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Review: Liposonix and Clear & Brilliant laser at Niks Maple

Feeling really excited when I went down to Niks Maple Laser Clinic at Orchard Central last Tuesday!

I seldom do facial and not to mention laser treatment, so I was really looking forward to it!

Greeted by Niks friendly clinic assistant Ann. Today Dr. Lau will be doing both treatments for me. Clear + Brilliant and Liposonix!
 photo SAM_0127_zpscc220fec.jpg

Dr. Lau explained to me the benefits of the treatments, what it does and the downtime for it. Look at how serious I was!
 photo SAM_0129_zps017c79b2.jpg
 photo clearbrilliant_zps0bd9e09e.jpg

Clear + Brilliant will reduce the appearance of pores (which is perfect for me!) and improve our skin tone and texture. After the treatment, you will have redness on your face which is perfectly normal and will feel a little sandy for the next few days.

 photo liposonix_zpsb2e37ddb.jpg


 photo Presentation1_zps8e61b289.jpg

(Dr. Lau explaining to me how Liposonix works)

Liposonix is non-surgical and non-invasive so you pretty much dun need to worry about anything. They tried finding fats on my waist and flanks which I do not have enough, and finally we decided on my lower abdomen because it’s quite flabby! Biggest problem on my body is my lower abdomen aside from my legs!

You’re gonna feel some dull aching on the area that is being treated, and depends on individual, you might still ached for the next few days or even bruising. Guess what’s the good news? The targeted fatty cells will be permanently destroyed in 8 – 12 weeks time!

The average waistline reduction after just a single one-hour treatment is about 1 inch! Aside from reduction, it helps to tone the flabby area after slimming too!

1 Hour ! 1 Treatment ! and 1 Size smaller!

Preparation for Clear + Brilliant Treatment:

After making sure I’m okay with everything, I then proceed to apply the numbing cream!

 photo SAM_0139_zps895aa282.jpg

 photo SAM_0140_zps5e5c7773.jpg

After 30mins when the numbing cream kicks in, I can start my treatment woohoo!
Eyes have to be covered because they are delicate!

 photo SAM_0147_zpsffa94ee1.jpg

If you are prone to cold sores or have pimples on your face, do let the doctor know as he will avoid the area. You want to prevent the cold sores from flaring up or pimples from bursting. (which I really think will have a awesome visual effect :X)

Clear + Brilliant treatment starts!
 photo SAM_0155_zpsb3ba6457.jpg

He starts from my chin and gradually moved up to the forehead, chin is more delicate so he will use a lower level intensity. The cheeks and forehead area will undergo a higher intensity.
Redness after is normal.

 photo SAM_0156_zpsc655a759.jpg

 photo SAM_0157_zps9f664c6a.jpg

You won’t feel any pain on your face due to the numbing cream, but you will be able to feel the device sort of rolling and ‘dragging’ across your face in a really mild way. This last for about 10-15minutes and you probably just feel some heat on your face like you’re experiencing sunburnt.

Next I move on to my Liposonix treatment!
Pre-measurement for Liposonix – The clingwrapped me!

 photo SAM_0144_zpsd2c70efd.jpg

Such a close up of my bloated stomach.
Ann taking the measurements of my lower abdomen.
Because I don’t have much fat on my tummy area, Dr. Lau only identified 3 areas on my lower abdomen that needed to be treated.

 photo SAM_0168_zpsb71183d9.jpg

Result of too much weightloss = STRETCHMARKS!!!
I was really nervous about Liposonix because I’m worried that it will be super painful hahaha. But it turns out pretty bearable. I would rate the pain level as 6/10. Ann sprayed cold water around the area before the treatment and you are going to feel some mild discomfort, typically prickling. If you want to look good, you have to suffer somehow or rather, but you’re not going to cry and kick with Liposonix.

It goes 5 times per area and 1minute each.

 photo SAM_0172_zps8908a75d.jpg

After the treatments, and I was given these products to apply for a week!

 photo SAM_0299_zpsb0e10302.jpg

These are the photos on my face that I took after I reached home, the redness were gone the next day!

 photo 2014-05-25_zpsf260e656.jpg

After thoughts
Clear + Brilliant:
As expected, my skin feels a little sandy for the next few days, and it’s actually quite hard to put on makeup, but it’s worth it cos.. my skin really looked better now as compared to my schooling period! Woohoo~

I had aching for the next 2days, the pain is like muscle ache after doing a lot of lower abdomen strengthening but it won’t affect your daily activities! Also, I had runny stools for a few days, I guess the fats are really being ‘pushed’ out from my system..
You’re not going to see the results right after the treatment, and this is normal, it’s like you are not going to see a result after you exercise right, so be patient and wait for the results to be shown 8-12weeks later.
And to emphasize, Liposonix is not something that you go for to lose weight, it’s a procedure that you go for to lose the extra inches and achieved your target body shape.

To know more about liposonix & Clear + brilliant, visit ->

Lots of love,
Claire <3

Niks Maple Laser Clinic
Address: #05-34 Orchard Central
Tel: +65 6238 0398

Niks Maple Clinic (walk-in only)
Block 825 Tampines Street 81, #01-64

Tel: +65 6783 9038Niks Maple West Clinic (walk-in)
Block 134 Jurong Gateway Road #01-311
Tel: +65 67767863Niks Maple North Clinic (walk-in)
Block 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-221
Tel: +65 67577656http://www.nikspro.com/

Truth: Problems after massive weightloss (vlog)

It has been so long since I blog about a diet/weightloss related post! Today I’m going to share about some of the problems that I’m facing after the 40kgs weight loss. You might think that I’m healthy and happy but that’s not really the case.

These are some of the things that are bothering me, well not all the time but most of the time.. I thought I should share more about this because people only focus on how I look after I slim down instead of what’s really going on..

So these are the few issues that I’m having right now and am still finding ways to feel and get better.


– I have irritable bowel syndrome. I was diagnosed with this recently, and I think that it has to do with my bingeing episodes. Previously I can gobble down 3000-4000calories worth of food if I’m feeling hungry, it doesn’t matter if I’m full or not, cos I will just push it down. Anyway I didn’t get this just recently, I have always had the symptoms, but I didn’t know it was IBS.


– I’m always feeling tired and sleepy, and I have low energy and always feeling weak. Even if I have enough sleep, I still feel tired all the time. Other than this, frequent low blood pressure and low blood sugar. I feel that I have this issues because my body couldn’t absorb much nutrients. (refer to the last point)


– Loose skin obviously, I am already used to this, but if you don’t want loose skin, your weight loss should be steady instead of drastic.


– I have to eat small meals throughout the day. I can’t eat a proper meal, if I tried to eat a proper meal I will get indigestion and super super bad bloatedness. My body is too used to the diet times.. Even if I eat vegetables and meat only, I get bloatedness too.


I’m bottom heavy that made me look disproportionate! You can watch my video because I reveal something that I have never blogged before.

Lastly, I am always running to the toilet, I can visit the toilet 4-5times a day, good times would be 2 or 3. This is the worst because it’s affecting my lifestyle.

I regret relying on crash diets to lose weight, if I were to exercise and have a balanced diet, none of these would happen. At that point of time, I just felt that crash diet is the best way to lose weight, I didn’t know how to control myself by keeping it max a week. I just kept pushing myself to diet because I just wanted to lose weight so badly.

I really hope that you don’t follow what I did in the past because I don’t want you to regret in the future. All I can say is if you really want to diet, keep it max a week. But don’t go lower than 800 calories. Even 800 calories is bad that’s why i say only keep for a week! You can do a ‘cleansing’ every 2months once or something but keep it max a week and don’t extend the duration.

I know it’s very hard to change your mindset, but if you feel that it’s hard, then talk to me or drop me an email. You don’t need to tell me your name, just keep it anonymous.

Alright, that’s about it. And here’s the video.. Watch it if you want to. 🙂

Any comments please send a email, I’m fixing my blog comments!

Lots of love,

Pokka Instant soup from MEIDIYA MUST BUY!

This is my weakness, instant corn and pumpkin soup are my weakness.

I like to try all types of instant corn soup, and that day my craving was so strong that I spend $9+ on this taiwan brand corn chowder WHICH WAS A BAD BUY!!! Totally hurt my feelings, I feel so sad lor. They even have a mushroom chowder which I think confirm not nice also. 🙁

 photo 20130827_130858_zps9b3cf41c.jpg

Looks very good and I duno why it tastes so bad. EVEN MY AHMA SAY IT’S BAD. and it’s so expensive. wth..

So anyway after trying this, I really think Japanese is good at their instant food.
I travel to Meidiya and got 2packets of the Pokka mixed flavour soups. (my all time favourite, but I was too lazy to go there initially..) To be honest, my favourites are the pumpkin and corn. Dun really like the potatoes.

 photo 20130903_220725_zps3321a70d.jpg

Love the japanese, everything so nice. haha!

They got 2types by the way, 1 is the normal one and the other, low sodium! Choose the one with lower sodium! It’s $8.20 per box with 4corn, 2potato, and 2pumpkin! Quite expensive lah, but pay more for better food it’s worth it!!! (low calorie somemore)

Try and let me know!! 😀

I try to eat as healthy as possible, I allow myself to have this because I know how to balance out my meals. So if you have it moderately it’s actually ok. 🙂

Look forward to tomorrow’s post. I’m writing diet/weightloss related stuffs!

Briskwalking wins!

This is a strange feeling, things you just want to type down somewhere to rant and share even if nobody cares, but when it reaches out, and actually impacts and affect someone, you feel great!

Seeing this type of message/email/comment just motivates me to write more on weight loss! I’m always on a experiment and I might blog about it soon. 🙂

Enjoy the longer than usual weekend! <3

Food for thought @ Botanics Gdn.

This month I spend alot!!!
Sourcing venues = spending money! lol. But I finally settled on the location. hoho! Now I’m thinking about the decor! So fun So fun!

Not much lunch pics becos somedays are like more or less the same.

drumstick from chicken soup and 2types of veggies.

cai por egg, meat and chap cai

I really cannot live without veg-gies.

A bla pic of myself! HAHA, messy hair got its own advantages.

Last saturday went to Botanics Gdn again! (OOPS i realized i haven update our wedding spoof photos.) If you follow me on fb you will see la. Otherwise you just have to wait for me to blog about it. HAHA.)

Food for thought @ Botanics Garden is so spacious here.

 photo IMG_20130316_144045_zps713fbd88.jpg

 photo IMG_20130316_145153_zps94949726.jpg



Breakfast for $20! We shared this cos the portion was huge.

and 2 big pancakes WEEE, with gula melaka so special!

hate the gaps, but nvm it will get better. :)


Weight loss: DIY Jammy oatmeal (Healthy & of cos tasty!)

I’m sorry, I dunno when was my last post on weight loss. And I’m guilty la cos recently I’ve been ignoring my healthy eating habits. HAHA.
I just got a brand new direction in life –> life is too short, just enjoy.

But as much as I’m enjoying eating bad food, I still prefer healthy food, because healthy food makes me feel light and happy AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PIMPLE – FREE.
Okay so anyway, I dun really like eating oatmeal, and I usually ate it with honey and weetameal biscuits.

Recently I try eating it with jam and digestive biscuits and GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.. it tastes too GOOD. no im not kidding, it’s good and it’s easy as hell to make it.


instant oatmeal, triple berry jam, digestive biscuits

You can even add in chocolate syrup (abit) or peanut butter (abit)! It’s a healthy treat as well so DO TRY IT OUT! 😀

Im on a ‘creating food’ craze. I hope Im able to share more. hahhaa.


and some birdnest for the skin? nah too expensive to sustain.

Eating healthy is easy.

I’m starting my full time job next Monday, and I gonna make sure that I prepare home cooked meal everyday for lunch. Why?

1. I hate crowds. I can’t even eat in peace.

2. Eating out to me are unhealthy no matter how healthy the food are. For example vegetarian food, oily and full of flour. Even the vegetables are oily, but I realized that all the vegetables out are oily, except for pure salad. haiz.. and not to forget they are full with MSG. this is enough to kill me.

3. I dunno what to eat when I go out for lunch, I dun like to select my food last minute. crazy right? My personality says I’m a planner, I dun even know since when did this start, probably 1 or 2 yrs ago?

4. Home cooked meal is awesome, I can make it as healthy as I want it to be yet filling and fill with varieties and also, satisfy my cravings for the day. 😀

Some home cooked lunch ideas to bring to work after a week of thinking: (oh by the way sorry for being away for so long)

– aglio olio, soba noodles, grill chicken with veggies, chicken salad, potato salad, all kind of salads that you can think of with different dressings, interesting sandwiches and more la.

– I always thought I got no time to prepare a good lunch for the following day but after ‘this thing’, I realize I can, sometimes you can’t have the best in both world, so you gotta sacrifice and suck it up!

I will post whatever I brought to work if I think it’s good enough for a photo. HAHA!

So please eat healthy and continue to work towards your goals even though I’ve been blogging lesser. Weight doesn’t indicate how you look, remember this.

I’m feeling much happier now, it’s like a heavy load off, I won’t need to worry about that anymore as I’ve already do what I can, now I just continue to wait for another few months 😀

Weightloss article – Ume Plum

I dun featured products in my articles, and if I do, that meant it is harmless and beneficial (to a certain extent) for me.

I should have blog about this long ago but I was so busy that I got no time to build up a interesting post for it. And since I was in Malaysia last week I thought, why not I just bring them over since I’m certainly going to eat alot of unhealthy stuffs there.

Everytime I visit malaysia, most of the time it’s Malacca.

So last week was really unhealthy because most of my meals were OILY. And that’s my hard limits becos oily = fats.

The below is only like 60% of the food I ate so its very bad. haha.


stall beside jonker 88. their laksa not nice.


still prefer 88 de chendol






btw this orh lua is in Singapore, kovan!

Eating oily food not only makes me feel OILY, it causes indigestion and pimples outbreak!!!

The advert reflects what usually happen to me after I eat oily food because I got Irritable Bowel Syndrome, am lactose intolerant and I got digestive problems, so in short, food hates me. (please see the story/advert below :p)

and yes let me clarify something I totally hate the taste of plums! And if I can eat this, you can, too. 🙂

and if I can do this in an Indian Restaurant, you should know how crazy I am. L.O.L!

In malacca, Restoran Selvam… (we took a trishaw there, i love trishaw!!)


that day itself i think i alrdy ate 3000calories. LOL




compact and easy to carry around :P





credits to simon tey for playing with me in this indian restaurant HAHHAA

I went to the toilet the next morning after my buffet breakfast, and I feel so much better after that! I was so bloated and the trip to the toilet give me a relief from the discomfort :D:D

In my opinion, I won’t take this regularly even though it is safe to consume everyday, I will only take this during the festive seasons! e.g christmas, new year and etc etc..

You can get UMEPLUM.

in Singapore: Guardian, SASA, Unity, Watsons, John Little, Mustafa, OG, Robinsons, SinChong.

in Malaysia: EON Wellness, Be Pharmacy, Easy Pha-max, Farmasi Alpha, Health Lane Pharmacy, Sasa, Watsons and Zenith outlets.

You can also buy online at their eshop!


that’s all for today! my next weight loss post would be about vegetarian food! 😀

note: do not take this product with other detox products, and PLEASE CONSULT THE PERSON THERE BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING! or contact Hi Beau, all the infos are from this website.


Merry Christmas in advance! 😀

How to lose weight article Part 15

I didn’t know my articles can make you guys so excited. haha! It does seemed like it’s very easy to blog about losing weight, but I damaged my brain cells to think about how to continue the article.

I manage to pull through 15articles, give me a clap please? LOL.

I don’t really have ideas when it comes to writing all these articles. Sometimes I go blank and I can’t really think of anything to blog about for weeks, and other times it’s just purely me being busy.

So after the previous hulahoop article, I thought of a topic for today, which is

Healthy Eating.

I know I blog about eating good and healthy over and over again, but I’m always on a constant look out for healthier choice and preparing low fat and healthier meals. That’s why sometimes my meals can be so exotic like trying soya bean milk with pasta, and all sorts of ‘crap’. I believe as long as you dare to eat and the right seasonings are being used then any food can taste good, that’s me lah. lol.

Okay today there’s

2 short parts

First is soup spoon, (the soup i’ve always wanted to try but worry that I will not feel full) and the 2nd part is the oil I used when I cook!

I love soup and one of my favourite place is soup spoon. And if you’re a soup spoon fan too, you should know that pumpkin soup has the lowest calorie out of all the soups, 130calorie.

But I never once tried it before until last friday. I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I decided to try out pumpkin soup. Surprisingly it taste good and I feel very full drinking that. And I decided that on my feel fat days, im gonna just go there and order pumpkin soup!

there’s a reader who told me that the calories in soup spoon are not accurate. there might be a possibility but no matter what!! Pumpkin soup still has the lowest calories of all!

Pumpkin has many nutritional benefits as well so go try this if you haven before.


add the almond, good source of healthy fats and protein.

and the 2nd part which is the oil I used for cooking.

Before that I was using normal olive oil, but recently i changed to cooking oil spray!


I bought this at about $11 plus if i’m not wrong, and it’s only 1calorie per spray! Usually I spray less than 5times! haha.
U know how all this small little changes can make a difference to your calorie intake?!

You can find it at cold storage, GO BUY ONE AND TRY AND UPDATE ME! =D