While I was away…

The past few weeks have been cafe and restaurants hopping around, trying to eat good food to get happier, but proven to be very wrong.. zzz.

And people start to introduce me as food blogger instead of weightloss blogger, now im stress! LOL. Okay let me make you hungry/drool too.

Brought Be to Realfood to try out organic and vegan dishes. The best of the day? The avocado and coconut smoothie! *slurp!

rf1 photo IMG_20131125_142426_zps74b6b438.jpg

I think my house need to have a magazine corner too.rf6 photo IMG_20131125_143203_zpsa74d0b69.jpg

The awesome smoothie! Smooth and shiok but kinda exp, it’s $6-7 for this small cup.
rf3 photo IMG_20131125_143941_zpsc578af61.jpg

Our main dishes.
rf5 photo IMG_20131125_144653_zps394f69a8.jpg

Not for the carnivore..
rf4 photo IMG_20131125_145129_zps30456a3c.jpg

Some unhealthy bites at Han’s. These was good though!
h1 photo IMG_20131129_185113_zpsbc328790.jpg

And food was not bad tooo!
h2 photo IMG_20131129_190350_zps97f82a6f.jpg

Bought myself a pair of opal earrings to bring out positivity and good mood. *.* even brings out PMS mood.
h6 photo IMG_20131129_205210_zps67bd2e53.jpg

Then, comes Charlie Burger, the really will get fat food.
h3 photo IMG_20131203_185931_zpse23ad2fb.jpg

BARGARS!!! Truffle fries!
h4 photo IMG_20131203_191446_zpsc73a217e.jpg

Met the bff on a weekend!! She brought me to her boss’s cafe, BUTTERSCOTCH CAFE!
 photo IMG_20131207_140850_zps30c134ad.jpg

Was too hungry and I couldn’t just settle for desserts so I got the chicken chop, I think it’s quite expensive. :/
 photo IMG_20131207_141700_zps73fa4015.jpg

Last Wednesday I went to have a look at my wedding venue! SO HAPPY IM PAYING THE DEPOSIT ALREADY!
 photo IMG_20131218_114435_zpsfff842e3.jpg

And last friday I had Christmas lunch at Garibaldi, tried to eat healthy food and got suan by my colleagues!!
 photo IMG_20131220_122243_zps950de6cb.jpg

The very good caesar salad! Tried my colleague’s mushroom soup and IT WAS THUMBSUP!
 photo IMG_20131220_124549_zps86e4104a.jpg

My Main dish chicken breast which taste abit like chicken pizza.
 photo IMG_20131220_132203_zps8a315e30.jpg

Fruit salad for god’s sake! :X
 photo IMG_20131220_140222_zpsbe050792.jpg

And then……… dinner gathering REALLY FAT LIAO LAH!
Awesome food man!
 photo IMG_20131220_194423_zpsdb2b89e9.jpg

Carrot cake yo! Super goood.
 photo IMG_20131220_211725_zpse648cdb9.jpg

So it’s Christmas season and I’m surrounded by festive goodies, and next is Chinese New Year, I need to fight the food cravings and temptations. ROAR!!

I will blog about Tokyo soon (SOSORRY) and my back appointment. Next in line is my gastro appointment. Screw my life…

For 2014…
I hope I can do well in my studies – typical -_-
And I hope I can get what I want and earn more money!
And that everybody around me to be healthy and happy! 🙂

Weightloss: Healthy DIY exotic meals

Yes darlings, i know i know i know. Very long already right for this topic. I have been so unhealthy for the past few months that I don’t even know what to blog about.. But I guess I’m sort of back to my healthy lifestyle again!

I love preparing my own meals and I love to cook for others, but I’m ALSO very worried it would taste bad that’s why I always procastinate, another issue is the time. No time how to cook? People just don’t understand how busy I am. Although busy is super subjective.

Alright, playing with food is my forte. Let’s see what I ‘ve been doing.

If you wanna make your own healthy meal, always make sure you have SALT & PEPPER.
This 2 will never go wrong, and you can mix with almost everything. ehhh Almost la.. lol!

I will try out more and share with you guys!

My first try.. Red grapes, with tuna in olive oil. Taste pretty good surprisingly! Healthy and low calories too! One grape is about 2-3 calories? haha. photo IMG_20130726_075956_zps11a9e68d.jpg

2nd try.. eggwhites with weetameal, weetameal is my fav biscuit, low calorie and helps me to curb my cravings! Jacob weetameal I bet you see it before. This resulted in a crunchy sandwich! 😀 I always eat weetameal with jam and oatmeal too!

 photo IMG_20130803_075400_zpsbad02800.jpg

3rd try.. egg whites and oats, this is a weird combi becos I’m kinda scared hahaa. But it tastes okay! Tell you already as long as you got salt and pepper, you can be a great cook and own the world.

 photo IMG_20130817_083653_zps26d2080a.jpg

looks nice hor?

and I end my post with my 4th try.. Yogurt and oats!
I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Easy peasy and chewy chewy! Lovely hehehe.

 photo IMG_20130820_090522_zpse8dd4676.jpg

Let me know if you try any one of them ok! HAHAHA. But please don’t put too much salt :O

Hope it helps your diet!

Swimming and People Park Hakka Yong Tau Fu

I’m trying very hard to be active nowadays!

I swim after work on fridays and sometimes, wednesday. I love it, love how swimming made me relaxed and how I can spend extra time with my bf. ehehhee.

After swimming we can have good food too! I realised there is this really good Yong tau foo near Jalan Besar swimming complex! It’s so good that I can’t stop craving for it! It’s quite pricey for Yong tau foo though but who wouldn’t pay more for good food?

 photo 7bfGrwQ_dSYm2YiuRcbNzIc5HZX8tx-_JyhQy385NHY_zps1a53b254.jpg

Try it and let me know. :)

 photo IMG_20130614_202705_zps9e53147e.jpg

290 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208953

Good and bad food

Ahma’s food really help me saved alot and im so thankful for that. (:


minced meat and tofu. chilli prawn. cabbage with meat and carrots.


fish. meatballs. veggies.


Potato. Chilli prawns. long beans.

I think without ahma’s food I will be super unhealthy.
Some food photos when I eat out.


not very good thosai @ AMK


okok bachormee @ AMK


special chicken chop with MANTOU at Bugis area. Opposite shaw twr.


newly opened fish soup stall at Funan food court. full of MSG.


Again, I shall end this post with my cold face.
Too use to eating ahma’s food that I feel weird when I lunched out.

Weight loss: DIY Jammy oatmeal (Healthy & of cos tasty!)

I’m sorry, I dunno when was my last post on weight loss. And I’m guilty la cos recently I’ve been ignoring my healthy eating habits. HAHA.
I just got a brand new direction in life –> life is too short, just enjoy.

But as much as I’m enjoying eating bad food, I still prefer healthy food, because healthy food makes me feel light and happy AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PIMPLE – FREE.
Okay so anyway, I dun really like eating oatmeal, and I usually ate it with honey and weetameal biscuits.

Recently I try eating it with jam and digestive biscuits and GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.. it tastes too GOOD. no im not kidding, it’s good and it’s easy as hell to make it.


instant oatmeal, triple berry jam, digestive biscuits

You can even add in chocolate syrup (abit) or peanut butter (abit)! It’s a healthy treat as well so DO TRY IT OUT! 😀

Im on a ‘creating food’ craze. I hope Im able to share more. hahhaa.


and some birdnest for the skin? nah too expensive to sustain.

Eating healthy is easy.

I’m starting my full time job next Monday, and I gonna make sure that I prepare home cooked meal everyday for lunch. Why?

1. I hate crowds. I can’t even eat in peace.

2. Eating out to me are unhealthy no matter how healthy the food are. For example vegetarian food, oily and full of flour. Even the vegetables are oily, but I realized that all the vegetables out are oily, except for pure salad. haiz.. and not to forget they are full with MSG. this is enough to kill me.

3. I dunno what to eat when I go out for lunch, I dun like to select my food last minute. crazy right? My personality says I’m a planner, I dun even know since when did this start, probably 1 or 2 yrs ago?

4. Home cooked meal is awesome, I can make it as healthy as I want it to be yet filling and fill with varieties and also, satisfy my cravings for the day. 😀

Some home cooked lunch ideas to bring to work after a week of thinking: (oh by the way sorry for being away for so long)

– aglio olio, soba noodles, grill chicken with veggies, chicken salad, potato salad, all kind of salads that you can think of with different dressings, interesting sandwiches and more la.

– I always thought I got no time to prepare a good lunch for the following day but after ‘this thing’, I realize I can, sometimes you can’t have the best in both world, so you gotta sacrifice and suck it up!

I will post whatever I brought to work if I think it’s good enough for a photo. HAHA!

So please eat healthy and continue to work towards your goals even though I’ve been blogging lesser. Weight doesn’t indicate how you look, remember this.

I’m feeling much happier now, it’s like a heavy load off, I won’t need to worry about that anymore as I’ve already do what I can, now I just continue to wait for another few months 😀

How to lose weight article p8: When should I have my salad?

heh heh! After all the hair posts earlier on now I can touch on my article liao! Surprisingly it’s my 8th article this week! 😀

I dun think I will ever hit 100th article, I may give away $1000 prize money if i do that, OKAY IM JUST KIDDING.

This week’s about SALAD.

Reason why I wanna talk about salad is because I wasted 10bucks on a stupid dressing which tasted awful (at least to me)


Looks nice right?

Initially I picked the honey mustard dressing, i really hate mustard but i liked honey mustard, i was in doubt when i chose the honey mustard dressing because I was thinking, ‘why the hell is it not in white color?’

The reason why I think it should be white in color because subway honey mustard is in white color! (ok la, maybe off white, beige?) And Simon stubbornly argued with me saying that it’s in yellow, all the while it’s in yellow, i nearly pulled him to the nearest subway! #$%^&

Or am i wrong? Subway’s one also yellow MEH!?!

Whatever it is, I decided on the yellow honey mustard and thought bloody hell it better taste good. Next, I realized i’m at the discount corner and I spotted the above mentioned photo. I was really really excited i tell you because it looks super healthy! HAHHAA.

Gluten free, dairy and egg free, and so forth. BUT THE PRICE IS ‘HEALTHY’ also.
Other than it being healthy, it’s caesar dressing, i recently got this first love feel with caesar salad *.* so of cos im extremely excited lah!

I told simon that im gonna get this, and he asked if im sure, of cos at that moment, i told him yes very sure. i think he alrdy had that insight that it might taste bad! ( oh man )

So the day before I decided to try it out, i’ve purchased this for quite awhile and i tot it should be time for me to try it as im already having the holidays~ and no, it’s definitely not expired yet.

It taste really bad, to be honest im very picky about salad dressing, but this just taste bad, i dunno lah i think it tastes like mustard, the 2top-hate dressings in my lists are mayo and mustard, THEY ARE BAD. im sorry for the mayo and mustard lovers, but i really cannot stand the taste. 🙁

oh god, how did this post become so wordy?

Okay anyway, the purpose of this post is not to crap about the dressing, i wanted to talk about eating salad!! sorry for being so grumpy!

Okay can I start? Okay i dunno how to start, nvm just start! Start with a photo of caesar salad 😀

How To Lose Weight Article Part 8: EAT YOUR SALAD AT THE RIGHT TIME


image from google

I think eating salad is the first thing that comes into dieter’s mind when they want to lose weight. Salad is good, because of the vitamins and minerals, add eggs and meat and you will get your protein, energy and fullness.

But I start to notice a trend which is that dieters eat salad for breakfast and lunch and they convinced themselves that they’ve been eating good and they can eat whatever they want in the night.

And usually their salad in the morning/afternoon is just vegetables. I can assure you you are going to binge in the evening if you are not determined enough.

If you read my previous posts before, you know I always ask you guys to eat breakfast. The breakfast I’m asking you to eat should be healthy and filling.

Other than eating breakfast helped speed up your metabolism (in short, burns fats faster)
You should eat a filling meal in the morning because you can burn them off during the day!

You will get hungry easily if you eat veggies in the morning.  By lunch time, you will think of food and when it’s lunch time you finish all your food and may even eat an extra serving cos you’re too hungry.

So IMO, it’s better to eat salad in the night!

time to eat smart and burn fats faster! (Y)

How To Lose Weight Article P6: My daily diet!

One common question I received is, ‘what do you eat to lose weight? what’s your daily diet like? etc etc’

Okay, today I shall share what i usually eat!

The must haves in my diet!

1st: Sunshine Softgrain bread


I must eat this for breakfast, this is the only wholemeal bread that my stomach can take it, I dunno why but if I eat other brand I will constipate, so yeah! Bread is god damn good, you can eat it with anything you want. Usually for breakfast I just eat it with strawberry jam.

Per serving: 120calories, Fiber 4.4g
Easy to digest, low fat, low calories.

2nd: Meat and Eggs


I got this from google, so ignore the wordings!

Protein is very important. I’ve tried eating just vegetables and fruits for dieting purpose, it’s useless, it just make you super hungry.

Eat the meat and cut out the skin and fats!
Limit yourself to one egg yolk a day!

3rd: Fruits and vegetables



get from google again

A day without vegetables will kill me, fruits still okay. And it’s important to eat all kinds of vegetables cos they got different types of vitamins. Sad to say if you dun like vegetables, it’s quite hard to achieve healthy weightloss. but still, it varies.

4th: Snacks!


i swear i rotate the picture already but i dunno why still like this!

Weetameal! This is my favorite for now! The best thing 7pieces for 100+ calories! 😀

And if you ask me what do I eat outside?

1. Yong Tau Foo
2. Subway
3. Fish soup, dumpling soup
so on and so forth.

If I go to a restaurant, salad and soup is a must. If not I order a set meal and pass the rice to mr tey. hoho

I think you’re going to ask me why I never eat rice and noodles right?

My main source of carbs come from bread, i love to eat bread!
I dun like rice and noodles. And I dun crave for them as well. I just feel like im eating flour -.- okay i know bread also flour, but i love chewing bread 😀

Yah i think that’s all. OH! Throughout the day I spam alot of sweets, like hichew, lollipops, all the high sugar contents, well I know it’s unhealthy but mouth itchy HAHA! habit alrdy :/ must cut down.

AND AND AND!!! I must have a cup of milo a day! My energydrink!

leave a comment to ask questions or send me an email like you usually do 🙂

[Eat wisely] Soup Spoon healthy or not?

Not for tempting purposes, it’s for educating! HAHAA.

Love SoupSpoon, do you love it? Other than the food is good, I love it because the soup is low calorie and so I assumed that the main dish should be low as well. but seems like i’m wrong~

from what I’ve researched…


caesar salad and chicken tikka wrap!

This caesar salad looks so healthy and appetizing and it’s 462calories!


my mushroom soup worth 252 calories, which the bun is not included.


chicken caesar sandwich, falafel wrap

both meal add up to more than 1000calories each!

seems like i can’t eat soup spoon everyday ah.. or maybe can.. drink the soup only.. o.O

[Review] Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox drink

Was invited to Kinohimitsu Media event last night, saw Charlotte and JuAnn! 😀

all thanks to this cheerful and friendly lady, Joann for inviting me, I really enjoyed myself!

I was early, reached about 6.30pm.


All the Health & Beauty Drinks


the presentation starts at about 730pm?

free flow of drinks


my strawberry margarita


all the products!

Talked about their top seller, collagen drinks!


Collagen Diamond and the normal Collagen

Difference between the 2?

Diamond Collagen, 5300mg: For 30yrs and above.
Collagen, 2500mg: For 30yrs and below.

Some tips here: The absorption is better when you drink in the morning before breakfast!
BUT, if you want to repair your wrinkles, then drink it before you go to bed in the night!

the people there were really friendly, liked them very much, as I was the first one, they kept talking to me so as to make sure I wouldn’t get bored. 😉

and here is my goodie bag!


Wondering why I got the collagen diamond??

NO, IM NOT 30 YET! im 21 anddddd so what’s inside?


different sample for the different products they have!


why their bottles looked so pretty! LOL

All the products from KINOHIMITSU, are

– SGS TESTED, certified no hormones!

Hard time thinking which one to try first, and so!
I tried this! As the effect is immediate!



Aside from the reason stated above, I wanted to ‘push’ some toxins out, I’ve been eating fried food and snacks everyday since 2weeks ago! The toxins is coming out from my face ok no joke. -.-

This J’pan D’tox Juice is a 6days program that flush out toxins from our bowel within 2-4hrs, without disrupting our daily life.

It contains NO LAXATIVES!!! No addictives! All it provides is high concentration of dietary fibre that increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and help fortify the body’s defences.

It will improve irregular bowels while softening and unplugging mucoid plague. WAH, CHIM WORD HERE


Mucoid plague is actually some old, gluey, hardened waste which you known as FAECES. And an average individual actually carried between 7-25pounds OF MUCOID PLAQUE in their colon and intestines!!!


pic taken fr google

It apply to people who have regular bowel movements too!

This disgusting stuffs can contribute to health problems including








Now you know why I want to drink? :'(

Other than the above symptoms, who should drink this D’tox drink?

– If you have a busy and stressful life

– Irregular meals and eating processed food (YES THAT’S ME)

– Constant exposure to the polluted environment for e.g, air and water.

And and and other than those above! if you are also suffering from all the below mentioned then you should hurry, better go and buy 1pack now!

1st: Poor digestion? (yes me)

2nd: Fatigue? Low energy levels? Sickly body? (yes me)

3rd: Poor complexion, skin allergies? (yes me)

4th: Body odour (not me)

5th: Headache, migraine (coming soon)


I’ve drank it today and how do I feel?

I went to the toilet within 2hrs!

the feeling is damn SHIOK! refreshing! *okay quite crude here but it’s a review what* hehe, really flush my toxins out! 😀

I will make it a habit to drink at least a cycle a month and btw it comes with 2flavours! Cranberries and Plum!

Price: 30ml x 6’s ($39.90)

Available @ Guardian, Watsons, Nishino, SaSa, Venus, OG, John Little, Pink Beauty, Robinsons and Unity 😉

You can also get to know more about Kinohimitsu from their FACEBOOK or WEBSITE!

their fb,

or also: confirmtrading

and webby! Kinohimitsu