My TOP 5 Bold Phantasies – Skinny Dipping to start with!

One of my earlier posts I talked about being a strong woman, and I personally think that for one to be strong, you need to be both physically and mentally strong. Some examples would be these TOP 5 activities (and additional 2more) that I’ve always wanted to challenge myself! In order to complete the tasks, you must have the strength and also the GUTS to do it!

lac1 photo lac1_zps3ed5f2ce.jpg

I remember once I fell badly during ice skating and I dun even want to mention roller blading! I’m just totally bad with wheels.. =/ so in order to prove that I can excel in other activities, the following activities will be my KPI of the year..! 😛

First on the list!
1.Skinny dipping with friends or partner

lac2 photo lac2_zps43413f64.jpg

Of cos I cannot do this in SG beach! I do not want to be STOMPed or FINEd….

lac3 photo lac3_zps03837430.jpg

lac4 photo lac4_zps84acf6c3.jpg

How can I forget about Skinny dipping with my loved ones?! It’s A MUST have for every couple?? Well.. at least once? =P

2. Engaging with a wild animal/dangerous animal
Seriously who in the right mind will do that right? May sound really crazy to be risking your life, but I really salute those who worked with wild life! Passion has already made them overcome human’s greatest fear.

lac5 photo lac5_zps2733e3f1.jpg

lac6 photo lac6_zps35bdf656.jpg

3.Sky Diving
PS: I bet my hair will be damn messy during and after this! hahaha!

lac7 photo lac7_zpsc1fe9853.jpg

4. Paragliding

lac8 photo lac8_zpse706c18a.jpg

5. Bungee Jumping

lac9 photo lac9_zps8bf6e540.jpg

6. Wakeboarding

lac10 photo lac10_zps5f1e87c9.jpg

And last racing!

lac11 photo lac11_zps7a939f8c.jpg

¾ of her face are covered but still can be so CHIO. Who says females can’t drive/race huh?!?

The one that I wanted to do most would be jumping off the plane from a height of 10,0000FT! Sky diving is insanely crazy, definitely with risks but that’s okay cause it is too exciting!
What about yours? Share with me! Maybe we can do it together!

Unfortunately, as much as I want to do this, I don’t think I will be able to do this anytime soon or even some of it in my lifetime, but at least I can do them virtually right?! For example, playing games that contained those adventures? Even though it’s not in reality, but at least I feel the anxiety while playing which everyone experienced it while gaming! It will be an awesome cheap thrill at the same time fulfilling my bold fantasies!

lac12 photo lac12_zps4ea2bdf0.jpg

So thank you Lactacyd for coming up with this game, the “Bold Phantasies” which will be launched on April 10th which is tomorrow!! is already LAUNCHED!

Go to and start playing!

I can’t wait for the Facebook game to launch and win it! (Yes correct! There will be prizes!). Don’t you want to find out what are the prizes? I want to!
Do stay tuned to my page for more updates about Bold Phantasies, I want you to be a winner and do what you’ve always wanted to do! :)

 photo mfpbloggermodified_zps0914d628.jpg

I am empowered and so are you! We are gifted, we are strong, we are confident, we are charming and most importantly, we think and act like a QUEEN!

*Photos are not originated from or by me, it’s randomly googled in google images. Same applies for youtube videos.



[AD] Tokyo Bust Express

Although I’m super proud of my achievements (of losing 40kgs), there are many downsides of it. One of it is my BOOBS!

Although I’m affected by my cup size, one even more important factor is the firmness of my breast!

Aging and weight loss all leads to SAGGING! and yes although I’m only 23, I’m already experiencing this because of my 40kgs of weight loss! Breasts are super important to us, they are our assets, to me, I actually think small is okay, but sagging is definitely not okay!

But of cos, who wouldn’t want a bigger and perkier bustline?? This helps us to look good in tubes, tank tops, low cut dresses AND EVEN WEDDING GOWNS without paddings!

I thought of doing breast fillers and plastic surgery, but they are so risky and expensive! Fillers are super expensive and they only last, what? 1-2years? I can’t imagine forking out 8-10k every 1-2years! Also plastic surgery are super dangerous, the post op care are already enough to kill me. :)

I tried supplements before and it doesn’t work on me, I even had a bad breakout! I massaged before but I am too lazy to sustain it. I tried various products before but it doesn’t work too!

and when I received a call to go for a review at TOKYO BUST EXPRESS, you don’t know how excited I am! :D:D:D They used a combination of machine + massage with natural ingredients (which I will explain later) that are safe and beneficial, further more it is non-invasive so it’s completely safe! Don’t need to worry about scars and blood!

My first experience was on friday, and the outlet that I went to was the one at City Square!


envy lehhhhh

The moment I stepped in I thought to myself, I must have that cleavage, LOL ok just kidding!

While waiting for my consultation to begin, my specialist, Angel offered me flowers and tea! :) so sweet.


We had a short chat before I had a personal consultation with Angel (the specialist).

Angel is super cute hahha, she speaks very fast and she kept worrying if I can catch up. LOL I believe if she is so fluent in what she’s saying she must be good at it. :)

Below are the photos that she showed me.



the inner pale color part is the mammary gland which is targeted for enhancement!

Before she examined my breasts, she went into details about the different ingredients that Tokyo Bust Express uses.

There are 5 ingredients that they used, which are Fenugreek Seed Extract, Mexican Wildyam Root, Hops Flower, Danggui and Pueraria Mirifica. They work hand in hand to help us upsize and firm our boobies!

Fenugreek Seed Extract: This is usually found in curry so it sort of explains why Indians are so busty? I really envy them lor! Fenugreek also prevent breast cancer and helps in enhancement and firming.

Mexican Wildyam Root: It works with the other ingredients to achieve the desired effect but this is suitable for all skin! I have super sensitive skin so it’s good for me!

Hopsflower: Works with other ingredients to achieve the desired effect as well. 😀

Danggui: Other than bust, it also helps to regulate our menses!

and lastly the ever so popular Pueraria Mirifica, if you research about breast enhancement before you will definitely know this term! There are many types of Pueraria Mirifica and of cos Tokyo Bust Express uses the top grade, it helps to prevent cancer as well and also keeping our skin smooth and supple, other than enhancing and firming our boobies!


After going through all this ingredients, I’m already getting excited! So next she analyzed my boobs, take measurement and came up with a personalized treatment for me!

And this is how my treatments goes!

1st: Scrub massage for firming

2nd: TT padded machine and the use of bust up essence for toning

3rd: Bust up therapy (massage) with the use of phyto-solution for enhancement

lastly: Suction therapy (machine) with the use of Daizu gel for firming up bustline

Maximum Enjoyment!

They bring me to the room and it was so beautiful! I think I’m a sucker for pretty things.


VIP room – super love the petals!


do you call this a kimono? haha.

Measurement was taken again before the treatment! (i’ll show the photo later)



After a whole day at work, I felt super elated to receive such good hospitality from them, and looking at the room and the petals it makes me feel super happy even though I have to go home late! The massage is the best part whereby I’m really enjoying and nearly sleeping if not for whatsapping and instagramming my happiness! LOL.


Angel even bought me waffle cos she’s worried that I might be hungry!

Good ambience, good customer service, what about my busts? Are they satisfied?

Look at the measurement I took before the treatment! B for before and A for after!!! (that’s my nipple position FYI)


It’s super effective and instant lah! Angel told me the effect would last for a few days if I only do 1 time!

But if I do 3-5times, the result is like almost permanent! And of cos the more the better!!!

Thank you Angel for giving my boobs a lift!!



Do you want to witness this change yourself? Having perkier breasts and Bigger boobs?

You just need to answer this question at the following link and ALL ENTRIES will receive –

  • Personalized bust analysis!
  • 3complimentary 3D bust-max treatments!
  • Kou You Volume Essence!
  • Lucky Dip with free treatments/shopping vouchers from Takashimaya, La Senza and more!!


It’s a super easy question so I dun see how you can answer it wrongly!!

Q: Select one natural ingredient Tokyo Bust Express uses for its treatments?

a) Payaya

b) Pueraria mirifica

c) Banana

d) Coconut


To answer this, you can either

1. Leave details at link (

2. SMS CTokyo_FullName_NRIC_Answer to 85330226

3. Call 6262 6161

**Terms and Conditions to apply:

– Females above 18yrs old only.

– Strictly by appointment only.

– Promotion valid for 2months.

– While stocks last for Intensive Bust Enhancement Serum.

You can visit their website to know more about their treatments and history.

and like their facebook! Tokyo Bust Express fb!

Their outlets all very centralised so you don’t need to worry about it being far!


This is where their located at:

City Sq Mall180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539

Park Mall9 Penang Road #11-06 Singapore 238459

Nex Mall23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 Singapore 556083

Novena Sq 210 Sinaran Drive #B10111 Singapore 307506

Do try out the treatment and witness the change yourself, you are at a win-win situation!! LETS WORK TOWARDS BEING BUSTY!!

New clothings from FABFAD!

Happy Sunday!

It was a ‘rollercoaster’ week for me and im so happy that the bf’s fine now :D:D:D! It had been sometime since I go out everyday, and all thanks to FABFAD! I don’t need to worry what to wear for this busy week!

Last wednesday night, dinner with A, and I decided that I should just try out the new tube top FABFAD sent me!

I rarely wear tube top, this is the first time and i fell in love with it instantly, the bf also comment that it looks very good on me!

I love how there’s this anti slip stuff behind the tube that prevents it from slipping down 😀 and the silver piping ornaments really make this tube look sexy and yet not too revealing!


i wore it with my high waist shorts and a loose cardigan! casual!

i even tried wearing it with blazer and yes i do looked chic, perfect for a date!


I wore the WINE RED ROMPER to visit Mr Simon at SGH!


credits to yongqing she’s only what 9 or 10 yrs old!

It’s a pity simon can’t help me to take photos, hahhaa. Yq is so nice to help me take before I go off. She likes my romper too! =D


was rushing, no makeup that’s why cant show face HAHA

without the web crochets, i think this romper will be very normal and simple, with those small details, the whole outfit looks very sweet and happy! and i like how it makes me looked so much younger!

And finally YESTERDAY! I wore the last piece from FABFAD out to dye my hair!



this is the outcome! i think photo looks abit different due to ringlight =D

and i love this new lipstick that i just got from revlon! the pink is very nice!


and this is the top i wore out with my shorts!

I love this top because it’s versatile, you can wear it tuck it, tuck out or with a belt =DD and of cos I super adore the lace parts! sexy!


this is how i look if i tuck it out.

Oh i forgot! The quality of the clothes is super good and comfortable! and all 3 comes in different colors!

how to lose weight article coming out soon! be patient =D

check out their blogshop now!! FABFAD!!

Singing Contest is here in Singapore!

OMG! I’m so excited for this! HAHA.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s hitting Singapore this July!

If you love singing, and love MANDO POP TOO, you’re in luck!

The auditions will be held at Square 2 shopping mall (Novena) on 19 – 20 May 2012. it’s the coming weekend, omg you better prepare now! hehe

VISIT THE LINK TO KNOW MORE –> Sunsilk Academy Fantasia – Call for Auditions

This programme will debut on 8 July 2012 featuring 14 of the selected finalists, one of which will win a 2-year contract with Ocean Butterflies who manages top regional artistes including JJ Lin, A-Do, Li Bing-bing, Kym, Rynn & BY2, etc (

Give it a try you might just become one of the 14! 😉

Auditions can be submitted online NOW via Academy’s website (


*All auditions are open to youths of all nationalities between the ages of 16 and 30*

tell me if you’re going, i might go with you! :X

also, have you read my HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ARTICLE PART 6 on the previous post 😉

[REVIEW] Laser White Face Therapy @ PRIVE!

Hooray! Remember I mentioned that I went to Prive for a face therapy?
It’s call Laser White Face Therapy facial.

Laser White Facial is suitable for everyone, all ages, including MEN! Not solely for whitening but also aids in the lessening of wrinkles. too good to be true? lets hear my experience :)

The potent lightening ingredient actively work in synergy via a 5-step system to lighten stubborn pigmentation, brown spots and acne scar marks.

The heart of this ingredient is Alpha-Litamin, a Nobel Prize discovery that has 100 times stronger antioxidant activity than Vitamin C. It also accelerate epidermal turnover of skin that makes a 360 degrees whitening approach to a well-rounded, comprehensive system to fairer and brighter skin.!

Before the facial, I had a short chat with Dr Janice. She explained to me how’s this face therapy is like and she was rather shocked when I told her that it’s my first facial in my 22 years!


and there’s Margie here whose so professional in her work, making sure that my face is in good condition to receive this therapy. :)


Before going into the actual procedure, she even did a short massage for me. so shiok can!

i think she know im quite nervous, well its my first time mah! haha. and i really did feel relax & calm afterwards.


okay now we can go on to the 5different steps..


– helps to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, which also remove pigmentation. you may experienced bite feeling on your face but in my opinion, it’s still close to painless.

Margie makes sure that my face is properly cleansed haha. she cleansed about 2-3times?

She’s so gentle! I’m so rough when come to squeezing the zits on my face!


Step 2: Alpha-Litamin Vitamin C Powder and brightening complex

– lessen pigmentation, prevent age spots, regulates skin tone.


Step 3: Neuroessence

– very soluble on the face which melt almost instantly! It helps to calm our skin, rebalance the tone and hydrate~

Step 4: First Layer Lumi Enzyme Mask which is in powder form.

Designed to penetrate deep into skin to lighten and balance skin tone for highly refined, delicate skin.


Last step: Second Layer White Cream Mousse Mask


Mousse Mask is very good as it seals every product that had been applied earlier! SEALED ALL THE NUTRIENTS! It’s colder then the normal mask which helps to close pores! And this is my favourite step! I super love cold thing on my face!!! hehehe. So I was enjoying the cold mask!

Watch the video, there’s a tip there 😛

After the face therapy, Dr Janice talked to me again and asked how was it. Needless to say, it was fantastic! A very good experience! When I looked at the mirror after the therapy, I really noticed a instant bright up on my face! Really thanks Prive for giving me this chance 😀 it’s like a luxury to me!

Whitening checked!
Pigmentation improved!
Looks younger :D:D

This therapy last about 3-4weeks, and you can do it on a mthly basis~ have a try! I dont know how you will rate it but for me i definitely love it! :)

Lastly before I end, always remember to slap on sunblock! MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE AND MOISTURIZE!!!

here is the link to my video, i look ugly because of my teeth! AHHH!


Privé Clinic establishes its reputation as one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand. Privé suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Understanding that being well-groomed and exhibiting quiet confidence is paramount to success, Privé represents their passport to perfection.

Loving comfort in private surroundings, personalised services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, have undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

At Privé, your needs are their first and only priority.


Privé Clinic
Blk 390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun and PH: Closed

Tel: 6737 6639 Hp: 9848 2888 Fax: 6737 8984
For bookings & general enquiries:

Website: Privé Clinic


I AM BACK after a hectic 3weeks! and im happy that im not purely back, but back with a SPREE. And this spree is special because it’s catered for the PLUS-SIZED LADIES! :):)

It’s nothing to be ashamed about being plus-sized, as long as you’re happy with your life and your shape, you can live it happier than the skinnies actually. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, envy the plus-sized, they always seemed so carefree and I especially envy those who can eat whatever they want without stressing and fearing about the after effects.

I remember I used to be very happy when I was obese, I could eat whatever i like, but now it’s different, i get paranoid whenever i gain a bit of weight. and it can be 0.5, or even 0.2kg. Haiz. you really cant have the best of both world.

ALRIGHT, SHALL GET BACK TO TODAY’S TOPIC. hehe! So my beautiful ladies, so what if your size are uk12 and above? So what if you can’t shop online or can’t get any suitable clothings at the mall? YOU’VE GOT THIS SPREE HERE!

It’s pinky’s 1st ever PLUS SIZED SPREE, and you don’t wanna miss out!

Click here to go to the webby :)


Scroll down to have a look at some of the items.

Colours Available: Nude, Black
From Waist 80cm Hip 104cm Length 37cm up to Waist 112cm Hip 136cm Length 41cm!


From XL: Length 71cm Bust 104cm Shoulder 40cm Waist 90cm to 3XL: Length 74cm Bust 118cm Shoulder 44cm Waist 108cm!


Peterpan Collar Lace Dress (Only available in Black with pink collar)

one of my favs!

From S: Length 86cm Bust 96cm Shoulder 40cm Sleeves 28cm to XL: Length 89cm Bust 112cm Shoulder 43cm Sleeves 31cm!


Back To College

From L: Length 87cm Bust 94cm Shoulder 38cm Sleeve 58cm to 3XL: Length 90cm Bust 118cm Shoulder 44cm Sleeve 61cm!

and and and also assorted collars!


and if you remember i got collar A! but i like collar D! hahaa so cool and unique!

visit her webby, there are still other pretty designs there :D!

shopwithpinky! allows the plus sized to enjoy the same privileges as the small sized to shop online and get the pieces they like, OTHER THAN THAT. there’s also bag spreee!!! just nice for you beautiful ladies to match with your new clothes and also for poly students to purchase to get ready for the new term (like me :p) FYI. there’s also men’s spree! for the man, you got no excuse not to shop! you can order for yourself, or surprise your gf/wife!

my 3fav bags!







pretty right? hehehe. start shopping now!

Spree will stop at end of march, take 2 weeks to arrive.
Visit her blog to make orders now!
also like her fb page! shopwithpinky facebook!
any enquiries just shoot a mail to her @ :)
enjoy shopping and LAST BUT NOT LEAST.

my readers can choose to get (free normal postage plus 5% discount) OR (free registered postage) (:

Event: Nose fillers and botox @ Privé Clinic <3

I’m sure by now you guys already know that I’ve got a new nose bridge and new ‘eyes’. ~♪ 😀

No, I did not go for plastic surgery although I intend to do that next time 😛 but I went for Aesthetics Enhancement!

ALL thanks to Privé Clinic & Dr Karen Soh!topheader_02

Dr Karen Soh (click to know more about her) is definitely well trained and her interest in aesthetics is sparked off by her desire to help everyone, young and old, look and feel their best at every stage of their lives. :)

Other than Age Management, they also provide, Medical Aesthetics and Therapeutic Aesthetics, visit their website to find out more. ^^

Now I shall walk you through the event on 15th December ~♪ (include the photos of my procedure, why you all never rsvp earlier!! :() And thanks Wendy, xinyi, Selynn, Huizhen & Weiling and everyone else for coming! 😀

The moment I step in, I saw this, and I thought, : OH MY, TODAY IS THE DAY! Transformation!


bling bling, ‘sit on me and i will make you prettier’


my heart goes sha la la la, no. is thump thump thump!

not scared, but nervous to see how my eye bags and nose bridge would turn out!
btw I’m okay with my nose, it’s okay, there’s this 45degree angle, side view looks nice, but who don’t want a higher nose right??!?!

My face is not oily, there’s numbing cream (for 30mins) on my entire face, and this picture is taken by huizhen my dearest bff!! 😛


And here’s elizabeth and our mfp videographer!

The last time I saw Elizabeth was like 1yr ago? The day I officially signed my contract with MFP.

Procedure starts now!


Fillers and botox for my eyebags! BYE EYE BAGS!

I’ve mentioned before in my Lancome post, I hate my eyebags alot. The first thing people look at me they go, aiyo why you never sleep ah? :(:( especially XINYI! she always give me a very sad face when she sees my eyebags, OMG! And mine is not one fold, it’s like 2 or 3 folds! So I’m really really happy when I see myself in the mirror now, because my eyes look really LIFTED!!! People will notice my eyes instead of my eyebags, and now I can save up time on photoshopping my eyebags :PP

For the eye, I think because it’s the first procedure, I rate it 0.5/10 for the level of pain. It’s like something poking my eye and it’s painless 😀

Next: NOSE!!! everyone loves their nose to be high and small like angmoh! Mine is typical asian but up abit nose. HAHA. So I requested for a higher nose bridge! Dr Karen Soh did mention my nose is ok before, main problem is my eye bags and she add on with, you should go do your teeth. HAHA! yah i waiting for my braces now ^^


Jab and mould, more injections and mould again! product being used: Juvéderm®

Dr Karen also inject into the tip of my nose to make my nose look perkier :) also the side of my nose, near the laugh lines there, to make my nose appear narrower/slimmer. ^^ :D:D many happy faces! cos now I can look like korean. 😛

Nose filler is very safe as compared to surgery. And you can still achieve your ideal nose through fillers!



an unusually awkward look! cos my face is damn numb, i probably am smiling, but i cant coordinate properly :/

You know what’s my first reaction, I exclaimed! I can’t see the other side of my eyes now! LOl cos the bridge is so high it blocked my vision, at this moment, then I realized this is how angmoh sees things.

Pain level 0.5 still 😛



hahhaa, I felt very happy when people around me all say you already very pretty dont need to do. hahaha! i want to see myself prettier ma… 😛

BOTOX is common and popular nowadays, not only for the slimming effect for the jaw/face.
It also helps to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, and to lift the brows. It works by reducing muscle activity that causes the persistent forming of lines. Safe and effective for most, it is also sometimes used to curb excessive perspiring and even reduce the size of the calves.

Overall for all 3procedures, I rate it 2/10. because probably the numbing effect gone off abit, and I can feel some ant bite on my jaw. But still it’s ant bite! 😀

So yah, if one of the factor that is stopping you is due to the pain, don’t worry because it’s close to painless!

Still got more!! Dr Karen Soh asked for volunteer and Diana (im glad that you read my blog, and sorry if I spell your name wrong :p) volunteered! Also there’s a winner for the lucky draw too, she won herself a lasik skin treatment 😀 woohoo! Sorry I dont have your pic here :/

She did both nose filler and botox!



brave girl! :D

I bet Diana loves her new nose now and of cos I love mine too! 😀 Im going back to review next week too~ 😛

My nose and ‘eyes’ will last for 1yr, and for botox will last for 4months! I’m still monitoring my jaw, because the effect will show after 2weeks 😀

Thank you all for attending and thanks Privé Clinic for this event! 😀

I went home I snap a photo 😀

2011-12-15 23.02.53_副本

A few days later after no more swelling 😀

2011-12-21 12.01.18_副本

So if you want to enhance your features GO TO Privé Clinic!

If you want to look younger GO TO Privé Clinic!

If you want to remove moles, or treat your pigmentation GO TO Privé Clinic!

If you want to have slimmer arms, thighs or anywhere else GO TO Privé Clinic!

More options GO TO!

It’s still December so……

* Any 3 areas at 10% off Total costs.
* Any 4 areas at 20% off Total costs.

Act fast!!! 😀

Privé Clinic establishes its reputation as one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand. Privé suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Understanding that being well-groomed and exhibiting quiet confidence is paramount to success, Privé represents their passport to perfection.

Loving comfort in private surroundings, personalised services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, have undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

At Privé, your needs are their first and only priority.


Privé Clinic
Blk 390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun and PH: Closed

Tel: 6737 6639 Hp: 9848 2888 Fax: 6737 8984
For bookings & general enquiries:

Website: Privé Clinic

[ADV] Attend Estee Lauder workshop and meet MFP BLOGGERS!

Last Monday we were invited to Estee Lauder’s sneak preview workshop at their office. It’s a wonderful and informative workshop which I brought back a couple of tips home. 😛

What do you think this preview workshop is about? I’ll keep you in suspense for now, so read on.. :)



Catherine, Jessie and Me were the first to reach, so we went up first, and were greeted by the friendly staffs of Estee Lauder! They also prepared refreshments for us, how thoughtful!! 😀
Our goodie bag!

From left to right:

Pure color Five color eyeshadow palette, Pure Color Sensual Rouge Lipcolor, Idealist Even skintone illuminator and Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion.


We were told to remove our makeup and to put on again.

It was my first time meeting Wendy, Huirong and Joyce! Others were Cath, Jessie and Ju Ann! So we were looking at each other with our bare face. Lol.



You might ask, why do we have to remove our make up? Is it to try out their skincare products? To learn make up skills or to try out their new make up products?

*thinking thinking*

BINGO! YOU’RE RIGHT! It’s a new make up introduction by TOM PEDEUX, creative makeup director of Estee Lauder.

Introduce the first….

NEW Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor


Aside from the classic and modern design of this range of lipcolors, it is definitely different from the usual lipstick that you used. So what’s the amazing vibe about it?

Sensous Rouge lipcolor brings a soft and sensual touch to our lips, through the combination of 2 rich formulas. I took a picture of me with it, it looks really sensual and kissable (which I will show later)

This new “core within core” technology delivers two high-performing formulas with one swipe.
1) Shell – Firm, pigment-rich shell provides an easy application to highlight the sensuous curves of the lips
2) Core – Jellified, glossy core boosts shine and moisture for a sensual appeal

Lips will love this succulent, voluptuous lipstick that drenches in shine and moisture for a euphoric sensorial experience.

Sensous Rouge comes in 12 insanely indulgent shades classified under 4types:

Nude to brown
– Nude Affair
– Sensuous Nude

Pink to berry
– Enticing Fuchsia
– Rose Exposed
– Blossom Tease
– Pink Seduction

Coral to Red
– Peach Pleasure
– Curvaceous Coral
– Sublime Nectar

Mauve to plum
– Lavish Quartz
– Orchid Surrender
– Wistful Wisteria

Product will be available at all Estee Lauder counters in Singapore from NOV’2011, but you will be able to get an exclusive preview at the Estee Lauder Tangs Vivo City from 19 October onwards!

Retail Price @ $42.





Ever heard of SpeedPost? If no, nevermind, because I only got to know about it recently too! 😛
And after using it, I think it’s a must to recommend to you guys!

So how did I get to know about it………..

2weeks ago, I helped my aunt to post her camera and tripod on Ebay for selling, there’s this buyer who was interested and eventually he decided on purchasing them 😀

Though I was very excited, I was frustrated as well, know why? Because the buyer needs them urgently and my aunt got no time to meet up with him to make the deal! So no matter what timing, or weekdays or ends, my aunt just couldn’t make it.

So I asked Simon for help, he said, “USE SPEEDPOST LA!” and I was like, ”erm.. what is that?” LOL!
So after him explaining to me and etc..

The next day I called Speedpost up!
I told them my auntie need to make a delivery, and also giving them the location. (of cos the buyer agreed to pay the fees, cos he needs it urgently!)

And so they went to her office the following day, get the stuffs and deliver them!

OMG it’s so convenient! I should check out Speedpost earlier!

For my case, I used it locally, but if you need to deliver to oversea.. DON’T WORRY! Of course you can!

For overseas delivery, you can use SPEEDPOST EXPRESS IMPORT!

Express import is even better because it allows you to import documents or parcels from more than 100 countries and territories worldwide back to Singapore!

Got relatives and friends overseas that help you to do bulk shopping? Or having a blog shop that needs bulk delivery frequently? SPEEDPOST EXPRESS IMPORT is meant for you!

I know i know, the question here is: how to use it right?

and here you go!


its quite easy right? :)

now, let’s take a look at the country zone chart & the estimated transit days..



Don’t wait already! They are having promotion now!


50% is a VERY GOOD DEAL!! Hurry while the promotion ends!!

If you’re still confused about how this works, give them a call!
1800 222 5777!
Or visit their website for more information! :)
Speedpost webby!



Remember the last time I tried MILK tea brown? I love it!

But women are hard to please, because although I love this color, I wish that it could look ashy. I’ve always wanted my hair color to look ashy. So, lately I was considering if I should dye platinum beige, and just when I was about to purchase it I received this package from KAO.


hehehe so happy!

I will never forsake LIESE for other brand because LIESE is just so fabulous and special!

Why do I say so?

Because it is the easiest HAIR DYE you can ever get!


Yes! With this new innovative format created, All you need to do is just massage the foam into your hair, and no sectioning is required! The foam can also reach the back of your head! So easy right!?
Not only will you achieve beautiful and evenly colored hair, you can also save up on your time and money!

It’s also a permanent color that can last for a few months, it’s very safe and gentle to your scalp so there’s no need to worry about it being harmful. 😀

I’m not going to rave on, I’m just gonna show you how amazing it is 😀

Let me show you the before of my hair:


current hair color: milk tea brown, hair in bad condition

Let’s take a look at the interior of the package~


Gloves, solution, conditioner and etc.

1st step:


Pour solution 1 into solution 2 & cap it with the pump

Next, shake it up and down GENTLY and slowly approx 5times!
After that wear your cape and gloves, then SQUEEZE!



apply on your hair, apply.. apply.. apply.. lalala~

when the solution is finishing, you will see your hair like this!


yes, just like *shampooing* my hair in my room!


Let’s wait for about 20-30 minutes!
Before we see the end result, let me introduce you the 12 different colors LIESE HAS!



I love how they categorize their colors! now im thinking which color should i try next! 😛
what about you guys? :)

By the way if you guys are still confused after reading their instruction booklet, don’t worry becos they have a online video tutorial as well! Click here!

Or having dozens of questions and answers? You could go to their website to check out more on their FAQ!

So how’s my end product like?
To be honest, the color does resemble my milk tea brown, but it has a tinge of ash which I like!

And my hair condition becomes better as I used the Nourishing Hair Lotion that was provided, it’s fabulous! Also this new color is *shinier* 😛 which reflects light better!


see the bottom end there, like greenish right?

You know the color of YOUR hair can actually change how you look? Come, let’s go and try LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR!
They are currently having a promotion, with every purchase of LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR, you will get a FREE Coloring Cape!

*Only available at Watsons, Guardian & SASA* While stocks last!

The cape is very important okay, remember the last time I dyed my hair, Simon got to DIY a cape for me, but this time round, when I saw that the hair dye comes with a cape, I was really thrilled! I can just bubble without worrying that the foam will stain my clothes and the floor! Also, The cape is very pretty with cute prints!

Very fun and easy right! So hurry up! Go and buy 1 now and BUBBLE yourself! 😀


Support Liese and like them on face book! LieseSG facebook

And visit their website for more products and information 😉 Liese webpage