Slim Down With Claire: For those who binge-eat

There is suppose to be one more post before this topic, but I decided to share this with you guys first as THAT TOPIC I wanted to do a video together with it. 🙂

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Binge eating.

I know some of you girls have this binge eating problem, and you always asked me how to control this.

To be honest, I have bad times too. Especially when I am stress! So this semester I got a few assignments due end August. NO SERIOUSLY END AUGUST NOW IS AUGUST. Yes no joke. Im sad. Very.

I dun understand how can one fully recover from binge eating, I think it still comes back when something triggers it.

I won’t say I recover fully from binge eating because, let’s be realistic, I binge when Im having PMS, I binge when Im stress and moody. Okay actually I can say I recover because I used to binge more than 3000-4000calories again and now the most I hit 1800-2000calories on some days when I am stress? It’s like half so it’s really an awesome improvement! 1800-2000calories is alot to me especially when I have no time to exercise during school days!

So it really depends on how you control this ‘binge’. And what’s your definition of BINGE.

I have been eating alot of chocolates and savory stuffs lately. The worse scenario is PMS + STRESS = BOMB. eat alot, spend alot like REALLY.. ALOT..!

Anyway I need to stop babbling leh, I got this habit of talking out of topic and ok BAM back to my purpose of this post is that. (based on my experience)

I binge because I wanna keep my mouth busy, to satisfy my cravings, I think it’s more to keeping my mouth busy. mmm..

So I decided to get tons of fruits, stock it up, tons of yogurts, peanut butter and you need milo/cocoa powder.

Why these few?

1st: Keep my mouth really busy, a few fruits already make me bloat and full like hell. So I hope this really control it.

2nd: Milo/cocoa powder and peanut butter because they are chocolatey and savory. Mix it with your yogurt or fruits. then you.satisfy.your.cravings.

I will try this and let you know. Let’s do this experience together.

Once again, this post is for those who BINGE when they binge? LOL.

Okay I will see you again.. Bye my life sucks. 🙁

With lots of love,

My wedding plans are cancelled because…

I’ve been thinking how to write this and I still don’t know how to put it in words.
I thought I should write it out because we’ve been so excited planning our wedding, finding venues, looking for vendors etc…
And I know some of you are very happy for me tooo!

As you know, my initial plan was to get married next year July, 2014. But now I’m pushing it to “I don’t know when.”
Don’t get worried or anything because it has nothing to do with US, no one cheated or whatsoever. But maybe the problem lies with me. LOL cos I want to go back to school.

I didn’t apply for local uni because I just want to let it go and just focused on working and saving money. I thought I could just let it go, and start taking my degree a few years later. After I’m more stable and so on..
But every once in awhile, I think about books, I think about studying, I think about doing projects and even the stress. I start to realize that I want to study not because I want my pay to be higher, ok la maybe a minority part of it, but I realized I really love studying. I like to learn new things and I want to never stop learning.

I love to see my grades after a hard time of studying and revising, I love the feeling when I know I need to work harder or when my hardwork is paid off.
I just love studying!!!

I’m sure there are people liked me who love studying?? LOL.

But the purpose of this post is to talked about how understanding my BF is.
From the day I graduate from Poly, I have been telling him I want to study, he didn’t make much comments cos we have to save for wedding and our flat which will be ready in 2015 or maybe even earlier!

We agreed to save a sum of money every month, and I told him I will save extra for school. I really squeezed every cents into my savings account, counting every cents and every dollar because I really want to go to school. To be honest, if can, I really hope to get a Masters after a degree and maybe more I don’t know. I hate spending money, but I dun mind spending my money on school.

And the result of saving like mad every month? I can finally take my degreee!!! I also need to thank God for the exemption if not I will need to pay like a dog. (and I can even fly to Japan today!)

When I broke the news to him saying I’m going to take my degree, I expect him to bird me or something, but once again, he supports me. He is willing to push back our wedding plans, to do a simple ROM or anything just to let me go to school.

a3 photo IMG_20131017_192550_zpse4863306.jpg
love u be

I’m really thankful for my boyfriend. Recently our mood are quite mad, because he’s starting on some medications and I’m already feeling some stress, from work and the coming school stuffs. I don’t know but recently I feel quite demoralized and unstable.

But I really want to do alot of thanking, for having this current job, if not for this job, I don’t think I can travel to Japan (for the first time in my life) and can take up my degree, at the same time saving for HDB and wedding.
I also wanna thank you all, for reading my blog, for wanting to read my posts on weightloss and product reviews and all sorts of nonsense I wrote here. You played a big part of my life tooo! If not for you, I don’t think I’m still a blogger now, and it’s something I liked and can earn from.

I’m going to be mad busy, juggling with a full time job, part time blogging and part time studying, plus being a full time GF. That’s why I’m really thankful for my BF to support me even though my time with him will be lesser.

God bless me to stay strong for the coming 2years.
So anyway I will be flying to Japan today!! So excited!!! I really will try to blog on the go so do come back!!

Weight loss: Maybe you are like me, who knows?

A weird title but never mind it, I’m still gonna continue. heh.

I realised that I have to plan my meals beforehand.
For example dinner, I need to know what I want to eat if not I will go home and anyhow spam!!
So recently I’ve been preparing my own dinner so that I can eat healthier!

Below are a few examples of what I eat on the normal weekdays. Tues and fri I am usually out so I just have to think about the other 3 days!

I usually reached home at 7+pm so I have to make sure dinner must be quick to prepare, healthy and of cos delicious. Cos after dinner, I still need to exercise! So timing is very crucial for me. LOL!

So I thought tofu, erm not bad. Quick to cook. Nutritious and low fat. If you want abit of boost, maybe you can get the tofu cheesecake. (if you can’t resist temptation. you can always cover it with vegetables, once a week is ok!)

cook2 photo IMG_20130930_195059_zps3d1b3483.jpg

If you’re stuck at work, and you reached home later than usual, no time to go NTUC to buy ingredients, then cook eggs. Egg is the most convenient food. Don’t u agree? Versatile and convenient. You can do omelette, baked eggs, scrambled eggs, frittata and alot more.

cook3 photo IMG_20131002_193546_zps133bad1c.jpg

Or chicken breast, the best! Panfried chicken breast with your favourite seasoning and it’s good to eat! Eat them with orange for a extra flavour boost is a good idea too, some vitamin C intake! taste just like your exotic orange chicken salad.

cook1 photo IMG_20131010_194924_zps3e8e3c1c.jpg

Noticed how every meal must have protein? It’s important, because protein helps to keep hunger at bay!!
Anyway if you think my veggies are too little, it’s actually on purpose. Cos I eat alot of veggies during lunch so I usually keep my veggie intake low in the night, I have bloating problems duh!

Cooking and eating healthy can be fun!! Who says it’s boring??!

Weightloss: Healthy DIY exotic meals

Yes darlings, i know i know i know. Very long already right for this topic. I have been so unhealthy for the past few months that I don’t even know what to blog about.. But I guess I’m sort of back to my healthy lifestyle again!

I love preparing my own meals and I love to cook for others, but I’m ALSO very worried it would taste bad that’s why I always procastinate, another issue is the time. No time how to cook? People just don’t understand how busy I am. Although busy is super subjective.

Alright, playing with food is my forte. Let’s see what I ‘ve been doing.

If you wanna make your own healthy meal, always make sure you have SALT & PEPPER.
This 2 will never go wrong, and you can mix with almost everything. ehhh Almost la.. lol!

I will try out more and share with you guys!

My first try.. Red grapes, with tuna in olive oil. Taste pretty good surprisingly! Healthy and low calories too! One grape is about 2-3 calories? haha. photo IMG_20130726_075956_zps11a9e68d.jpg

2nd try.. eggwhites with weetameal, weetameal is my fav biscuit, low calorie and helps me to curb my cravings! Jacob weetameal I bet you see it before. This resulted in a crunchy sandwich! 😀 I always eat weetameal with jam and oatmeal too!

 photo IMG_20130803_075400_zpsbad02800.jpg

3rd try.. egg whites and oats, this is a weird combi becos I’m kinda scared hahaa. But it tastes okay! Tell you already as long as you got salt and pepper, you can be a great cook and own the world.

 photo IMG_20130817_083653_zps26d2080a.jpg

looks nice hor?

and I end my post with my 4th try.. Yogurt and oats!
I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Easy peasy and chewy chewy! Lovely hehehe.

 photo IMG_20130820_090522_zpse8dd4676.jpg

Let me know if you try any one of them ok! HAHAHA. But please don’t put too much salt :O

Hope it helps your diet!

Braces journey – 1year 1month+

It’s THAT scary how fast time flies. Bu zhi Bu jue I have worn braces for 13 months!

I was looking at my old photos and ok la, my teeth really moved alot. So I should stop complaining and be contented.

I took this photo when I was about 2months into this journey? I was super depressed and self-conscious about my looks that time. NOT THAT I AM NOT NOW. LOL!
 photo 149835_4247538141159_121695571_n_zps9b8a0ed6.jpg

So now it has been 13months, and my teeth are straight, not really properly aligned and still got gaps, but I believe it will get better and better and better until one day I can finally hear my dentist tell me yes, weiting your teeth are ready and after I removed it, I will step out of the dental clinic and look at my bf and give him the best smile ever and captured his heart once more….. yes I am that imaginative. This is what I have been longing for!! I really hope I can has killer smile!!

 photo 1302_10200836210202020_1758395876_n_zpse16423ca.jpg

I hope I will look pretty without that metal stuffs, would I? o.O

Happy Birthday Claire, I’m 23yrs old.

I feel so old this year that I don’t really want to celebrate, (I have a thinking that if I don’t blow candles I can still remain at this age) but many people gave me surprises that I’m so touched and happy! And the best thing is they made me feel like a kid and not the 23yrs old woman!

This year I received alot of presents, more than when I just hit 21yrs old. :’)

 photo IMG_20130429_210618_zpsdf142c73.jpg

My first super advanced bday present from the loverboy.. I know I’m supposed to keep this shhhh but it’s my blog!!!

 photo IMG_20130607_205241_zps7e06138c.jpg

my 2nd advanced birthday gift from my loverboy again. shhhh :X

 photo IMG_20130611_174305_zps5805699e.jpg

my 3rd present from my babyboy! HAHAHA. Im totally spoilt.

 photo IMG_20130622_135931_zps67eb6636.jpg

a gift from my babygirl! 😀 She nearly got me the prada cardholder, thank god she didn’t! I love this one as much as prada dont worry! I like it alot. :)

On the 23rd I spend my day at home, doing nothing because the boy was attending a wedding dinner. I tried not to think that he’s going to give me a surprise because I don’t want to carry high hopes. HAHHAA. Through his whatsapp I can sense that he’s doing something but I tried to ignore and focused on reading my books. And hell my books are so good I actually lied on bed for almost 10hrs reading???

When it was about 11pm, and I was feeling so sleepy and telling the boy good night.. I saw a shadow and I got a bloody shock! Cos I didn’t hear any door opening sound, and the light was still off. And I saw the cake that he mentioned to me before, a super healthy cake, low sugar, low calorie, with organic flour and blabla…

Healthy doesn’t mean bad taste, because surprisingly it was good. 😀 and he got me a instax! and which meant it’s my 4th bday present for the year of 2013!!!

 photo IMG_20130623_230235_zps28bd1ff4.jpg

look at my sleepy face on the polaroid.

Thank you so much be, it was really sweet and super generous of you this year which I hope there weren’t be any for the next year or whatever years going on.. Because as long as you’re with me nuaing, I’m happy enough. chehhhh seee i so musshhhyyyy! Still, I love you for all the surprises for the last 5years, gosh coming to 6.

 photo IMG_20130622_202438_zpsc852b5eb.jpg

I love you my handsome boy.

As though, the surprises on sunday were not enough, BTW MY AHMA PREPARED STEAMBOAT FOR ME AS WELLL. and gave me a angbao. I won’t use that money ever. I told myself.

Okay so I was saying I got more surprises on Monday… my manager/friend/sister Eunice she is so amazing, she planned a surprise for me and I was so touched, I teared.

I was told that nobody before me had such a treatment, wahahhaa. I do hope so because it was super duper sweet and shocking when everyone in your office celebrate your birthday with you despite the positions they hold. :’)

 photo IMG_20130624_124201_zps2fab6f4b.jpg

it’s not healthy but damn, i love it! very very sweet though.. I love the crust so much.

I’m also super shocked that Eric actually gave me presents, no wonder they say be careful what you wished for. HAHAHA. It was really shocking la I mean he’s high up there but he gave me a present??????? LOL! I will do more travel plans for him, ok. ok..

 photo IMG_20130624_150309_zpsba849533.jpg

Chocolates from Sinchocs were so good, so good that’s why I’m so fat..

 photo IMG_20130624_150901_zpse9afff46.jpg

And the present. Thank you!

And when I thought my manager should have spend quite an amount on the surprise (cake, pizza, salad), and she won’t give me a present, then the below just proved that I WAS WRONG.

 photo IMG_20130624_171719_zpsc1e91c52.jpg

The nail colors (matte) so pretty and the laneige so good. so so gooooooddddd!

Thank you Eunice!! Thank you so much! Even though we have only known each other for 5months, but I feel very close to you! 😀

I really appreciated what everyone had done for me, sorry I have to say especially my boyfriend, because nobody can keep and sustain this love and urge to surprise and make me happy for 5years… :’) loves…

When did I become a glutton?

3more weeks and I’m done with internship! I’m going overseas after that for quite sometime and when I’m back, I promised to update regularly heh heh heh.

I know I haven’t been giving tips on weight loss! So before I post the next article, let me spam you with some food pics first! and maybe a pic of my short hair?


teeth is getting straighter but the gaps are still there!


carrot cake @ Lavender


Tau Suan


Ayam Panggang at PS, it’s good!


Vivocity – Japanese gourmet town


Amk market – Ba chor mee

Eat what you crave occasionally, this is one of the steps to weight loss.

How to lose weight article – Part 16!

Difficult for an office lady to lose weight, is this true? Yes and No.

Yes because

1. We sit from 9-6 (whatever your working hours)
2. The first thing after finishing our lunch is to sit back in office and do our work.
3. After that, we go home eat dinner and sleep, exercise? Many say, TOO TIRED LA.

Correct? It had been 3years since I last worked in an office and now all the time I’m eating and sitting! grrr..

Remembered I lose a few kgs working the other time? I think I’m going to gain it all back soon LOL. Even though I should gain some weight and looked healthier but I do think it’s necessary for me to gain healthy weight.

There are days whereby I do eat healthy, like maybe a few days in a week.

From 9am to 5pm I’m working, how do I incorporate exercise into my working life?



Nope I don’t exercise in the morning because sleep is more important, but I walked to the station, the more I walk the healthier I feel.

Mid day:

I try to find food that are far yet near so I can do some walking back and forth, (this is the only available timing I can walk during my working hours, of cos I must walk more) And since I meet my bf for lunch usually we walked alot.


I brisk walked. I may be tired, but I still manage to squeeze out time to walk, and I sleep at 930 to 10pm every night!

Wednesday and Sunday is my official rest day whereby I eat whatever I want and dun exercise at all. As you grow up, your time is getting lesser, no point working out everyday.

And what about food, what should you eat?

Morning: Eat your own breakfast, I don’t buy out unless I’m lazy/late/or run out of bread.

Lunch: If you can bring your own food it’s better if not you have to eat smart outside. Hawker food are mostly unhealthy in my opinion. My top 2 choices are always yong tau foo and chap cai ben. Amoy street food center got salad corner so u know what I mean la haha if you worked near there.

Snack: FRUITS. Need I say more?

Dinner: Eat homecooked food and eat lesser if you eat alot during lunch. What you eat during lunch determines your dinner. The more veggies the better.

Okay that’s my 2cents worth. haha I hope it helps! =)