Anniversary and CNY

Our anniversary and valentine’s are only 2days apart. This is a good thing becos we can celebrate everything in just one day.
And our special dates always fall on the CNY period, its good as well cos got more money. HAHAA. but 2yrs down the road, we will be the one giving out angbaos liao. OHNO! *panic attack*

So as usual, will visit his parents first.

Wearing tracyeinny dress from dunno which collection, never had a chance to put it on, becos it looks super oriental.


This yr we agreed not to give presents or surprises but he still plan something! Feel so bad i didn’t give him anything, just a card only!


so sweet right. the drawings & the photo album. πŸ˜€ love the card and the rila gift too :D


This Christmas..


This year christmas, Santa convinced Mr tey to give me more gifts, why santa why? It’s christmas not my birthday nor anniversary, puzzled…

The first gift:


Travel Buddy


Dessert in a Jar, Dark choco flavour.

They are really generous with the dark chocolate and its super sinful but yummy!

You can get these @ Grin Affair
3 Everton Park, #01-77A Singapore

2nd gift:


rilakkuma card, pouch, Agnes B earrings.


3rd gift:


handmade lamp!! I love this alot because its super sweet with our photos hanging!

I’ve got a bf for 5yrs and he’s still doing sweet things for me, I’m very sure I picked the right guy and made the right choice.:D

yesterday we got ourselves a couple ring again after 2yrs? aha. I’ll post it soon and I’m happy because im finally _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _! πŸ˜€

Mylife – Rilakkuma Gifts!


Received so much rilakkuma stuffs in just 2days!
This huizhen ah, she really is, hai i bth. She felt guilty as I bought her an instax camera so she bought me more rila stuffs! HAHAHA. but still.. thank u!! =D really can’t wait for 12th oct !


a card, pouch and 2pens. haha!

and then I finally received my gifts from PINKY!!!
She asked me not to expect too much, but look at what she gave me!
Really add on to my collections!! Super thankful! =D thank you pinky!


too much until i dono how to name, LOL! wo bu she de yong la =(

What should i give if i wanna hold a giveaway?

For sponsorship & advertising enquiries do email me @ πŸ™‚

Mylife – My darling gf’s birthday =)

It was a GOOD FRIDAY! One day to cast school work aside!

Movie date with Huizhen gf for her advance birthday, after that Mustafa and L’etoile cafe to chill out with my dear bf!


was late and need to cab to school.

watched ‘Seeking a friend for the end of the world’. funny and sad!


i think she love the giftS that i gave her HAHA


i bought her instax mini camera, and we were spamming polaroids

Hehe lets countdown to october and march k huizhen? hehehe <3

After the movie, I met mr tey! He waited for me for quite sometime @ dhoby mrt. We went to mustafa to look for his grease something.




he looked for his stuffs and i take photos!

then we went to city sq. had humcheepeng, butterfly and



after that, the bf gave me a surprise by bringing me to L’ETOILE CAFE!




times like this i thought i need a good camera


super nice place to chill out at!


stuffs that you can buy!


his view.


me with the menu :D


so cute right rilakkuma polaroid! HEHE


only ordered egg benedict cos we were so full!

totally awesome place, a pity that we didnt manage to went upstairs, we would go back again to take photos. haha!

am gonna bring my gf there too for our anniversary =D

Mylife – super random lah!

Now I’m left with report, eposter and the last UT3. Time really flies, I’m finally going to get out of school and concentrate on working and building my career!

It’s my own updates again, and today is going to be super random.


Love my bed hehehe.

I really love instagram, love how it always make my hair looked damn pretty.


D-I-Yed curls.

Did I tell you I bought a tefal pan? hahaha so happy one, i just keep cooking :D:D shall blog about it soon.


my scrambled eggs, cooked by pot :X before i bought the tefal pan.

on friday.. got to go back school for the last exam for UT2.



8/8 is my 3th month/2nd mth with braces liao =)


supposed to meet up with the lovelies but im held up with some stuffs.


but i got myself a pair of mocassin! =D an indirect gift from le mom!

im currently using a new product and im loving it. omy. can i stop loving new products? hahaha!

c ya! =D

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Restaurant @ Paragon

A day out with Mr tey and dinner with his family!

We went to Macdonald for lunch, MACDONALD OMG, ok dun worry, I had salad without sauce, had been eating bad food for the past 2weeks, even though I never gain mass but I still need to take care of my complexion!



thank you Macdonald for introducing salad, but i think your mcgrill is quite oily

After lunch, we went to peninsula to check out holga camera price for my FYP project. -.- and after that we went to FUNAN IT MALL


how can I not buy this? its bought by mr tey because he saw me getting all excited over this. HAHA. anyway the price is $39.90!

He got a MONOPOD for himself too :X we also got a present for his mother!

After that we went to Orchard! Dinner with his family! Actually for Mother’s day!

Dinner was at CRYSTAL JADE GOLDEN PALACE RESTAURANT PARAGON. it was very quiet surprisingly.




eunice, etienne, and mil






no matter what, dessert is always my fav. HAHA! this yam paste is damn good!


camwhore in the toilet! i changed to slipper because my feet hurts! :/ i diyed my skirt btw. haha

My hair is growing fast now and im really happy! i will share the supplements that im taking soon πŸ˜€

will be sharing another awesome mask tomorrow, so pls come back, FOR MORE! ^^V

Avengers on that Saturday! ;)


Another sheet mask from Pure Source, as I mentioned before, I bought it from Missha


Prepare to go out for AVENGERS! ;D


it was supposed to be a happy day but due to FYP, i basically fucked up

Catch Avengers at AMK cathay, the show is awesome! Im waiting for the part II or whatever to be out! :D:D
My fav is THOR, i’ve got no idea why so many peeps like Captain America, i know he’s handsome but dunno leh hahhaa I prefer Thor. MAYBE COS I WATCHED CABINS IN THE WOODS, he’s so handsome in that movie!!!!!!!!

before the movie, i had a small argument with mr tey, cold war. L.O.L as i say im screwed. zzz
we head to Bras Basah later on, wanted to fix my watch. But realized we went to the wrong place. :O


playing Scramble with friends :O prevent me from seeing his words!

The location is at pacific plaza and not bras basah complex, HAHA. we like to assume, erm no he assumed :X

settle our lunch at the place where the steak republic moved to. But we didnt eat that! I had sliced fish soup instead and green tea beancurd.


hate the shape of my mouth, braces faster come!

then we went to plaza sing, OMG RILAKKUMA!



must buy! everything must buy! hehehehhee!


bought this gummy piglets from M&S. i like the pink piglet cos it’s more chew-able. HAHA

looking forward to 22nd May πŸ˜€ and hope my FYP will be a great success! *stress*

i just chop my fringe yesterday!



Clarke Quay

Last Saturday le bf accompanied me to Clarke Quay! We were there for ‘something’.

As we were quite early, I suggest to go Market Place at Central, but to my disappointment it’s closed down or maybe some other things that’s going on that im not sure of.

I love looking at tidbits, that’s like one of my weird hobbies. I will see but not buy. haha! I reckon if I wanna be a weight loss blogger I will need to exercise some self control, so yeah, im taking many many steps to achieve that.

No one will miss the mini supermarket/snack shop/tidbits store cos it’s so bright and attractive. on top of that, it’s mostly japanese and korean (i think got korean right?) snacks!

While I was looking at chocolates.. (If you’d wanna know, I don’t eat chocolates anymore as well unless during menses period!)


le bf bought this for me :D

Yes i know i just mentioned i dont snack, but if it’s bought by le bf, I cannot disappoint him and waste his $ right? hehe. it tasted like strawberry flavoured cereal, too sweet but still yums.

He actually hide it from me and rush to the counter to pay for it. HAHHAA SO CUTE PLS.

After doing what I’m supposed to do, we went to search for dinner. No food picture today because it’s just simple korean food.

Then le bf got busy with his whatsapping, because he’s negotiating a better deal for his camera lens. ROAR AND I WAS SO BORED. haha!

caution: light makeup, messy, nua.



pardon me for the idiotic look, i think i will give more idiotic looks with my teeth shown until i wear my braces. HAHA.


one thing i dont like about instagram, why my eyebrow like non-existent?

walk to RAFFLES PLACE after this and followed by home, that’s how i end the day, pretty short, but fun and enjoying. πŸ™‚ with slight worries and disappointment.

did you read my previous post? to get 30% discount off beauty services, it’s a great deal, pls dun miss it okay? <3

Life in snapshots..

I just change my phone recently to a Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s in coral pink color somemore haha! Im not a fan of pink but well it looks special so i just go with it. LOL.

then few days later, i got this news that Android is going to have INSTAGRAM and i was super super super excited!!!



soupspoon, there was this once that there’s this chef special on the menu and i swear the soup was super dope but sadly, no more!!! :(

Soupspoon why u no continue that particular soup? :'(


vanilla cone listed top on my icecream list no matter what.


forgot the name of this yummy stick but it was at the kyushu fair at tampines mall!


my lovelies!


yakun in the bus!


nice? at macritchie reservoir! :D


my bebe! i miss you :(


chicken chop at longhouse! exp and not nice




upset day cos i wasted my trip! stupid


heaven @ funan!


Steak Republic now isit?

im going to write up a blog post on this republic of steak that has already changed to steak republic. i think alot of people still dont know that they ‘move house’. the steak is so awesome i have to go back for more but i promise myself i cant eat too much beef. maybe once a month?


10/4. ahma 70th birthday but everybody was busy. i gave her a mini surprise :)


do i look like a kid when im at home? hahha! i dunno why im giving an awkward look.


should i put up a post on how to lose weight alrdy? πŸ˜›

Rilakkuma + my 7th Day with PANTENE

HELLO! Firstly I wanna exclaimed, YAY I GOT NEW READERS LAST MONTH! thank you very much, pls maintain! πŸ˜€

I think the things I blog about is rather vast, for example like food, health, beauty, nutrition, hair, teeth and even weightloss. Basically everything! But I always sort it out properly by either tagging or categorized. look to your right pls.. ^^

So what I’m trying to say is, I tell you everything and you can find everything here. HAHHAA. and feel free to ask me ANY questions okay. im all prepared for it πŸ™‚

IF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING MY BLOG, you know im on the flag off challenge journey with Pantene! and if you really have been following my blog, you should know it’s my 7th day yesterday! But before that..

If you have been following my twitter. my twitter! follow ok? hhahaha..

I’m obsessed with RILAKKUMA. im going to collect every single one of them. maybe can ‘zng’ my desk top with their stickers also


Start of collection

One good thing about my obsession is, next time christmas, valentine’s, birthday, mthsary, anniversary, friendship day, all can just give me RILAKKUMA.

2011-12-02 22.10.49

i think u seldom see me in floral.. lol..

2011-12-02 22.11.23_ε‰―ζœ¬

do you notice something different here?

2011-12-02 22.11.23_ε‰―ζœ¬

MY HAIR!!! so soft and smooth!

THAT’S THE POWER OF USING PANTENE! btw the above pictures, i got curl my hair end and i will teach you guys what I do to them (next post)

my friend also comment that my hair is getting better πŸ˜€ not as ‘grassy’ as before..

This is the range Im using which i mentioned like dunno how many times haha!

2011-11-24 18.58.59

and if you dunno which range to choose for your hair, once again take a look at this wheel..


Dry and brittle hair, hair loss then you should use: Hair Fall Control.
Dry, dull hair, split ends, weak hair and break easily: Total Damage Care
Dry dull hair, extreme frizz, out of control used mine: Smooth & Silky
Weakened, damaged hair that appears limp and flat: Nature Care

Nature Care is Pantene’s latest specialized treatment.

Both intensive penetrating treatment $8.95

and leave on creme $9.70 are available in all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Get them now and have healthy hair πŸ˜€

on my 14th day I will also blog about how I used the leave on cream. πŸ™‚

side note: i know i haven been blogging about weight loss issues, soon okay. mean while any questions about weight loss, just leave a comment here, or my formspring, i know a couple of you have email me instead, thanks for supporting! ^^