Tokyo City Map art from Modern Map Art.

I recently received a poster from Modern Map Art. I thought it was very unique because I have never thought that I would want to put a map of a certain city in my house. IMG_2490

Simon got a frame from IKEA and we just place it by our window. We don’t even need to hang it on the wall, it just looks good where it is! I’m thinking of getting a few more from different cities, maybe Melbourne and London.

If you’re interested, why not check out their website at .

They comes in 5 different sizes too, it’s perfect! 🙂

Till the next time people! 😀
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HDB BTO P10: Sharing how much we spent altogether and our Moldy wardrobe!!

It is almost a year already people, staying in our new house. Cleaning the house is definitely not easy, and there are many things to clean and take care of. The toilets (including toilet bowl please thank you), the windows, the corners, the ceiling and every kind of surfaces. Yes house come really very excited until you have to start doing everything yourself. Hiring a maid now will be stupid since there are only the 2 of us so as long as we got the time to do we do as much as possible….

Well he obviously does more work than me. oops.

I will try to share as much as possible, about being a house owner and a wife. Pretty much the same la actually just that there is the house, which is a HUGE responsibility and of course housework, which can take up alot of time.

Currently we try to vacuum and mop once a week, wash the toilet once every 2weeks, wash our clothes on every wed and weekends, wipe surfaces and windows about once a month. I have never known that my husband is a clean freak.. last time at his house he quite nua one leh..

You guys have also been asking how much I spend on renovation and furniture. We didn’t spend alot compare to other couples. I have friends who spend over 50K and had to take loan. We didn’t take any loan at all, I guess you have to be well prepared too. Do what you can afford and save enough before the house come.

My renovation and electricity cost add up to about $23K. If you have been working for a 2-3 years, saving diligently you should already have this amount of money I guess.

Electrical appliances including aircon (3+1), washing machine, television, stove, fridge, water heater, fan add up to a total about $10K. Everything here are basically the essentials.

For furnitures, including tv console, coffee table (free for mine), sofa, living room cabinets, shoe cabinets, wardrobe, drawers, dining tables, study table, chairs, bed and all kind of miscellaneous and decor stuffs this add up to $6000 to $7000. I think one thing good is that my house is not that big so we don’t really need alot of things to make it even smaller.

So in total we spent about $40K. Do take note that we opt in everything. If we didn’t opt in then would have to spend even more.

I hope this gives you a guide to what to expect in the future when you have a house. It will be even more expensive next time though..

Erm I will show pictures next time okay. Now abit messy.

So currently what we have to pay are broadband bill, utilities bill, conservancy fees and mthly netflix haha. And of course groceries and toiletries which can add up to alot too.

Next we have to settle the maintenance fees of our aircon as well.

Last week we just spent $3800+ to get the Rainbow Vacuum. Freaking expensive but very worth it. Will ask Simon to review it soon.

Of course back to the main topic today, I wanna share with you our encounter with mold! A few months ago Simon came home to find the inside of his wardrobe covered with mold. He sent me a photo immediately and I was like wth?


The laminated side of the board was supposed to be facing in but he mounted it wrongly. Hence this causes the mold to grow because the laminated side is supposed to prevent mold. His clothes even kena all the green powdery stuffs! Damn disgusting I tell you!

Even our bed side tables got mold too! We were so irritated that we bleach the areas over and over again lol.


After bleach condition LOL. 

Pretty interesting lah. I don’t see such things when I stay with my ahma okay cos she do all the things. LOL. I hope I don’t see mold again yucks. 

IMG_0911Simon removed the board by the way and now it’s empty there.. 

So you know. Just do regularly checks at home on your furniture. You don’t know what will grow or happen. Alright then shall stop here today, and share more with you next time hehe. 

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5 Unique and Creative Bathtub Designs

The bathroom is one of the most-used places in your home and an area that will also be viewed by your friends and guests. While the whole design of the bathroom needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, one of the focus points will be the bathtub. You can make it a statement piece and choose between these unique and creative bathtub designs.

1. The overflow Bathtub

 photo overflow bathtub photo_zpssnfkirmb.jpg

This bathtub is beautiful itself and can definitely make any bathroom a place of tranquillity and perhaps even meditation. Its manufacturer, Käsch, states that the overflow was designed with the idea of creating a sensuous experience and allowing the owner to be in harmony with himself and nature.

2. The Stone Bathtub

 photo stone bathtub photo_zpslzxyuzd3.jpg

Tired of the ceramic and porcelain you have seen in so many bathrooms before? You can choose for an organic design, with a stone bathtub and a matching sink. Choosing less than ordinary materials and textures will make your bathroom feel more personal.

3. The egg shaped bathtub

 photo egg bathtub photo_zpsuhifatjq.jpg
The egg bathtub can stand on its own and be the focal point of the bathroom. With this design, you can choose to keep the same theme throughout the bathroom with an egg-shaped sink. The relatively odd shape of this bathroom may require some extra work for positioning. If you need to install the bathtub, you can always call a team of plumbing experts in Singapore.

4. The hammock bathtub

 photo hammock bathtub photo_zpseehgtona.jpg

A hammock is the equivalent of relaxation so why not pun one, literally, in your bathroom? It is a special bathtub that is seemingly attached to the walls while you float in bath foam and bubbles.

5. The shoe bathtub

We have saved the best for last with the shoe bathtub. Definitely, a statement, this type of bathtub resembles a luxury stiletto to suit its owner’s most eccentric tastes.

 photo shoe bathtub photo_zpsmirr0iwl.jpg
You can choose a creative bathroom design, starting with the bathtub, without worrying about installing and prepping the space to suit your new ideas and preferred items. An experienced team of plumbers in Singapore can help you install these unique types of bathtubs.

*This post is brought to you by*


Our housewarming with Elsie’s Kitchen Catering and I talked about other caterers too!

Did my housewarming in March and it was such a fun experience! I think it is also from this event that we start to get so close with Sebas and Ivy!

Anyway I did some research online and decided on Elsie’s Kitchen because of the good reviews. But I was a little upset on the day because they were late for the setup. It’s not like 5 minutes late okay, it’s half an hour or probably more. I didn’t complain or feedback or whatever because they already apologized and I was quite happy with the food.

Thank god everyone was late otherwise I would have been so pissed.

We chose our spread from the tea reception selection as Simon had to work until 12pm and I had to work on my ‘assignments’ too. So we could only start the buffet around 230pm. I asked my friends to have their lunch first before coming over. Thought they can finish all the food since most of them are finger food but we still have so much left over.

It was supposed to be 11 dishes plus 1 beverage.. but I think I only chose 10? Can’t remember.

 photo hw 8-2_zps0ffdgpiq.jpg

So we had Seafood Gyoza and Tempura Prawn.

 photo hw 7-2_zpszeqgutiw.jpg

Honey Baked chicken drumlet. I eat like 5-8 of this??

 photo hw 6-2_zps1bmewzjm.jpg

Mee Siam.

 photo hw 10-2_zpslrr9wvsk.jpg

Soon kueh.

 photo hw 2-2_zpsgv8wehvk.jpg

Apple streudal.

 photo hw 1-2_zpsamjvzxn4.jpg

Ondeh ondeh.

 photo hw 3-2_zpsspfk10lu.jpg

cheese cake

 photo hw 4-2_zpsw1urwmdz.jpg

mini croissant with tuna filling.

 photo hw 5-2_zpssql3jlvc.jpg

Burbur hitam.

I like the food and I think it is quite worth it. 30 pax for about close to $400 including of 10 PVC stool and transport charges.

I would still recommend Elsie’s Kitchen and I want to believe that the lateness is just a one time incident. 🙂

Since we are talking about caterers. Might as well let me share my thoughts on Eatz Catering, Mum’s Kitchen and Select Catering.

Eatz Catering for Christmas Lunch last year! My favourite was the curry chicken (what’s new) and I find the rest of the food pretty normal.

 photo kaplan 1-2_zps0lx04gxn.jpg

 photo kaplan 2-2_zpshpb4u8ue.jpg

 photo kaplan 3-2_zpsn7yowm38.jpg

 photo kaplan 4-2_zps25cj2rmw.jpg

Teriyaki Chicken Drumlets and Golden Fish Fillet with salted egg yolk sauce.

 photo kaplan 5-2_zpsjgksxjoj.jpg

I heard Eatz Catering is very cheap but I’m not sure what is the price. But food wise I rate 6.5/10.

Mum’s Kitchen after Pinky’s Holy Matrimony!

 photo pinky wed 1-2_zpsqbelevuf.jpg

 photo pinky wed 2-2_zpswevpdri8.jpg

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.

 photo pinky wed 3-2_zpssvpr14po.jpg

Stir fried broccoli.

 photo pinky wed 4-2_zps77ey6brk.jpg

Cereal fish – this is good!

 photo oinky wed 5-2_zpsonwybzcp.jpg

Desserts and even sushi!

 photo pinky wed 7-2_zpsian4byn1.jpg

I missed out one photo, the rendang beef is the best!!!

I would rate Mum’s kitchen 7.5/10.

Select Catering for our own department christmas lunch. Typing this makes me feel a little sad, I just tendered last week and I am serving my 2 month’s notice now. I will miss all these peeps and the fun we had for sure. No more booking of classrooms for celebrations. ='( LOL!

We ordered Wild Wild West from their mini Party Sets selection and it’s $101.65 including GST. The spread is for 8-10 pax!

 photo office 1-2_zpseee7o5yb.jpg

Garlic Butter rice with mushrooms.

 photo office 2-2_zpsxl3ly5ly.jpg

BBQ sauce mini chicken drumlets!

 photo office 3-2_zpsuillfuot.jpg

Sliced beef with mushroom and onion in black pepper sauce.

 photo office 4-2_zpseqrqtjub.jpg

Sauteed mixed vegetables!

 photo office 5-2_zpsijg5pupj.jpg

photos cr Daphy!

Love the food! I rate them 8/10! Actually I wanted Say Siam lo but nobody supports my suggestion!

Well I’m done with my post today! Actually my favourite is still Orange Clove, their food is the best! I hope this post will help you a little if you are looking for caterers for your celebrations and parties. 🙂

Till the next time people! 
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Giveaway! Free admission tickets to 1-Altitude’s wedding showcase!

 photo Sky High Wedding Showcase - Love For All Seasons 16 Apr 17 - Main_zps2i826wfj.jpg

On 16 April 2017, 1-Altitude and sister company HOST puts on a sky-high wedding showcase of Love for All Seasons to amaze, delight and awe.

Kicking off at 5pm, couples will be spoiled for choice and inspired by Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter set-up options for a lavish celebration or an intimate affair; a bridal collection preview; an exciting do-it-yourself cocktail session; a sky-high solemnization ceremony (an enactment); and a gastronomic feast of progressive Australian cuisine at Singapore’s highest restaurant Stellar.

There will be special privileges and lucky draw prizes too! Couples can look forward to winning a romantic sky-high solemnization at the world’s highest alfresco rooftop bar. And, one lucky couple that signs up a 1-Altitude wedding package on the night will be treated to a round-trip to Phuket!

The Love for all Seasons wedding showcase is priced at $48 per couple and will be held from 5pm to 9pm. The first 20 couples will enjoy an Early Bird Special admission rate of S$38 nett per couple (first-come-first-served basis). To register, email to

BUT if you read this post then you have a chance to attend this wedding showcase for free!

THREE (3) Lucky winners will each receive a pair of admission tickets to 1-Altitude’s wedding showcase!
All you need to do is go to my instagram page( and do the following

  1. Follow @1AltitudeSG
  2. Tell us your dream wedding theme!

Winners will be contacted directly! Best of luck!

Till the next,
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[S-series] Storeroom Storage Solution from Hardware Specialist for our home


I’ve been living in my new apartment for at least half a year by now.. But its only until recently then I finally decided to start looking for a set of heavy duty bolt-less rack for my storeroom.

And this is when Hardware Specialist comes in for my storeroom-storage-solution.


Hardware Specialist is, as the name suggests, a hardware shop. You can find almost everything you need for your home; from furniture hardware, power tools DIY stuff, etc to Automotive care, safety equipment every vacuum cleaners! Well you can call Karcher Vacuum cleaner power tools also right? They even claimed, quoting from their Carousell page:


As I later found out, if you found someone selling something they have in their catalog at a lower price, they will match the price for you! If you can find a cheaper one that is.. Because the prices of the products they offer are already so darn good to begin with.


Vince was the person who contacted us, he asked us to look through their vast catalog on their Qoo10 page. We spotted bolt-less racks and decided to go for it. The racks came in all sorts of sizes, you can even add additional shelves, nowadays everybody’s talking about customization or personalization. Next, its kinda common sense to go measure my storeroom first before making a purchase, so i did just that. My storeroom is 1.8m wide (internal dimension), there’re options for 1.8m and 1.5m. I of course… opt of the 1.5m, because you wouldn’t wanna scrap cement off the walls by trying to force a rack with a tight fit in..

If you want the delivery to come, you must of course give your address on Qoo10 right? I thought that was easy to understand, but apparently I heard stories about people who purchased items from online platform, never update profile or drop a message to the seller with their addresses, and expect the seller to be a psychic. I wouldn’t want to be that kind of person, if I cause inconveniences to the seller, it will ultimately snowballed to me because my item will be delayed, and I’ll only have myself to blame. Anyways, I proceeded with the order, and be available for the delivery when it comes.

The item came with a free rubber mallet, that means I got to fix the racks myself. Its not a problem at all for me, because I always love a little DIY action at home. I mean, if you’ve been following Claire’s posts of our home, you would’ve notice that most of our furniture were from IKEA, and we fixed everything ourselves. If its a problem to DIY, you might have to give Hardware Specialist a call to see if they can help, I didn’t do that so I can’t tell you.

Now the racks were made up of steel pieces with holes and hooks on them. Its really quite straightforward, no need for a manual to know what goes where. While fixing them, there is one thing to note. There is a middle piece to help secure the racking system together on each shelf. It sort of hook onto the 2 longest horizontal pieces on each shelf, as shown below.


You can see its hooked from the top, but when I first hammer the shelves together, I got one of the horizontal piece wrong!! I spent like 15mins hammering them out of the fittings to turn them around. Notice I need to hammer them to fit them into their fittings? If you have any doubt that the racks are not heavy duty enough, you should throw your doubts out of the windows.



It looks dodgy at first, like how would a couple small flaps of bent steel be strong enough to hold heavy loads? Well if Claire allows, I can even sleep on it or jump on them! I’m sure it will hold, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go and jump on their racks now… Its too dangerous for you, not for the racks.

Anyways, it only took me about 30mins to fix my 600x1500x1800mm rack, I saved the labour fees for building something so simple and yet it gave me the satisfaction of completing a large rack which will enable me to keep all my bulky stuffs organized. I really look how my home look right now, its pretty amazing how a large storeroom rack can drastically reduce the clutter that plagued my living spaces like a malignant cancer. Cured with a storeroom rack.



I highly recommend getting one from Hardware specialist, the people there know their stuff and will give you advice with your interest in mind, not their profit unlike some other shops… I’ll probably go back and buy stuff from them regularly, being a guy who likes to DIY, this shop is a great one-stop-shop for everything I need. Even now I can already think of getting something from them, a pack of Karcher vacuum cleaner bags for my dearest Karcher WD-3.

Check them out at their carousell or qoo10 store, or their brick and mortar store located at:


Bye guys

Simon Tey
This post is brought to you by Hardware Specialist.

5 of the most common mistakes home owners make while purchasing tiles!

Purchasing tiles for your brand new home is arguably the most important material to put consideration into. They are not cheap, they determine whether or not your home will be a beauty, and they last a lifetime.

Malford Ceramicsa tile supplier in Singapore, has compiled a list of information that we MUST equip ourselves with before we embark on building our dream homes!

Tiles from Europe, especially Italy, are generally more popular than those from Asian countries such as China or Malaysia. Though the continental option may be two times more expensive than the Asian alternatives, most home owners would prefer to place some emphasis in the key differences between the two.

 photo unpedictable designs_zpsjsxc4bv2.jpg

The main reason why people would go for Italian tiles is actually not only because of its superior quality, but because of the effect it can produce. For example, a marble looking tile from China may have only 4 variations, while one from Italy may have up to 55. Imagine a marble looking tile with repetitive and predictive veins, definitely not something you would want for your floors wouldn’t you?

Be it Chinese or Italian, let us look at the top 5 mistakes consumers make when it comes to purchasing tiles:

  1. Avoid Broken Tiles – Choosing Tiles that are Too Weak for the Required Application

 photo Homogeneous Tile Illustration_zpstrsv9cw3.jpg

Tiles are generally classified into being Full-Body Homogeneous Tiles, Glazed Porcelain Coloured Body TilesGlazed Porcelain Tiles, and Ceramic Tiles.

Full-Body Homogeneous Tiles are the strongest of the lot and have a very low rate of water absorption. Such tiles can be used anywhere, even for your drive way, toilets, or walls.

Glazed Porcelain Coloured Body Tiles are preferred over the ordinary ones because the ordinary ones come in a white body. If there were to be a chip on the surface of the tile, you would be able to see a white mark. Such tiles are superior over Full-Body tiles only in terms of design, as the Full-Body technology cannot achieve the kind of beautiful designs glazed printing can.

Ceramic Tiles are only meant for use on the wall because they have a very high rate of water absorption and they are far less durable than all of the above.

2. No One Likes Falling – Choosing Tiles that are too Slippery for Wet Areas

Tiles are graded in many different components. One popular rating that people look at would be their anti-slip ratings. Tiles may come in polished, R9, R10, R11, R12, and R13.

Polished tiles do not have an anti-slip rating. They are not meant to be used in wet areas at all. However, for design purposes, some owners may still decide to go with it.

An R9 rating would mean that the tile is a smooth and matte tile suitable for dry areas only. Such tiles are extremely easy to clean.

R10 tiles suggest that it has a matte surface with anti-slip properties. For tiles with more advanced technologies, it only feels like it has an anti-slip surface when exposed to water. Such tiles would be perfect for your toilet or wet kitchen floors.

R11 tiles indicates that the surface of the tile is rough. Such tiles are more difficult to maintain and are recommended for ramps that are prone to being wet.

R12 and R13 tiles are extremely rough and not common at all in Singapore due to the lack of demand.

3. Ugly Results – Ensuring Exact Calibration

 photo Improper Calibration_zpsourf4ui3.jpg

Every tile manufacturing factory in the world has its own practices. The mould that one factory uses to produce tiles would be different from another. When you are in a shop looking to purchase tiles, it is very common to have a scenario whereby the floor tiles of your choice would be from one factory, and the wall tiles connecting to these floor tiles may be from another.

Factory A may have their rectangular tiles in the size of 31 cm x 62 cm, while Factory B may have it in the size of 30 cm x 60 cmThe best case scenario would be for all sizes to be absolutely the same. The expensive solution would be to rectify the tile in the larger size by cutting in to the absolute size of the smaller one. However, another solution would be to alert your contractor or tiler beforehand and ensure that he caters a wide enough joint width so that there would be a smooth flow in the tiles. It is the responsibility of your tile supplier to inform you of this. If they don’t, be sure to ask!

4. Walking on Thorns – Prevent Having Lippage’s

 photo strip tile layout_zpsq0gfjirl.jpg

Most home owners hate to have their tiles laid with a thicker joint width. However, tiles are a fired product and it is almost impossible to ensure that the manufactured tile is 100% flat. Putting them too close to each other might result in one corner being slightly higher than the neighbouring tile. It is in our Singaporean culture to walk with bare feet in our home and having to feel these pointy edges is definitely not an option! This problem can be easily avoided by ensuring your contractor factors in at least a 2 mm joint width.

That being said, there are certain dimensions whereby a 2 mm joint width may still not be able to save the day. Tiles in strip sizing, for example 15 cm x 90 cm (common in timbre look tilingare usually thicker at the ends and thinner at the centre. The perfect way to counter this problem would be to ensure your tiler or contractor lays the tiles not in a 50% running format, but a 33% running format.

5. A Lifelong Mistake – Selecting What You Can Cope With. Marble vs Tiles

Natural Marble or Tiles? Most home owners would prefer to use a more premium material in the form of natural marble. However, while there advantages to using marble, it does have its fair share of disadvantages too. Let’s check it out here:

Marble has a natural beauty because of its premium look and it comes in an amazing diversity of designs. No two pieces of marble will look the same and it has a very radiant shine. Furthermore, marble has the ability to look seamless. As mentioned earlier, most Singaporeans hate having joint gaps in between their tiles! Marble is also able to be polished whenever it is damaged or loses its shine. Therefore, it can pretty much last forever.

However, what consumers must also know is that marble is extremely weak. Unlike tiles, marble is not a manufactured product – it is a natural resource. As a result, it cannot be compared to tiles in terms of stain resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, and porosity. Certain bathroom cleaners you purchase from NTUC may leave a permanent unsightly patch on your marble. So will toothpaste, or if your dog pees on the floor and it is not cleaned immediately. Marble requires a lot of maintenance and it has to be kept dry and clean at all times.

An important point to note about shopping for marble is that when you are at your tile suppliers showroom, be sure to check that the rate you are being quoted is inclusive of sealant and dry laying charges. A sealant has to be applied over the surface of the marble so that it becomes stronger and more resistant to the factors mentioned above, while dry laying refers to the process of laying out your marble piece by piece to achieve your desired final outlook. As the veins of marble are never predictable, having a dry lay is essential to ensure that the flow of veins would be harmonious and not abrupt in any way.

This post is brought to you by Malford Ceramics Singapore. 

[S-series] Green-ing our living space with a terrarium from Floral Garage Singapore!


As many of you already knew, we are still in the midst of setting up our apartment.

My idea was always to make it look like a forest hipster-cafe-chill-out-place, and having greens in our all metal and wood furniture will be really cool right? Of course I’m right.

Claire already shared how our living room looked like (please try to unsee the mess), industrial styled was it? All wood and black with white walls. So we actually went and got ourselves a couple of succulents and a nerve plants. These were indoor plants which supposedly were easy to maintain. But I’ve already killed one succulent which death was unclassified, that is, I’ve no idea what I did wrong that it died..

So I thought about a terrarium, I’ve read a little about them prior to this, they have a semi self-contained world inside a glass jar. The concept is simple, the glass jar will act like an enclosed earth and the ‘atmosphere’ inside will have its own water cycle that will water the plants itself. Remember science classes? Evapouration-Condensation-Precipitation and the cycle goes on.

I recently tested the theory too, we went for our trip and no one will be watering our little plants. So I placed them into a large ziploc bag, water them one last time, and zip up the bag except for a little vent hole. A week later, the plants inside the bag were still alive and look damn healthy to boot.

So now we receive this chio as hell arid-environment looking terrarium with succulents and cactus. Well isn’t this the best kind of terrarium for busy adults? I read online you only need to spray some water into it every 2 weeks to maintain it. What the hell thats damn easy!

Now when I relax in our living room, I get extra relaxed with the mix of greenery on our coffee table. Its amazing what a few plants can do to your living space, as a living being I feel its essential that we surround ourselves with more plants. We’ll be looking for more plants in the near future. First we need more furniture, for the plants to sit on.

Visit Floral Garage Singapore for their awesome range of flowers and terrariums!
Visit for the terrarium and christmas trees!

Use code CLAIRE10 for 10% discount. 🙂 


Simon Tey

HDB BTO P9: House in a mess.

I am very tired lately. Alot of things to do. Not enough time to do. I snap easily and I just get very frustrated with every single thing.

I was vacuuming the floor last weekend and I suddenly got so irritated with the heels/sneakers/flats that were on the floor. I got irritated with the study room too. I am angry that I haven’t set up my vanity area.

Just for the record, we haven’t even get shoe cabinet yet. Which explains why all the shoes are on the floor. zzz

It is already November, sorry I should correct myself. soon it’s going to be December. And all I’m thinking about is holidays holidays and holidays. My colleagues and friends are nagging at me because I havent invite them over for housewarming. Well it’s not that I don’t want. It’s because my house is not ready yet.

We don’t even have the time to go to IKEA nowadays. God knows why we are so busy or so lazy. Actually I know why but I just don’t feel like sharing today.

After our bali trip and the itinerary for penang, I will focus on the house and get everything done by end of this year!

 photo IMG_5554_zpsaupvxv76.jpg

This is my living room wall by the way. Drill in 2 shelves and added some frames and plants. It is disturbing because CS reminds me of my colleague. my gosh.

And here its my living room! Damn messy right now but I will show you again once we tidy everything up. :p

 photo DSC02338_zps5hftxzrb.jpg

Till then! Time to shop for furnitures!

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HDB BTO P8 – Expectations vs reality & more pics!

More photos of the house today! 🙂

Our small bar counter. ^^ Thinking of doing something crazy to this space but for now, let it be like this first.  photo IMG_4109_zps4kho7jmy.jpg

Got that chalk board from Taobao for about $20+? The below stools are from taobao too! Very unique right? lol! I know they look flimsy but they are actually very sturdy.

 photo IMG_4110_zpsnyisebbs.jpg

My mini studio space in the study room. Solely for beauty products. LOL. I got the marble inspired table $20+ and white mat $10? from

 photo IMG_4102_zpsoflwwywz.jpg

My table lamp is from Typo. =) Got this for $30+ after discount!

 photo IMG_4103_zps46afkire.jpg

Bought a light up hang and peg frame kit from Typo Anchorpoint shopping centre too.

 photo IMG_4106_zpsoi6czrtx.jpg

And here’s my study room before we moved all our things in, which is like a few weeks ago.

The 2 posters and rose gold clock are from Typo!
The table and legs are from IKEA and the chairs which you’ve seen before are from Taobao! 🙂

 photo IMG_4107_zpsfxfxh8u1.jpg

looks pretty neat right? I thought this looked really pinterest worthy UNTIL we start to put all our stuffs there.

and this is how the study room turned out to be. Anyway chill people, this was taken a few weeks back. It is much neater now.

Totally an expectation vs reality scenario.

 photo IMG_4108_zps4cf1agnf.jpg

The study room is currently my favourite place because it is very cosy and pretty.  ^^v What I need now is bulletin board, dressing table, shelves and drawers and this room are more or less completed. (will show you next time once done!)

 photo IMG_4105_zpssoisgasq.jpg

Simon’s favourite place is still the kitchen and I am not complaining as he will be cooking for me. 😀 I will be getting a oven soon! Can’t wait to start baking!

BY THE WAY should I get the Nostalgia BSET300BLUE Retro Series 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station??? It’s super retro and cute sia!!

 photo 6a00d8341c5dea53ef0168e5164922970c-800wi_zps1kk5u8qn.jpg

can make toast, eggs, sausage and coffee. everything i like!! I’m sure simon will say this is not practical but I shall convince him HAHA.

Initially I wanted to get the Tefal TT5500 Toast N’ Egg Maker but he said it’s a gimmick and now this breakfast station is like another high level of gimmick.

 photo 3040001-20150531003241-413855_zpsxhk1jzv5.jpg

Last weekend he also drilled holes and put in 2 shelves behind the sofa. That space is for our mini plants and photo frames. (my idea ok!!) Shall show you next time when it’s all done! So excited!!!

Till the next people! 😀
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