DIY Halloween treats!

Hello people! This is probably my last post until I finished my exam. In the mean time you can look at Simon’s posts 😀

Anyway because I know Halloween is coming I tried out some treats snacks ideas that are really tasty and fun! LOL. It took me a few days to do this video so I hope you guys will enjoy it! I got my ideas from Pinterest (no shame) but I try to be different for some of them.

These are 2 out of the 5 I did and if you’re interested click to watch the video, and i prewarn first.. The starting is kinda scary cos I was trying out a halloween makeup look -_- lol ok enjoy!

 photo SAM_0779_zps2b4e9d25.jpg

 photo SAM_0773_zpsf13a8943.jpg

 photo SAM_0767_zpsdc29b22b.jpg

Pinterest Inspiration:

I will do a weightloss related video next 😉
Claire say bye and wish me luck!

5 of my Favouritest Local food!!

Today lets talk about food! Or to be more precise, 5 of my favourite local food!!

When you talk about local, of course its going to be hawker food right! So here goes:

1. Yong Tau Foo

The are everywhere! And when you want to eat clean, a bowl of yong tau foo full of vege and eggs(whites, I skipped the yolk :p) = low fat meal!! Of course with so many choices of ingredients, you can indulge in maybe one piece of your favourite meat? Heh heh heh..

2. Fried Carrot Cake

Ok, I know the hawkers uses alot of oil in frying this… but aiyah… once in a while I can indulge right? Lol!! Anyways when I’m with the bf at a hawker, I no need to ask him, he’ll always order a small plate of fried carrot cake to share. With him around I can always try a few pieces, and make him finish the rest! Heh heh heh…

3. Kaya toast and half-boiled eggs

This is another one of my favourite whe I’m with the bf! We would always share one single kaya toast set with one upsized kopi siu-dai, his usual favourite drink. And I love those toasted white bread from normal local kopitiams too, coz they are chewy!!

4.Fish slices soup

Nothing like a hot bowl of fish slices soup especially on a rainy day. The fresh fish slice in the hot broth calls for a nutritious meal! Remember to ask for more vege!!

5.Mixed veg rice

Why’s something like this my favourite? Because there’s a wide variety of dishes to choose from!! I can have this everyday because I can slowly try all the dishes over days!! Hehehe! And if I wanna watch my diet, I can always choose 2 or 3 diferent vege dishes! This is the most versatile hawker choice ever hahahaha.

And there you have it! My favourite local food. What about yours? Well if you’re not sure, you can always check out #food. Lol!

Back to my school work :'(

See y’all soon. Hopefully…


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Catching up with friends after 4years???

Cannot believe we only meet after so long!!! My first and oldest colleagues, Ling (she’s malay btw) and Zack.
They are one of the fews who can still talk and laugh about almost anything after not meeting for decades. LOL!

The best thing is they stay in woodlands, and our meet up spot is always at Yishun! Too good and convenient for me!

So we had pizza hut. I can’t remember when was the last time I went to Pizza Hut too, maybe I’m on a non and low carb diet.
Asking me out during my PMS period is totally BAD. photo IMG_20130829_200754_zps949a9cb7.jpg

I had 3slices of Ocean Catch?! Carbs overload. Also it’s stuff crust! The funny thing is I’m not a fan of MAYO!!!

 photo IMG_20130829_200549_zpsae875a0d.jpg]

I was having toothache btw as I meet them one day after my dental appointment. So I had mushroom soup tooo.

I also have a share in this platter!

 photo IMG_20130829_200433_zpsbf8ce5c1.jpg

First try: Lychee Green Tea, best to have it when you’re feeling down. Cos super sweeet.

 photo IMG_20130829_195759_zpsafadb8b1.jpg

Now I’m looking at the pictures and I can’t believe my appetite when my auntie is visiting.
Alright Im ending the post here. Gonna shed some fats before I think about food again. *guilty*

I want to have Pizza again but not from Pizza Hut. LOL.

Tony Romas And Marche

Always love weekends, I love weekends more when I am rich. HAHAHA. or we are rich. LOL.

So about 2weeks ago, we went to Marche!! Finally!! Missed the food there!

 photo IMG_20130713_132026_zpsc87ddf45.jpg

 photo IMG_20130713_145016_zps048c9db4.jpg

I love the layout/settings in Marche.

 photo IMG_20130713_150757_zpscdb704ce.jpg

Ordered quite abit, and I was so full!

My love for sauteed mushrooms will never die.

We had lamb, salmon chowder, apple cinnamon muffin, salad, Bruschetta, carrot juice/coffee.  

And then about a few days ago? Ok last thursday, we went to Tony Romas. It was my treat because I got extra income! LOL. And marche was his treat btw.

 photo IMG_20130718_184118_zps320aa511.jpg

Complimentary bread loaf with garlic dip

 photo IMG_20130718_185620_zps6cf8cdff.jpg

My awesome salmon.

 photo IMG_20130718_185842_zps3bc473e3.jpg

And the too good medium well steak.

And we end the day with a cheesecake. OMG. fats calling me!! I hate PMS. Do you eat like a pig when your period is coming? Before or during???

 photo IMG_20130718_201802_zps2d4c07cf.jpg

Btw this is from starbucks. LOL

And oh today is 1month after my birthday, today is 24th July, Happy Birthday PP. sigh.

Food for thought @ Botanics Gdn.

This month I spend alot!!!
Sourcing venues = spending money! lol. But I finally settled on the location. hoho! Now I’m thinking about the decor! So fun So fun!

Not much lunch pics becos somedays are like more or less the same.

drumstick from chicken soup and 2types of veggies.

cai por egg, meat and chap cai

I really cannot live without veg-gies.

A bla pic of myself! HAHA, messy hair got its own advantages.

Last saturday went to Botanics Gdn again! (OOPS i realized i haven update our wedding spoof photos.) If you follow me on fb you will see la. Otherwise you just have to wait for me to blog about it. HAHA.)

Food for thought @ Botanics Garden is so spacious here.

 photo IMG_20130316_144045_zps713fbd88.jpg

 photo IMG_20130316_145153_zps94949726.jpg



Breakfast for $20! We shared this cos the portion was huge.

and 2 big pancakes WEEE, with gula melaka so special!

hate the gaps, but nvm it will get better. :)


Level 33 @ Marina Bay Financial Centre

Address: 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01 • Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 • Singapore 018981

We dolled up for this day because we were excited for the dinner, i am specifically excited for food.


contact lens featured here: luxury babe lens. will blog about it soon :)




Our outfit of the day.



I dun mind coming here every week if im rich hahaha


Of all the dishes, this is the best. sizzler beef $18


ordered a blond lager and nearly puke my guts out, I will tell the story if I had a chance. Mojito doesnt taste good too LOL $22


Boss recommend this fish and chips, which I love it becos of the potato $14.00


bread is my favourite as always but the sauce (garlic chickpea and truffle oil!!) nearest to me is the best. Bread dips $16.00



Chargrilled beer brined Kurobuta, potato date gratin, celeriac remoulade, plum chutney, apple and wild mushroom jus $39.00

My order for the pork. The Pork is thick, tender and juicy, but the gratin disappoint me.


Hash’s Gnocchi – Slow braised lamb shoulder, potato pasta, pine nuts, cranberry, port jus, crumbled goat cheese and fried sage $28

Just a few of that pasta makes you go, OMG IM SO FULL after our starters. But it’s good to me, cos this is what i like, chewy chewy. hehe.


Kong’s Back and belly – Chargrilled 200 days Stockyard sirloin and slowly braised blackened Wagyu brisket, potato onion hash, blistered tomato and wild mushroom jus $43.50

What can I say, this dish is for guys lol.

We continue drinking (me with grapefruit juice :X) outside, the wind is so strong and the view is gorgeous.

See, a shot of renee drinking. LOL. posing for me..





A group photo is better. lol

I love level33 and I’m gonna bring Mr tey there sometime soon! heheheh 😀

When did I become a glutton?

3more weeks and I’m done with internship! I’m going overseas after that for quite sometime and when I’m back, I promised to update regularly heh heh heh.

I know I haven’t been giving tips on weight loss! So before I post the next article, let me spam you with some food pics first! and maybe a pic of my short hair?


teeth is getting straighter but the gaps are still there!


carrot cake @ Lavender


Tau Suan


Ayam Panggang at PS, it’s good!


Vivocity – Japanese gourmet town


Amk market – Ba chor mee

Eat what you crave occasionally, this is one of the steps to weight loss.

I’m so going back to The Orange Thimble

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that my bf surprised me with scones because I was feeling moody from work. 😀
He chiong all the way to Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Tiong Bahru to know that it was closed on tuesday and he couldn’t just come to me empty handed, so he stepped into The Orange Thimble and bought me raisin scones!

I think he was skeptical about it, but surprisingly it taste GOOD! I want more! hahaha.


they heat it up, jam and butter was given, it’s so tasty!


Ikea day! Had craving for meatballs and I’M SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THE NEW RECIPE, smaller size and the standard totally drop!

I think i will only go there for wings in future.

Pasta Mania, CPF building, TG PAGAR, we thought it’s the last day we are gonna have lunch together and both of us were so emo. LOL



i think he purposely ordered this cos he knew i love cheese hotdogs. :D


alfredo – wholemeal spag

and thanks to the special girl for giving me the snacks! HAHAHHAHAA me is super happy!! LOL. thank you 😀

one box for ximen!


Mylife – I love food!

Mint Blazer from vaingloriousyou! Super nice, comfy and easy to match, that explains why I kept wearing. :P. I wore it in my prev post too! 😀



coffee from nanyang taste different and I liked it!

I’m changing workplace soon haiz so no more food from outram and tg pagar liao =(

Pearl center again!



Ever since I started work, I started eating rice tooo! 😀 you know when’s the last time I ate duck rice? more than 2years ago.


I must eat vegetables! It’s a must!

I’m going to post more food photos once I moved to the new office, so if you don’t want to be tempted then

Ask me more questions so I can update my weightloss articles!! 😀