to go out for a walk or run, it has to rain! So with a hula hoop it really helps me to exercise in my crib!
The best hula hoop I have ever used is my friend’s mother’s one, and it’s like those strings of HUGE beads linked together and you play it like a hulahoop. I don’t even know if you understand what I’m saying but story is: I broke that.

Since then I have been using a wooden hula hoop which is THIS:

 photo SAM_6025_zpsa628faf5.jpg

When I started playing this, I had bruises.. well it’s wood! I tried looking around for an alternative but they are always those that are very light weighted ones.. (like those probably you can look for in markets) So I give up and stick to this for 8years. Wow I feel so old. Another thing is this cannot be dissembled and I always get nagged by my grandmother cos I always threw it around after I’m done. Zzz.

But today I’m very excited!!! Because why?? I got new HULAHOOPS TO PLAY WITH!! Before I go on with my honest opinions on this hulahoops, tell me if you want to try playing them I can lend you for a week then you can buy your own. Lol!
I will also be showing you what Simon and I have been wearing when we go out for hiking or walks! So please continue reading! =D

 photo SAM_6020_zps13b6377d.jpg

Here I’m holding like 4 hulahoops but actually I got 8 plus 1 arm hoops! Arm hoops??!?! Yes. You read me. I can also tone my arms now!!
But before I talk about the arm hoops which is super amazing.. I even ask my grandmother to play.. I’m going to go through the different types of hoops I have right now!
The top top top reason why I love these hula hoops is because they can be disassembled! This is so good because I can just break them into the respective parts and store them without my living room looking like a mess, and I just need to assemble them again whenever I need to!

And I have always wanted to have a hula hoop at Simon’s place so now this thought is settled! =D
I have 8 different types of hula hoops to show you today! I’m sure one of it will suit you. 😀

1. Solid-1000
Among all, this is the easiest to assemble. It’s not too heavy nor light, I think the weight is perfect too. Just to warn you, if you are a beginner you may keep dropping the hula hoop, and sometimes it will drop on your feet! Magic’s weight is kinda perfect in a sense that it’s not too heavy to make you pain when it drops or too light that you don’t feel anything when you play.

 photo SAM_0991_zps7efec785.jpg

 photo SOLID1000_zps2adc3827.jpg

 photo magicfix1_zps6a1d6b98.jpg

Solid-1000 consists of 6 separate parts which can be connected together easily with the fast locking mechanism.
Above diagram shows how I assemble the hula hoops.
There is a ‘button’, I just press it down and push it into the other hole. Very easy and fast! Probably 1-2mins?

Next I have the Smooth Foam Hoops:
This weighted one is foam-made and more rubbery to the touch.
The Solid-1000 seems to shake more faster than this one maybe because of the different material being used.
I personally prefer the Solid-1000 as compared to this because I have to shake faster to keep it on my waist, in this way I also sweat faster.

 photo SAM_6006_zpscfaca639.jpg

 photo SAM_6008_zpscf0f10d7.jpg

3. Smooth Foam Hula Hoop: Smooth Foam 1.1KG, 100cm (above) and Smooth Foam 750g, 90cm (below)

 photo foamhulahoop_zpsd7424f14.jpg

This hoop is easily adjustable to suit both male and female users, if males are bigger sized then they can use this too.

Many of you asked where I usually buy Hulahoops, and the last time I think I mentioned was Paragon. If you really want to buy hula hoops then you should buy these types that can be kept in your storeroom! The previous time I bought the wood one, I actually carry the whole thing home alone, a lot of people were staring at me, I definitely don’t want that to happen again even though it’s quite fun. Lol!

By the way I actually think that the above 3 that I showed are more suitable for beginners because they are not so heavy. So if you already are playing hula hoop and are used to the weight then you can look at these!

4) Adjustable Weight Hula

 photo heavyassemble2_zpsfeae9094.jpg

This one is amazing because you can build up the weight of your hula! I just put the iron filling into the hole then I just connect the parts together by pressing the ‘button’. It’s very easy and fast and you can adjust the weight from 3LB to 5LB depending on how heavy you want it to be. This can really strengthen the stomach muscles by the way.

And if you don’t like this, I also have the massage types!

 photo pvchulahoop_zpsb57699a8.jpg

These 4 hula hoops all have massage balls on them and the difference about them is their weight.
The Orange one is 1.1KG Diameter 108cm Pipe Diameter 3.5cm
The Pink one is 1.45KG Diameter 110cm Pipe Diameter 3.5cm
The Yellow one is 1.60KG Diameter 110cm Pipe Diameter 4cm
The Blue one is 1.70KG Diameter 110cm Pipe Diameter 4.25cm

On the box it was recommended to play for 20minutes a day. The massage balls inside the pipe will slim your waist and massage your muscle, the magnet inside the pvc ball provides acupressure and also promote blood circulation.

After seeing so many types of hula hoops, do you feel like trying them out? I really think you should start playing hula if you have no time to exercise, if you have time to watch tv then you definitely have the time to play hula hoop because you can do this 2 things together!
That’s my favourite thing to do, watch my favourite drama show and play hula hoop!
It also helps to get rid of belly fats which are like the number one or two concerns for us ladies!

For me, my number one concern is actually my limbs! Other than thighs, next problem for me, my arms! So when I saw this arm hoops together with the other hula hoops, you cannot imagine my excitement. It’s too cool! If you have arm problems then continue reading!!

Arm Hoops
 photo SAM_0994_zpsc8d8579e.jpg

My grandmother and I have so much fun playing with this hoops! I can play it anywhere, it’s really working my arm and shoulder muscles, and I can feel the soreness when I play it! I’m going to do this more frequently so to tone up my arms!!

If you are interested in getting any of the ones I mentioned! You can have 10% off for one month now! This discount will be valid for 1 month from today! Do note that the discount is not applicable for non value packs.

Just need to like HulaHoopSingapore’s facebook ( and apply the discount code “HulaHoopSingaporeWithMFP” !!

Playing with hoops to tone up and slim down is way better than spending your money on slimming pills baby so get it while the discounts are going on! You might want to take note of the below pointers too before starting playing with hula hoop!

• For beginners, do not use hoops for more than 5 minutes for first 2 weeks.
• Hula hooping is not suitable for pregnant ladies.
• People with existing back problems should seek doctor’s advice if hula hooping is suitable for them.

Remember starting of the post I mentioned Simon and I have been wearing something recently??
This is it!

 photo Picture8_zpse6d57aa0.jpg

Okay maybe on first look, you may be thinking, chey it’s couple’s tag! But there are more important things to the tags that you might want to know!

These stainless steel tags can be engraved. It’s very important because you can engrave important information of the person wearing it in case of emergency. Especially for people who are very active, they should definitely have this because there are always risks associated with outdoor activities and with important information engraved on it, strangers will know who to contact and etc etc..

If you don’t want to put your contact information, you can also put your blood type or even allergen information!

 photo Picture9_zps216d2fb0.jpg This is my close up: Anything happens to call Simon’s HP number.

 photo Picture3_zps6db3048f.jpg

And this is simon’s wrist tag, which appears my number!

 photo simonasos_zps4dbfe9a8.jpg

 photo Picture4_zpsb9ad971f.jpg

I love these tags because they are functional and fashionable. They doesn’t look ‘obiang’ at all and it’s something I would dare to wear it out. 
If you don’t want to wear it, there is also another type where you can put it on your bag instead of wearing it!

 photo Picture5_zps68f49556.jpg

 photo Picture6_zpsa944c593.jpg

These SleekTags are not just for couples like me and Simon, but also suitable for your kids if they are going camping or recreational trips! It can also be worn on elderly if they lost their way or forgot their way home.
It can also be worn on sports teams as a team tag to build team spirit too!

 photo Picture7_zps88e2aa0c.jpg

 photo SAM_6056_zpsfc89572b.jpg

The Sleektags come in many colours by the way and it’s adjustable plus easy to wear! =D
If you think this will works for you, your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, your child or your parents/grandparents then,
You are able to get 10% discount just by liking SleekTag’s FB ( and key in the discount code “SleekTagWithMFP” for your orders! This discount will be valid for 1 month from today!

Start toning your waist with hula hoop and keep your loved ones safe with Sleek Tags!

My iPhone 6 screen cracked! (Vlog)

 photo SAM_6070_zpsc756d115.jpg

Hi guys, this post is not 100% on iPhone. I did a vlog on a random day talking about how my phone screen cracked and my groceries haul and and and also I removed my moles. 8 MOLES. I remove my moles with nu reflections. Will blog about it soon!

So if you’re not interested in stalking my day through video then just read this space.

I dropped it 3times a day like seriously wtf.

First time I drop it in my house’s toilet. And I was already very upset because that was the first time I drop my phone!! When I pick it up my heart dies because I saw scratches on it. 🙁

But I try to be calm because this kind of accidents happen and scratches are bound to happen if I’m going to hold it for 2 years.. without a phone case. (my bad here because I should have gotten a phone case)

So the 2nd time happens when I was rushing because I’m going to be late for my appointment, so while at the bus stop, I think I was holding both my card holder and my iPhone and it slipped off my hand and dropped FACE DOWN ON TO THE TARMAC FLOOR. I was shocked of cos because that’s the 2nd time I dropped BUT I didn’t thought that it would crack!!! When I picked it up my heart shattered like the iPhone. I’m not being dramatic, I’m super anal about the condition of my phone. tsk.

I’m really very shocked and sad, then the first thing I did was call Simon…

We meet up later in the day and guess what. My phone drops AGAIN!

I’m not used to putting my phone in my jeans pocket, so that day I put on the back pocket of my jeans, (I also dunno why!!) next it dropped while I was trying to pee. (it’s okay we can be a little bit open here)

I went to google about iPhone screen and apparently a lot of people got their screen cracked too. Haiz.. Am i just unlucky or it’s the iPhone? Okay la should be me because tarmac floor leh of course crack lah..

Going to send for repair soon ($$$) and already bought a phone case. Sigh…
By the way if you don’t have applecare for your phone, you will need to pay 400-500 dollars just for the screen!!!! With Applecare about 100+.

And here’s the video if you wanna watch my vlog!
I need more luck lately!!!

VLOG: October Favourites!

Hi guys!

Did a vlog + october favourites! So hope you enjoy it! :D:D

Products mentioned:
Yankee candle – November rain
Garnier sakura fresh moisturizer cream
catrice maroon
essence natural beauty
clio nail polish in neon yellow
yankee votive candles

Love you!

Heart to Heart Ep4: Update. Good/bad?

Really can’t believe The first year of school is over, it passed by really quick and scary.

The only thing that I dread about school is that I have practically no time with Simon, my friends and hobbies. Other than being funny on videos (I didn’t mean it to happen it just happen because it is me), I really love reading. Recently I just started on the Gone Girl novel and I’m hooked to it.

I read until 2am almost everyday and even tho my eyes are already closing I still refuse to close because I wanna cherish every single minute I have right now. And anyway I enjoy it cos I love reading! It’s just like I edit my video for straight crazy 8hrs and I don’t complain becos I love it. 😀

The other day me and Simon were taking photos for our invitation cards and doing those what not.. Super fun.. Haha! Anyway I will update this on the wedding planning post once the cards are being sent out.

Then we are also going to meet all the people that we have/need to meet to sum up the final preparation. Wow time flies..

So that’s probably what we are going to be busy with for the next couple of months.

But today’s post im going to rant abit…. Sigh.. I really wanna enjoy myself first after all the crazy studying, but I got some rashes problem which make my skin itch like mad.

 photo FullSizeRender_zps8efa9bfc.jpg

I can’t even sleep properly at night. 🙁 Already seen a doctor and he told me it could be food allergy or dust so I shall monitor first. Bad thing is the bumps are growing more and more and I’m really freaking out. Good thing is nothing happened to my face -.-

Then another thing is i think I’m freaking out cos the big day is coming up and I’m feeling really fat right now. But I dun wan to go into a full diet mode cos it will screw me up. Dun even know if you can unds this anot. At the end of the day I just dun wanna look fat on my wedding day and I really hope I dun have menses on the day becos then i will look like a puff up balloon. :/ i will try to eat clean, I have been really junky ever since I started preparing for my exam.. It’s really crappy..

Then the last thing is Simon is going for colonoscopy this wednesday, this simon really is made of paper. sigh.. lets pray together that nothing is wrong with him.

I think that’s the update for now. Thanks for reading my heart to heart episodes. Thank you.

 photo IMG_3394_zps835aa05c.jpg

To that asshole, Be nice to people BE NICE.

[Travel] Hongkong Day 2: Hongkong Disneyland!

Travel on Airbnb and get more than $20 in travel credit! Click here! 

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Kam Wah



my friend asked, why ur food so long


i wait very long for my charsiew to come!

hahhaha egg sandwich, i want to laugh again, bf tot french toast is egg sandwich as stated in the menu, he also paiseh to say french toast to the lady as she might not unds! so no french toast for us -.-


fishy fishy!


smell damn nice!


free internet! i was checking fb & email! HAHA


i forgot we took this before food or after nvm la ok hahha!

then, SHOPPING TIME! @ SHAM SUI PO! 深水埔 sorry ah the ‘pu’ i cant find the word.


all the wholesales!


DISNEYLAND AH! i edit the pictures to a slide show so it’s easier for you all to see, see, i so nice, CAN U SEE THE SLIDESHOW? IF NOT PLS TELL ME. also put your cursor over the pics to see the captions 😀 sorry ah load abit slow 🙁

VERY ANGRY BECAUSE MY SLIDESHOW KEEP SCREW up! i swear i will never do slide show again!

these are the pictures..




below is the pics for small world


we went back to autopia, this time round i drive! HAHAHA.





did a survey which i thought was a waste of time, okay la at least she’s friendly..

next, we went to TST, Tsim Sha Tsui, 尖沙咀!Avenue of Stars!


we got free coke, damn funny, i was saying come hongkong, buy 1 mineral water, get one coke HAHAHA!

Yes, dinner at Tsui Wah 翠華 again.. the crispy noodles f**king nice! the bf’s 牛腩面 also v nice!!


loots for the 2nd day!

day 3 next!

ps: pictures worth enlarging 😀