[Simonseries] Wrap and roll Ion orchard review

While we were out one day, we talked about the recent numerous Vietnamese restaurants that are opening one after another all around singapore. I’m not a big fan of it but seems like Claire likes to eat Pho. So that day while deciding on a ‘healthier’ place to have our dinner, she suggested we go to Wrap n Roll. Eh I thought she wanted Pho? Fickle.

Anyways we went in and it wasn’t that crowded comparing to the sushi establishment beside it, that place is literally devouring customers. We took a long time trying to decide on a dish to share. We always share one meal whenever we go out to a restaurant. Contrary to what others may think, we’re quite the poor couple. No money do this no money do that, always trying to save some cash from taking cheaper items from the menu and sharing one main dish thats large enough to share like this time we ordered a hot pot dish to share.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0308_zpswaygow5q.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0315_zpsi9xkzcaq.jpg

It consist of those rice wraps with raw vege and slices of pork. Its like a shabu shabu only you have the option to wrap your food. The waiter was nice enough to tell us which item goes with what sauce or and that we need to wet the ‘rice films’ to soften it. The hot pot was nice and spicy, I think it taste of prawn paste and lemongrass mainly.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0317_zpsngg5jjnt.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0318_zpsn7im8jqk.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0319_zpsza2i5q2j.jpg

Actually, the rice films smelled quite nasty, i don’t know how to explain, maybe its the smell from its processing? Doesn’t that means I’m eating unknown chemicals? Or maybe thats just how a dried up rice film smell like? And the soup, although we liked it, we got sick of the taste very fast. So… well… its just not to our tastes I guess. I would say its a nice place to have dinner, and I had fun with all the wrapping, but just didn’t really like the vietnamese taste there. Heh heh… thats just us lah so if you like them then why not?

Psst: claire here, sorry to interrupt.. Just wanna say I love the soup BUT too much is a little jelat :p

Good day then,

While I was away…

The past few weeks have been cafe and restaurants hopping around, trying to eat good food to get happier, but proven to be very wrong.. zzz.

And people start to introduce me as food blogger instead of weightloss blogger, now im stress! LOL. Okay let me make you hungry/drool too.

Brought Be to Realfood to try out organic and vegan dishes. The best of the day? The avocado and coconut smoothie! *slurp!

rf1 photo IMG_20131125_142426_zps74b6b438.jpg

I think my house need to have a magazine corner too.rf6 photo IMG_20131125_143203_zpsa74d0b69.jpg

The awesome smoothie! Smooth and shiok but kinda exp, it’s $6-7 for this small cup.
rf3 photo IMG_20131125_143941_zpsc578af61.jpg

Our main dishes.
rf5 photo IMG_20131125_144653_zps394f69a8.jpg

Not for the carnivore..
rf4 photo IMG_20131125_145129_zps30456a3c.jpg

Some unhealthy bites at Han’s. These was good though!
h1 photo IMG_20131129_185113_zpsbc328790.jpg

And food was not bad tooo!
h2 photo IMG_20131129_190350_zps97f82a6f.jpg

Bought myself a pair of opal earrings to bring out positivity and good mood. *.* even brings out PMS mood.
h6 photo IMG_20131129_205210_zps67bd2e53.jpg

Then, comes Charlie Burger, the really will get fat food.
h3 photo IMG_20131203_185931_zpse23ad2fb.jpg

BARGARS!!! Truffle fries!
h4 photo IMG_20131203_191446_zpsc73a217e.jpg

Met the bff on a weekend!! She brought me to her boss’s cafe, BUTTERSCOTCH CAFE!
 photo IMG_20131207_140850_zps30c134ad.jpg

Was too hungry and I couldn’t just settle for desserts so I got the chicken chop, I think it’s quite expensive. :/
 photo IMG_20131207_141700_zps73fa4015.jpg

Last Wednesday I went to have a look at my wedding venue! SO HAPPY IM PAYING THE DEPOSIT ALREADY!
 photo IMG_20131218_114435_zpsfff842e3.jpg

And last friday I had Christmas lunch at Garibaldi, tried to eat healthy food and got suan by my colleagues!!
 photo IMG_20131220_122243_zps950de6cb.jpg

The very good caesar salad! Tried my colleague’s mushroom soup and IT WAS THUMBSUP!
 photo IMG_20131220_124549_zps86e4104a.jpg

My Main dish chicken breast which taste abit like chicken pizza.
 photo IMG_20131220_132203_zps8a315e30.jpg

Fruit salad for god’s sake! :X
 photo IMG_20131220_140222_zpsbe050792.jpg

And then……… dinner gathering REALLY FAT LIAO LAH!
Awesome food man!
 photo IMG_20131220_194423_zpsdb2b89e9.jpg

Carrot cake yo! Super goood.
 photo IMG_20131220_211725_zpse648cdb9.jpg

So it’s Christmas season and I’m surrounded by festive goodies, and next is Chinese New Year, I need to fight the food cravings and temptations. ROAR!!

I will blog about Tokyo soon (SOSORRY) and my back appointment. Next in line is my gastro appointment. Screw my life…

For 2014…
I hope I can do well in my studies – typical -_-
And I hope I can get what I want and earn more money!
And that everybody around me to be healthy and happy! 🙂

Tony Romas And Marche

Always love weekends, I love weekends more when I am rich. HAHAHA. or we are rich. LOL.

So about 2weeks ago, we went to Marche!! Finally!! Missed the food there!

 photo IMG_20130713_132026_zpsc87ddf45.jpg

 photo IMG_20130713_145016_zps048c9db4.jpg

I love the layout/settings in Marche.

 photo IMG_20130713_150757_zpscdb704ce.jpg

Ordered quite abit, and I was so full!

My love for sauteed mushrooms will never die.

We had lamb, salmon chowder, apple cinnamon muffin, salad, Bruschetta, carrot juice/coffee.  

And then about a few days ago? Ok last thursday, we went to Tony Romas. It was my treat because I got extra income! LOL. And marche was his treat btw.

 photo IMG_20130718_184118_zps320aa511.jpg

Complimentary bread loaf with garlic dip

 photo IMG_20130718_185620_zps6cf8cdff.jpg

My awesome salmon.

 photo IMG_20130718_185842_zps3bc473e3.jpg

And the too good medium well steak.

And we end the day with a cheesecake. OMG. fats calling me!! I hate PMS. Do you eat like a pig when your period is coming? Before or during???

 photo IMG_20130718_201802_zps2d4c07cf.jpg

Btw this is from starbucks. LOL

And oh today is 1month after my birthday, today is 24th July, Happy Birthday PP. sigh.

Thai Express, you disappoint me. But cookies you made me happy.

Was so disappointed the last time I visited Thai Express. I was so excited because I’m having thai food cravings and I remembered Thai.E served quite decent thai food.

Maybe its my choices :/

But there’s always sweet treats to brighten me up! HEhehe. I know la I’m suppose to be weight loss blogger, but since I started working, I’ve been enjoying life by indulging in good food. The only thing I’m willing to spend big money on is skincare and food.

 photo IMG_20130508_183531_zpse337e07b.jpg

Cookies for Sid is along Citylink. I don’t know what that stretch call, but it’s near the sushi express and Thai Express there.

I think their cookies are pretty special, recently whenever I have ice cream, desserts or treats out, I will never order chocolate, because it’s so mainstream. LOL Chocolate related one I can always bake it myself! But My bf likes chocolate, so if we order more, will definitely have chocolate one. LOL!

 photo IMG_20130508_183619_zps64c374bb.jpg

Everyone deserves A Great cookie, how true right??

I loved the individual packaging, you can try their ‘Earl Grey Almond cookie‘ too which is pretty exotic!

They got other special flavours like Double Choc Fruit & Nuts, Rum & Raisin Oat meal, Brown Sugar and more which you can find it out from here —> http://www.cookiesforsid.com/

Maybe cookiesforsid can sponsor me since I’m like hardselling you? HAHHA.

And the below is the disappointing meal which I think it’s 90% blame on me, cos I ordered the choices. So Thai Express, you are forgiven.

 photo IMG_20130508_194343_zpsedb4d8af.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_193212_zps84b9423f.jpg

But even though so, sorry but I won’t go back to T.E again, unless I got craving for your Prawn Toast.

Hot Tomato

I’ve always wanted to try out Hot Tomato as HZ told me their portions are quite huge.
So I’ve tried it, and it’s not very big leh! Just nice for 1pax only, LOL. But I’m not gonna complain about it la cos I love aglio olio. But are all their dishes aglio olio? o.o

 photo SAM_1068_zpsf91638ab.jpg

I think my salmon looked pathetic?

 photo SAM_1069_zpsfd512c91.jpg

The pork chop is good though!

 photo SAM_1070_zps9df345d6.jpg

And the best part of it all is the pork chop!

I’ve been blogging frequently now! Happy! 😀

Saveur @ Purvis Street

Dinner with Eunice @ Saveur!

We had Foie Gras & Duck Salad for Starters.

 photo IMG_20130503_202437_zps3eb36c37.jpg

Pan-seared duck liver served with creamy lentils & pickled pearl onion

Just to let you know, I don’t dare to eat Foie gras, I just cannot appreciate the taste. LOL

 photo IMG_20130503_202239_zps9198eda3.jpg

Shredded duck confit mesclun tossed with homemade lemon
vinaigrette, quail egg, orange segments & cherry tomatoes

The Duck Salad was good though..

And for our Mains, we have Fish (hers) & Beef.

 photo IMG_20130503_205808_zpse2587390.jpg

Beef short rib braised in red wine served with root vegetables, meslun salad &
potato au gratin, Pan-seared sea bass, saute potato with crabmeat, french beans & caper vinagrette

The beef is so good that I’m craving for it now! Looking at us waiting for a full 1 and a half hour, i still think it’s worth it cos the food are so good and affordable! I gonna bring le bf to the Far East Plaza outlet soon!
sad thing is no reservations :/

5 Purvis Street, Talib Court
#01-04 Singapore 188584


14 Scotts Road, Far east Plaza, #01-07BSingapore 228213

Nandos and Lenas

I realized I didn’t blog about my trip to Nando’s. HOW CAN I MISS THIS OUT? I love the food, but I dun like the periperi sauce. I know im weird lah, im supposed to like their signature sauce right, but ya i dun. I thought Nando is going to be damn exp, but surprisingly it’s so affordable. I wanna go back again! But singapore got too many new food places that I always forgot to go back to the old one!



This is the boy’s portion. and there I am digging in


This is mine, love the wedges and the mashed pumpkin!!! pumpkin? pumpkin? ya pumpkin. shd be.

And about 2weeks ago, I finally brought him to Lenas. Well the one at bugis was much better, every outlet got different kind of food ah? This outlet at Nex, standard not so good.


stupid bread bowl hard like mad (some parts)


stupid pesto chicken salad, pesto is tasteless.


I’m so going back to The Orange Thimble

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that my bf surprised me with scones because I was feeling moody from work. 😀
He chiong all the way to Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Tiong Bahru to know that it was closed on tuesday and he couldn’t just come to me empty handed, so he stepped into The Orange Thimble and bought me raisin scones!

I think he was skeptical about it, but surprisingly it taste GOOD! I want more! hahaha.


they heat it up, jam and butter was given, it’s so tasty!


Ikea day! Had craving for meatballs and I’M SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THE NEW RECIPE, smaller size and the standard totally drop!

I think i will only go there for wings in future.

Pasta Mania, CPF building, TG PAGAR, we thought it’s the last day we are gonna have lunch together and both of us were so emo. LOL



i think he purposely ordered this cos he knew i love cheese hotdogs. :D


alfredo – wholemeal spag

and thanks to the special girl for giving me the snacks! HAHAHHAHAA me is super happy!! LOL. thank you 😀

one box for ximen!


Mylife – I love food!

Mint Blazer from vaingloriousyou! Super nice, comfy and easy to match, that explains why I kept wearing. :P. I wore it in my prev post too! 😀



coffee from nanyang taste different and I liked it!

I’m changing workplace soon haiz so no more food from outram and tg pagar liao =(

Pearl center again!



Ever since I started work, I started eating rice tooo! 😀 you know when’s the last time I ate duck rice? more than 2years ago.


I must eat vegetables! It’s a must!

I’m going to post more food photos once I moved to the new office, so if you don’t want to be tempted then

Ask me more questions so I can update my weightloss articles!! 😀

Mylife – Food for a week

More food for the 2nd week of intern! =)


Pi dan shou rou zhou with youtiao $2.80, Tg pagar plaza.


I finally tried crystal jade bread! not very special hahaa, but still nice. this is cranberry polo bun.


yong tau foo, unhealthy one, cos most of them are fried. but they got the ‘zai er’, i like! looks good right?


Wednesday! Ba chor mee at AMOY STREET. This bcm is good, the stall name is ZHUZHU. lol!


Soup Spoon on thursday! Simon refused to let me drink pumpkin soup cos he say the calorie too low. o.o???



and for TGIF its burger king!!WHY mushroom swiss getting smaller? :'(

and Simon bought me lotsa sweets!!! 40lollipops only $4! and hichew!
And Mr k always buy me kitkat, hahaha time for me to buy for him alrdy.



the day i was super cranky and sleepy, simon bought me vitamin water so that I can ‘restore’.

I appreciate even the smallest things in this world, I just dunno how to express myself.

so now, 14more weeks to go.