Pupa Make up Launch – Mascara VAMP!

Was invited to Pupa Make Up Launch @ Senso Ristorante & Bar, thanks to Lynn, Mimi and Cat!

Remember I say before whenever I feel like buying something I will get the invitation or reviews of the product?

Haha yes it applies to this time as well, as my mascara’s almost gone!

It was a super enjoyable day because rusty, cat and Xinyi were there with me! OMG XIN YI I MISSED HER SO MUCH kekeke.

other than that, PUPA’s exclusive international makeup artist, Giorgio Forgani was also present,  he was helping valerie with her make up, Valerie is so tall and gorgeous!


can u guess what’s being launched? :D

Rusty is signing her name!


doing the base make up.the interior is so pretty


i want to have them all! haha

as usual MIMI is super hyper, she told us we can actually play around with the make up and also ask Giorgio to touch up our makeup! OMG HOW EXCITED ARE WE!


Kristen was the first to ‘go under Giorgio’s hands’ and she looked radiant and gorgeous after that! I remember I took a photo and I don’t know why I can’t find it in my camera! arghhh!


Next was Rusty!


lol she don’t know where to look


the after – pretty!

And then it was my turn! Lol i feel awkward when people take photos of me. i guess i can only camwhore HAHA.


but still, credits to xinyi!


Giorgio and Valerie!

‘Beauty is in every woman and it can be enhanced thanks to simple steps, that are not at all necessarily loud or complicated!’


my favourite and i love it that they make sure we dont starved haha


half way through….


xinyi and me!

we were also given mascara to try on! COLORED MASCARA!
I tried on the green one! it was so nice!


rusty and xinzz say that they cant keep their eyes off my eyes. HAHA. the green looks very natural too, from far it looks like eye liner!


our starter. the parma ham is so good


our main course, the beef cheeek is so tender so yummy! the mash potato is very special but i got to say it got abit jelat towards the finishing

there’s dessert tooo!


woman’s enemy! cos it’s so tasty and so fattening!

PUPA BREAST ENHANCER was also being passed around for us to take a look


This product ranks NUMBER ONE in the Italian body care category! supposed to help you up 1cup size but of cos the result varies.

Now im going to show you the end result of valerie’s make up!


the blue mascara is so nice! this whole look is just gorgeous!

ended about 10plus with the bf outside waiting for me haha! and here we are having a group photo!


a group photo! :D

guess what’s in the plastic bag that we are holding? hehe. i will blog and review them soon ^^v

thanks pupa and Giorgio! 😀

AUDI FASHION FESTIVAL – Rock the Runway with Redken

Thanks for the invitation Dale and Redken! I was given additional 3invitation cards for my friends! 🙂
and so I invited Joyce, le bf and pass the last to Gin’s friend.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE NIGHT IS MR SIMON TEY, some of the photos he got watermarked his name but i dunno why isit in white?



Before the special event 😀 I went to Shiella’s house to doll up, her bf helped me with the hair and she helped me with the makeup, O.MY.GOD i really feel like im her sister 😀 thank you sister <3


her bf helping her while i watched vampires’ diaries! shiella is so pretty :)

We were late actually and cab down! Sorry Joyce and Gin, Mr tey for letting you guys wait for us!


Some of the accessories I borrowed from Shiella


i seldom do my makeup like this if you notice!


seldom got the chance to wear my ALDO! the theme for the night was ‘rock couture’ i had a hard time thinking what to wear.


Joyce looked really ‘rock’ that day with the red and the stockings


okay hi! HHAA


hehehe thanks for taking care of me *love*


the group photo! :D

we roamed around, got ourselves drinks, and some, ice cream, (the magnum temptation iz really good omg)


no food and drinks inside

while waiting for the show to start HAHAHA! camwhored!


look at my teeth, im so glad im putting on braces on the 4th of june! i will be touching on that soon in my following posts, i hope you guys are happy for me too! yippay!




joyce looked really pretty here. do you want to thank the photographer? haha!


another group photo 🙂 gin’s friend, isit christine i think she dunno! HAHA

yay show starts! i tell you, there’s actually alot of photos, but i think it’s too much to post, you might just ‘X’ my blog! HAHA.


look at the eyelashes! i super love her hair i think i will try it one day!




so skinny


the rap-per!


this model is super cool, at the end of the show, she was there singing and dancing! haha


this girl sings very well!

Jorge Joao and Kristina Russell came out and they were super hyper!

There’s also LIVE hairstyling at the show!


this hair was actually much longer and bigger! and that explains how strong redken hair spray is huh? LOL



all the photos credit to MR SIMON TEY.

it was really a wonderful night! somemore it’s the first time le bf tagged along to an event with me kekeke!



Redken New Chromatics: The Next Color Generation


Was invited to Redken Private Hair workshop, mainly is to introduce their new color range! I asked the darling sister shiella along! 😀

Thanks to Dale again and of course Redken!

It was a very fun event! They even invited Jorge Joao down to conduct the workshop for us bloggers! 😀 we are of course very very very honoured.

Let me give you a brief intro about Jorge Joao!

Jorge has performed on various international stages and shows across North America – the most recent being the Toronto Fashion Week where he led a team of over 30 Redken hairstylists.

He also showcased his expertise at the Redken-Rock the Runway Hair Show!

I will blog about ‘Rock the Runway Hair show’ soon probably the next or following post! It was my first time attending hair show and it was definitely interesting!



I got to know a new blogger friend on this day who is GIN WONG! she is super duper funny man haha!


they prepared dinner for us! :)


also coffee and dessert!

After our dinner..


Pamela was introducing redken products :D:D

She’s a awesome and funny girl i got to say. Pamela also talked about NEW CHROMATICS which is what im going to share next!





I would like to try this one day because the color is so pretty and i personally like the RED AND RED/VIOLET.

NEW CHROMATICS uses a breakthrough oil delivery system and protein extract technology to fortify hair up to two times its original strength.

It promises 4-Dimension colour results so you can translate the latest runway trends naturally and vibrantly into your locks:


Hundred percent Grey Coverage (the very first Redken Haircolour product to guarantee holistic coverage of grey hairs)

Multi-Level Dye Deposit (a deeper, richer evolution of Redken’s signature multi-dimensional colours, balancing between translucent for a natural look and denser for great coverage)

Radiant Reflection (natural and natural warm shades have cool and warm reflects effect for glowing lustre)

D4Lasting Vibrancy (high colour retention and soft strengthening for high-shine colour treatment)

3. The collection contains over 48 shades from natural, cool, warm and clear families, enabling stylists to permutate and mix endless colour tones for you






4. Contains zero ammonia

Dont you want to try it? hehe!





i went to the event after school so i was pretty tired

and that was not all, we even had a question and answer session with Jorge Joao! He’s just so amazing!

we were already given our products, but those who asked question get additional products!!! so good right! haha.

Also, hair demo!


Jorge Joao doing a braid that takes him less than 5mins!


He also gave us tips like, the right way to blow dry our hair so that it will not look flat!


bent down and blow your hair the opposite way!


the products that we got, i already used 2, will blog about it next!


okay bye! till the next post :D

visit REDKEN to know more =D

Photoshoot then Garnier @ Once upon a milkshake

At raffles place..




the weather was super hot! but this is my fav photo


this is one of my favourite

photo credit to simontey

After that I went to Garnier event!



the milkshake is good even tho im lactose intolerant!



the garnier gang :D


me, cat and minru! it was my first meeting with minru!



read here for garnier tinted pimple roll on review 🙂

side note; getting my tooth extracted tomorrow! YAY TO BRACES JOURNEY, I HOPE IT’S NOT REALLY 2.5YRS COS ITS DAMN LONG! 🙁

Origins Earth Month Party

Was invited to Origins Earth Month Party last thursday, I was a little late but it’s okay because I saw a few familiar faces there! 😀

I had a movie date with le best friend and this is 2photos of me before heading out.



and if you do realize, this is my header pic in blogger page

From here onwards, many photos are ‘kope’ from Shiella. I forgot t bring my camera!


I’ve never personally use Origins before, or really did a good research about it. But from the brand itself, it’s obvious that you know it’s made from natural ingredients. After a thorough introduction of Orgins from the ladies, I get to know more about this brand. 🙂

Origins believes the well-being of the planet is vital to the well-being of the people who populate it. Their products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy & earth-friendly practices. Furthermore they used recycle materials wherever possible! definitely very environmentally-friendly!


Eco designer Elaine and her partner making brooches for us!

The brooches are made from recycled bags, you can get more information from ATGAB!


also without animal ingredients except for cruelty-free honey & beeswax


They are having a campaign which I will share later in this post!


Yes, any brand is perfectly fine

Time for some human faces HAHA. Shiella, JuAnn, Joyce and me were spamming photos!


And there’s our wishes on the tree




I love this photo!



lol! awkward face of mine




she’s so sweeeet




trying very hard not to laugh!

back to topic, so what’s the campaign that I’ve mentioned earlier?

During earth month in April 2012, Origins Singapore will plant a tree through Global Releaf in honor of each customer who purchases Plantscription Anti-aging serum.

The key ingredient in this serum is the Anogeissus Tree found in The republic of Ghana. When Origins harvest Anogeissus, it is done to ensure sustainability & not damage the tree. It is taken from pruned branches or directly from the bark of the tree without stripping it. Their tree-planting project for 2012 will link to an initiative in Africa!

You can find out more about this product by making an appointment for a 20mins mini-facial to experience the latest products, it’s free and you get to receive a personalized consultation with the friendly Origins Guides! :D:D

You can also visit Origins Singapore or
facebook! for more info! 😀

Origins is available at:

Isetan Scotts 6887 0179
Robinsons Raffles City 6337 6581
Metro Paragon 6734 1660
Robinsons Centerpoint 6735 2678
Tangs Vivo City 6376 9818

that’s all folks! till the next post 🙂

Event: Nose fillers and botox @ Privé Clinic <3

I’m sure by now you guys already know that I’ve got a new nose bridge and new ‘eyes’. ~♪ 😀

No, I did not go for plastic surgery although I intend to do that next time 😛 but I went for Aesthetics Enhancement!

ALL thanks to Privé Clinic & Dr Karen Soh!topheader_02

Dr Karen Soh (click to know more about her) is definitely well trained and her interest in aesthetics is sparked off by her desire to help everyone, young and old, look and feel their best at every stage of their lives. 🙂

Other than Age Management, they also provide, Medical Aesthetics and Therapeutic Aesthetics, visit their website to find out more. ^^

Now I shall walk you through the event on 15th December ~♪ (include the photos of my procedure, why you all never rsvp earlier!! 🙁) And thanks Wendy, xinyi, Selynn, Huizhen & Weiling and everyone else for coming! 😀

The moment I step in, I saw this, and I thought, : OH MY, TODAY IS THE DAY! Transformation!


bling bling, ‘sit on me and i will make you prettier’


my heart goes sha la la la, no. is thump thump thump!

not scared, but nervous to see how my eye bags and nose bridge would turn out!
btw I’m okay with my nose, it’s okay, there’s this 45degree angle, side view looks nice, but who don’t want a higher nose right??!?!

My face is not oily, there’s numbing cream (for 30mins) on my entire face, and this picture is taken by huizhen my dearest bff!! 😛


And here’s elizabeth and our mfp videographer!

The last time I saw Elizabeth was like 1yr ago? The day I officially signed my contract with MFP.

Procedure starts now!


Fillers and botox for my eyebags! BYE EYE BAGS!

I’ve mentioned before in my Lancome post, I hate my eyebags alot. The first thing people look at me they go, aiyo why you never sleep ah? :(:( especially XINYI! she always give me a very sad face when she sees my eyebags, OMG! And mine is not one fold, it’s like 2 or 3 folds! So I’m really really happy when I see myself in the mirror now, because my eyes look really LIFTED!!! People will notice my eyes instead of my eyebags, and now I can save up time on photoshopping my eyebags :PP

For the eye, I think because it’s the first procedure, I rate it 0.5/10 for the level of pain. It’s like something poking my eye and it’s painless 😀

Next: NOSE!!! everyone loves their nose to be high and small like angmoh! Mine is typical asian but up abit nose. HAHA. So I requested for a higher nose bridge! Dr Karen Soh did mention my nose is ok before, main problem is my eye bags and she add on with, you should go do your teeth. HAHA! yah i waiting for my braces now ^^


Jab and mould, more injections and mould again! product being used: Juvéderm®

Dr Karen also inject into the tip of my nose to make my nose look perkier 🙂 also the side of my nose, near the laugh lines there, to make my nose appear narrower/slimmer. ^^ :D:D many happy faces! cos now I can look like korean. 😛

Nose filler is very safe as compared to surgery. And you can still achieve your ideal nose through fillers!



an unusually awkward look! cos my face is damn numb, i probably am smiling, but i cant coordinate properly :/

You know what’s my first reaction, I exclaimed! I can’t see the other side of my eyes now! LOl cos the bridge is so high it blocked my vision, at this moment, then I realized this is how angmoh sees things.

Pain level 0.5 still 😛



hahhaa, I felt very happy when people around me all say you already very pretty dont need to do. hahaha! i want to see myself prettier ma… 😛

BOTOX is common and popular nowadays, not only for the slimming effect for the jaw/face.
It also helps to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, and to lift the brows. It works by reducing muscle activity that causes the persistent forming of lines. Safe and effective for most, it is also sometimes used to curb excessive perspiring and even reduce the size of the calves.

Overall for all 3procedures, I rate it 2/10. because probably the numbing effect gone off abit, and I can feel some ant bite on my jaw. But still it’s ant bite! 😀

So yah, if one of the factor that is stopping you is due to the pain, don’t worry because it’s close to painless!

Still got more!! Dr Karen Soh asked for volunteer and Diana (im glad that you read my blog, and sorry if I spell your name wrong :p) volunteered! Also there’s a winner for the lucky draw too, she won herself a lasik skin treatment 😀 woohoo! Sorry I dont have your pic here :/

She did both nose filler and botox!



brave girl! :D

I bet Diana loves her new nose now and of cos I love mine too! 😀 Im going back to review next week too~ 😛

My nose and ‘eyes’ will last for 1yr, and for botox will last for 4months! I’m still monitoring my jaw, because the effect will show after 2weeks 😀

Thank you all for attending and thanks Privé Clinic for this event! 😀

I went home I snap a photo 😀

2011-12-15 23.02.53_副本

A few days later after no more swelling 😀

2011-12-21 12.01.18_副本

So if you want to enhance your features GO TO Privé Clinic!

If you want to look younger GO TO Privé Clinic!

If you want to remove moles, or treat your pigmentation GO TO Privé Clinic!

If you want to have slimmer arms, thighs or anywhere else GO TO Privé Clinic!

More options GO TO http://priveclinic.com/!

It’s still December so……

* Any 3 areas at 10% off Total costs.
* Any 4 areas at 20% off Total costs.

Act fast!!! 😀

Privé Clinic establishes its reputation as one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand. Privé suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Understanding that being well-groomed and exhibiting quiet confidence is paramount to success, Privé represents their passport to perfection.

Loving comfort in private surroundings, personalised services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, have undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

At Privé, your needs are their first and only priority.


Privé Clinic
Blk 390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun and PH: Closed

Tel: 6737 6639 Hp: 9848 2888 Fax: 6737 8984
For bookings & general enquiries:

Website: Privé Clinic

[To be launch lancome] The best eyecream I’ve ever tried!


owe this post for quite some time :P

What is that that I’m holding? Something that target your wrinkles, EYE BAGS and DARK CIRCLES. Read on to find out more! 😛

Was invited to Lancome product launch media preview at Bistro Soori.

Bistro Soori is at No.2 teck lim rd, they served great food!

The moment I received the email i know i have to go, because one of the thing that I hate about my face is my super ugly eyebags!


I was the only blogger present on that particular day, and the rest are from her world, insing, straits time and etc, basically all the media people.

So what is Lancome coming up with this time round? 😀


It’s a pre launch event for Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift!
we were each given a tub to try on, and there’s even LIVE DEMO going on!


The difference before and after applying the cream really awed us!

As I got my make up on on this day, I tried it on my hand..


can you see a difference over here?? I applied the cream on my left hand, and the lines reduced instantly!

okay, you may think that the pic looked abit blur, nvm, i also tried it on my eyes! which i will show you guys later 🙂


Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift was innovated due to the latest trend in aesthetic enhancements to promote a younger looking eye contour, which is the key area of our face.

Targeting people who have

– Visible frown lines

– Sagging eyebrows

– Slackened upper eyelid

– Wrinkles and Crow’s feet

– Puffiness and Dark circles

Renergie Yeux is able to let you achieve what you want without going for botox, collagen injection, lipo filling, or hyaluronic acid injections and many more which targets your eye area. (at least improved our condition)

What exactly does Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift gives us?

1. A firmer eye contour

2. Lifted eyelids with a skin tightening active extracted from Argan

3. Reduced appearance of Crow’s feet

4. A visibly more luminous eye contour

5. Puffiness reduced from the extracts of caffeine.

6. Diminished dark circles

Sound like a gimmick? There’s results proven by women who used it! 😀


Results shown after 4weeks…

98% of them said their wrinkles appear smoother!
96% skin more luminous!
100% eye contour looks as if it’s ‘lifted’!
100% skin seems firmer!
98% undereye puffiness reduced!
And 94% dark circles less visible!

Did I mention that I alrdy tried it? Yes! now its my eyes that you are going to see!


This is mine and after having a closer look at it, the packaging is so luxurious and refined!

2formulas in one single product! The upper layer is a protective luminous treatment. You can also touch up when you’re out! =D

and now my review!


Observed this! Left eye is so much brighter than the right!
Dark circles also looked lighter, eyelid more lifted and less lines!

Amazing right? No products can get rid of anything to be honest, but this improvement is drastic!

There’s a unique technique you have to follow to maximize the effect! And you only have to apply every morning to clean skin before applying make up!

Step 1:


Always start at the inner corner of your eye and smooth your finger gently over the skin! (see the picture)
1. Under the eye, smooth over any puffiness or dark circles
2. On the upper eyelid, including over the eyebrow
3. From the outer corner of the eye up to the temple to smooth out crow’s feet

Step 2:


After the cream! Apply the protective illuminating treatment with the finger tips over 3specific areas:
The inner corner of the eye
Dark circles and puffiness
Below the eye brows
*Remember to carry out light, circular movements until the texture blends perfectly into the skin. 🙂

Are you excited about this product?

The official launch is in January! BUTTTTT
There’s an exclusive prelaunch in December with a retailer! Be patient and wait for it yea, Nearer to the date I will update about it to you guys! ^^


Retail price $120, 15ml +4g

Chance to get 1year supply of GUESS JEANS! :D




Now you got a chance to get free jeanS! Not just one, mind you, it’s a whole year of supply (1 jeans every month)!

Read on to find out how you can win them 😀

Was invited to GUESS Try to Win! Campaign on friday with the other MFP bloggers!

Location: Paragon



Staffs were friendly, helpful, and music was blasting~



love their bags, clothings, accessories and everything!




i tried on the 2nd pair (black one) love it!




I didn’t know what I was there for until they told us 😛
we were suppose to try on 3pairs of jeans, and chose the 1 that we liked and suits us the most, after that take a photo with our fav jeans and WALKed OFF WITH IT! :):)

i had a hard time choosing, it took me more than half an hr or maybe 45mins to finally choose 3pair of jeans!
As they got too many varieties to choose from! From…
daredevil to
power skinny to
starlet to
britain skinny and more!

I super love GUESS’s jeans because they fit many different body types without having to be super stretchy!

After trying, I decided on powerskinny!


my polaroid!

powerskinny is very nice, fits me perfectly and it’s so super comfortable! you got to go down and try it! really!

can’t see the design? looked here!


the back!


front view

and lastly whole body view! credits to simontey!


very nice right? 😀 Do you want to have one too? OH NO IS 12 😀

IMPORTANT! read carefully! 🙂

This is what you should do 😛

From now until 27th November! You just have to walk in to Guess Paragon and try on 3pairs of jeans!

Then, Get your polaroid photo taken in your favourite pair of jeans & give your photo an interesting caption!

the keyword* here is PHOTO AND CAPTION.



Strike your best, sexy post and be creative, write the best caption and you can receive a 1-year supply* of GUESS jeans (1 pair of jeans per month) *terms and conditions apply
not only that,
you will also Receive a FREE pair of limited edition GUESS headphone! (*while stock lasts)

It’s so easy and definitely a great deal! you got nothing to lose!


wanna be happy like me? :D

hurry hurry go down now!!!!!!

good luck! 😉

Estee Lauder *Meet the bloggers* make up workshop

“Wear it Subtle or Make a Statement Color Your Way” workshop held by Estee Lauder on the 20th October (the one I attended) @ VivoCity! And also meet the bloggers session~ ^^

Before going out..


2friends/fans were coming with me but one of them was busy! oh well… next time okay 😉 and the other one that came with me was Caifang!


love her camera! the lighting so good


pics before making up at the workshop

workshop starts at 7pm! got our goodie bag as well! and like the other time, we were supposed to strip off our make up!

look at the pretty eye shadow palettes and lipcolors~


and this wendy keep tou pai us!! and i returned the favour! LOL


aiyo! too far!

Before I go on, remember I blog about the skincare products that was given by Estee Lauder?
if you forgot, click here

I super love the Idealist Even skintone illuminator and the Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion.

It really evens my skintone and I even throw away my BB CREAM!!

hint* get one and try 😛

kk, back to workshop…………………………….


brush and eyeliner for our eyes

and tada, this is our day-look!


and moving on to night look..


kind lady helping me with my eyeshadow ^^



basically for the night look which is also your statement look, you can just apply the darker shades of your Pure Color Five Color Palette onto your eyes.

A really versatile palette that transformed from a day look to a night look, also can be used for eyelining the eyes!

workshop ended and how can i forgot about all the mfp girls right? hehehe


herine, her friend, me, wendy, caifang!


these 2tiny girls!


ohhh blur!!! BUT THE BIG FAMILY! ;D

and us again 😛



thanks estee lauder and all the people! :D

love estee lauder, learned alot from them, and really enjoyed myself on this particular night, especially with the company of so many lovely and sweet girls 🙂


till then~

[Review] Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox drink

Was invited to Kinohimitsu Media event last night, saw Charlotte and JuAnn! 😀

all thanks to this cheerful and friendly lady, Joann for inviting me, I really enjoyed myself!

I was early, reached about 6.30pm.


All the Health & Beauty Drinks


the presentation starts at about 730pm?

free flow of drinks


my strawberry margarita


all the products!

Talked about their top seller, collagen drinks!


Collagen Diamond and the normal Collagen

Difference between the 2?

Diamond Collagen, 5300mg: For 30yrs and above.
Collagen, 2500mg: For 30yrs and below.

Some tips here: The absorption is better when you drink in the morning before breakfast!
BUT, if you want to repair your wrinkles, then drink it before you go to bed in the night!

the people there were really friendly, liked them very much, as I was the first one, they kept talking to me so as to make sure I wouldn’t get bored. 😉

and here is my goodie bag!


Wondering why I got the collagen diamond??

NO, IM NOT 30 YET! im 21 anddddd so what’s inside?


different sample for the different products they have!


why their bottles looked so pretty! LOL

All the products from KINOHIMITSU, are

– SGS TESTED, certified no hormones!

Hard time thinking which one to try first, and so!
I tried this! As the effect is immediate!



Aside from the reason stated above, I wanted to ‘push’ some toxins out, I’ve been eating fried food and snacks everyday since 2weeks ago! The toxins is coming out from my face ok no joke. -.-

This J’pan D’tox Juice is a 6days program that flush out toxins from our bowel within 2-4hrs, without disrupting our daily life.

It contains NO LAXATIVES!!! No addictives! All it provides is high concentration of dietary fibre that increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and help fortify the body’s defences.

It will improve irregular bowels while softening and unplugging mucoid plague. WAH, CHIM WORD HERE


Mucoid plague is actually some old, gluey, hardened waste which you known as FAECES. And an average individual actually carried between 7-25pounds OF MUCOID PLAQUE in their colon and intestines!!!


pic taken fr google

It apply to people who have regular bowel movements too!

This disgusting stuffs can contribute to health problems including








Now you know why I want to drink? :'(

Other than the above symptoms, who should drink this D’tox drink?

– If you have a busy and stressful life

– Irregular meals and eating processed food (YES THAT’S ME)

– Constant exposure to the polluted environment for e.g, air and water.

And and and other than those above! if you are also suffering from all the below mentioned then you should hurry, better go and buy 1pack now!

1st: Poor digestion? (yes me)

2nd: Fatigue? Low energy levels? Sickly body? (yes me)

3rd: Poor complexion, skin allergies? (yes me)

4th: Body odour (not me)

5th: Headache, migraine (coming soon)


I’ve drank it today and how do I feel?

I went to the toilet within 2hrs!

the feeling is damn SHIOK! refreshing! *okay quite crude here but it’s a review what* hehe, really flush my toxins out! 😀

I will make it a habit to drink at least a cycle a month and btw it comes with 2flavours! Cranberries and Plum!

Price: 30ml x 6’s ($39.90)

Available @ Guardian, Watsons, Nishino, SaSa, Venus, OG, John Little, Pink Beauty, Robinsons and Unity 😉

You can also get to know more about Kinohimitsu from their FACEBOOK or WEBSITE!

their fb,

or also: confirmtrading

and webby! Kinohimitsu