Video – How to spice up your sunglass look!

Hello hello! Nothing can beat me down hahaha, even wearing sunglasses I can also do a video.

I wanted to just go out to town with my sunglasses and straight hair last saturday, but when I looked into the mirror, I feel that I’d better do something with my hair and face cos I looked really BAD!

What was I thinking? Sunglasses only cover my eyes! Other than that, my skin, moles, pimples, redness are all still showing! And if I dun make my hair appear bigger, the sunglasses looked bigger than it actually is.

So that explains my blog post!

If there are days where you need to wear sunglasses (for the whole day or most of the day) due to eye conditions like me! You can follow these 3 important tips!

 photo hair_zps67fb47a2.jpg

1. Hair
I curled my hair because I have straight, thin and flat hair, if you have naturally big and wavy hair then it’s good for you, but you still can do some hairstyles to go along with your shades!

 photo lips_zpsf15c7686.jpg
2. Lips
I picked red to match my top, but I guess red is quite versatile too. Dun pick a pale color for your lips, the purpose of this is to enhance and brighten up your face. If you are wearing a dark/black color top/dress you can put on purplish/pink or bright lip colors, its up to you! πŸ˜€

 photo SAM_0317_zps3b8d4126.jpg
3. Eye brows
I usually lighten my eyebrows cos I want my face to go soft, but since I will be wearing my shades for the whole day, I decided to just BLACK IT. It frames my face seriously and I liked how it goes along with my sunglasses. I think what you can do is to match your eyebrows to the sunglasses, and yes. Darker than the sunglasses color!

Lastly conceal and cover all moles and redness! Because your beautiful eyes would be covered and people will notice other things on your face!

I hope these tips work for you! Just keep your face clean and your look CHIC! πŸ˜€ and Here’s a video!

Do give me suggestions on the kind of video that you’d like me to do too!

With Love,

Update: eyes getting better!

Salon De Choix transformed me!

Did my hair 3days ago @ SALON DE CHOIX, and I got to exclaimed, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Totally the right time to transform myself from a school girl to a matured lady as I’ve finished school! Please read on to see my pretty hair/curls!! :):):)

It’s located near Somerset MRT station, super easy to find, I’m an idiot in finding places and I got there within 5mins. hehe! I’ll post the full address at the end of this post!


The gorgeous shopfront!


counter, I don’t think they know I took a pic of them =X


the wallpaper is so pretty! and look at the full wide range of products arranged there!


view from my seat!


clean & chic =)

Alright, finally a photo of me with my hair, light color that I just dyed it 1mth ago? Looked smooth but my hair is actually in a very bad condition!

Jerry the senior hairstylist who is also my hairstylist asked me if i think my hair is boring? LOL actually it is. So he decided to do curls for me! like korean perm!

I mentioned i want to have red hair, but worrying that I might get a shock with a redhead, he decided that he will choose a darker color on my hair and with partial red highlights!


Before the hair ‘surgery’, I’m going to have a light hairwash first! btw I’m wearing a kimono to keep myself warm. =)


Looks normal? No. They are all massage chairs!


My hairstylist, JERRY in the house yo, i tell you He’s super super super funny and crap LOL

the massage chair is so shiok that i dun even………
what a good experience to wash hair and enjoy massage, i can fall asleep right there man.

this is my first time letting a male hairstylist wash my hair, and now i really understand why my friends say male hairstylists are better, JERRY IS VERY GENTLE.


and very thoughtful, worrying about my makeup LOL


ok must post her photo, cos she wait for me all the while <3


He offered me a menu to see what I want to drink, haha. there’s also biscuits for me. why service so good one? and it’s not for me only ok? everybody got!


after trim =)

He is very patient with my hair, my hair tangles easily and I always comb it through roughly, He really comb it slowly and gently, ohmygod. He also taught me the right way to comb my hair and now I’m doing it obediently!


Inner hair rebinding hair treatment serves as a layer of protection before perming!


serious dude at work.


let’s wait. and the smell is very nice *.*

After the protection cream, wash and it’s time to perm!


30mins is all it takes, he knows the condition of my hair, in order to protect it, i think he lower the temperature or something.


first time perming my hair!!


JERRY is very cute ! HAHA. if you talk to him, you can talk whole day, he will never run out of topics! he’s not like other hairstylists who just focus on your hair and keep quiet the whole time. he really communicates with you!


me: i feel like im going for surgery. jerry: yes, hair operation.


after the 30mins, and cool down. I went for a hair wash again, and time for highlights. woooohooo!




in process, thank you gf!

and after that he also dyed the dark color for me! It was already 9plus pm, and i feel so bad for holding so much of jerry’s time!!! so sorry! im the last man in the salon.


after done with the colors, washed my hair AGAIN and it’s time for treatment, I wanted to forgo the treatment actually cos it’s so late for him, but i know he would insist on it. hehheh..


nutrients for my hair!


this board is to analyse the right type of treatment for my precious hair!

my hair is DRY, hair strength VERY WEAKENED, hair density FINE, (im so happy its not thinning).

Primary need is intensive reconstruction and secondary need is protection of colored hair!

and the result is the photo below!


yes please save, protect, help my hair!

and after the application of the treatment, washing and blowdrying!

TA-DA! MY GORGEOUS HAIR! oh the curls are so lovely i cant even….


the back of the sexy lady :X


side view, i super love it when it’s being tied up tooooooo!

there’s more photos and please continue to scroll! =) some photos the lighting not so good, so my hair appears dark.

There’s also photos with my awesome young, funny and cute hairstylist!


to be fair, i put 2photos at the same place, cos this pic i nicer!


and this pic you nicer LOL!


us again!


credit to hz, me with the pretty background!


credit to jerry

it was already midnight when i reached home and i cant help BUT



it’s my first time perming my hair and first time doing treatment!!! so happy one!


now here’s the before & after. claire de snowwhite on the right. hahaha!

it’s amazing how the treatment works man. I can comb my hair easily now yay!

SALON DE CHOIX is located @ 3 KILLINEY RD #01-06 WINSLAND HOUSE 1 S(239519)

It’s on the LEFT SIDE of the Scape Youth Park, it is very prominent, you wont miss it!

For my readers,

there’s a 15% discount! Simply just quote my name *Claire Lim*!

Do look for JERRY @ 6836 2959!

do like their facebook tooo! =) SALON DE CHOIX facebook!

thank you hz and jerry!

New clothings from FABFAD!

Happy Sunday!

It was a ‘rollercoaster’ week for me and im so happy that the bf’s fine now :D:D:D! It had been sometime since I go out everyday, and all thanks to FABFAD! I don’t need to worry what to wear for this busy week!

Last wednesday night, dinner with A, and I decided that I should just try out the new tube topΒ FABFAD sent me!

I rarely wear tube top, this is the first time and i fell in love with it instantly, the bf also comment that it looks very good on me!

I love how there’s this anti slip stuff behind the tube that prevents it from slipping down πŸ˜€ and the silver piping ornaments really make this tube look sexy and yet not too revealing!


i wore it with my high waist shorts and a loose cardigan! casual!

i even tried wearing it with blazer and yes i do looked chic, perfect for a date!


I wore the WINE RED ROMPER to visit Mr Simon at SGH!


credits to yongqing she’s only what 9 or 10 yrs old!

It’s a pity simon can’t help me to take photos, hahhaa. Yq is so nice to help me take before I go off. She likes my romper too! =D


was rushing, no makeup that’s why cant show face HAHA

without the web crochets, i think this romper will be very normal and simple, with those small details, the whole outfit looks very sweet and happy! and i like how it makes me looked so much younger!

And finally YESTERDAY! I wore the last piece from FABFAD out to dye my hair!



this is the outcome! i think photo looks abit different due to ringlight =D

and i love this new lipstick that i just got from revlon! the pink is very nice!


and this is the top i wore out with my shorts!

I love this top because it’s versatile, you can wear it tuck it, tuck out or with a belt =DD and of cos I super adore the lace parts! sexy!


this is how i look if i tuck it out.

Oh i forgot! The quality of the clothes is super good and comfortable! and all 3 comes in different colors!

how to lose weight article coming out soon! be patient =D

check out their blogshop now!! FABFAD!!

Palette Hair dye, NOT FOR ME!

I bought this hair dye cos I wanna see myself in red hair, the result was nice BUT!!!!!!!


1. every single time i wash my hair, i see the ‘reds’ being rinsed out in the water.
2. the color fade almost everyday with the reds coming out.
3. about 1week or maybe even lesser, my hair is brown again! -.-

Alot of places are having promotion for this particular hair dye, and it’s really cheap btw, less than 10bucks!
Do you think it’s worth to get it? Definitely not, for me. but im still grateful as it was mr tey who dyed it for me πŸ˜›

how to lose weight article next post ^^

Awesome Hair supplement!

I realized my previous 3posts are all about HAIR, lol it’s seriously rare, cos usually it’s about beauty products, weightloss and my daily nonsense.

Today’s blog post is about HAIR again!

I remembered saying I will share it, so now I’m sharing with you guys this product!


it’s not sponsored!

To be honest, I’m not a supplement person. I bought 2big bottles of evening primrose and I left them in the fridge for almost a year, I only managed to take for about half a month or maybe lesser.

I only take supplements that produced instant results, lol this might be the only thing that I’m impatient about. I’m not saying that Evening Primrose is bad, but you have to take it regularly and for long periods then you will see the results. I dun like this type because I cant conclude if the product is a scam or not. I don’t want to keep spending for 3mths and realized that it’s actually a gimmick!

That explains why I’m always in pain during menses. I don’t like to take panadols, i love to fight pain, lol call me sick, but even when I did my spine operation, I only pressed once or twice of the morphine, cos I really love to fight pain! LOL! And it’s freaking painful, i cant even walk. So can you imagine?

hahaha okay back to this hair supplement!
I got to know this from Miyake our resident blogger as well! I think this product works for her, i also did alot of research about this product and it seemed good enough and so I decided that I should give it a try.

I think it’s about $30+ i can’t remember, i’m also GNC member, this is 1month supply so i thought it’s quite affordable.

Why do I love it so much?

I was having hair extensions before I took this, it’s also due to hair extensions that I decided to take this.

I REALLY REALLY HATE HAIR EXTENSIONS, it prevents hair from growing and after removing them, my hair is like 50% gone!

I was so so so sad and duper depressed, i mean hair is so important! I already got hair problems and now 50% gone is like taking away my life!!

I regretted spending $200+ for the hair extensions, the price to pay for beauty botak!

After one week of intake, I realized my hair is growing fast than usual. (my hair growth is damn slow one)

Even Simon says that my hair is longer!

Other than that, my nails are damn hard!

Also my skin are better, I don’t know if it’s because of the product or just because Im eating healthily..

After 3-4weeks of intake, I START TO GROW BABY HAIR, which looked messy! HAHAHA. but i dun mind cos im growing hair!

recently Simon just told me my hair starts to feel like cushion yay!

Now I’m already on the 2nd bottle, going to the 3rd one. Another thing I liked about it is that it’s not solely a hair supplement because it’s like a multi-vitamins which is very good for the malnutrition me πŸ˜€

If you got hair problems, try this!!!

products vary from one individual to another.

[review] Redken HairSpray and Dryshampoo!


yay i did some review- Redken Hair products πŸ˜€



The first I try on is this powder refresh, it’s sort of a spray. Basically it is a dry shampoo!
tell you what, I actually can’t stand not washing my hair for a day! Cos I just feel weird and oily!
So I was rather hesitant to use this, but there was this day whereby I was late for school!
I’m left with no choice right? So I try this product out!


this is that type of just-wake-up-no-time-to-wash plus dry hair!

Usually if i never wash my hair which is always due to running late, my scalp will get very oily and by the end of the day, i already look like i just oiled my hair! Another thing is that my hair will get very very messy without washing!

But surprisingly, this hair product makes my hair feel like I just wash it! My scalp feels refreshed instantly and i did not have oily scalp at all even until night time!

good for people who don’t wash their hair in the morning! πŸ˜€

the next product!



with some spare time i play with make up and at the same time try out this product :D


this HAIRSPRAY is super strong!

i super hate curling my hair, u know why? Because i spend one hour curling my hair, and at the end of this one hr! my hair all become straight again. i risk sweating because my dressing table is not in my room and im super pissed whenever i experienced that!


but this product really helped my curls to stay!


I think i got too much positive energy lately, or I really love this hairspray that I put all my energy into it, i shampooed and conditioned my hair after the reviews and went to sleep.

THE NEXT MORNING I WOKE UP MY HAIR IS IN CURLS. it was really shocking cos i seldom see myself looking chio early in the morning! hahahaha, alright maybe something happened during my sleep but still this hairspray is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

Thank you Redken! <3

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Restaurant @ Paragon

A day out with Mr tey and dinner with his family!

We went to Macdonald for lunch, MACDONALD OMG, ok dun worry, I had salad without sauce, had been eating bad food for the past 2weeks, even though I never gain mass but I still need to take care of my complexion!



thank you Macdonald for introducing salad, but i think your mcgrill is quite oily

After lunch, we went to peninsula to check out holga camera price for my FYP project. -.- and after that we went to FUNAN IT MALL


how can I not buy this? its bought by mr tey because he saw me getting all excited over this. HAHA. anyway the price is $39.90!

He got a MONOPOD for himself too :X we also got a present for his mother!

After that we went to Orchard! Dinner with his family! Actually for Mother’s day!

Dinner was at CRYSTAL JADE GOLDEN PALACE RESTAURANT PARAGON. it was very quiet surprisingly.




eunice, etienne, and mil






no matter what, dessert is always my fav. HAHA! this yam paste is damn good!


camwhore in the toilet! i changed to slipper because my feet hurts! :/ i diyed my skirt btw. haha

My hair is growing fast now and im really happy! i will share the supplements that im taking soon πŸ˜€

will be sharing another awesome mask tomorrow, so pls come back, FOR MORE! ^^V

Pantene Smooth and silky, and friday freebies!

Super <3 Itacho Sushi! The sashimi is super fresh!


and this is my hair color before dyeing olive brown

Wanted to order their softshell crab salad (my friend told me its super nice) but ordered wrong, got the normal crab salad instead. :/ nevermind next time!

Anyway FYI, I’m trying out Pantene Hair products (smooth and silky), all thanks to Pantene.

2011-11-24 18.58.59

It’s my day 2 and so far so good, it’s much more softer.. Will do a progress post about it. πŸ™‚

2011-11-26 17.56.13

Have you participate in my giveaway/Mfp friday freebies?
saw some of the comments, and felt really touched!! ;’) this thread.

Continue to post your answers alright!

Once again, This contest ends 2nd December 2011 at 2359hrs.

SEE my prev post for more details πŸ™‚ luck!



Remember the last time I tried MILK tea brown? I love it!

But women are hard to please, because although I love this color, I wish that it could look ashy. I’ve always wanted my hair color to look ashy. So, lately I was considering if I should dye platinum beige, and just when I was about to purchase it I received this package from KAO.


hehehe so happy!

I will never forsake LIESE for other brand because LIESE is just so fabulous and special!

Why do I say so?

Because it is the easiest HAIR DYE you can ever get!


Yes! With this new innovative format created, All you need to do is just massage the foam into your hair, and no sectioning is required! The foam can also reach the back of your head! So easy right!?
Not only will you achieve beautiful and evenly colored hair, you can also save up on your time and money!

It’s also a permanent color that can last for a few months, it’s very safe and gentle to your scalp so there’s no need to worry about it being harmful. πŸ˜€

I’m not going to rave on, I’m just gonna show you how amazing it is πŸ˜€

Let me show you the before of my hair:


current hair color: milk tea brown, hair in bad condition

Let’s take a look at the interior of the package~


Gloves, solution, conditioner and etc.

1st step:


Pour solution 1 into solution 2 & cap it with the pump

Next, shake it up and down GENTLY and slowly approx 5times!
After that wear your cape and gloves, then SQUEEZE!



apply on your hair, apply.. apply.. apply.. lalala~

when the solution is finishing, you will see your hair like this!


yes, just like *shampooing* my hair in my room!


Let’s wait for about 20-30 minutes!
Before we see the end result, let me introduce you the 12 different colors LIESE HAS!



I love how they categorize their colors! now im thinking which color should i try next! πŸ˜›
what about you guys? πŸ™‚

By the way if you guys are still confused after reading their instruction booklet, don’t worry becos they have a online video tutorial as well! Click here!

Or having dozens of questions and answers? You could go to their website to check out more on their FAQ!

So how’s my end product like?
To be honest, the color does resemble my milk tea brown, but it has a tinge of ash which I like!

And my hair condition becomes better as I used the Nourishing Hair Lotion that was provided, it’s fabulous! Also this new color is *shinier* πŸ˜› which reflects light better!


see the bottom end there, like greenish right?

You know the color of YOUR hair can actually change how you look? Come, let’s go and try LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR!
They are currently having a promotion, with every purchase of LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR, you will get a FREE Coloring Cape!

*Only available at Watsons, Guardian & SASA* While stocks last!

The cape is very important okay, remember the last time I dyed my hair, Simon got to DIY a cape for me, but this time round, when I saw that the hair dye comes with a cape, I was really thrilled! I can just bubble without worrying that the foam will stain my clothes and the floor! Also, The cape is very pretty with cute prints!

Very fun and easy right! So hurry up! Go and buy 1 now and BUBBLE yourself! πŸ˜€


Support Liese and like them on face book! LieseSG facebook

And visit their website for more products and information πŸ˜‰ Liese webpage