Hello 2018, reflection and resolutions! :)

Hello people! Time flies isnt it! Once again its the end of another year and a start of a brand new year.


2017 had been a blast. I have worked with brands that I have never thought that I would ever worked with before and I have travelled quite alot this year too.

I went to Penang and JB in January, Taiwan in February, Cameron Highlands in March, Perth in May, Tokyo in June, Osaka and Kyoto in November and Montigo Resorts Batam in November. Quite crazy isn’t it!

Recently my colleague asked if my husband is very rich because she is quite surprised why I am able to travel so frequently when I’m already married. Actually I was quite upset because one thing that I hate the most is that people think that I’m using my husband’s money to travel. In case you are wondering, I am not.

I am quite against the idea of using someone else’s money to travel, (even if the person is my husband) because I am also working and earning money myself, so why would I need someone else to support my travels?

I am glad my grandmother brought me up well, I think I would have been another person if not for her. I also paid for my own poly and university education fees which sums up to a total of $30k so I don’t see why I can’t pay to travel.

Maybe everyone has different thinking but I strongly feel that if you want to travel the world, you should use your own money to do that. I’m lucky Simon likes to travel too. If he doesn’t like to, I would save my own money and go solo on my own, for real. If you have a boyfriend or a husband, that doesn’t mean he has to pay for your every single shit.

Sorry but I am quite a independent person, especially when it comes to money I draw a very obvious line. If I want something I pay for myself, I don’t go to my husband and say please can you buy me a chanel bag or a ticket to europe please? Nah that’s not me.

And oh another thing, alot of people actually think that I don’t save money at all!!! Only friends that are close enough know how much I save and I don’t really want to go into this la.. As long as I know I got save can already. :p I can only say that my situation is different from you.

Anyway rants aside, I am really grateful for everything that has happened in 2017. Even though I don’t have a official religion because I am a Omnist, I really want to thank God for granting me the wishes that I have prayed for when I was young.

Do you remember what you wish for when you were younger? So many things I want to be, to achieve, to provide when I get older. Recently I suddenly remember the goals I set for myself during my teenage years. I remember I want to xxx before 25, xxx before 30 and xxx before 45.

This year is a special year for me because I have met the goals I set and I am really happy. The last one would be the one before 45 and I am working hard towards it. 😀

I hated my life when I was young, but I’m really happy with the things I have now. I have a house, a wonderful husband, a stable job, savings, a sideline and the ability to have fun and travel. Sometimes I still want more but they are not that important, most importantly is that my family is healthy and happy.

So I am really really really grateful for all of these and I will never take these for granted.

I am also super thankful for all the jobs and opportunities in 2017. I have accepted at least 45 ‘p’ campaigns for this year and it is the highest number of jobs for me so far. I feel the happiest when clients or PRs told me I am very nice to work with and that I am very hardworking. I am really happy when I hear these comments because I know that my hard work and insufficient sleep did not go to waste. :’)

For 2018, there are a few things I want to do.

  1. To bake and cook more. I still remember those days when I bake banana cakes and sell them just for fun. Baking and cooking were so fun, I always have that sense of satisfaction whenever I finished the dishes and when people looked at me and say ‘wow this is good!’
  2. To stay away from crazy and toxic people 
  3. To go to CPF and readjust our repayment amount. 🙂 After close to 2 years, there were a few changes so now we can repay more. I can’t wait to finish this, I think after adjusting we are left with 14-15years? And if you adjust every year, the term will get shorter too. I think we can finish this before I turn 40? Thank god I apply for this flat when I was still a student!!
  4. Learn to say No. This can be quite difficult but recently I’ve start to say alot of Nos.
  5. To publish one video a week!
  6. Cut down on carbs because I have been eating alot of cakes in 2017 :O
  7. Cut down on traveling The reason why I want to cut down is because I start to feel that I am starting to get a little excessive when it comes to traveling. I mean normal people travel once or twice a year right but mine is like an addiction whereby I want to step out of the country every 2-3 months. As I grow older I realize that this is unhealthy and I suddenly remember how I used to be able to travel only twice or thrice a year.
    Frequent traveling makes me hate working and makes me really tired as well. I don’t think this is feasible in the long run. And I think I will appreciate travelling a little bit more if I start to travel lesser. I am starting to take this for granted.
  8. Another new beginning. :p 

So far I have only confirmed 2 trips in Feb and March and I don’t intend to travel anymore until November/December. I can do this! Talking about the trip in November, YES I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I CAN’T WAIT. It’s going to be our first time!

Lastly I want to thank you my lovely readers and followers for following my blog and IG for so many years. I really appreciate your support. <3 Let’s all work hard in 2018 and I wish you all the best in whatever you do!

Now I am going to end my post and continue writing my posts for the other topics. It’s going to be a busy start for the year and I am already excited. 😀

With love


Giveaway December 2017! Happy holidays!

Hi girls! I realized it has been awhile since I’ve done a giveaway and I thought it would be nice to hold it this December! I have one ongoing giveaway now at my youtube channel where I’m giving away the following items:

  1. Colourpop eyeshadow palette – You had me at Hello palette
  2. Charles and keith cardholder/coin purse
  3. Kat Von D liquid lipstick – colour of your choice!


It’s easy to join! Just pop by my channel and the details are all in the description box. 🙂 The contest ends 20th December. 🙂

I will also be doing a giveaway on my instagram – @claireaudreylim probably within this few days so yay!!


[Simon] AGF SEN Origami Drip Coffee Review


Just the other day, we went to the horribly pathetic looking Japan Matsuri fair. I feel that they spent all their money on publicity and booked that tiny area for the actual fair. Very overcrowded, walking to the fair is an actual pain because the Esplanade staff seems not very prepared to handle such a big crowd.. Maybe C will pool our few shots of the actual fair for another post..

Anyways, enough ranting.

Feel disappointed and deprived of all things good from Japan, we jumped into Yamakawa Super at Suntec City and bought ourselves some Jap goodies to sooth our heart from unmet expectations. I wasn’t going to get anything at first till I lay my eyes on coffee stuff.

The premium looking packaging and hefty price tag (5 packs per box…) made me eager to try it out. Sometimes you just need to shell out the money, never try never know mah.. And so the next morning I woke up earlier just so that I can make this coffee for C and me!

The instructions are pretty straight forward so I don’t have to learn Japanese to know how to brew.

The individually packed origami coffee drip looks as chio as the box. Jap-style.

Pardon my lousy control of the depth of field. Kinda hard trying to take this picture while pouring at the same time. You have to of course, wet the grounds and let it sit for about 30s. Then continue pouring, filling up the little origami cup up to 3 times, that will give you about 140ml, as what the instructions said. The crema forming while pouring looks really promising and I have high expectations of this cuppa.

The outcome? Well, although I always loved Japanese goodies, I never really liked their coffee.. Like what the name suggests, ‘Sen’ or ‘Roasted’ yes its plenty roasted, it tasted like burnt coffee… Japanese coffee I tried so far always have that burnt aftertaste, like its over roasted. I’m not an expert so I can’t give any professional comments, but I don’t enjoy burnt coffee..

Will have to make another cup with my IKEA beans to satisfy my appetite…


Gu THAI Noodle Cafe at Pomo 古泰 – $1.90 boat noodle

After going to Gu Thai Noodle, I decided that I will at least visit a cafe or restaurant twice before posting a review. (nah I’m just kidding!)

Anyway I went there 2 times, first on the opening day and the second after like a few weeks or so. I don’t really eat thai food by the way if you realized.. It’s not that I don’t like hor but Simon don’t really eat thai food. :O

I recommend people who like spicy food, who are on a diet, who are on a budget or everything that I have mentioned to visit Gu Thai because you can eat their small boat noodle at $1.90 or add alot of spices to your normal bowl and create your own world’s famous spicy beef kway teow. Trust me I did that, and it was not fun. LOL! 

Okay so if you are at Pomo, then you will definitely spot them. It is just beside Ya Kun Kaya toast.

 photo IMG_0057_zpskwctfuw0.jpg

I like the whole setup of the cafe, very oriental, very old school. Sometimes I get bored of trendy and modern places and this kind of set up made me feel like I’m being teleported to another world and time.

 photo IMG_0056_zpsjl8knbmn.jpg

On every table there are 4 jars of spices/seasonings for you to add on to your food.

 photo IMG_0055_zps875myf3a.jpg

This is the very powerful spice. The ingredient that will transform your noodle.

 photo IMG_0054_zpsfytmjjpn.jpg

I have no idea what is this.. some chilli oil?

 photo IMG_0053_zpsxb3j3nfj.jpg

Another kind of sauce/seasoning.

 photo IMG_0050_zpszlscq0x2.jpg

I didn’t take this so I’m not sure if it’s sugar or salt.

 photo IMG_0051_zpsc4ft57dy.jpg

And here are some shots of the menu. Thought you might want to have a look!

 photo IMG_0049_zpsyjeqkrcx.jpg

All the rice dishes..

 photo IMG_0052_zpsnmgxjf06.jpg

You can choose the level of spiciness for your noodles! or just ask for non spicy and add the spices yourself. The waitress told us our order will be faster if we add in ourselves.

 photo IMG_0045_zpsom4cocrw.jpg

Desserts.. wondering why they classified all the savoury and meaty dishes under desserts.. shouldn’t it be appetizers or side dishes?

We were craving for the mango sticky rice but for the portion we thought it’s abit pricey at $12.

 photo IMG_0048_zpstzbiyz9c.jpg

 photo IMG_0046_zps5pty2gdn.jpg

The first time I went they asked me for my choice of noodles.. The 2nd time they didn’t ask at all. lol. I usually choose either kuey tiao or rice noodle. Anyway if you’re up for it you can even order the seafood combo!

Next I’m finally sharing what I had/we had on both occasions!

 photo IMG_0044_zpstgmcaww5.jpg

If I am not wrong, this is Jiaxin’s braised beef tendon noodles. (kuey tiao)

 photo IMG_0047_zpswsqpuhdq.jpg

My boat noodle beef (kuey tiao!) The 1st time I asked for less spicy!

 photo IMG_0043_zpsskw5qoeq.jpg

close up of my meat and kuey tiao! Love that they give us quite abit of vegetables.

 photo IMG_0042_zpsxssaozhj.jpg

The meat were better and well cooked on my first visit as compared to the second when both me and mitsueki thought it was quite tough. :/

 photo IMG_0040_zps8ccuo4kg.jpg

Pinky ordered the beef boat too but she asked for normal spiciness. And it turns out really spicy. I suggest you ordered the non spicy one and add in the spice yourself to the level of spiciness you desired. Since they are adding the same spice anyway.

The 2nd time we went with jaq, vivi, daphy and cheeshong! Chee Shong ordered basil rice but I didn’t take a photo of it.

I had the same beef boat again! And daphy ordered the mini boat noodle at $1.90! So small and cute LOL!

 photo IMG_0039_zpslkneobyo.jpg

This time round they seemed to give lesser ‘liao’!! Why from veggies become spring onions ah?? I also asked for non spicy and add in the spice myself.

 photo IMG_0038_zpscgfduvfu.jpg

and my last photo of the day. Phad Thai. The best dish of the day I guess. Also a pity I haven’t try the drinks!

Overall I think the location is great, very nicely set up and cosy but I thought there was a lack of consistency in the food. I would be more happy with veggies than spring onions.. might drag simon there for the 3rd time since we are always having a headache as to what to eat for dinner. mm..

By the way yesterday colleagues and me went to Sixty6 to try out their Thai food too! Shall talk about it another day! =)

If you’re interested to try out the boat noodle (since it’s only $1.90!) then here’s the address:
Gu Thai Noodle Cafe
1 Selegie Road
#01-04 PoMo Mall
Singapore 188306
11am to 5am daily (good for all the dynasty classic ktv frequents!)

Unless you have my tongue, dont get influenced by my opinions.  its better that you try it out on your own. 🙂

IG: claireaudreylim

Msocial Hotel – Millenium Hotel & resorts

I didn’t know about the opening of Msocial hotel until today when I logged into facebook and saw the sponsored post. Actually sponsored post on facebook quite fun hor since everybody can see the post/ads.

I tried to go to the website and check the rates but it states as opening soon.. so I guess it is not opened yet right? But I look at the pictures and the rooms looked so PRETTY AND COSY!!

It’s abit different from my favourite fort canning and lloyd’s inn but still.. so nice!! If not for the house I will book it immediately when it’s opened! :p

Simon tey will kill me but I really would like to be one of the first few to stay there! Guess I will book this for our one year anniversary instead hehehe.

If you’re looking for somewhere new for staycation I think you should try out this then let me know if it’s good anot. 😛

Largest Air-Con + Home Electronics Show 2016 – 13 to 15 May

Hey people, I just got this leaflet in my letterbox today that there’s gonna be a electronics show at Expo from 13 to 15 May!

I thought if you are new homeowners you might want to go there and see! =) Apparently there are more than 10,000 worth of stocks to clear and BELOW COST PRICE.

I’m not sure if I’m going since this weekend I’m going to other places for furnitures. So if I’m there I shall see you! It’s at Singapore Expo Hall 6B – 11am to 10pm! 

By the way just to share I got samsung fridge, samsung washer, bosch stove and mitsubishi system 4 aircon from gain city! Will blog about them in full details soon. =D

IG: claireaudreylim
email: dreylim1@gmail.com

Funan mall closure end of June – challenger up to 80% discount

Kinda sad that funan is closing down soon, heard that it is closing down in end of june and it will be redeveloped into a creative hub.

Anyway for you challenger valueclub members if you want some discount its time to head there for some clearance sales! Its up to 80percent discount! Sad for the non member me lol! But remember the keyword is UP TO.

Im not sure if other shops there have discount anot cos I was kinda late when i went there.

You guys shd definitely check there out before it closed down!


Men duped by fake social escort job ads in Singapore

Several men in Singapore have been duped by online advertisements promising high paying male social escort jobs (quote from yahoo.com.sg)

Obviously my first reaction was WHAT THE F***? I’m well aware of female social escort jobs but not male! And I heard from my friend that these female social escorts can earn up to 5digits or more a month. (maybe a week who knows) Anyway she has a friend who work as one, so that’s why she know la..

I don’t know anyone that is one, and I doubt that they will admit they are too. I mean.. People will judge. I went to look at the comments on the article and already people are scolding.

Initially I thought the men that got scammed are stupid too. BUT when I give this a serious thought, (recently I’ve been doing alot of thinking), they might actually have their own reasons to be an escort.

I mean theres always a reason why people do certain things, why people prefer right than left or black rather than white. Theres always a reason and who am i to judge their decisions?

I guess the guys just have to be more alert when dealing with online ads because there’s a high chance that it could be a scam. But honestly its quite difficult to know if its scam anot, you cant even ask ur friends about it and the possibility of escort sharing their real identity is quite low as well right?

So anyway! Whether you’re a female or male! Just be more careful and alert. 🙂

Its sad to be scammed or cheated you know.. Really hope there will be a decrease of scam cases. :/



Rebecca lim’s publicity stunt gone wrong

I actually really thought that Rebecca Lim is going to retire and felt happy for her because she can retire at such a young age. 

I think the earliest age I can retire is in my 60s lor. 

So anyway it turns out that she was advertising for NTUC income, and it suddenly snowballed into a huge drama. People start cursing her and her fans obviously come to her defence. 

She also apologized for causing this misunderstanding and I guess she feels bad for it as well. 

BUT what Im puzzled with is how did this drama even happened? 

She did something wrong, she admit her mistakes, she apologized. Im sure humans all make mistakes, whats most important is that she admit it, no? 

People should just move on from this drama and create a better world. Its a very small issue, advertising is like that. Sometimes the wrong method is used to create awareness.

Looking at rebecca lim, she always seems like a very matured and sensible woman, I dont think she would do this if she know that the consequences would be so bad. 

So people, lets forgive and forget. There are other matters in the world that more important than this. 

Just sharing. Cheers, 


Mcdonald’s Nanoblock available for sale from 22nd Feb!

I’ve bought the collector’s kit. Click here for FULL REVIEW! 😀

 photo Macs-nanoblocks_zpso8mk6aow.jpg
Photo cr to nylon.com.sg

I am so going to get it!! My love for lego and nanoblock are still there somewhere and when I first hear this news from Daphy! Im like OMG i need it!!

But why ah macdonald? Why make it available in singapore only NOW? HongKong china and malaysia already release them lo. :/

Unfortunately I heard that the nanoblocks cant be disassembled, this is quite sad because wheres the fun if you cant assemble them again?

Today 100sets of the nanoblocks were cleared in a short period of time, now Im more worried about the queue on 22nd February. Mmm.

I guess Im going to get the set (with the exclusive mcdonald restaurant model but without the mccafe cup) which is at 29bucks, if you get it individually its 4bucks each. (To buy individual it is only available from 29th!) Although slightly cheaper I feel that theres a high chance I might miss out one or two.

Hence I am going to go Macdonalds early in the morning on Monday!!!! (Update: its only avail after 11am!)

Come to think of it, I still got my other lego set and nanoblock lying somewhere shouting at me to caress them. :p

Wish me luck people and i wish you luck too! Hope we managed to get the nanoblocks! 🙂 🙂 I will definitely post them here if I got them!

To know the dates of the individual items pls refer to https://www.mcdonalds.com.sg/nanoblock/

Follow me on instagram @ claireaudreylim to get more updates and see nice pictures. 😀