Volunteers needed for Animal Lovers League (ALL)’s first flag day!

 photo 12800151_531487527024265_6705997694634437536_n_zpsrecmdrhw.jpg

credit Animal lovers league facebook. 

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a non-profit and no-kill animal shelter located at 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3. ALL is home to more than 700 cats and dogs and most of these animals were either abandoned, or strays that were once abused.

Each animal hopes to find its forever home, and all they really hope for is to be taken in by an accepting family.

However, ALL faces an uphill and daunting task on a daily basis. Their monthly rental amounts up to S$22,000.00, and their debt to their veterinary clinic is currently more than S$30,000.00. This is due to the fact that many of the ageing dogs or rescues often face health issues that require urgent and immediate medical attention. Though they receive a far cheaper rate from the clinic as compared to the general public, it certainly is stressful to know the amount will inevitably increase. Furthermore, ALL relies solely on donations to pay off their expenses.

On 30 October 2016, ALL will be having their very first flag day. The supplies have been generously sponsored by Floral Garage Singapore (www.floralgaragesg.com) and their new subsidiary, Christmas Tree Singapore (christmastree.sg). What they currently need at the moment is as many volunteers as possible.

To register your interest, kindly logon to http://tinyurl.com/gkpfrkx now! Every individual counts. And they need all the help they can get from you kind souls. Full details can be found on the form!

You may also logon to http://www.animalloversleague.com/ for more information on the shelter, or visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/animalloversleague.sg to get the latest updates on what they are up to.

At the same time you may also wish to visit https://floralgaragesg.com/dogs-the-truth-about-local-pet-shops-that-you-probably-did-not-know/ and you will know why you should adopt a pet instead of buying your latest family member off a commercial pet shop… The notion of ‘buying your new family member’ doesn’t sound right anyways.

 photo 11250149_447627505410268_1977953501829811035_n_zps7gsyrbo1.jpg

credit Animal lovers league facebook. 

Please do support them, if you are not able to volunteer your time, sharing helps a ton too!

For a good cause, with love.

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Stylexstyle 4th Anniversary Eternity in a moment Photography exhibition at Scotts Square

I was invited to the Stylexstyle 4th Anniversary Eternity in a moment photography exhibition awhile back. Had an enjoyable time viewing all the exclusive black and white celebrity portraits shot by award winning fashion photographer Mark Law and conceptualized by veteran Fashion Director Jeremy Tan. Just so you know, all these 30 celebrity portraits are going up for a online charity auction at https://shop.stylexstyle.com/sxsturns4!

The starting price is $400. Minimum bid is $100 with increments of $50. Proceeds will go to each celebrity’s charity of choice!

I saw Sharon Ou, Fiona Xie, Rebecca Lim (omg fan girl mode on), Zoe Tay, Xiang Yun, Jayley or Hayley and Huang Bi Ren. I wanted to take a photo with Rebecca and Fiona but was too shy to do that. :/

Photos first people!

 photo 20161006_195048_zps2w7yrpto.jpg

The crowd with Felicia chin and Desmond Tan’s portaits.

 photo 20161006_194135_zpsjupcsynl.jpg

ZOE TAY! She has a really great smile!

 photo 20161006_193218_zpsgevxixcd.jpg

I took some photos of the portraits and first one I have is Felicia Chin.

 photo 20161006_193339_zpsxtpm5bvs.jpg

Fiona Xie! She looked very different now right?

 photo 20161006_193855_zpsfnhwp63a.jpg

Elvin Ng!

 photo 20161006_194541_zpsplrbafjt.jpg

Jessica Liu!

 photo 20161006_194258_zpswpsfti9v.jpg

and my favourite couple Fann Wong and Christopher!

There are still many beautiful shots but I didn’t have the chance to take them all. But don’t worry, you can always go to https://shop.stylexstyle.com/sxsturns4 to view more of these beautiful shots or go down personally to Scotts Square before 30th October to have a closer look at the portraits!

 photo IMG_4923_zpstqihdehz.jpg

Here’s also me with Huang Bi Ren because I have been watching her drama lately. :p

Congrats Stylexstyle for turning 4 and kudos to you for this meaningful charity initiative! Do check out https://shop.stylexstyle.com/sxsturns4 to know more about this too!

Photography Exhibition: Pedder on Scotts, Scotts Square Level 2. Till 30th October 2016
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Starhub Fibre broadband down

I can only start exercising and doing my work now because I have no access to the internet for the past 2 hours. Starhub should have send a sms to their subscribers to inform about this service disruption so that we won’t be getting all paranoid at home. Don’t know what’s wrong but it took 2hours for the service to be up. Yes I am using now but it is still very unstable. Actually I still can’t access other websites, I can blog but not other websites. Oh well can starhub fix this quick!!

I can’t wait to hear the cause of this disruption and what they are going to do for service recovery.

Online betting in Singapore!

Turf Club and Singapore Pools will offer online gambling for existing games and lotteries!

Definitely easier for me to place my bets now! Oh in case you don’t know yes I do buy 4D and Toto because your girl here needs more $$ (=p) and there is no harm buying occasionally (small amount!!). It’s quite fun too matching the numbers against the results but I’m also quite worried about online betting because if betting is easily accessible, then people will tend to spend more time and money on that as well.

For example like myself, there are times when I really want to buy 4D but I am just too lazy to go and queue up. But now with online gambling, I can just place my bets with a few clicks. Not too sure if this is a good idea.

What about you? Do you bet and do you think online betting should be allowed?

Find out more here: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/government-exempts-singapore-pools-turf-club-from-online/3162930.html

New shops and shopping experience at Wisma Atria! Check them out!

Had a very exciting Saturday the previous previous weekend! Mitsueki and I went to Wisma Atria for the first ever WAmazing race and we went home with $200 wisma vouchers because we won 3rd place for the race!

It was such a fun event, running around Wisma like crazy girls, and exploring different and new shops in the mall!

 photo IMG_4263_zpsrv5kzb0n.jpg

We have 5 checkpoints and have to finish the tasks given in the shortest time possible! My favourite one was at the 4th stage where we have to finish the drinks and sandwich before hopping to the last stop! I think I like this stop the most because it is food and drinks related. =D

 photo IMG_4123_zpszlpdolmc.jpg

By the way I really like the coffee from Joe & The Juice. It’s rich and fragrant. I shall bring Simon there one day.

 photo IMG_4258_zpsvnfxxiad.jpg

Me and my smoothie in the morning. ^^

 photo IMG_4124_zpsbahtbkoo.jpg

The 5 different stops that we need to go:

#1 Mido Optics #01-34/35/36
#2 Qoosh Nail Spa #03-03/04
#3 Fitflop #01-31/32
#4 Joe & the Juice #B1-56 to 59
#5 Xpressflower.com #01-18A
After we are done with the tasks, we need to gather at the Concierge which is at level 1 again!

Both of us are damn blur by the way! We went to the 2nd level to look for Mido Optics when it is located at level 1! Imagine how much time we have wasted? lol!

 photo IMG_4259_zpszuoiodqf.jpg

Over here at this stop we need to find 2 frames, take a picture and also a video because it is our first stop.

 photo IMG_4255_zps8d6s6kqq.jpg

Us with our cute shades!

Next we ran to Qoosh Nail Spa on the 3rd level! We have to help each other stick on nail extensions and paint them with colours. lol!

 photo IMG_4257_zpsokjr49ev.jpg

Both of us were trembling while trying to perfect the nails LOL.

 photo IMG_4264_zpsly7tmifk.jpg

 photo IMG_4268_zpsj0css0oc.jpg

blue and red we choose!

The 3rd stop is at FitFlop which is at Level 1! We had to find the sandals they want us to, wear them and take a picture. I know I know don’t remind me of my socks!

 photo IMG_4266_zpsxue2pst7.jpg

4th Stop is at Joe and the Juice where we have to finish a sandwich, a smoothie and a drink (I still don’t know what drink is that) before we can run to the last stop which is at Xpressflower!

 photo IMG_4265_zpskfv1zuzf.jpg

The last stop which is also the one that took us the longest! We have to rearrange the flowers and package them into a nice bouquet again. Not only that, we have to make sure our flowers look like the one she show us.

 photo IMG_4261_zpsrlpp7tjr.jpg

Stress man. LOL. We eventually did it but As you can see we are already sweating!

 photo IMG_4267_zpsmo3n0uoe.jpg

But it wasn’t for nothing LOL because we won 3rd place and $200 vouchers for us to shop, eat and drink at Wisma!

Still holding on to the vouchers because I’m waiting for Picnic to open. You must be thinking what is Picnic, I will get to that later. 🙂

 photo IMG_4260_zpswbouogsp.jpg

Anyway I really enjoyed the event and I had so much fun running and playing the games with Mitsueki. I find myself weird calling her Mitsueki cos I usually just call her DAPHY! But we really had alot of fun and of course happy with the vouchers too.

 photo IMG_4256_zpsbgeyrczh.jpg

A group photo of us. Maybelline and James got the first place! Lucky them!

Okay let’s get to the Picnic thing I was talking about earlier..

Wisma Atria has lined up an exciting wave of culinary concepts and lifestyle retail offerings as part of the mall’s continuous efforts to enhance its shoppers’ experience. They are creating a brand new refreshed dining and shopping experiences for the new and loyal patrons, you and me!

One of the most exciting developments in the F&B scene is PICNIC, a 10,000 sq-ft next generation communal dining restaurant, which will be located at Level 3. This is really exciting because they will be providing a range of international cuisines, including American, French, Italian and Japanese. In addition, they will also feature a in-house third-wave coffee bar and cocktail bar! PICNIC will open in the last quarter of 2016 and you should be excited for it!

Other than PICNIC, there are also another 5 new dining options in Wisma Atria!

Joe and The Juice – A contemporary danish cafe that serves an array of organic cafe, freshly made fruit and vegetable juices and rye bread sandwiches! (Already open!)

Gong Cha – The popular bubble tea brand will join the ranks of other food cluster favourites, such as Llao Llao, Ben’s cookies, Garrett Popcorn and Famous Amos! (Already open!)

Fruce – A coconut based dessert in a drink shop will be opening in December

Eyescream and Friends Read Simon’s post here on the new eyescream and friends in Singapore if you haven’t! They offers a visually appealing ice cream eating experience, asian style of shaving the ice cream, very interesting you must try! (Opening in dec!)

Samurice – Offers delicious Onigiri and Bento using specially selected rice, seaweed and salt produced and imported from Japan. Samurice will join the family of Japanese Cuisine, Kotobuki Japanese Izakaya and Japan Food town that are currently found in Wisma Atria! It will be open in Jan 2017!

Isnt all these very exciting! I myself am looking forward to Samurice and Picnic!! But if you’re not a food person then don’t need to worry about that too. :p because Wisma also offers more lifestyle options with 4 new tenants! 

FitFlop – comfortable sandals, shoes and boots for all of us! (Already open!)

Vivre Activewear – Trendgy gym apparel designed for Asian body frame and uses moisture wicking fabrics to keep you fresh while working out! (Opening in october 2016)

Qoosh Nail Spa – New manicure and pedicure service where ladies can spend their time there to beautify their nails! (already open!)

Xpressflower.com – Easy for guys to surprise their partners especially when they forgot about certain important dates. :p (already open!)

In addition to these new stores, Wisma Atria is also a mecca for international brands, comprising luxury timepiece brands, such as Rolex, Franck Muller, Breguet, Blancpain, Glashuette and TAG Heuer, as well as well-loved fashion brands, such as Coach, Tory Burch, Lacoste, and many more!

Here’s also some information for tourists!
Tourist Privileges
Visitors from overseas can present their passports at the Concierge Counter on Level 1 and receive a $10 F&B voucher when they spend a minimum of $50 nett in a single receipt. In addition, they are also entitled to redeem a 3-day Tourist Privilege Card that entitles them to discounts and special offers at participating stores in Wisma Atria.

You can find Wisma Atria on the following platforms. 🙂 
Website: www.wismaonline.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wismaatria
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wismaatria/
Official Hashtags: #wismatria

Thank you WOM for the invite and Daphne for partnering with me! 😀

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Galaxy Note 7 catches fire, now Galaxy S7 edge explode?

If you read the news recently you will know that there are cases of Galaxy Note 7 catching fire while charging. But apparently it is not Note 7 only. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge also has problem!

There is a man who suffers severe burns to his right hand and leg because his Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge exploded in his pocket!

Doesn’t this sound scary?? I was just thinking of changing to Samsung because I thought it is more user friendly. Sigh.. maybe I should just use iphone again. Wonder if Samsung will recall Edge 7 too..

What about you? Will you still buy samsung?

Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.in/samsung-urges-galaxy-note7-owners-participate-replacement-programme-immediately-693294

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/galaxy-s7-edge-explosion-shocker-124550880.htmlGl

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[S-series] The different types of people you meet on carousell and other online sources.


I have been buying and selling used stuff online ever since I started meddling with photography. Its generally considered as an expensive hobby, this photography has positively drained my coffers of my hard-earned cash, so for a poor man like me, buying and selling used stuff is my only way to maintain this.

I’ve been selling on numerous online forums and most recently I started using carousell. Needless to say, I’ve met my fair share of buyers and sellers, most of them are nice people, but there are occasionally some black sheep in the bunch trying to low-ball(blow) me and feed on my desperation (for the cash) if I didn’t efficiently hide my emotions behind my face.

Generally I have no problems with sellers, because I think I am an okay buyer, don’t wanna create too much trouble and ask too much. Generally I offer my price and if they don’t accept I’ll thank them and leave. To-the-point-efficiency. I mean, why try to beg or scold people for not accepting your offer? They quote their price, you quote yours. If we can get into a mutual understanding, just pack up and leave. Peacefully. No point make each other feel bad for your own selfish reasons and end up gaining nothing in return other than a bad review. Seems like buy and sell is similar to a courtship, albeit a really short one, between the buyer and the seller. My goodness my imaginations…

Here I’ll list a few of the bunch I dislike the most:

  • The Low-Baller:

These people are the most common pests online, sometimes they are like opportunistic pathogens that poke at your defenses to see if you buckle under the pressure. Your list price was actually already 50% the retail price, yes when I post any ad I always do my research first. I find out the CURRENT market rate then I list my price based on the condition. But these worms will offer you $80 for something you list $150 for a condition 9/10 item, which is 40% off the retail price. And after you spend time striking a deal with them… (see next point)

  • The bid-for-fun A-hole:

…then they go MIA… they make you wanna invoke their ancestors. Because they have shit for sincerity, some arses even have to cheek to arrange a meet up then defer at the last minute till finally flying away in a freaking A380, fly your aeroplane got hear before? Bloody waste of your time, its darn obvious they have too much time to spare therefore they can play such screw up game with you. Usually they bid, then u accept, then they say “..on second thought..” then I’ll be cursing you in my mind.

  • The your-price-is-too-expensive-let-me-teach-you-how-to-sell-your-stuff

I seldom encounter this type, but sometimes you find others telling you what price you should be setting for your item, its like they know it better than you but then I’m the one who has the item right? Duh… They will proceed to give you a lecture on how to appraise an artifact. Come on brah, I set my price, if you’re not happy with it, go on and find another seller, let my item stay online and collect virtual dust, don’t waste time, spare us your lectures.

  • The expect-after-sales-services individual

Normally, sellers on carousell are regular citizens you see on the streets. We are not professional sales personnel. We don’t own a shop, so its general understanding that goods once sold are non-exchangeable or refundable. Of course you’re free to contact us regarding any information and whether we wanna refund you for a faulty item is up to us sellers. I’m usually nice, so if the item has an issue, i’ll refund you or just not sell to you at all. I’ll just dump it for the sake of a clear conscience. But don’t expect me to give you after sales service like door to door repair services or delivery service to your door and what not. We are just not a shop, go to a brick and mortar shop if you want that kind of service, and pay the damn price you cheapskate.

Well there are more weirdos in carousell, but I’ll stop here, this is getting more like a ranting post than informative. But I do sincerely hope that it will provide some kind of entertainment to you.



[S-series] What to expect at NDP 2016! (we went for the preview!)


I dislike crowded places.. I thought I might wanna experience it once at least. I’ve got chances to go NDP a couple times in my life:

1. I was in the army GOH (guards of honour, basically the people marching in white ‘no. 1’ uniforms and gloves, also known as kawalan kehormatan in Malay language.), well that year when I was in army we got the best combat unit aiyah no big deal I guess. I still remember during the evaluation missions I was one of the first to ‘die’, never see any action die already damn it. Those were the times lah…

2. I got tickets from winning an award last year from being a NSmen. Went and got a plaque of sorts and part of the package was 4 or 6 tickets for SG50 NDP lehh!! But I gave them away.. Because I really dislike crowded places.

But then this year I just suddenly, randomly, thought perhaps I should try my luck this year and if I can, go with Claire. And I really got it, 4 tickets for NDP preview. I wanted to bring my parents there but they too dislike crowded places. LOL like parents like son. So I gave away the extra tickets and its just me and Claire.

The National Day Parade (NDP) is a day when all Singaporeans come together to act patrio.. I mean to celebrate the independence of our tiny island Republic. A reminder and education about our history and heritage to Singaporeans young and old. When all generations come together and reminiscence our past hardships and celebrate our current peace and prosperity. We should be proud to be Singaporean, but we should never forget to be humble, considerate and gracious towards other people no matter their race etc. Well enough of this patriotic talk… Show you all the always awesome funpack first:

I just sort of dump everything out on my bed, this year’s pack is like some tacky sci-fi high tech backpack, transparent and the innards are just some knick knacks from the sponsors. I particularly like the scarf, I think it will be an awesome piece to adorn my wall in my living room, so showcase my pseudo-patriotism. They packed 2 bottles of water in case you dehydrate and dies during the indoor flame-throwing display… Find out what that mean yourself on 9th August.

We were running late that day due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, on the ticket its stated ‘please be seated by 5pm’ and we got there at 6pm, I was positive that I’m going to miss the military parade, to me thats the most interesting part, I’ve been down there during my NS years and I feel a sense of pride when I see my formation colours march pass. I’d need to fight the urge to stand at attention and salute the flag, but no no no civilian now must blend in with the crowd… Ok I’m digressing again, distracted by my own nonsense. We were being sat down all the way at the second row.

Well the first row people, I would expect to have a clear view of everything, like when you buy tickets for a concert, the front rows would cost you an arm, while the back row would cost peanuts in comparison. But soon, when (to my delight) I see the parade RSM march in to call the parade contingents to masuk baris (parade form up?), the drum beat of the military band threw me into a pool of nostalgia, and then I see the kepada panji-panji, the military colours, then the kawalan kehormatan and when they were in position, I see a sea of buttocks

Apparently the stage is raised and my 2nd row seat gives me a nice bottom up view of the soldiers and all other subsequent performers back… The (fake) VIPs are all seated opposite us and of course the performers will face the VIPs right… And also because its raised… well see the following pictures and you will know how me and wifey’s view are like…

This year’s national day is.. Honestly I don’t know. Because all I see is the TV screen, too small from where I’m seated, and the buttocks. The damn screen likes to zoom in on the performer’s faces too, when I wanna see the whole performance like the formation they were forming etc. Damn humsup videographers zooming in on women. So moral of the story people, be there on time. If not you will get the crappiest of seats. I’ll probably have to watch the reruns when my TV finally comes, then I will appreciate the other performances, even the parade, I can’t see what they were doing other than when they were scratching their butts…

Then when the fireworks come, we can barely see it because its outside the stadium, and the stadium has a roof… The indoor fireworks were scary, so close to us and the heat from them was.. wah, astonishing. I pity the performers… Anyway I feel its better for us to have the parade on the Floating Platform, where we don’t get to see the butts and dunno what the hell is happening because the platform is raised instead of the stage… 1st row also can see the whole picture.

Anyways go watch it and feel Singaporean people, its FOC to watch on TV anyways. LOL


Simon Tey

Dialogue In the Dark with my colleagues, I say you really should go!

Daphy invited us to join her for the tour at Dialogue in the dark on that Saturday where I visited Natural History Museum with Simon. I’m so glad to go for this as it was such a meaningful time spent over there!

After the tour, I immediately tell S to arrange a day to go together with our friends. It’s really worth it, I’m not sponsored for this at all but I really wish that you guys can just try this out just for once.

Let’s go through some of the photos of the place first. 🙂

 photo DSC01272_zpsiwazfjtf.jpg

Dialogue in the dark is located at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

 photo DSC01269_zpsr2tpqvbu.jpg

The Exterior.

 photo DSC01273_zpsml4qrnlj.jpg

The Interior.

 photo DSC01274_zpsjsltkj2u.jpg

The braille alphabet on the wall and my lovely colleague, pinky. LOL

 photo DSC01271_zpsmmxr0byl.jpg

Lockers for your personal belongings because you’re not suppose to bring anything in (yes no handphones too!) except for some money! Because there’s a cafe inside! Cafe in the dark you hear me right!

 photo DSC01275_zpscfrz03a9.jpg

The notes from the visitors.

Since it’s dialogue in the dark, there are no photos for me to share with you on the tour. But I will briefly go through what we did and experienced. 🙂

Before the start of the tour, we played some games and even had to take a picture. It was quite fun actually especially when my partner is JIAXIN!!

This whole briefing and warming up session took us about half an hour before we were introduced to our visually impaired guide for the day. I’m sorry but I forgot his name. 

We were all given a walking stick to guide us in the room but it was still very scary! It was so scary because we are unable to see anything inside. TOTALLY pitch black. Like even when I’m at home there are still street lights that will lit up the room but this is NOTHING. I can’t see anything at all.

You can only rely on the guide and your friends, they will be there to let you hold on to and to guide you. In a way it’s fun too because you will be able to use your other senses like the nose, ears and sense of touch, well ears and touch mostly to listen to the surroundings and know what you are touching and where you are heading.

There are a few locations along the tour, like you will be brought to a park, board a boat and passed by Singapore river, market, crossing the road and lastly the cafe! We queued up in the dark and bought drinks and cookies! It was fun! haha. And if you’re wondering who made the coffee/tea for us, it’s another visually impaired professional! They are so inspiring!

After we got our drinks, we sat down and talked to our guide. I think this post has been delayed too long until I forgot what we talked about. But anyway it was a really good session!

 photo DSC01277_zpsg8ezuaxq.jpg

After the session, we went to this simple photobooth at a corner to take group photos!

 photo DSC01276_zps89rljctp.jpg

the props! 

And what are my thoughts about Dialogue in the Dark? 

I would really like you to give this place a visit. Other than bonding with your peers and colleagues it is a very meaningful activity because it allows you to understand what the visually impaired are going through, get to know how their lives are like, and how they feel when they are being rejected.

Although there are many helpful people here in Singapore, there are also some that got irritated when they are approached or touched by the visually impaired. When I was in the dark myself, I touched my friends alot. I was very scared and insecure and the only thing that can make me feel better is by touching anything that will make me feel that i’m safe and stable.

Really happy that daphy invited me to join this with her, this tour really enlightened me and allow me to see things in a different perspective. So I really hope you guys can try this!

Let’s promote an inclusive society and social awareness of people with visual & other impairments!

To find more about Dialogue in the dark you can check out here. 😀 Also check out daphy/mitsueki review here! 😀

would like to try out lunch and dinner in the dark!