Still in love with my Rosefield watch but I know it’s not for long..

 photo IMG_2788_zpszubarnkt.jpg

I love watches! Watches to me are like the best accessories ever. I feel that they can be matched with any outfit, dressy or casual!

I also love branded watches but I don’t think I will spend that money to get any yet. I am secretly in love with that PP brand but that amount can take me to alot of countries! So yea no PP, but definitely yes to travelling! 😀

Recently S bought me a Rosefield watch for my birthday because I have been eyeing one for quite some time. I like that it gives off a very classic and yet modern feel. I am in love with their colours too. I couldnt decide on the pink or grey and S ended up getting the grey one for me. I’m not complaining because the grey one is actually very beautiful and it matches every piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe except for those super colourful ones.

 photo IMG_1665_zpsps58disj.jpg

Don’t know why my face so round here, but nvm~

Another thing I love about Rosefield? It’s created based on the founding principles of both Amsterdam and New York City. NYC? Hell yeah! I’ve never been there but it is already my favourite city. I think it’s because of Gossip girls that made me fell in love with new york.

 photo IMG_1720_zps0efn9uww.jpg

Numeric cuff is from

Grey is a wonderful colour. I can pair it with my gold or silver and even blue accessories and they still look good altogether! It’s so versatile and chic!

 photo DSC04978_zpsqdn4nvrt.jpg

White belt is from

For that lazy saturday afternoon, I decided to go with grey and white and surprisingly it turns out pretty light and cheery!

I am still in love with my Rosefield but I know this is not for long, because I am always eyeing for new watches. :p I have no complaints for the watches but it would be good if they can come up with more series. 😀 The series are all affordable (looked expensive) and beautiful so if you’re interested do check out their website!

I’m ending my post here today and write about some healthy snacks the next so remember to come back! 🙂

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Travel: 5D4N Nikko Tokyo- Hotel Mystay Asakusa-Bashi, Takeshita Street Harajuku, Tokyo Skytree and Ueno Park!

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So many many things to share this May and June! But first let’s time travel again!

 photo tokyo29_zpsd7f6a8b4.jpg

 photo tokyo30_zps55c89f5a.jpg

Hotel Mystay Asakusa-Bashi is affordable, clean, convenient and not very small like how my friends used to describe the hotels they stayed in Japan.
I recommend this hotel, a pity that we didn’t take a photo of our room!

 photo tokyo31_zps21a7de13.jpg

 photo tokyo32_zps3011a103.jpg

 photo tokyo33_zps263cb6b4.jpg

 photo tokyo34_zps645aba3e.jpg

 photo tokyo35_zps0671daa3.jpg

 photo tokyo36_zps366a275f.jpg

 photo tokyo37_zpse4720746.jpg

 photo tokyo38_zpsb4e6a7c8.jpg

 photo tokyo39_zpsf450d89b.jpg

 photo tokyo40_zps60ad5f39.jpg

 photo tokyo41_zpsa95769e2.jpg

 photo tokyo42_zpscfcada37.jpg

 photo tokyo43_zps8ef37915.jpg

 photo tokyo44_zps6ba06a56.jpg

 photo tokyo45_zps38d01829.jpg

 photo tokyo46_zps19569e2b.jpg

how to take self portrait under tokyo skytree?

 photo tokyo47_zps3604fe0f.jpg

 photo tokyo48_zps27efecc7.jpg

 photo tokyo49_zpsd7e4cd2c.jpg

 photo tokyo50_zps0babe747.jpg

 photo tokyo51_zps8357cd02.jpg

 photo tokyo52_zps1979fa4a.jpg

 photo tokyo53_zps0e64b97e.jpg

Ueno park!

Uniqlo Coat
LoveandBravery Dress
ASOS stocking
Zalora sneakers
Catwalkclose bag
Shawl from some random shop in Harajuku.

I thought this will be the last post but apparently not, we still have 20plus photos to post, (which will finally be the last), till the next post and I can finally move on from there.

Lots of love,


*coming up next… VLOG…… about what?? You come back and read/watch! ^^

Fashion and Technology

 photo asos_zpsfdb35ec8.jpg

In the past, you have to step out of your house to shop for clothes, now you can just wear your pajamas, sit at home and shop away while eating lunch or dinner. This also mean that you spend without much thinking. LOL.

Nowadays fashion stores can just operate online without having a physical store, see how popular are online blogshops right now.. The best thing is that their trends are always updated and new, while you don’t know what’s in trend right now if you shop out there at some random stores.

Nowadays accessories, clothings, shoes are all available online! And even branded goods in the recent years. One of the example would be Reebonz which always have branded goods sales!

 photo reebonz_zps4557d8d3.jpg

Pretty excited about how the fashion world would evolved next, maybe there will be a new app which can scan my wardrobe and advise what to wear for that particular day? wahaha.. awesome..

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Mavala Nail Polish

I love seeing colors on my nails, it made me happy, do you?

I’m sorry I hadnt had a chance to do another nail review, I suck at painting my nails, one color is okay for me, multiple or designs, I ruined my nails eventually.


latest photo of me! ;)

This is my previous 2boxes of MAVALA Nail polish (i dunno where did one of them go to, now i’m left with only 11!), I haven’t apply all the colors yet and I received another 2boxes from them! This time round the colors are more HOT, sparkly and glittery!


I realized i dun really like sweet colors on my nails, I prefer hot colors.




I tried the black and red one, and I prefer the red one! I’m going to try pink diamond next. that would be hotty sweet.


glitter blue is my next must try!

pardon me, i couldn’t hold a camera properly when i’m still waiting for them to dry up. :PP



Thank you Mavala for the nail polishes, they are pretty!

They can be found at

– BHG Bugis

– Metro Woodlands

– Pink Beauty

– Tara Apothecary

– and selected perfumeries.

So what should I apply for christmas? 😀

Mylife – My darling gf’s birthday =)

It was a GOOD FRIDAY! One day to cast school work aside!

Movie date with Huizhen gf for her advance birthday, after that Mustafa and L’etoile cafe to chill out with my dear bf!


was late and need to cab to school.

watched ‘Seeking a friend for the end of the world’. funny and sad!


i think she love the giftS that i gave her HAHA


i bought her instax mini camera, and we were spamming polaroids

Hehe lets countdown to october and march k huizhen? hehehe <3

After the movie, I met mr tey! He waited for me for quite sometime @ dhoby mrt. We went to mustafa to look for his grease something.




he looked for his stuffs and i take photos!

then we went to city sq. had humcheepeng, butterfly and



after that, the bf gave me a surprise by bringing me to L’ETOILE CAFE!




times like this i thought i need a good camera


super nice place to chill out at!


stuffs that you can buy!


his view.


me with the menu :D


so cute right rilakkuma polaroid! HEHE


only ordered egg benedict cos we were so full!

totally awesome place, a pity that we didnt manage to went upstairs, we would go back again to take photos. haha!

am gonna bring my gf there too for our anniversary =D

Mylife – crazy

backtrack post!

no more dark colored hair!

a photo in the lift Blk 5 SGH lol! this is the day i visited him. the night before his op!


wore this top that le bf bought for me, hope he would feel happier seeing me wearing what he buys for me haha

I had dinner with his parents, and after that came back and his dinner is there too!


cute or what hahaa.

this guy very lucky B2 no space, he got upgraded to B1, that time i stay C class leh, LOL i also want aircon leh, but please i hope we don’t need to stay in hospital again.


after i do my rj, i got sleepy and i lie down with him on his bed! HAHA

i request to take photos before I leave, im actually very worried and sad in this picture, cos i can’t be there inside to hold his hand during his op. and i cant be the first to see him when he wakes up after the op, so i feel very sad and sian.

I know he is worried but he put on a brave front because he dun want me to be worried, *annoyed*

Anyway if you guys know me, usually things that happened already I will write it down and share it. Cos it’s already over and I can’t do anything about it, be it good or bad, just like my weight loss thing, people ask me why i dare to post my old photos, i thought, why not? lol.

Okay, so what happened on his op day was that I broke down in school, I behaved like a weird girl that day and when my supervisor talked to me, i don’t even know how to answer or handle, and when he starts asking around what happened to me, that’s when I broke down. I think i’m very weak, i should know how to separate personal issues and school issues. But I can’t cos i feel the heavy pressure weighing down on me and really feel very stress at this point of time.

There’s exams, there’s FYP, there’s report, there’s eposter, there’s blog, there’s his op, i just couldn’t take it and i cried. And the worse thing is there’s exam on thursday. I couldn’t concentrate on revising my exam, and just as what I’d expected, I flung my ‘paper’. And I feel even more stress on thursday.

I’m feeling better now, he’s fine, the exam is already over, what for brood over it, when I should concentrate on the coming exams? So yah, time to move on, and i really hope all this can be over soon, and i can have my freedom back. =’)

Thank you God for protecting my love, and please don’t give him anymore illness. 🙂

I am stronger than this, if I really let myself down, then so be it, I can’t do anything.

New clothings from FABFAD!

Happy Sunday!

It was a ‘rollercoaster’ week for me and im so happy that the bf’s fine now :D:D:D! It had been sometime since I go out everyday, and all thanks to FABFAD! I don’t need to worry what to wear for this busy week!

Last wednesday night, dinner with A, and I decided that I should just try out the new tube top FABFAD sent me!

I rarely wear tube top, this is the first time and i fell in love with it instantly, the bf also comment that it looks very good on me!

I love how there’s this anti slip stuff behind the tube that prevents it from slipping down 😀 and the silver piping ornaments really make this tube look sexy and yet not too revealing!


i wore it with my high waist shorts and a loose cardigan! casual!

i even tried wearing it with blazer and yes i do looked chic, perfect for a date!


I wore the WINE RED ROMPER to visit Mr Simon at SGH!


credits to yongqing she’s only what 9 or 10 yrs old!

It’s a pity simon can’t help me to take photos, hahhaa. Yq is so nice to help me take before I go off. She likes my romper too! =D


was rushing, no makeup that’s why cant show face HAHA

without the web crochets, i think this romper will be very normal and simple, with those small details, the whole outfit looks very sweet and happy! and i like how it makes me looked so much younger!

And finally YESTERDAY! I wore the last piece from FABFAD out to dye my hair!



this is the outcome! i think photo looks abit different due to ringlight =D

and i love this new lipstick that i just got from revlon! the pink is very nice!


and this is the top i wore out with my shorts!

I love this top because it’s versatile, you can wear it tuck it, tuck out or with a belt =DD and of cos I super adore the lace parts! sexy!


this is how i look if i tuck it out.

Oh i forgot! The quality of the clothes is super good and comfortable! and all 3 comes in different colors!

how to lose weight article coming out soon! be patient =D

check out their blogshop now!! FABFAD!!

Mylife – the swollen/ugly me

It was a very happy day cos i met up with jinmei they all and my secondary school friends, omg miss them so much! haven take a photo of the polaroids yet, if got time i will blog about it hehe.

That early afternoon i went down to city hall first for the yahoo interview
caution! swelling face from lower braces! i will tell you about lower braces soon and it’s really VERY painful!


this is last week so now alrdy de-swell abit le!!




using the candydoll ramune pink lippie my current fav now! most importantly, here’s my lower brace!


i think i shd post this kind of photo more often to hide my teeth T.T


wee love the green skirt~

the 2nd day after putting braces was a torture. i laughed and talked alot and guess what happen?


OUCH! its much worse in real life, haven heal yet now! =(

im glad i dun look that swollen now, but im more glad that i dun need to do extractions anymore. I MAJOR HATE IT!

Mylife – A trip to Gardens By The Bay

Finally a break from school and revision, a trip to Marina Bay! Gardens by the Bay! looking at MBS from there, makes me wanna stay there for a night! tsk.

i feel damn weird wearing long skirt to school, god my friend cant even recognise me.

House downstairs. Before putting lower braces, after the lower braces, can have significant jaw change ma?



random shot!


everyday i look at my teeth lol


stupid face.



the walk to the Gardens! the bf brought me chips as i haven take my lunch *^^*


and also my outfitoftheday, i was lazy to dress up but with this skirt, i think it does make things a little easier.



pretty view! this is singapore, can you believe it?



the bridge. many people are taking photos there, i think ive gain weight alrdy! so people pls stop saying im skinny.


many reflections~


simon, dun u ever dare to sell away your fisheye lens




i brave myself up the log!


i was saying the flowers v pretty leh *snap*


‘siao fo’


artificial tree?


scary stuff, look at the body. T.T


hahahha i purposely ask him to sit there



i like this!


me walking around like crazy girl


bye Gardens by the bay! I’m coming back again when i got more time and i haven roam the tadpole playground!

I left the place to attend some stuffs, and i got to say, my dear friend, i didn’t know i set an example for you, thank you for looking up to me, thank you for being my friend, i know in your next life, you will be better than me! =’) love you my dear friend. R.I.P


and then let me end with a photo of the day