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In the past, you have to step out of your house to shop for clothes, now you can just wear your pajamas, sit at home and shop away while eating lunch or dinner. This also mean that you spend without much thinking. LOL.

Nowadays fashion stores can just operate online without having a physical store, see how popular are online blogshops right now.. The best thing is that their trends are always updated and new, while you don’t know what’s in trend right now if you shop out there at some random stores.

Nowadays accessories, clothings, shoes are all available online! And even branded goods in the recent years. One of the example would be Reebonz which always have branded goods sales!

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Pretty excited about how the fashion world would evolved next, maybe there will be a new app which can scan my wardrobe and advise what to wear for that particular day? wahaha.. awesome..

Do refer to our fashion news and articles on MYFATPOCKET website, why? Because they are always updated and interesting!


Visualise a new YOU

Some interesting articles/reads for you if you want to know more about PS!

You can go to to check out how our nose structure is like ( for me I choose to know more about rhinoplasty ) then they will show how the different parts of the nose contribute to the overall appearance of the nose.

I think the eyes one are pretty interesting too!

a3 photo rhino2_zps31f49de7.jpg

a4 photo rhino3_zpsd50eb0af.jpg

 photo eyelid1_zpsac980fef.jpg

Then next would be this ->

It acts like a photoshop software, for you to visualize how you look like with sharper nose and bigger eyes or v shape chin! I took one of my photo, edited it and because of my noob skills, it turn out kinda eerie. HAHA.

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You can try it too! Visualize how you would look like with different features! 😀

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My TOP 5 Bold Phantasies – Skinny Dipping to start with!

One of my earlier posts I talked about being a strong woman, and I personally think that for one to be strong, you need to be both physically and mentally strong. Some examples would be these TOP 5 activities (and additional 2more) that I’ve always wanted to challenge myself! In order to complete the tasks, you must have the strength and also the GUTS to do it!

lac1 photo lac1_zps3ed5f2ce.jpg

I remember once I fell badly during ice skating and I dun even want to mention roller blading! I’m just totally bad with wheels.. =/ so in order to prove that I can excel in other activities, the following activities will be my KPI of the year..! 😛

First on the list!
1.Skinny dipping with friends or partner

lac2 photo lac2_zps43413f64.jpg

Of cos I cannot do this in SG beach! I do not want to be STOMPed or FINEd….

lac3 photo lac3_zps03837430.jpg

lac4 photo lac4_zps84acf6c3.jpg

How can I forget about Skinny dipping with my loved ones?! It’s A MUST have for every couple?? Well.. at least once? =P

2. Engaging with a wild animal/dangerous animal
Seriously who in the right mind will do that right? May sound really crazy to be risking your life, but I really salute those who worked with wild life! Passion has already made them overcome human’s greatest fear.

lac5 photo lac5_zps2733e3f1.jpg

lac6 photo lac6_zps35bdf656.jpg

3.Sky Diving
PS: I bet my hair will be damn messy during and after this! hahaha!

lac7 photo lac7_zpsc1fe9853.jpg

4. Paragliding

lac8 photo lac8_zpse706c18a.jpg

5. Bungee Jumping

lac9 photo lac9_zps8bf6e540.jpg

6. Wakeboarding

lac10 photo lac10_zps5f1e87c9.jpg

And last racing!

lac11 photo lac11_zps7a939f8c.jpg

¾ of her face are covered but still can be so CHIO. Who says females can’t drive/race huh?!?

The one that I wanted to do most would be jumping off the plane from a height of 10,0000FT! Sky diving is insanely crazy, definitely with risks but that’s okay cause it is too exciting!
What about yours? Share with me! Maybe we can do it together!

Unfortunately, as much as I want to do this, I don’t think I will be able to do this anytime soon or even some of it in my lifetime, but at least I can do them virtually right?! For example, playing games that contained those adventures? Even though it’s not in reality, but at least I feel the anxiety while playing which everyone experienced it while gaming! It will be an awesome cheap thrill at the same time fulfilling my bold fantasies!

lac12 photo lac12_zps4ea2bdf0.jpg

So thank you Lactacyd for coming up with this game, the “Bold Phantasies” which will be launched on April 10th which is tomorrow!! is already LAUNCHED!

Go to and start playing!

I can’t wait for the Facebook game to launch and win it! (Yes correct! There will be prizes!). Don’t you want to find out what are the prizes? I want to!
Do stay tuned to my page for more updates about Bold Phantasies, I want you to be a winner and do what you’ve always wanted to do! 🙂

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I am empowered and so are you! We are gifted, we are strong, we are confident, we are charming and most importantly, we think and act like a QUEEN!

*Photos are not originated from or by me, it’s randomly googled in google images. Same applies for youtube videos.



Life as a blogger

LIFE IS TOOOO SHORT, enjoy while you can!

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I started blogging as a hidden agenda to update my friends what I’ve been doing since we didn’t meet as frequently as before.

It all started from blogspot, talking about my daily doings and diet, until I move to MFP to blog more about products, beauty and weight loss.

It was a good move because I got to know more people, widen my social network, and I got to know more about readers as they share their story with me.

I got invite to events, be the first few to try out new products, got advertorials ($$), got sponsors, got to try out many things that I never try before. Along the way I also learn how to edit photos, how to take a proper selfie, and how to think of new topics to blog..

If you want to live my lifestyle, if you are consistent in blogging, if you have interesting topics and nice photos to blog regularly (which i am always working on this!) Then join us!

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Go to the link to know what is this contest all about and what you will get if you win!!
Contest end on 7May! All the best!

What do you love and don’t love about MFP?

Heyhey it’s sharing session today!

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MFP would like to know what you love and don’t love about us, so that MFP can improve and do better for you and for everyone!

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Maybe you can also feedback what you want from ME too? hahhaa. So anyway for me right, if I really have to think of something about MFP, then it would be the pop up whenever I go to one of our blogs! I would have to close it and view the posts which is quite mafan. Then another thing would be the comment box at Aesthetics Hub! I always have problems commenting! Do you have probs too?

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Anyway if you have any comments like mine or feedback that you need to raise up, then just email Bianca Zen @ to let her know!

They will try their best to improve MFP site. hehe.

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Check out my favourite Korean articles!

With all the K-craze now, it’s no wonder that MFP got influenced tooo! Noticed how our articles are mostly K-related recently? We always like to follow the latest trend and here you go! MFP have gone Korean! ;D

A few K-related articles that I would like to share. I admit that I’m influenced by the K’s too! If not I dun think I will shave away my eye brow arch! \m/


Have you see our gorgeous Chanel’s review of the new CC-cream from Faceshop?
The CC Cream with its added ingredients hydrates, conceals and nourishes the skin. Its anti-ageing formula and ability to neutralise annoying redness, dullness and discoloration is an attractive feature that makes the cream a must-have.

article9 photo mfphw_korea_howtos_reviews_5_zps50446033.jpg


article4 photo bloody-type-mental_zps67b4b512.jpg

Mine is: leaders, easygoing, friendly, outgoing.
Go check out what’s yours!!


article7 photo insadong_restaurant_chilkamsan_zps42e90f09.jpg

Omgosh, thank god I read about this. I think I’m the typical type who raised my hand after eating in a restaurant. HAHAHA.
If you’re going to Korea soon you better click the link!


article2 photo 130627114941-hotel-dessert-wars-7-story-top_zps9f04de9c.jpg

Wow, this is dessert? I tot’s it’s rice.

article12 photo yodi-full-gospel_zpsbd7d610a.jpg

You also get to go to the largest church in the world!

and maybe try to stay in a Korean Traditional House? I would like to stay inside!
Check out 7other things like kimchi museum? hahaha. Go to the link above!article10 photo MyFatPocket_Korea-Gyeongju-Sarangchae-02-682x454_zpsb1a622d7.jpg


Why is Lee Hyori so pretty and sexy!!! urgggghhhhh!

article1 photo 2-8_zps7edf3cd3.png


article6 photo Image_1-2_zps9e360fee.jpg

Love the 2nd dress up! And I love their clothes toooo!


Then you will get to learn how to make Kimchi and Porkstew!!!
article5 photo CookingClassesinSeoul_zps10d7216e.jpg


Okay plastic surgery, korea how can not touch on Plastic surgery?? I wanna do my nose leh!! Btw i think the smile looked kind of pleasant on her?


article3 photo ANewPlasticSurgeryTrendinSouthKoreaputsaConstantSmileonPatientrsquosFace-3_zps8972d78d.jpg


article11 photo somangbloggersevent-6_zpsdaf70490.jpg

And then sell myself abit. You can spot me in the video HAHAHA. I am posting my review of the midnight cream tomorrow! 🙂


article8 photo MFP_FashionSpotting_201309-01_zps42f1074a.jpg

Love her cape! I got this recent craze for cape! Really can’t stand why Koreans dress so nice. argh! hahaha. okay I hope you have a good friday!
Finally my weekend is here again hope my stomach gets better toooooo!

Korean Fashion!

I would go Korea just to eat their food and look at the girls. Their fashion sense is so good la!

 photo korea-fashion-2Aug-2_zps9f5f388a.jpg

 I love the above outfit! From top to toe it’s just nicely matched! Even the hair please, that’s why I love shoulder length hair. 😛

Especially love the top and the pants, what a great color combi! The floral top so cute, totally fit her cute face! It’s such a happy outfit!

 photo korea-fashion-2Aug-3_zps96332b32.jpg

I dunno why she’s giving a awkward face when her outfit is so nice.

Simple yet stylish with my beloved prada bag!! The white top and yellow skirt totally rocked with the blue wedges!!

 photo korea-fashion-1_zpsa81f1d85.jpg

Nude, black and lace. Can never go wrong. She looked so damn cool with the look and tattoo. The dress itself supposed to be feminine but it turned her into a rock chic! I like the heels 😀

 photo korea-fashion-2_zps10435457.jpg

Last outfit, cute and sweeeet! I dun think I can carry off the socks with platform!

But overall she looked so chic and cute!!

Thank god I’m not going to Korea, I’m already worrying about what to wear in Japan lor!!!
Girls in korea dressed so well, it’s like you have fusion cuisine and you have fushion fashion in Korea!

Weekly Friday give away! Pretty lashes and special mascara!

Weekly friday feebies!! Pretty korean eye products for you!–friday-freebies/41550-korea-edition-too-cool-for-school-dinoplatz-escalator-mascara-a-brown-false-eyelashes

I have always wanted to try brown false eyelashes! But if I have problem putting on black I dun think I will go the extra mile to put on brown! So I would be really happy if you manage to win these and put them on!  photo sgmfp_sharashara_10_zps862bc9f7.jpg

 photo sgmfp_sharashara_6_zps895032bd.jpg

Aside from pretty lashes! There is this innovative and cool mascara tooo!

 photo 2dbz-toocoolforschool-Dinoplatz-Escalator-Mascara_zpsb8798a16.jpg

 photo toocoolforschool-Dinoplatz-Escalator-Mascara2_zps4077a507.jpg

Super fun cos you can adjust it to fit your need just by twisting the handle!
When lengthened, mascara creates a clean long lash and when shortened, you have bold volume!

You don’t need 2 different mascara anymore! 😀

Join our giveaway by clicking here! ->–friday-freebies/41550-korea-edition-too-cool-for-school-dinoplatz-escalator-mascara-a-brown-false-eyelashes (contest ends 2nd sep!)

Luview Real Skin Premier BB Cream

Beauty Bistro is a beauty castle that provides an extensive choice of beauty products and gadgets to meet the insatiable needs of women from all ages. Beauty Bistro actively source for innovative and award-winning products from Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan and Europe. So today I am reviewing one of the BB cream from Beauty Bistro, and it’s

Luview Real Skin Premier BB Cream

LUVIEW is an up and coming Korean brand. It was established in 2010 and its core target are ladies in their 20s and 30s.
All LUVIEW products are manufactured using a unique combination of carefully selected natural ingredients (minerals and botanical tea extract) and the most advanced dermatology – the perfect formula for a skin friendly makeup brand.

Sorry for the frown, not used to lighting sometimes in the morning, lol

Luview Primer BB cream covers Blemish & Pore, regular skin tones, function of primer were added to completes skin expression.

 photo SAM_1218_zps6d8b4cd5.jpg

Loving my new eyebrows.

It’s a KFDA certified whitening cosmeceutical product which cares the skin from blemish and somber tone, with the function of sebum control, it maintains smooth make up. Ingredients like Elderberry & black berry protects skin from toxic environment, and it’s a natural skin cover too.

And here’s the outcome!

 photo SAM_1224_zps3b32a200.jpgThe coverage is decent, for pores and blemishes too.
But the downside of it is that I don’t really like the smell and don’t really see any whitening effect on my face.

You probably can try this if you’re not going for whitening products, and looking for a skin friendly, decent coverage and light weighted bb cream. 😉

It’s MFP Korea month!

Wow wow wow, it’s MFP korea month and MFP is going to highlight everything about Korea! Myfatpocket even went to Korea to document plastic surgery and aesthetics procedures first hand, you can refer to here ->

As I’m also crazy about Korea, I’m sharing some of my favourite articles here!


– Would you go for cosmetic surgery to feel better about yourself? I definitely will man. It’s just that I’m scared!


– Pretty interesting article! I admire her illustrations!


– hahahhaha! Jeju loveland is so fun with all the funny sex sculptures!


 photo 7-dating-in-south-korea-seoulistic_zps090eea9b.jpeg


 photo dsc00139_zps9ea5a2c9.jpeg


– Reading the above 3articles, I WANT TO GO SEOUL!

 photo yeon2_zps8d570e48.jpeg


– I read about this woman before, and she’s really awesome please!! So fit and look so young! grrrrr..

 photo korean-girl_zps0620b4ae.jpeg


– This is a good read, didn’t know they can be so many other things…

 photo CL-GQ-4_zps4e7f273a.jpeg


– CL IS HOT plssssssss!


“In South Korea, factors such as the high cost of raising and educating children and intense competition for top white-collar jobs have resulted in more adults staying single for longer and having fewer children when they do wed”

article featuring Park Shin Hye toooo!

Hope you enjoy the articles as much as I do! 🙂