Palette Hair dye, NOT FOR ME!

I bought this hair dye cos I wanna see myself in red hair, the result was nice BUT!!!!!!!


1. every single time i wash my hair, i see the ‘reds’ being rinsed out in the water.
2. the color fade almost everyday with the reds coming out.
3. about 1week or maybe even lesser, my hair is brown again! -.-

Alot of places are having promotion for this particular hair dye, and it’s really cheap btw, less than 10bucks!
Do you think it’s worth to get it? Definitely not, for me. but im still grateful as it was mr tey who dyed it for me 😛

how to lose weight article next post ^^

Awesome Hair supplement!

I realized my previous 3posts are all about HAIR, lol it’s seriously rare, cos usually it’s about beauty products, weightloss and my daily nonsense.

Today’s blog post is about HAIR again!

I remembered saying I will share it, so now I’m sharing with you guys this product!


it’s not sponsored!

To be honest, I’m not a supplement person. I bought 2big bottles of evening primrose and I left them in the fridge for almost a year, I only managed to take for about half a month or maybe lesser.

I only take supplements that produced instant results, lol this might be the only thing that I’m impatient about. I’m not saying that Evening Primrose is bad, but you have to take it regularly and for long periods then you will see the results. I dun like this type because I cant conclude if the product is a scam or not. I don’t want to keep spending for 3mths and realized that it’s actually a gimmick!

That explains why I’m always in pain during menses. I don’t like to take panadols, i love to fight pain, lol call me sick, but even when I did my spine operation, I only pressed once or twice of the morphine, cos I really love to fight pain! LOL! And it’s freaking painful, i cant even walk. So can you imagine?

hahaha okay back to this hair supplement!
I got to know this from Miyake our resident blogger as well! I think this product works for her, i also did alot of research about this product and it seemed good enough and so I decided that I should give it a try.

I think it’s about $30+ i can’t remember, i’m also GNC member, this is 1month supply so i thought it’s quite affordable.

Why do I love it so much?

I was having hair extensions before I took this, it’s also due to hair extensions that I decided to take this.

I REALLY REALLY HATE HAIR EXTENSIONS, it prevents hair from growing and after removing them, my hair is like 50% gone!

I was so so so sad and duper depressed, i mean hair is so important! I already got hair problems and now 50% gone is like taking away my life!!

I regretted spending $200+ for the hair extensions, the price to pay for beauty botak!

After one week of intake, I realized my hair is growing fast than usual. (my hair growth is damn slow one)

Even Simon says that my hair is longer!

Other than that, my nails are damn hard!

Also my skin are better, I don’t know if it’s because of the product or just because Im eating healthily..

After 3-4weeks of intake, I START TO GROW BABY HAIR, which looked messy! HAHAHA. but i dun mind cos im growing hair!

recently Simon just told me my hair starts to feel like cushion yay!

Now I’m already on the 2nd bottle, going to the 3rd one. Another thing I liked about it is that it’s not solely a hair supplement because it’s like a multi-vitamins which is very good for the malnutrition me 😀

If you got hair problems, try this!!!

products vary from one individual to another.

[review] Redken HairSpray and Dryshampoo!


yay i did some review- Redken Hair products 😀



The first I try on is this powder refresh, it’s sort of a spray. Basically it is a dry shampoo!
tell you what, I actually can’t stand not washing my hair for a day! Cos I just feel weird and oily!
So I was rather hesitant to use this, but there was this day whereby I was late for school!
I’m left with no choice right? So I try this product out!


this is that type of just-wake-up-no-time-to-wash plus dry hair!

Usually if i never wash my hair which is always due to running late, my scalp will get very oily and by the end of the day, i already look like i just oiled my hair! Another thing is that my hair will get very very messy without washing!

But surprisingly, this hair product makes my hair feel like I just wash it! My scalp feels refreshed instantly and i did not have oily scalp at all even until night time!

good for people who don’t wash their hair in the morning! 😀

the next product!



with some spare time i play with make up and at the same time try out this product :D


this HAIRSPRAY is super strong!

i super hate curling my hair, u know why? Because i spend one hour curling my hair, and at the end of this one hr! my hair all become straight again. i risk sweating because my dressing table is not in my room and im super pissed whenever i experienced that!


but this product really helped my curls to stay!


I think i got too much positive energy lately, or I really love this hairspray that I put all my energy into it, i shampooed and conditioned my hair after the reviews and went to sleep.

THE NEXT MORNING I WOKE UP MY HAIR IS IN CURLS. it was really shocking cos i seldom see myself looking chio early in the morning! hahahaha, alright maybe something happened during my sleep but still this hairspray is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

Thank you Redken! <3

[Review] 3)Pantene Smooth & silky!

I’m so sorry I didnt update on the 14th day itself. because I was busy with exam, and also I went overseas 😛


yes this photo again! have you join the 14days challenge?

I’m wondering why my readers always email me instead of leaving down comments, isit because weightloss issues are very sensitive? but nvm its okay. KEEP ON EMAILING ME THEN 🙂 ^^V

I know it’s the 3rd post about PANTENE. And I really put in effort in editing the photos to make it more POP! and i think my photos this time round are chio-er! HAHAHA. *slap myself*

pics without fake eyelashes! *proud of myself*


The products that I used!

Other than saving my own hair, I ALSO SAVE MY EXTENDED HAIR!


extended hair were dry initially now it’s smooth ^^

2011-12-21 12.02.29_副本

a unusually good hair day! i haven comb btw. :p

2011-12-21 12.02.04_副本

abit constipated here


It’s my favorite out of the 4!

The intensive treatment is really good, it gives a further moisturizing boost on top of the conditioner.

I used it almost everyday, after conditioner, and leave on 2-3mins while I brush my teeth. 🙂

Join the 14days challenge, purchase the products and use them, you can update me the results if you want ^^


For every participant that join, 14litres of clean drinking water, the equivalent of a week’s worth of clean drinking water for 1person, will be donated to communities in need, helping women and their families break out of their cycle of ill health and poverty!



Rilakkuma + my 7th Day with PANTENE

HELLO! Firstly I wanna exclaimed, YAY I GOT NEW READERS LAST MONTH! thank you very much, pls maintain! 😀

I think the things I blog about is rather vast, for example like food, health, beauty, nutrition, hair, teeth and even weightloss. Basically everything! But I always sort it out properly by either tagging or categorized. look to your right pls.. ^^

So what I’m trying to say is, I tell you everything and you can find everything here. HAHHAA. and feel free to ask me ANY questions okay. im all prepared for it 🙂

IF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING MY BLOG, you know im on the flag off challenge journey with Pantene! and if you really have been following my blog, you should know it’s my 7th day yesterday! But before that..

If you have been following my twitter. my twitter! follow ok? hhahaha..

I’m obsessed with RILAKKUMA. im going to collect every single one of them. maybe can ‘zng’ my desk top with their stickers also


Start of collection

One good thing about my obsession is, next time christmas, valentine’s, birthday, mthsary, anniversary, friendship day, all can just give me RILAKKUMA.

2011-12-02 22.10.49

i think u seldom see me in floral.. lol..

2011-12-02 22.11.23_副本

do you notice something different here?

2011-12-02 22.11.23_副本

MY HAIR!!! so soft and smooth!

THAT’S THE POWER OF USING PANTENE! btw the above pictures, i got curl my hair end and i will teach you guys what I do to them (next post)

my friend also comment that my hair is getting better 😀 not as ‘grassy’ as before..

This is the range Im using which i mentioned like dunno how many times haha!

2011-11-24 18.58.59

and if you dunno which range to choose for your hair, once again take a look at this wheel..


Dry and brittle hair, hair loss then you should use: Hair Fall Control.
Dry, dull hair, split ends, weak hair and break easily: Total Damage Care
Dry dull hair, extreme frizz, out of control used mine: Smooth & Silky
Weakened, damaged hair that appears limp and flat: Nature Care

Nature Care is Pantene’s latest specialized treatment.

Both intensive penetrating treatment $8.95

and leave on creme $9.70 are available in all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Get them now and have healthy hair 😀

on my 14th day I will also blog about how I used the leave on cream. 🙂

side note: i know i haven been blogging about weight loss issues, soon okay. mean while any questions about weight loss, just leave a comment here, or my formspring, i know a couple of you have email me instead, thanks for supporting! ^^

Have smooth and silky hair using PANTENE! (:


Trying to break out the cycle of unhealthy hair?

Join Pantene’s 14day flag-off challenge to hair health today!

Before that, do you know what are the signs of unhealthy hair?

1. Damaged hair with split ends
2. Rough tangled hair
3. Weakened hair with easy breakage
4. Flat dull hair

By joining Pantene’s flag off challenge, you can say goodbye to all the above mentioned signs in 14days!
After telling Claire the main issues of my hair, (frizzy, dry and tangled), they mailed me their smooth and silky range.

2011-11-24 18.58.59

Shampoo, conditioner, and 2 rinse off treatment.

Was abit sceptical about that initially.. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s only my 4th day using Pantene and there’s already significant results! *Different hair color due to lighting*

2011-11-26 17.54.51

2011-11-28 17.26.50

uncombed hair!

Getting softer and smoother, not as easily tangled as before, love touching my hair now!
feel totally like a bimbo!

I’m using..


Both pantene shampoo and conditioner


intensive treatment, havent used the other one yet.

Join me and participate in this 14days challenge! Not only you will break through the cycle of unhealthy hair, you will also be helping women in need to break out of their poverty cycle!

Not only for the purpose of good and healthy hair, it’s also for a good cause!

Through its first-ever global cause initiative, HEALTHY HAIR FOR HEALTHY WATER dedicated to empower women and their worlds to shine through clean drinking water, Pantene has pledged its commitment to health through clean drinking water.

With every participant that signs up for pantene 14day-flag off challenge,

14litres of clean drinking water, the equivalent of a week’s worth of clean drinking water for 1person, will be donated to communities in need, helping women and their families break out of their cycle of ill health and poverty!


And it’s so thoughtful of Pantene to come up with this regimen wheel so you will know which product is suitable for your hair needs! 😀
Will blog about my 7th day next! 😀 cant wait for the 14th day! 😀

Pantene Smooth and silky, and friday freebies!

Super <3 Itacho Sushi! The sashimi is super fresh!


and this is my hair color before dyeing olive brown

Wanted to order their softshell crab salad (my friend told me its super nice) but ordered wrong, got the normal crab salad instead. :/ nevermind next time!

Anyway FYI, I’m trying out Pantene Hair products (smooth and silky), all thanks to Pantene.

2011-11-24 18.58.59

It’s my day 2 and so far so good, it’s much more softer.. Will do a progress post about it. 🙂

2011-11-26 17.56.13

Have you participate in my giveaway/Mfp friday freebies?
saw some of the comments, and felt really touched!! ;’) this thread.

Continue to post your answers alright!

Once again, This contest ends 2nd December 2011 at 2359hrs.

SEE my prev post for more details 🙂 luck!