SDWC: Sharing how I lost 10kgs and tips to lose them forever!

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I haven’t written a weight loss post since forever. Today’s post is based on my personal experience. No money involved, no crazy dieting involved. All you need is youtube and some tips from me to lose the weight that you want to lose, or you have gained.

So you know I went missing in 2015, during this time I gained weight too. Not like 1-2kgs kind of weight but I gained 10kg. Freaking 10kg. Even my ex colleague that I went out with for dinner asked me if I gained weight.

My colleagues then in the bank even noticed that I gain weight, I had to change my uniform, and my top and jacket has become so much tighter. Even my friend asked me if I gained weight just by looking at my whatsapp profile pic! Yes it was that bad!!

The reason for my weight gain is due to stress, bingeing and supper. Well I didn’t have any motivation during THAT period so I just let myself eat eat eat and eat..

Then around late 2015, after I got married. My motivation suddenly returned. I don’t know why but when I’m with Simon I just feel the need to be slim. I think because I don’t want to look fat beside him.. -.-

Honestly I’m quite happy that I managed to lose off the weight by eating the right amount of calories and exercising. No extreme diet FINALLY! So today I’m sharing with you how I lose off those excess pounds. =D

Tip 1: Eat about 1200-1300 calories a day

This is a sample plan for your reference:
Breakfast – 2 slice of bread, peanut butter, tea/coffee. 250
Lunch – Salad 300
Snack – keep within 200 calories
Dinner – Meat and veggies, or anything but half the serving.

Tip 2: Workout!

Walk ALOT. Try to walk 10,000 steps a day. You can measure this by downloading the pedometer app in your phone. Exercise at least 3times a week.

Or you can get a garmin fenix or a fitbit! :p

Anyway here are 2 videos that I’ve been doing lately! Jung Dayeon figurobics and Taebo!

You can always check out more of Jung’s videos! I think her workout videos are the best I’ve ever done, very good for toning imo!

Tip 3: Drink lots of water 

I can’t emphasize this enough!

Tip 4: Eat your favourite food/snacks in the morning 

Not very sure if this helps you but when I snack in the morning, I tend to eat healthier later in the day! And I always believe that it’s easier to burn off those calories in the morning as you have the whole day to work on rather than the night where you go to sleep immediately.

Tip 5: Eat till 70% full. Or 50% if you’re up to it. 

I eat anything I want for dinner but about half or 3/4 of it. (Simon will cook healthy meals for me next time :p so now I suffer abit first)

Tip 6: Eat whatever you want during the weekends but keep your calories in check! 

By eating what you like during the weekends, you will be more motivated to eat clean on weekdays!

Finally I have come to the end of the post! Not alot of tips honestly but definitely something you can work on. Hope you like this post today! Just remember to keep fit, slim and healthy always involved 3 things and they are – determination, calories and exercise. 

For more questions just drop me an email -> =D 

Well I’m addicted to snapchat already if you want just add me: claireaudreylim. HAHA. =D


SDWC – How often should you weigh yourself

 photo IMG_9770_zpsaq0yseey.jpg

I was reading this article from myfitnesspal app and it is titled: How often should you weigh yourself. This is the original article for your reference:

I was once obsessed with the weighing scale too. I was obsessed with many things back then, weighing scale.. Calories.. And even the number of steps I take everyday.

I weighed myself 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night. The number on the scale is always different, and everytime I saw a different number I will panic and get paranoid.

Its normal for us to weigh more later in the day BUT I didnt understand this when I was younger. I thought I was gaining weight and because of this stupid mindset, i would skip meals the next day.

My mood is in sync with the scale, if the number goes down I will be happy but if it goes up I will get depressed. But I cant help it, I have to weigh myself everyday to feel secured and safe as this is the only way I could track my progress.

For the record I am not saying weighing everyday is a bad thing, the main point is how you feel when you weigh yourself. If you don’t get affected by the numbers at all then just go ahead. Letting the numbers affecting my mood and life is a stupid choice, and it took me a very long while to finally get that.

Now I only weigh myself like once a week. It took me awhile to adjust to this. Especially now when Im doing workouts like taebo and figurobics, it’s very easy for the numbers to go up due to muscle tear and soreness. Previously I was only doing briskwalking and I felt that it’s not enough, I feel that I’m still very flabby and soft. When my body is flabby, they seemed to gain weight easier. I think I got motivated last year when I gain 8kgs. You dont feel the gain until you compare your photos. Its disgustingly crazy. Lol! That was what motivated me to change my exercise routine. Also if you’ve had liposuction done, the weight gain can be ugly.

Sorry I went off track again. I will write a post on that next time. Working on it. 😀

So I was saying now I weigh myself once a week and very importantly, I always avoid the scale during my period. The jump in the numbers during a woman’s period can be SCARY!

I definitely feel much better with the switch and actually I feel more motivated too. I focus on how I look now instead of how much I weigh. You know there are times when you weigh heavier but your pants are looser? Or you weigh the same but your jeans seem to fit better? Ah that’s why weight is just a number.




Slim down w Claire: Binge eating

Last post I wrote about controlling cravings and today I talked about binge eating. Very contradicting but I cant help it.

Its my third semester right now. As usual whenever school starts I eat more cos Im very stress. And where did this stress come from? Me.

RMIT. Pass can already what? Score so high for what? Its not like it will help you in your resume or whatever.. But I can’t help it. It’s my personal goals. It’s not because I want my cert to look good (not as if it will) .

Everything seems different nowadays, this new life is abit weird. I also realized that it’s getting hard for me to control my cravings now. Isit because Im getting old? 🙁 I really hope it’s just stress. Can’t wait for 2015 to be over!!

My exercise routine didn’t really change and in fact lesser -.- but im eating and craving more grrrr..

I also realized that fats are moving to other areas, previously they gathered at my thighs now they go to my arms and stomach! Not sure isit due to my lipo…

Stomach still ok leh but arms… Omgoodness..

I want to start eating healthier. I have been bingeing lately, too much stress going on. Im like having a battle with myself, almost every night I have nightmare. Like Just the other day I woke up crying like mad.. Haizz

I read somewhere before if you smile more, you will feel happier. So I’m constantly reminding myself. Smile more claire.

 photo IMG_4606_zpsngnmjayy.jpg

Lets jiayou controlling our appetite, I don’t want to gain weight!

Slim down with Claire: Tips to control your cravings

Hi guys I’m not in a very stable state right now.. I will probably blog about it soon, we will see how it goes okay.

I have been keeping this post for awhile, cos I wanted to do a video on it but I got lazy, I haven’t touch my camera for awhile and I mean a really long while. I have no mood to do a video at all.. mmm maybe soon..

But today I’m going to share my tips to control cravings. Sound pretty ironic because I’ve been eating alot lately due to whatever has been going on right now..

Let’s start with the post!

These are the things that I do which I think it worked well for me. 🙂

Firstly, you need an awesome app.
I have this ‘diet calendar’ app on my tablet that I track and record every single thing that I eat daily. You can also upload the photos of the food you eat into the app!

Usually when I have craving for snacks or fast food, the first thing I do is to go through this app and look at what I have eaten for the day and for the past week before I decide to jump into the food trap. This works pretty well for me because if I see that I had some oily stuff in the afternoon then usually I will go clean at night.

Download it and try, maybe it will work for you!

2) Buy a small bowl
You know there are times when you just wanted to get some chips from a bag, but ended up eating the whole pack? That’s what happens to me in the past. Now what I do is to put them into a bowl and eat them without guilt!

3) Share with people!
I used to have cravings for chocolates and I tell myself that I’m going to eat maybe 3-5 out of that pack and because it’s always right infront of me on the desk, I finish it up. But when I’m with a friend, I usually just eat 3-5 like what I plan!. So sharing with someone is very important!! Share the calories also. LOL.

4) This point is somehow related to point 3! Put all temptations away please!
If you want to stop eating unhealthy stuffs, then you have to make the effort to put them away! This actually works well! If you don’t see, you don’t think then you won’t eat!

5) Prepare healthy snacks and fill yourself up every 2-3hours
Sometimes when I’m hungry, I tend to look for unhealthy food. So to prevent this, you can prepare small and healthy snacks for tea and break time! Fruits and yogurt would be good!

6) Drink lots of water
Drinking lots of water will make you feel full and if you want some extra taste, then add lemon or lime!

7) Remember what they use to say? Go for a walk if you have craving?
Sorry this doesn’t work for me! The more I walk the more I want to eat! So what you can do if you have craving is to gulp down a glass of ice water. And you got it, yea feel refreshed and cravings gone!

8) Plan days to indulge
I eat fast food on alternate fridays! That’s how I control my cravings on the normal days! And it also gives you something to look forward to!!

This is damn important, when I have like 4-5hours of sleep.. I really binge like mad.

How to control craving is a question that I always got from you, so here I am answering to it.

Hope it helps and thank you for reading this post! Send me an email if you have more questions. 🙂


HulaHoop to lose weight and Sleek Tag Review!

Hello guys I’m very excited to show you what I got today because it’s the one thing I always like to do! If you read all my weight loss related posts before (thank you very much!! 🙂 you will know that I always play hula hoop, and I started losing weight with the help of a hulahoop!

I love hula hoop so much because it is super convenient and I can exercise anytime and anywhere. It’s very hard for me when I have to work + school and I really have no time to exercise so the only thing I can do frequently is hula hooping. Imagine the time I sit during work and school, I really want to prevent the growth of a tummy so hula hooping is really my best friend!

Another thing is whenever I want to go out for a walk or run, it has to rain! So with a hula hoop it really helps me to exercise in my crib!
The best hula hoop I have ever used is my friend’s mother’s one, and it’s like those strings of HUGE beads linked together and you play it like a hulahoop. I don’t even know if you understand what I’m saying but story is: I broke that.

Since then I have been using a wooden hula hoop which is THIS:

 photo SAM_6025_zpsa628faf5.jpg

When I started playing this, I had bruises.. well it’s wood! I tried looking around for an alternative but they are always those that are very light weighted ones.. (like those probably you can look for in markets) So I give up and stick to this for 8years. Wow I feel so old. Another thing is this cannot be dissembled and I always get nagged by my grandmother cos I always threw it around after I’m done. Zzz.

But today I’m very excited!!! Because why?? I got new HULAHOOPS TO PLAY WITH!! Before I go on with my honest opinions on this hulahoops, tell me if you want to try playing them I can lend you for a week then you can buy your own. Lol!
I will also be showing you what Simon and I have been wearing when we go out for hiking or walks! So please continue reading! =D

 photo SAM_6020_zps13b6377d.jpg

Here I’m holding like 4 hulahoops but actually I got 8 plus 1 arm hoops! Arm hoops??!?! Yes. You read me. I can also tone my arms now!!
But before I talk about the arm hoops which is super amazing.. I even ask my grandmother to play.. I’m going to go through the different types of hoops I have right now!
The top top top reason why I love these hula hoops is because they can be disassembled! This is so good because I can just break them into the respective parts and store them without my living room looking like a mess, and I just need to assemble them again whenever I need to!

And I have always wanted to have a hula hoop at Simon’s place so now this thought is settled! =D
I have 8 different types of hula hoops to show you today! I’m sure one of it will suit you. 😀

1. Solid-1000
Among all, this is the easiest to assemble. It’s not too heavy nor light, I think the weight is perfect too. Just to warn you, if you are a beginner you may keep dropping the hula hoop, and sometimes it will drop on your feet! Magic’s weight is kinda perfect in a sense that it’s not too heavy to make you pain when it drops or too light that you don’t feel anything when you play.

 photo SAM_0991_zps7efec785.jpg

 photo SOLID1000_zps2adc3827.jpg

 photo magicfix1_zps6a1d6b98.jpg

Solid-1000 consists of 6 separate parts which can be connected together easily with the fast locking mechanism.
Above diagram shows how I assemble the hula hoops.
There is a ‘button’, I just press it down and push it into the other hole. Very easy and fast! Probably 1-2mins?

Next I have the Smooth Foam Hoops:
This weighted one is foam-made and more rubbery to the touch.
The Solid-1000 seems to shake more faster than this one maybe because of the different material being used.
I personally prefer the Solid-1000 as compared to this because I have to shake faster to keep it on my waist, in this way I also sweat faster.

 photo SAM_6006_zpscfaca639.jpg

 photo SAM_6008_zpscf0f10d7.jpg

3. Smooth Foam Hula Hoop: Smooth Foam 1.1KG, 100cm (above) and Smooth Foam 750g, 90cm (below)

 photo foamhulahoop_zpsd7424f14.jpg

This hoop is easily adjustable to suit both male and female users, if males are bigger sized then they can use this too.

Many of you asked where I usually buy Hulahoops, and the last time I think I mentioned was Paragon. If you really want to buy hula hoops then you should buy these types that can be kept in your storeroom! The previous time I bought the wood one, I actually carry the whole thing home alone, a lot of people were staring at me, I definitely don’t want that to happen again even though it’s quite fun. Lol!

By the way I actually think that the above 3 that I showed are more suitable for beginners because they are not so heavy. So if you already are playing hula hoop and are used to the weight then you can look at these!

4) Adjustable Weight Hula

 photo heavyassemble2_zpsfeae9094.jpg

This one is amazing because you can build up the weight of your hula! I just put the iron filling into the hole then I just connect the parts together by pressing the ‘button’. It’s very easy and fast and you can adjust the weight from 3LB to 5LB depending on how heavy you want it to be. This can really strengthen the stomach muscles by the way.

And if you don’t like this, I also have the massage types!

 photo pvchulahoop_zpsb57699a8.jpg

These 4 hula hoops all have massage balls on them and the difference about them is their weight.
The Orange one is 1.1KG Diameter 108cm Pipe Diameter 3.5cm
The Pink one is 1.45KG Diameter 110cm Pipe Diameter 3.5cm
The Yellow one is 1.60KG Diameter 110cm Pipe Diameter 4cm
The Blue one is 1.70KG Diameter 110cm Pipe Diameter 4.25cm

On the box it was recommended to play for 20minutes a day. The massage balls inside the pipe will slim your waist and massage your muscle, the magnet inside the pvc ball provides acupressure and also promote blood circulation.

After seeing so many types of hula hoops, do you feel like trying them out? I really think you should start playing hula if you have no time to exercise, if you have time to watch tv then you definitely have the time to play hula hoop because you can do this 2 things together!
That’s my favourite thing to do, watch my favourite drama show and play hula hoop!
It also helps to get rid of belly fats which are like the number one or two concerns for us ladies!

For me, my number one concern is actually my limbs! Other than thighs, next problem for me, my arms! So when I saw this arm hoops together with the other hula hoops, you cannot imagine my excitement. It’s too cool! If you have arm problems then continue reading!!

Arm Hoops
 photo SAM_0994_zpsc8d8579e.jpg

My grandmother and I have so much fun playing with this hoops! I can play it anywhere, it’s really working my arm and shoulder muscles, and I can feel the soreness when I play it! I’m going to do this more frequently so to tone up my arms!!

If you are interested in getting any of the ones I mentioned! You can have 10% off for one month now! This discount will be valid for 1 month from today! Do note that the discount is not applicable for non value packs.

Just need to like HulaHoopSingapore’s facebook ( and apply the discount code “HulaHoopSingaporeWithMFP” !!

Playing with hoops to tone up and slim down is way better than spending your money on slimming pills baby so get it while the discounts are going on! You might want to take note of the below pointers too before starting playing with hula hoop!

• For beginners, do not use hoops for more than 5 minutes for first 2 weeks.
• Hula hooping is not suitable for pregnant ladies.
• People with existing back problems should seek doctor’s advice if hula hooping is suitable for them.

Remember starting of the post I mentioned Simon and I have been wearing something recently??
This is it!

 photo Picture8_zpse6d57aa0.jpg

Okay maybe on first look, you may be thinking, chey it’s couple’s tag! But there are more important things to the tags that you might want to know!

These stainless steel tags can be engraved. It’s very important because you can engrave important information of the person wearing it in case of emergency. Especially for people who are very active, they should definitely have this because there are always risks associated with outdoor activities and with important information engraved on it, strangers will know who to contact and etc etc..

If you don’t want to put your contact information, you can also put your blood type or even allergen information!

 photo Picture9_zps216d2fb0.jpg This is my close up: Anything happens to call Simon’s HP number.

 photo Picture3_zps6db3048f.jpg

And this is simon’s wrist tag, which appears my number!

 photo simonasos_zps4dbfe9a8.jpg

 photo Picture4_zpsb9ad971f.jpg

I love these tags because they are functional and fashionable. They doesn’t look ‘obiang’ at all and it’s something I would dare to wear it out. 
If you don’t want to wear it, there is also another type where you can put it on your bag instead of wearing it!

 photo Picture5_zps68f49556.jpg

 photo Picture6_zpsa944c593.jpg

These SleekTags are not just for couples like me and Simon, but also suitable for your kids if they are going camping or recreational trips! It can also be worn on elderly if they lost their way or forgot their way home.
It can also be worn on sports teams as a team tag to build team spirit too!

 photo Picture7_zps88e2aa0c.jpg

 photo SAM_6056_zpsfc89572b.jpg

The Sleektags come in many colours by the way and it’s adjustable plus easy to wear! =D
If you think this will works for you, your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, your child or your parents/grandparents then,
You are able to get 10% discount just by liking SleekTag’s FB ( and key in the discount code “SleekTagWithMFP” for your orders! This discount will be valid for 1 month from today!

Start toning your waist with hula hoop and keep your loved ones safe with Sleek Tags!

Slim Down With Claire: For those who binge-eat

There is suppose to be one more post before this topic, but I decided to share this with you guys first as THAT TOPIC I wanted to do a video together with it. 🙂

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Binge eating.

I know some of you girls have this binge eating problem, and you always asked me how to control this.

To be honest, I have bad times too. Especially when I am stress! So this semester I got a few assignments due end August. NO SERIOUSLY END AUGUST NOW IS AUGUST. Yes no joke. Im sad. Very.

I dun understand how can one fully recover from binge eating, I think it still comes back when something triggers it.

I won’t say I recover fully from binge eating because, let’s be realistic, I binge when Im having PMS, I binge when Im stress and moody. Okay actually I can say I recover because I used to binge more than 3000-4000calories again and now the most I hit 1800-2000calories on some days when I am stress? It’s like half so it’s really an awesome improvement! 1800-2000calories is alot to me especially when I have no time to exercise during school days!

So it really depends on how you control this ‘binge’. And what’s your definition of BINGE.

I have been eating alot of chocolates and savory stuffs lately. The worse scenario is PMS + STRESS = BOMB. eat alot, spend alot like REALLY.. ALOT..!

Anyway I need to stop babbling leh, I got this habit of talking out of topic and ok BAM back to my purpose of this post is that. (based on my experience)

I binge because I wanna keep my mouth busy, to satisfy my cravings, I think it’s more to keeping my mouth busy. mmm..

So I decided to get tons of fruits, stock it up, tons of yogurts, peanut butter and you need milo/cocoa powder.

Why these few?

1st: Keep my mouth really busy, a few fruits already make me bloat and full like hell. So I hope this really control it.

2nd: Milo/cocoa powder and peanut butter because they are chocolatey and savory. Mix it with your yogurt or fruits. then you.satisfy.your.cravings.

I will try this and let you know. Let’s do this experience together.

Once again, this post is for those who BINGE when they binge? LOL.

Okay I will see you again.. Bye my life sucks. 🙁

With lots of love,

Truth: Problems after massive weightloss (vlog)

It has been so long since I blog about a diet/weightloss related post! Today I’m going to share about some of the problems that I’m facing after the 40kgs weight loss. You might think that I’m healthy and happy but that’s not really the case.

These are some of the things that are bothering me, well not all the time but most of the time.. I thought I should share more about this because people only focus on how I look after I slim down instead of what’s really going on..

So these are the few issues that I’m having right now and am still finding ways to feel and get better.


– I have irritable bowel syndrome. I was diagnosed with this recently, and I think that it has to do with my bingeing episodes. Previously I can gobble down 3000-4000calories worth of food if I’m feeling hungry, it doesn’t matter if I’m full or not, cos I will just push it down. Anyway I didn’t get this just recently, I have always had the symptoms, but I didn’t know it was IBS.


– I’m always feeling tired and sleepy, and I have low energy and always feeling weak. Even if I have enough sleep, I still feel tired all the time. Other than this, frequent low blood pressure and low blood sugar. I feel that I have this issues because my body couldn’t absorb much nutrients. (refer to the last point)


– Loose skin obviously, I am already used to this, but if you don’t want loose skin, your weight loss should be steady instead of drastic.


– I have to eat small meals throughout the day. I can’t eat a proper meal, if I tried to eat a proper meal I will get indigestion and super super bad bloatedness. My body is too used to the diet times.. Even if I eat vegetables and meat only, I get bloatedness too.


I’m bottom heavy that made me look disproportionate! You can watch my video because I reveal something that I have never blogged before.

Lastly, I am always running to the toilet, I can visit the toilet 4-5times a day, good times would be 2 or 3. This is the worst because it’s affecting my lifestyle.

I regret relying on crash diets to lose weight, if I were to exercise and have a balanced diet, none of these would happen. At that point of time, I just felt that crash diet is the best way to lose weight, I didn’t know how to control myself by keeping it max a week. I just kept pushing myself to diet because I just wanted to lose weight so badly.

I really hope that you don’t follow what I did in the past because I don’t want you to regret in the future. All I can say is if you really want to diet, keep it max a week. But don’t go lower than 800 calories. Even 800 calories is bad that’s why i say only keep for a week! You can do a ‘cleansing’ every 2months once or something but keep it max a week and don’t extend the duration.

I know it’s very hard to change your mindset, but if you feel that it’s hard, then talk to me or drop me an email. You don’t need to tell me your name, just keep it anonymous.

Alright, that’s about it. And here’s the video.. Watch it if you want to. 🙂

Any comments please send a email, I’m fixing my blog comments!

Lots of love,

Review: Shiro-wa: Vitamagra – total 3D nutritional and weight management drink

Finally my review of Vitamagra!

I don’t take it as a supplement though, it’s more like my daily snack! Hahaha.

Because I liked the Vitamagra that Dr. Daniel did for us to try, I made my own version too!
Other than the coffee one, I also tried my own strawberry shake!

The usual direction of Vitamagra is to:

Add 1 cup (250 ml) of water to 2 tablespoons of Vitamagra as a main meal, or ½ cup (125 ml) of water to 1 tablespoon as snack or supplement. Blend it with ice for a tastier, creamier finish.

But I love to play around with my food, so here are my versions!

r1 photo SAM_0135_zps9ccc2f05.jpg

Here are 2 ingredients that you need, Strawberry yogurt drink and coffee powder! They are not meant to be mixed together!
Please prepare a tablespoon, which would make measurements easier!

r2 photo SAM_0146_zpsfc743f39.jpg

r3 photo SAM_0150_zps0dc98159.jpg

This is my original Vitamagra, I love the basil seeds in it, it add on to the taste and it’s fun to chew!

r4 photo 20131019_150519_zps63f07f39.jpg

I liked the original one too as it’s much easier to mix?
Please prepare a container too, for shaking purposes.
As I do not have a proper mug or container or whatever you call it, I can only use this. LOL!

r5 photo SAM_0152_zps54878e1f.jpg

r6 photo SAM_0154_zps385f9674.jpg

Very excited now, it smell good too!

r7 photo SAM_0156_zps13257fea.jpg

For the strawberry Vitamagra:
I mixed half cup of Strawberry yogurt drink with 1tablespoon of Vitamagra!

r8 photo 20131019_145544_zps7ce180e3.jpg

It’s pretty easy, just need to shake! (I omit the ice as the yogurt drink is quite cold.)

r9 photo 20131019_145607_zps95c9735c.jpg

Heh heh, I love the seeds….
Okay let’s try this…

r10 photo 20131019_145807_zps619eb3a1.jpg

You can mix in more yogurt drink, it’s totally up to you! I think it’s better to put in ice cubes, as it will be creamier, imagine drinking healthy strawberry milkshake!
The next one would be Claire’s coffee Vitamagra! It doesn’t taste as good as Dr. Lim’s one, maybe cos I left out the ice cubes! -_-
Lol, I mixed in about 1 tablespoon and abit more of 3in1 instant powder plus half cup of ice cold water and 1 tablespoon of Vitamagra.

r11 photo 20131019_150111_zps5346b9ce.jpg

And this is the outcome!

r12 photo 20131019_150232_zps899a8a27.jpg

Although not as good as Dr Lim’s one, it still taste pretty good!

r13 photo 20131019_150257_zpsd6204433.jpg

Mmmm! I love my Vitamagra!

r14 photo 20131019_150307_zpsdcce8dcf.jpg

If you don’t like my recipes, you can always visit their website to try out other recipes, other than drinking it, you can also mix them in to make pancakes!!!
You can also create your own recipe and submit to Shiro-wa! And please share with me too ok??

 photo vitadiscount_zpsdb46dcf4.jpg

And yes their promotion is ending on 12th November, so if you want to buy and try now, do get it before 12th!
Other than Vitamagra, I also bag home some other products which were meant for my hair, skin and body! Shiro-wa products contain no parabens, phthalate or sulphate. They are Mineral oil and fragrance free too. 100% Vegan!
For the precious hair!

r16 photo SAM_0169_zpsa1f6f47a.jpg

Their shampoo and conditioner contains no parabens, phthalate or sulphate. It’s Mineral oil and fragrance free too.
Shampoo and conditioner to deeply nourish, soften and strengthen my hair! 

For the precious skin!

r17 photo SAM_0174_zpscc09d8a4.jpg

Contains honey, Lemon, Neem and holy basil. To cleanse and unclog pores.

r18 photo SAM_0175_zpsff48c7c5.jpg

When it comes to pores, you cannot leave out toner. This pure minimising toner contains pure rose water, cucumber, basil and mint. To remove makeup residue, shrink and clear pores!!

r19 photo SAM_0178_zps14e1cd1e.jpg

Then you have mud mask to reduce acne blemishes, repair damaged skin and clear clogged pores, also sun shield face potion to fight the harmful UV rays!
After nutrition, hair and face, it’s now the body!

r20 photo SAM_0180_zpse6e0d181.jpg

Floral cream bar for deep nourishing, contains Milk and rose.
Shiro-wa really helps me to improve in and out! Say yay to a new and better Claire! 😀

Weight loss: Counting calories Part 2 – Kitchen scale

My part 2 is finally here!
So I’m sharing my treasure today!

This kitchen weighing scale is my essential. I can’t believe I take so long to get it.
I really love how it’s lightweight and portable! I can even bring it to Japan if I’m THAT anal.

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I think I only paid about $12+ for this, and it is really good. I can measure my food and also used it when I want to bake! hehehe.
I liked to use it to weigh fruits because fruits’ calories are the best to estimate. Thank god there’s google.

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An example of a breakfast would be banana with blueberries with milo powder sprinkle. *cos the banana is still not fully ripe yet*. HAHA. I need the sweeetness la. :/

So it came up to about 130calories after googling and researching.

Knowing how much I eat actually gives me a peace of mind. HAHAHA. Sometimes I am that crazy!!!

very happy that I’m eating clean again. I hope I dun binge in Japan!! *pray pray pray*!

Weight loss: Your diet, my diet.

TGIF people!

Recently the boyfie told me about his colleague who shed kilos adopting a diet plan. Veges all day long and occasional meat dish maybe 2-3 times a week? Guess what, she shed 12kg in about 5 months! I think that’s an average of about 2kg a month? You may think it’s not ALOT but it’s something and in the long run it actually show!! Cos she look so much leaner now! The best part is? She doesn’t seem to have any loose skin or other issues!

This is an brief example of her diet:

B: Cereal + Fruits
L: Stir-fry Mixed Vegetable (cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, tofu)
D: Fresh Garden Salad with Italian dressing

B: Boiled Oats + Fruits
L: Avocado and asparagus wholemeal wrap with lettuce and honey mustard
D: Pumpkin Soup (soup spoon?)

B: Wholemeal Tomato + Lettuce Sandwich
L: Meat dish #1!! (e.g. Grilled chicken breast on Greens)
D: Cream of Mushroom with wholemeal bun.

B: Potato salad (half-serving) with blended Vegetable juice
L: Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Cherry tomato Soup
D: Mashed chickpea salad wrap
. so on and so forth.. Basically you get the gist la..

Do you think this is tedious? Cos you have to think of what to eat, what kind of groceries to buy to prepare your healthy meals and so forth.. The sheer number of vegan recipes needed to maintain this is madness, but please stop laziness when you have the internet! You can just google and get lots of ideas online! If not just buy from the many salad places popping up all over town.

But of cos, not forgetting the exercises! Basic stuff like brisk-walking or jogging on a treadmill helps speed up the process and coupled with some toning exercises like yoga/pilates etc and you’re good to go! (as you know i brisk walk everyday, and this is how i maintain my weight despite eating ALOT. recently i feel that brisk walking is not enough, and I’m starting on swimming, badminton and video workouts which I will share!!)

12kgs in 5 months sounds like a ssllloooowwww and ddddraaagggy process. BUT! Never forget! Slimming is SUPPOSED to be a slow process! I mean, when you’re young you just want to lose weight fast, but when you grow old, you realize the adverse effects of quick weight loss is going to crawl up on you, when your body is not that healthy anymore, your stomach is not that strong anymore and MORE. Slimming is good for health, but when doing it the wrong way, you actually send your health to hell. kinda rhyme eh? Besides, taking it slow can help give your skin time to adapt to the spaces vacated by the excess fat tissue, give it time and you can prevent loose skin issues!

Just remember to stay healthy!! And you will slim up naturally!!

Come, let’s share some of my lunch and snack. You know when you lose too much weight, the no.1 top fear is to gain it all back. Whenever I see my weight remains the same I panic, not to say when it increased during PMS. So I’m gonna stop dessert-ing for awhile because I want to stay even slimmer and fit! I eat alot and I walk alot. Times when I realised I gain abit of weight then I will start to eat lesser. BUT I love eating fruits and vegetables! Actually Vegetables more! And these of cos help me to maintain my weight! 😉

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My colleague is on a healthy diet too, and she made me lunch last Monday cos I’m a good helper. HAHA. Sound like a maid, damn. Because of Lana, I start to appreciate baby tomatoes and capsicum, didnt know they could taste so good. 😀

 photo IMG_20130907_090804_zpsdb67d712.jpg

After working, Im sort of addicted to coffee. It’s like what to drink other than coffee? I drink coffee for the taste instead of it helping me to stay alert. FYI. coffee will never wake me up. NEVER.

Some strawberries that the bf got for me from hospital. It’s not sweet but cheap. Where to get sweet and cheap strawberries, do you know?? I also found out that Grapes can range from 2-4calories each, so yaaa I should cut down on my intake of grapes.

 photo IMG_20130909_201205_zps29563093.jpg

Heard the myth? If you feel fat, then eat fruits for dinner, damn this doesnt work for me at all? After eating the fruits, I got even hungrier! HAHA.
Watermelon helps water retention and super low in calories. My recent admiration for watermelons are pretty strong. 😀

 photo IMG_20130912_134421_zps14cf2d20.jpg

Instead of bread and rice, what about some sweet potatoes? I still prefer the japanese purple ones cos they are super sweet. 😀 100g is about 86calories.

 photo IMG_20130911_140244_zps6edc3dba.jpg

Eggs are like my staple now until I grow scared of eggs, I dun eat egg yolks I think I dunno mention how many times before already, it’s not becos of the calories but of the taste.

 photo IMG_20130913_135829_zps9f2afc30.jpg

The last photo of the post and the one that I missed the most! Ahma made some kickass chicken and I really love it! hehe. And with my favourite xiaobaichye I find this enough to satisfy my lunch hunger. hoho.

Sooooo moral of the story? Lets start eating healthy and exercise more!!!

Alright, I will blog about my part 2 counting calories tactic. So ciaoz!

The top part of my post is actually words by Simon and edited by me HAHA.