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Don’t even know what kind of post is this. Just a week at a glance. Super busy, tiring and even de**********.

Saturday – Bf busy editing photos, me busy doing performance review.
We are still having withdrawal symtoms from our Japan trip so after dinner we went to MOF for japanese dessert.
Love their matcha ice cream, and baked mochi is super chewy and sweet.

11121 photo IMG_20131109_210238_zpsddfb8ffa.jpg

Then we hopped around looking for japanese snacks, specifically marbles. With marbles who cares about M&Ms? And saw this cute merci me, cos I’m a horse. Merci is not from Japan right so we didn’t buy. And Ntuc don’t have marbles. -_-

11122 photo IMG_20131109_223356_zpsb05cb95c.jpg

After that I fell sick, extreme withdrawal symptom.

11123 photo IMG_20131110_175016_zps53422451.jpg

And my bf bought/brought me raspberry tofu cheesecake. (iamsick) and it taste MOFO good although it’s not from Japan.

11125 photo IMG_20131111_182215_zps79f12fa6.jpg

He bought me cheesecake, I brought him to Creation Cafe for pasta, again not Jap food. (yeshepay)

11126 photo IMG_20131111_184055_zpsf0c53130.jpg

You have the soup of the day, I think is carrot soup. (Imissnikkotomatosoup)

11127 photo IMG_20131111_185338_zpsaa062bdd.jpg

I recommend the thai cream linguine which is my favourite although I myself never ordered it before!!

11128 photo IMG_20131111_185543_zpsa3097518.jpg

And so I had chicken pesto Pasta.

Can’t wait to blog about the Japan trip although it’s sort of tedious hahaha. But recently I’m having the sian of life feeling again. Things not going the direction I want it too. Reality sucks!

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Season, Bugis Village

Ramen hunt this time round at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu! I love how they have different themes for their restaurants!

So the first outlet I visited was 4seasons!
The usual me would order ‘Summer’ because it’s spicy but as I was having the runs that day I chose Autumn!

The order form!
You can choose the taste of the soup, the oil and the noodle texture.
I chose Normal, Normal and Hard! Cos I love hard noodles. hehe.

r1 photo IMG_20131014_182930_zps8fe718ac.jpg

And we have free flow of bean sprouts and boiled eggs! I see people finish the whole containers of taugeys lor!

r2 photo IMG_20131014_183240_zpsf8a5be1b.jpg

r3 photo IMG_20131014_183449_zpsd8a13a25.jpg

And here is my Autumn Ramen! yes! even their bowls fit the themes!
My autumn has fried mushroom in it, maybe that’s why abit oily? The meat is very goood! πŸ˜€

r4 photo IMG_20131014_184611_zpsa56fbcb7.jpg

and the bf has Winter Ramen, the pork looks so goood.

r5 photo IMG_20131014_190901_zpsb4f94f7f.jpg

Overall it was a good and affordable meal but I would opt for less oil and light taste of the soup, because both of us feel that the soup are quite thick and jelat after more sips.

Maybe santouka is still better? Oops, time to go back cos I forget the taste already. But maybe I can have ramen everyday for the next week so let’s see. πŸ˜‰

When did I become a glutton?

3more weeks and I’m done with internship! I’m going overseas after that for quite sometime and when I’m back, I promised to update regularly heh heh heh.

I know I haven’t been giving tips on weight loss! So before I post the next article, let me spam you with some food pics first! and maybe a pic of my short hair?


teeth is getting straighter but the gaps are still there!


carrot cake @ Lavender


Tau Suan


Ayam Panggang at PS, it’s good!


Vivocity – Japanese gourmet town


Amk market – Ba chor mee

Eat what you crave occasionally, this is one of the steps to weight loss.

Mylife – food – Watami Singapore Again!

I cut my fringe again! yawns.
Went out for dinner with le bf, it’s getting difficult to squeeze out time for a simple meal.


my smile gets better every month, (Y)


at first wanted to eat sushi, in the end, too hungry alrdy, and sushi craving gone, so went to watami after seeing the long q outside fish&co

over here i scold him, why u always look other place!? den i realized that im also doing the same and both of us laughed together which resulted in the picture below! haha!


Watami Menu! At Ion’s Outlet this time!


I took my own sweet time thinking what to eat, because i wanted to order everything on the menu

finally decided and we ordered this expensive, yummy drink, something matcha redbean latte. sorry cant really remember.
my current favourite dessert/drink must have green tea and redbeans. hehe yums.



cheeky smile!


his ramen is here!Watami tonkotsu ramen!

the boy loves eating ramen, and if he spot ramen in a restaurant, he will definitely ordered that. and come to think of it, it has been ages since he ate ramen! okay forgiven!


the soup base is good but salty. too much msg. haha


hire katsu tamago toji. the other time we ordered the chicken one and this time the pork one, lol i dun eat pork and i forgot about that! omgosh. but it doesnt taste like pork, it’s yummy!


this is Tonpeiyaki, another awesome dish. pork, cheese, cabbage and egg. once again, PORK.


i wanted to order their salad because i always wanted to try! but mr tey wanted crispy potato! ROAR. he’s a french fries freak.


this is the dish after the mixture with the scrambled egg. too good. BUT the chicken one is nicer. i dunno why.

after dinner, we went to search for a pair of heels which I can’t find a suitable one. zzz. and we went to starbucks to chill and i forced him to watch twilight after we can’t seem to watch other movies without subtitles, as it’s too noisy.



our drinks! mocha and americano, super big.

i like to try out different drinks and food but if I drink this or eat this before and i love it, i would order the same thing again, that’s the reason why i always go back to the same restaurant and i always order MOCHA in starbucks.



both is bought by mr tey lol

An awesome dinner with my awesome date, hai i wonder when’s the next. hahhaa. sian.. nvm time flies..
If you haven read my how to lose weight article part 15, go to previous post! =)

Mylife – Ichiban sushi

I think it has become a norm for us to go to Ichiban whenever we meet.


Love the outlet at Amk


The best seat to indulge


say hello to leilei LOL


expensive dish, eel and eggs! $15.90!


and her set costs $16.90! wah i felt cheated.


sushisushisushi! i haven ate sushi for almost half a year!??


yay favourite!

I swear im already so full but i still wanna get desserts, so i got green tea icecream with redbean and cornflakes. pretty good!


red beans are hidden

the girl will pass me my belated gift on sunday haha! great meeting, nice gossips. :X

Mylife – Watami Jap Restaurant

Backtrack post again to advance birthday celebration with MR SIMON.

im a weightloss blogger that love food! dont hate me!



i took alot of photos over here, all damn bird one


the guy wanted to eat santouka ramen but i dun eat noodles so in the end we decided to eat at WATAMI @ The Central


i press this for a few times, no one came, i actually was abit frustrated.

if im not hungry, nevermind, i can wait, but im hungry like hell! so i just walked in, there were customers inside but where’s the staffs? stand there for awhile and the staffs finally approached us. -.-! i think we are very nice, we are those who don’t complain one.

okay lah, maybe because its lunch time. *console self*


i think this is some sort of lunch menu.

the food looked damn good, EVEN THE SALAD LOOKS GOOD. HOW TO CHOOSE U TELL ME?


a photo of the birthday boy


so we ordered the special for 2, we ordered the $59 one.



specialty pork rice with egg yolk in stone pot.


i think this is (I THINK AH) katsu tamago toji this is damn yummy! i swear!


beef bone broth nabe comes with udon.



we also take polaroid!






we finished everything, and we were so full! wanted to order dessert but cannot digest anymore LOL!

it was a very very happy meal happier than macdonald’s happy meal!

this meal is damn worth it! i will definitely go back again, but i think the staffs should stay at the counter and look out for incoming customers!

after our dinner we went to cine. this day is meant for mr simon.


the guy actually wanted to buy herschel bagpack for me, but i want baggu cos it’s cheaper. so we had a argument at CINE after some misunderstanding. zzz right i know.

we went home afterwards, when we alight at hg, Mr simontey told me he need to go somewhere and ask me to go home first, i said, you go lor, i go other place cos im still frustrated.

IN THE END U KNOW WHAT, HE WENT BACK TO CINELEISURE AND GET THE BAGGU BAGPACK FOR ME. omg i damn touched! and shocked obviously. im really thankful to have met him :’) he always do things to make me happy, and even waiting outside for me when i got events just to give me food and surprise. he even blog for me when i got no time to blog. WHERE TO FIND THIS KIND OF BF?

thank you be, <3

now i just hope that your acid reflux will get better and nothing serious will happen to you. God bless you!

Sho Teppanyaki @ Ion Orchard

Last friday.


3 for $5. Masks bought from Missha. The smell of this honey mask is damn strong


lol! the little boy got shocked because I was masking and staring at him HAHA


in the fitting room! at f21! meeting mr tey after this

I waited for 1.5hr -.- haha i know right.. lol! We then settled our dinner at SHO TEPPANYAKI @ ION ORCHARD



I ordered Salmon Nabe, healthy!


I love salmon!! v tempted to order sashimi but i didnt


the meal!

After our dinner, we window shop around and decided to have coffee @ Starbucks!



2 cuppa of cappucino!

Love the healthy dishes from Sho Teppanyaki and it’s not very expensive because we spend about $30 for 2 person? Will go back again definitely ^^v

dental appt this wed! super excited YAY!

Pantene Smooth and silky, and friday freebies!

Super <3 Itacho Sushi! The sashimi is super fresh!


and this is my hair color before dyeing olive brown

Wanted to order their softshell crab salad (my friend told me its super nice) but ordered wrong, got the normal crab salad instead. :/ nevermind next time!

Anyway FYI, I’m trying out Pantene Hair products (smooth and silky), all thanks to Pantene.

2011-11-24 18.58.59

It’s my day 2 and so far so good, it’s much more softer.. Will do a progress post about it. πŸ™‚

2011-11-26 17.56.13

Have you participate in my giveaway/Mfp friday freebies?
saw some of the comments, and felt really touched!! ;’) this thread.

Continue to post your answers alright!

Once again, This contest ends 2nd December 2011 at 2359hrs.

SEE my prev post for more details πŸ™‚ luck!