Weekly life update: 12th to 18th February 2018 – 10th year anniversary, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year!

Welcome to my CNY week. 😀

We are also heading to Seoul on Monday so remember to follow me on IG at claireaudreylim to see where I go via IGstories.

I am finally going to Korea hahahhaha. Cant wait to ski! I also got my first timberland boots and it costs me $299, so expensive! The sales associate asked if I want to get a protective spray for my boots, I think it costs around $25-$29. Lucky I never, because Simon managed to get a cheaper spray for me from Kim Able.

So here you go for this week’s updates. 🙂


Work day. Nothing much happened. Was pretty distracted cos holiday feel damn strong.


Had yong tau foo for lunch. No noodles nor rice.


My craving kicks in again. I think I’m pmsing again zzz. Decided to try the guan yin cheese tea from Liho and I really don’t like it. This made me miss the cheese tea from Partea!!

Today I went home in the evening to find some stuffs and my ahma stared at me when I told her where Im going hahaha. Well whats new right.

I took grab and the return trip cost me 20 bucks. Money fly away again. T.T


I snacked on love letters when I was at Ahma’s house. I thought this was nice but she don’t think so. Initially I wanted to buy the slim love letters from Olive Bakery but I was late so nothing for me. All sold out already. :/



My husband is sick and his eyes is suffering from some condition, I shall wait for his checkup before sharing with you all. 



Amazing isn’t it. 10 years already. <3 Thank you Simone for loving and taking care of me. 😀

I also wanna thank you all for your wishes, I know some of you have been following me since I was 20 years old, that was WHAT? 8 years ago? Super thankful. 🙂 

We didn’t go out for fancy dinner or whatever. Just stay home and spend time together. 



Had porridge for lunch today. I love to eat porridge with chopsticks. Am I weird?


I was on half day morning leave today and in the afternoon we talked in the office. So we were just talking about our younger times and I shared about how crazy I was into dieting last time. I went to dig out my old photo and thought I was so skinny back then. Limiting myself to 500-800 calories a day, and only eating vegetables. My senior said I should thank god that I am still alive now. 

I thank god everyday for giving what I have now. You have no idea how thankful I am actually. 


For dinner I had caifan, and I went to buy chilli cuttlefish from Sheng Shiong. wahhaha it was so crispy and shiok lor. I finish the whole packet myself.

Later that night, I went to take photos of the following products. The red cleansing pad is damn good I tell you. You should try it! IMG_5274


And my daily reminder today. 

Wednesday. Is it Valentine’s Day today? 


I am on time off today. Going to leave office at 430pm. Not to celebrate valentine’s day but to remove my fake eyelashes and to change money at Raffles Place.

I don’t suit extensions because I have really itchy hands.


In the morning one of my followers tag me on instagram. OMG she finally received my present. She is one of my supporters from Philippines. She is really supportive and cute!!

I sent her a small christmas gift and it took 2 months to reach her. omg singpost. I am so glad she liked the present. 🙂

I am really thankful that you guys are so supportive. And I really like to talk to you all. <3 IMG_5281


For lunch I had fish soup from this usual stall at Whampoa Market. I like the soup alot. 


I told Simon I would like to have a meat bouquet next valentine’s day. A DIY one because if you don’t make yourself you have to pay $60 to $70 to ask other people make for you.


This bouquet also not bad lah. Got wings and waffle! 


Guess what? We didn’t plan anything for valentine’s day because we were so busy recently. But I suddenly got the feel to eat out.

I called Prive in the afternoon and almost booked us at Empress. Only after I go and research what is Empress then I know it’s actually chinese food. LOL. I nearly faint please.


Anyway I cancelled the reservation and we randomly just walked into Brotzeit that evening. IMG_5313

I’ve been wanting to try their pork knuckle since forever and I’m glad we finally tried it!



And yes I am a timberland member now. 

The skin and meat really damn shiok!!! Toothache also worth it man.


That night I finally shared about the Halfmoon eyes pink fruity wash off pack with you guys. Go and read my review on my instagram. I seriously love this alot!


And here’s the present!! Actually we are not supposed to buy anything but he surprised me again! I love this practical present. I think it is about $176 at Sephora?? I would have bought it last year without thinking but this year after having a financial advisor, I am controlling alot now. I can spend la actually but the more money you have the better right??

Simon knows I wouldn’t get it so he got it for me. 🙂 Me loves chloe!


And thank you b for the baby breath. 😀 



Yay to half day and CNY reunion dinner! Simon suggested to eat out this year and we went to Soup restaurant for dinner! For 10 pax it was $700+. Expensive hor?


And let me share my secret to longer lashes! I use the mascara from the face shop and essence to create these lashes. It’s my own lashes okay. Damn happy!

Come follow me on instagram: @claireaudreylim. I share alot of crap on my IG stories too! IMG_5342


Me love braised peanuts!IMG_5347

Yay lohei time! Look how cute christabel is! IMG_5351



The samsui chicken! My favourite!IMG_5354

Pen Cai! Check those abalone out!IMG_5355



Cordycep chicken soup?? IMG_5357



next we went to ahma house. My face looks sad because… toothache… IMG_5365

Soup restaurant gave us 2 fish nian gao and we brought one of them to Ahma’s place. IMG_5367

2nd reunion dinner! Super full i tell you and fat!IMG_5368

Sukiyaki sia.. 


and my ahma’s famous la si ni chilli. 


Ootd for today! Dress is from thestagewalk. I’m kinda obsessed with their dresses lately. You must be thinking why I post lesser ootds on instagram now. I’m into makeup and skincare this year!


Earlier on selfie. ^^v



Had blueberries for breakfast. Nothing to eat in the morning!


Here’s my makeup for the day! 

Supposed to go in laws place in the morning but we woke up late so we spent the whole day at ahma’s house. 


Late breakfast at toast box. The floss toast and eggs so damn shiok!


And here’s my Cny day 1 ootd at northpoint city hahaha. So romantic hor the lights. 


I told Simon if I work at yishun polyclinic sure very convenient. Near ahma’s and our house.



Need to chiong to in laws’ house so I had no time to apply makeup.. faint.. 


The drumlets and hawaiian pizza are good! 

then our friends came over to our place for gambling session in the evening! I won about $100+ last year and they are determined to ‘kill’ me this year.


William Chua is a bartender from Hawaii. LOL!!! 


He mixed Ribena and Gin??


We had kuek lapis and bak kwas too! Thank you fragrance for the bak kwas! hehe. 


Actually I hate alcohol. I prefer asahi or tiger radler beer. I like the lemon flavour one. I haven’t tried the ginger and lime flavour but they said not very nice leh..

And if you’re wondering.. Actually I won $78 this year hahaha. Damn funny lor. Hanwen, Kiangmeng and William place their bets with me so they could earn money also. And I told them I only open 2 slots. HAHAHA.


from my igstory: claireaudreylim 

Oh ya I also want to complain about comfort. I booked a cab using comfort delgro app yesterday from my house to Hougang. When I received the call from the operator I was already in the lift. When I reached the first level, I got another call telling me the driver has left. WALAO U KNOW I EVEN CALL THE DRIVER AND HE REFUSED TO PICK UP MY CALL. I am so angry lor. I always support comfort delgro so I am really disappointed. -_- 

But the fare is good la. During peak hours grab fares always shoot up but comfort is always consistent. sigh.. 


Nothing much. Edit videos, work and blog. That’s pretty much my sunday. 🙂
Crossing my fingers, hope to hear some good news when I’m back next Sunday. 

Till next week. 🙂

Weekly life update: 5th to 11th February 2018 (CNY goodies, mould at home, beauty products)

I had alot of fun updating my dayre these days, because it was easier, more personal and ‘private’. I don’t need to tell people who I am, I don’t need to work on my english, I don’t need to edit my photos and I don’t need to worry what other people think about what I said. I could tell the whole world I 流口水 while sleeping and nobody would care.

I can just talk to anybody and no one needs to know who I am, if I am a blogger or an influencer or whatever shitname this industry has for us now.

I felt really free at Dayre and I wonder why I feel so uncomfortable with my blog recently. I miss those days where I can just talk shit and rant here without being professional.

So after some thoughts yesterday I decided to update more here. I will blog more on my life, random things and what I do on a daily basis. Due to my hectic schedule it is really hard to update everyday so for now I will provide a weekly update instead to share with you what I have been doing and up to.

Recently I am also working on something new and there are also some decisions I need to make by June.

This is going to be like my personal diary. It might be boring on some weeks but I don’t care. I need a space to help me record all the small little details that are happening in my life.

So ya, here you go. My first update for the week. 🙂


As usual I went to work. For lunch I had chicken chop. I wanted to eat from the same stall but they did not open. So I ordered from another stall, the stall is call something Sim Lim one. Usually I have my lunch at either whampoa big or small market and some of the other coffee shops along the neighbourhood. Alot of choices but as usual after 3 months Im bored already., totally have no idea what to eat now. The most sian thing is what you know? No salad!!! I feel so fat after working here even though I didnt gain any weight.

So ya back to my chicken chop it was okay only, chicken was too salty. $5.50. Not too bad.


During lunch we talked about valentine’s day, shopping for chinese new year and all sorts of lame things.

That evening, I asked Simon to help me collect my pants from refash. I like refash but it’s very troublesome. I bought a few pieces from them and I had to go down several times to collect because once the clothes are ready I had to collect them within 4days. And they are not ready at the same time one leh..

Anyway I had a similar white size S pants from theclosetlover but I sold it away cos white gets dirty easily hence I bought a 2nd hand blue one and thought maybe I should try size M since the S was a little tight on the hips and loose on the waist.

I tried on the pants and got disappointed because it was too loose sigh..


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 5.02.19 PM

I have the above pants in Navy colour. If you are interested. Email me at dreylim1@gmail.com or dm me at instagram: claireaudreylim.

I also brought home the kueh lapis I brought from this shop call – Authentic Baker’s Centre from Indonesia.


They came to my office and I ordered one for my family. Its big and only $38!! Bengawan solo already sell $60plus lor. The taste also quite good just that cannot be compared to bengawan solo la haha.

After we had our dinner (don’t remember what I ate already) I went to work on my campaigns.

Some blogger friends of mine have been asking why they don’t see me at events or food tasting anymore. Other than just wanting to rest, I have to work. Morning my normal work evening time my ‘influencer’ work. God I really hate this term. And also for many other reasons lah maybe soon I will be able to share with you. 🙂


Another super busy day.

I had this really strong cravings for pineapple tarts and so far we havent buy any goodies yet. So I went to compassone and almost got pineapple tarts from Tosuta and Bakery Cuisine but suddenly felt bad because I have always been a huge supporter of Olive Bakery.

But anyway Bakery Cuisine’s tarts were a little too sweet. 


Tosuta’s salted egg potato chips were really good though! And their pineapple tarts got so many different flavours. 


In the end…. I went to Olive and got one yuan yang love letters and pineapple tarts. Do you remember the salted egg pineapple tarts I tried last year? Yah same shop.


And then they also made this super cute rice bucket cake. omg. This is the last one already because all sold out!


Next I went to open letter box and I was so happy to see my package! I bought one dress from carousell and I really like that piece!

However I was disappointed again because there were marks and tears on the dress. Sigh. Not good not good. I talked to the seller and she was nice enough to refund me. Thank god I don’t need to face another carousell fight.

Then I worked on my campaign again. Ya my life.


Also saw this hello kitty sneakers from Puma. So cute but too kiddy for me la..

Then that night I posted these phone cases on instagram.

It’s really pretty and they are made from real dried flowers. Check this link out if you are interested: https://www.foxideashop.com/?product_cat=mobile


By the way in case you all are wondering hor, I always do background checks on what I will be advertising before I accept it. Most of the time I accept because I really want to try the products.



A selfie finally because I havent posted any since my eyelash extensions. I had mine done at skinlashsg and Debbie was such a nice and sweet girl. I really like her alot.


If you quote my name you will enjoy 20% discount! Go check her out at @skinlashsg on instagram.

Today I had laksa yongtaufoo for lunch. And then I felt bloated for the rest of the day.


For dinner I had stuff’d. Forever the same chicken kebab.



And I always look forward to the quotes.

Tonight I don’t need to work on anything and so I watch Netflix. I am finishing drop dead diva already so now I am on Jane the virgin. I stop watching pretty little liars and riverdale because they are too intense.

I had the time to blog today but I just didnt want to ‘work’ again.


I finally set up the thing. Bye USD400.

I was also on MC and I went somewhere then to my usual Olive tree clinic. I really cannot tahan the doctor but its cheap! It was only 20 or 20plus dollars, no wonder so many people go to him. LOL If you know where and who I’m talking about Im sure you can relate.

Then I had dinner at Renjong with Simon. I was distracted because I had alot of things going in my head. Simon was sick and hence he was quite quiet too. I was also worried for his eyes because it had been so red for weeks already.

He went to see doctor for his eyes finally and the GP suspected it might be Pterygium so the doctor referred him to Eye centre. Haiz hope his eyes are okay.


Was obviously distracted because the previous day I got ‘slapped’ by someone. I swear my brain was going to explode already but Simon asked me not to think so much. I asked if he would support my decision and he said he will. But I would have to wait for the next intake which is next year 🙁

Anyway tonight is also the day Im having dinner with WP, J and D so I asked myself to relax and just enjoy the night.

We went to Astons at City Square for dinner and I ordered fiery chicken with mac and cheese. It was my first time trying mac and cheese from Astons and it was surprisingly not bad. There are better mac & cheese elsewhere thats why I never say good. Fiery chicken was shiok but caused me to have diarrhea.. 3 times somemore.

Then I went home and saw these products from Eucerin Singapore. Almost worked with them last year but happy to work with them this time round. 🙂


Fast forward to Saturday.

Met up with Nic my lao peng you. And then Simon came at around 3pm. Chit chat awhile more and Simon went off first and I met him later at Seletar Mall.

Nic gave me pineapple tarts and coffee cookies! I shall share the coffee cookies next time! By the way these pineapple tarts are so mini and cute! Perfect for girls and they are eggless! very nice too! They are from My Mum’s Cookies! 



see! So damn cute!

Anyway I had lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria. Ordered meatball beehoon cos its healthier and because my stomach was still aching.


At seletar mall, we went to fairprice to get groceries because Simon won vouchers again.

We had dinner at Kopitiam. I finally tried the chicken rice at the kopitiam outside Fernvale Lrt. The meat was good but the rice was kinda dry.


Would be even better if got Azhar!! 


After dinner I came home and change my clothes because it’s time to film. It is the only thing that keeps me sane now.

And I also shared the Labelle Ultrasonic Cleanser on my instagram. I really love this product. It is included in my monthly favorites list so I shall not talk more about it today. But if you are interested to get this product, from now until 12 Feb you will receive a Vitamin C serum for free when you purchase this cleanser!

You will also enjoy additional 15% discount if you quote <claire15> for non event items until 25th Feb.


FYI I wasnt paid to promote this. For all non paid products, I have the option to not share it if it’s not good for me. And if you really want to know, usually I only put #sp for paid ads and when I say something is good I really meant it. 

Sunday – last day of the week.

Usually its my stay home day or work till death kind of day. Edit video, edit photos, submit work and do housework. I woke up with many fake lashes on my face because I apparently rub my eyes really violently while I was sleeping. Sigh.. Now my right eyes looked botak 🙁 


Then I had breakfast and start cleaning the house and found alot of angbaos at home! If you want you can take from me. hahaha.

Today is also our fight the freaking mould day. I want to swear but I am learning to be more civilised now.

I am really frustrated with these disgusting stuffs. How you all deal with it man? We either bleach or throw now.




Today we also have to prepare our house for CNY because our friends are coming over on CNY day 3 and we will be away from 19th to 24th Feb. Sian this is the first time I am not excited for holidays.

So this is how my week looks like. Actually quite fun to type everything out.

Can’t wait to share the next weekly update already wahahhaa. Thank you for reading if you are reading. 🙂



Vlog, Mylife: 3 things I like and hate about my body. Flabby arms, spider veins, yellow teeth and more.

Okay.. so recently I haven’t been very happy with my body. Actually it’s not my body, it’s just my arms. I remember this feeling. I had this sour feeling when I was unhappy with my thighs.

Maybe my arms got fatter because I was eating alot more lately. You know with CNY coming up and all. But I just don’t like how they look and feel now. And I don’t really want to train them because if I happen to stop training someday they would turn from muscles to fats and this itself already sound damn scary to me.

Maybe after CNY they would look normal again, or maybe my arms are flabbier and bigger than normal now because my period is coming. But whichever the case, I know I’m really upset about it. I don’t know how many times I’ve rant to Simon about this but he just thinks that they look the same. Well you know guys are not observant and they don’t really care about this kind of thing.

I also realised how responsive my arms are to running. It is a good and bad thing and I’m not sure if I enjoy it.

FYI my arms used to be really slim last time. Especially before I had liposuction done on my thighs. Last time when I eat alot, my jeans would become tighter and my inner thighs will brush against each other. Now? If I eat alot, those fats go to my arms instead.

Rant aside, today I decided to do this tag. Actually I did the tag a few weeks ago, but I was finding time to write this post. Someone tagged me to do this a few years ago but I didn’t do it until now. I thought it would be good to do this to remind myself that there are still things i liked about my body and I shouldn’t focus on negative things.

But talk is easy, if you are a woman like me you would understand how I feel.

If you think you want to hear more you can watch the video because usually I talk more in videos then in writing.

I like to start with good things first so I shall start with the good points first.

I really like my collarbones. I am quite lucky that they are quite prominent. Prominent collarbones give the illusion that I am slimmer. I love off shoulder pieces because it can draw attention to my collarbones, I mean what else is there to show since I’m quite small chested right? lol.

I like my waist. Because they are relatively small and flat. Alot of people thought I would have excess skin on my stomach because of my weight loss but I don’t. I have stretch marks though, but only on the hip area. My mother has a small waist too so maybe I got her genes.

Lastly, the length of my arms. I have no explanation for this but I like how they look with long sleeves and bell sleeves.

Overall I am quite happy with my upper body, other than having moles almost everywhere, I am generally happy with them.

And let’s move on to things I dislike.  

I have alot to say but I’m just going to narrow down into 3.

I hate the spider veins on my legs. They are so annoying! And because my skin is rather fair, these veins are so obvious! I don’t think I can embrace them yet. If you have these veins and have already or are looking for treatments then email me at dreylim1@gmail.com or talk to me at @claireaudreylim – instagram I really need some help!

My teeth. I’ve tried whitening kit but it makes me bleed. The beautiful teeth whitening kit actually works but I bleed after almost a week of using and I gave up. (if you want to talk to me about it, I welcome you too!)

Toothpaste works but not to the extent that my teeth will become really white, you know what I mean? And I got really sensitive teeth too. zzz

I also thought of trying teeth whitening procedures but I still want my coffee and tea. And I also thought of veneers but they are so freaking expensive. oh well.

The next would be my stomach again. As much as I like how my stomach looks, there is this weird line on my stomach that I can never remove. You can watch my video to see how I explain it because it’s very difficult to type it out. I guess the line comes from excessive hulahooping? Anyway I am usually with clothes on, so I guess it is really not a big issue unless I wanna go be bikini model la.

Actually I am generally quite okay with my body, only during times like now that I would feel really upset and emotional. I also think that I have reached that stage where these type of things don’t matter as much anymore.

I guess I have become so much better over the years. I don’t get depressed over my body anymore. I used to cry over my body and my legs but as I got older, I’ve learn that there are more important things that require my attention and time.

But of course there are times when I still feel sad and I think it is pretty normal. I give myself time to heal when I feel sad and I don’t force myself to be happy when I’m obviously not.

I think it is important to share with someone when you are sad too. Just like what I do when I am. Every time I feel fat or down I will rant it on the blog or to someone. It helps a lot because I get to say out everything that I have been keeping inside my head and mind.

I don’t usually talk to my friends about my body because they all think I’m slim enough. It’s hard for them to understand because they are not me and they don’t know what I’ve went through.

So I really feel much better today after typing everything out, I can focus on what I should do next. And really thank you for your time in reading this and thank you for always sharing your problems with me too. At least I know I’m not alone.


How to have better sleep? Check out the Neuro Soundwave Therapy!

image (1)For the past one week, I have been using the Neuro Soundwave Therapy to aid in my sleep. You must be wondering what is Neuro Soundwave Therapy? Neuro Soundwave Therapy uses an innovative technology of frequency modulation to help restless minds to relax and get into good nights of sleep.

It has been tested extensively and proven to be effective for people with sleeping problems and stress issues. I am someone who wakes up often at night and am really happy to share that I finally found a solution to this problem.
I’m glad that this works for me. I think if there’s anything bad about this would be that I really hate to wake up in the morning. 😛
If you have the same problem as me and are looking for a remedy for your problem then go check this out at http://bit.ly/ArteSg 🙂

Claire loves to snack P5: AJ Delights Muffins, Otah Waffle Tampines, cup noodles and more!

I tend to think alot when I’m alone. After staying at home for a week now, I realized that I preferred working in a office than home. Of course it would be better if I can start work late. Work from home is not meant for me, it makes me depressed.

For those who asked, I am recovering well. This small wound is nothing compared to my spinal implant and lipo. Just abit restricted in terms of movement but all are well.

I will be sharing my lipoma removal surgery soon but today snacks first!

  1. AJ Delights Muffins

 photo 1_zpszw5bbcx2.jpg

If you love muffins like I do, go give this place a visit. So far I have only tried their matcha and chocolate flavoured ones and I am hooked. The muffin is so good and soft!

 photo 2_zpsu5es0xgo.jpg

Blk 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1,
#01-82, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Singapore 150120.

 photo 3_zpsi1rnzaqu.jpg

2. Tohato Barbeque Potato Rings

 photo 4_zpsorcgmney.jpg

I either got this from Daiso or Cold storage. The barbeque flavoured ones are super addictive and trust me, one packet is never enough.

3. Nissin Big Curry Cup noodle from Japan

 photo 5_zps1wcjf6na.jpg

I don’t usually eat cup noodles but I love all the cup noodles from Japan. This is my favourite cup noodle right now and I can’t find a replacement for this. I can’t find this in the singapore market and getting them online can be pretty expensive (the last I checked). If I ever go back Japan this year, is to buy cup noodles only. LOL!

 photo 6_zpsaj7dg4ji.jpg

4. Mie Sedaap Cup

 photo 7_zpsn9awzx6j.jpg

 photo 8_zpst4rag3lr.jpg

Full of MSG and that’s what makes it tasty! I brought this back from Bali but I think you can find this on Qoo10 and maybe in supermarkets too.

5. OLW Grill potato chips 

 photo 9_zpsx0taee27.jpg

From IKEA! IKEA has some really good and addictive chips!

 photo 10_zpsc3vvxiln.jpg

6. Marabou Noblesse Original Crisp (IKEA)

 photo 11_zpsftihgd6v.jpg

 photo 12_zpsqqpkipiu.jpg

This chocolate crisps are super thin and crispy, I can down a few pieces at one go!

 photo 13_zpsyuxjknpc.jpg

7. Marabou Salty Crackers (IKEA) 

 photo 14_zps1rfzvivp.jpg

 photo 15_zpszqa4b6vz.jpg

This chocolate salty cracker thing is insane. It is super sinful and at about $4-5 per packet but trust me it’s very worth it!!

8. Baker Brothers Cracker Sandwiches 

 photo 16_zpse5sppiiv.jpg

Got this from IKEA too but I think you can get at elsewhere as well. Good to bring a few packets with you if you are out exploring.

9. Otah Waffle from Tampines! 

 photo IMG_5609_zpsigqag5b9.jpg

I love old school shops like this that sells literally everything. What got me interested is the otah waffle. I tried ham and cheese waffle in Republic Poly before but Otah?? that never crossed my mind and so I got interested and bought one from them.

 photo 18_zpsk0okoeav.jpg

you can also get rainbow bread and home made (I assumed) jam and spread here!

 photo 19_zpsjkzb1g61.jpg

I got one otah waffle and we liked it! Different from the usual chocolate waffle but this is really nice! I got tons of otah at home by the way I just need the waffle maker. LOL.

This shop is just beside Topp Care at tampines! @ Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131, Singapore 524201

I really love talking about snacks, and of course eating them too. 😀 Will continue the rest in another post. 🙂

Till the next time people! 
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Mylife: How to treat fungal infection!

Your sway girl here got so many things to share with you. Other than today’s topic I wanna show you my toe xray too. That will be in another post.. let’s talk about fungus first.

Around late last year I got fungal infection on the feet. It started from a blister and developed into a nasty fungal infection.

I remembered the disgusting affected area and I was very depressed back then as it was so ugly and itchy. I have no idea where I got it from, probably from exploring too much.. I didn’t know it was fungal infection until my 3rd visit to the doctor.

Funny how the doctor can’t see that it is fungus. I mean even Simon knew it was but no doctor can confirm it until the 3rd. The doctor asked me to apply Gentrisone cream but it didn’t get better and so Simon asked me to try Zarin cream instead.

 photo IMG_8234_zpsovkcij9t.jpg

Zarin Cream: For the treatment of ringworm, athletes foot, white spots and fungal infections. 

I applied twice a day for almost a month and the spot is healed now. So if you are looking for something to treat the above mentioned, go get Zarin. You can get it at Watsons. It works.

And before I end this post. Do continue to apply the area even when it is healed for about a week or 2 to entirely kill it!

Anyone can get it. It spares no one. -_-

Till the next,
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How my spine looked like… after my Spinal fusion surgery and also my Chiropractic review!

If you know me long enough, you should know I’ve had spinal fusion surgery done. It was a scary surgery but trust me, it is not as scary as liposuction.

And as requested, I am finally showing you my spine today.

So.. here you go!
 photo Spine xray 1_zpsxnyqsrzh.jpg

This is the implant inside my body. My spine was originally a ‘S’ shape spine.
It is not entirely straight now as you can see from the Xray..

 photo Spine xray 2_zpsvrwqepka.jpg

 photo Spine xray 3_zpsv5uhqyht.jpg

 photo Spine xray 4_zpso2seetmn.jpg

You know when I looked at this I actually find it very scary. I don’t know what will happen next time but for now I’m not gonna think so much and so far yet.

So to answer your question. Yes I am not that flexible anymore. I used to be so flexible last time. I can’t even do proper sit ups now. I used to be able to do 50situps in 1minute when I was still fat. But now I couldn’t even reach 30 in 1minute.

Anyway I also want to share with you my experience with Pinnacle Chiropractic at Simon Plaza. I went there last year because they came to my company and there was a promo whereby I just need to pay $40 for the consultation. JX and I went for our appointment, wanting to know more about our spines but ended up paying $150-199 to get our xray done at Radlink Toa Payoh. haha.

After the Xray, we went back to Pinnacle for our follow up and treatment, where we pay another $65-75 bucks. Spend alot of money but I must say the treatment is quite amazing! The doctor had to be super careful with me because of my spine but after the adjustment, I felt energized and my posture instantly becomes better!

If you want to know my package price (customized) just drop me an email!!

I’m not promoting them okay but I really feel good after the treatment. The reason why I didn’t continue is because I think I’m not ready to commit and I have no time to commit to the treatments/adjustments too. You have to commit to the care plan that the chiropractor planned for you which I think is too difficult for me. Too many things for me to work on now. Maybe I will in the near future but I’m also quite worried about the implant in my body. zzz

The chiropractor also told me that I am actually putting additional stress on the other parts of the spine. 🙁 This is probably why my neck and head is always aching. sigh..

So anyway you know the drill, just drop me an email if you want to know more. See you in my next post! 🙂

Till the next time people! 😀
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Japan Trip D3: Cooking at ABC cooking studio Japan & wearing Yukata for the first time!

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Right after our breakfast on our 3rd day, we head to ABC Cooking Studio Midtown Studio for cooking lessons! It was super fun because I made my favourite teriyaki chicken and maki sushi!

 photo 1_zpsmgc9ix4v.jpg

 photo 2_zpsgibekwvj.jpg


 photo 3_zpsq7livlwj.jpg

Our instructor.

 photo 4_zps1toyqoky.jpgTuna and Mayo.

 photo 5_zpsbnbkqj9c.jpg

Joanna mixing them.

 photo 6_zps42yjfhkw.jpg

 photo 7_zpsap8udtqi.jpg

Pretty japanese mixing the rice!

 photo 8_zpsamzlhgzv.jpg


 photo 9_zps1zrv7flv.jpg

3 bowls of rice for us to share!

 photo 10_zpsm8ojsad5.jpg


 photo 11_zpse5vwa9yl.jpg

Victoria preparing the roll!

 photo 12_zps9eavudic.jpg


 photo 12.5_zpsvzekff3v.jpg

 photo 13_zpsba4ewfq4.jpg

All the girls looking so serious suddenly. lol!

 photo 14_zpsqedeoybx.jpg

 photo 15_zpsomdi52tp.jpg

While we were busy with the chicken and salmon, our group mates are preparing the ingredients for the desserts later!

 photo 16_zpsp9o2hdro.jpg

 photo 17_zpsh93ooach.jpg

I was already so hungry by then and I just want to finish up the chicken quickly.

 photo 18_zpsgjw3xptq.jpg

 photo 19_zpsz6dyelja.jpg

Sydney and Joanna were thirsty and they went to make tea (i know right!) and I had to monitor their induction cooker. LOL! I was so stressed because I don’t know what to expect!

 photo 20_zpszggah9gf.jpg

Victoria was still there cooking like a pro!

 photo 21_zpszocc4uyq.jpg

So here’s me, looking at their chicken meat and worrying that the oil might splatter onto me!

 photo 22_zpsxk4nng1b.jpg

But you have to act chio infront of the camera, so here I am smiling. LOL

 photo 23_zpsjpm2a9yh.jpg


 photo 24_zpsh0qzpoby.jpg

Pour in the teriyaki sauce and look at this. Wow now I’m really hungry!

 photo 26_zpsporg8iyl.jpg

Sydney and Joanna’s chicken meat was burnt by the way LOL! 

 photo 27_zpsye6fmkkr.jpg

After the teriyaki chicken were done, we continued to make our maki roll and Victoria and I were trying our very best to make our dishes look beautiful hahaha.

 photo 28_zpsx0wvctvm.jpg

The sushi kept collapsing and we had to keep pressing and shaping it.

 photo 29_zpsucceuknw.jpg

Eventually we completed the ‘challenge’ and here I am holding our masterpiece hahaha. I look different here man. Maybe it’s the short hair..

After the cooking experience and lunch, we went for Yukata dressing at Nihonbashi, place: Kyorakutei, COREDO Muromachi 3, 3F!

This is my first time wearing Yukata and I honestly don’t know what to expect. I don’t even know which prints/colors I would look better in and just decided on the really light coloured one..

 photo 30_zpsjgcvet8j.jpg

Would like to try with Simon too!

 photo 31_zps4hrbe2fg.jpg

Change into my yukata and we did a short photoshoot. LOL so awkward. My face and eyes were so puffy by the way!

 photo 32_zpsuiulet1d.jpg

 photo 33_zpsmv9awff7.jpg

 photo 34_zpsa0irt9om.jpg

I look too guai here. Deceiving HAHA.

 photo 34.5_zpsk186tpzo.jpg

Group photo!

After that we went for japanese tea and desserts tasting at Tsuruya Yoshinobu, Coredo Muromachi 3, 1F!

 photo 35_zpsyiweaq0n.jpg

 photo 35.1_zps8cl96yxj.jpg

 photo 35.2_zpssscrf249.jpg

very beautiful handcrafted traditional sweets from kyoto but I think they are too sweet for me.

 photo 36_zpsgta5rtq2.jpg

 photo 37_zpsmth36gay.jpg

 photo 39_zpscvecjgbr.jpg

 photo 40_zpsvdt3ksjv.jpg

Next, we visited the Art Aquarium – Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Coredo Muromachi 1, 5F (Entrance on 4F)

 photo 41_zps87fi364a.jpg

beautiful setups, lightings and goldfish!

 photo 42_zpslvnh6ezc.jpg

 photo 43_zpsst3n854u.jpg

 photo 44_zpsalai4cmv.jpg

after this we went for a walk along the NAKA DORI through the Coredo Muromachi shopping area!

 photo 46_zpsvwhcgetz.jpg

 photo 47_zpszdl5qx6x.jpg

 photo 48_zpssz0onvw9.jpg

and more photos with the peeps at the Fukutoku Shrine! Do you know that Fukutoku Shrine has been watching over the town and the people of Nihonbashi since the 9th century?

Around 5pm or so, we changed back to our own clothes and prepare to go to our hotel. We stayed at Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel for the last night!

It was a transit hotel and the room was quite small but 3 of us continue to sleep in the same bed that night anyway. lol! After checked in and wash up, we met up again and wanted to go to Shibuya but lost our way. We ended up stopping at a random station, if I’m not wrong it was Osaki station and just settle at someplace nice for a quick dinner. hahhaa. I remembered there was nothing to see nor shop and we were just walking around aimlessly. But the most epic moment of the night was when we stood along this road that seemed to be the expressway and gossip for about 45minutes. LOL.

 photo 49_zps0fdihpwa.jpg

Our dinner place at a random Izakaya.

 photo 50_zpsmd1gm6jr.jpg

ordered yakitori, gyozas and FRIED RICE. We had to point at the menu because no one knows how to speak english or chinese there. The 3 of us cannot go to japan again, we are real road idiots.

 photo 51_zpsfshol2xk.jpg

Really miss Japan and these 2 girls. I am finally finishing these posts! The next one will be the last one and I will try to publish it asap so that I can continue my Bali and MELBOURNE posts. Omg. -_-

Alright then, see you soon! 
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Bye 2016, Hello 2017. Thank you thank you thank you! :)

How have you been people. I think it has been awhile since I write about my life and my thoughts.

To start off this post, I want to say my thanks. There are so many people I want to thank, the good and also the evils. My biggest thanks will be to my husband of course, because he has helped me so much, from taking photos to writing blog posts. My blog and instagram has grown so much because of him.

My second thanks go to you. My readers, followers and subscribers whom I call friends. Thank you for following my blog for so many years. Thank you for liking my photos and supporting my campaigns and thank you for watching my videos. I am really really really thankful and grateful for that. I am sorry I stopped my videos suddenly, I had to take a break because everything was too much for me to bear.

In 2015, you guys were there for me too. You talked to me and share with me your stories. You were there to offer me support when I cancelled my wedding. I am really happy that I started blogging. Blogging has allowed me to know that this world is not that ugly afterall.

2016 was a brand new start for me. The things that I went through in 2015 has shaped me into another person. I no longer judge another person for what he or she does, I try to understand and put myself in their shoes.

In 2016, I told myself that I need to be strong. I need to kill the nightmares and work harder towards my goals. I don’t want to be another girl that just wants to be pretty. I don’t want to be call a bimbo. I want to be able to share my personal experience, my life and relate to people.

In order to be different, I told myself that I I need to be confident, I most importantly.. need to be myself. In 2016, I worked on my confidence for awhile. I probably took about 6months I don’t know. You can go and take a look at my photos last time. I was so awkward then lol.

In 2016, I had been very lucky. Other than the lucky draws and giveaways, I/we had worked with brands that I never thought that we would be able to. I was given alot of opportunities and I am really thankful for it. I don’t think I am 100% lucky too because I/we had work really hard for it. My proudest achievement for this year would be my travel posts, instagram and our exploring series. And of course all posts under Simontey because whatever he writes generate a good amount of readership too.

I will also work harder for even better photos. I am really happy that people like my fashion style and Simon’s photos. It means alot to me and we will work harder to produce even better photos. 🙂 As much as I hate instagram, I adore it too because it makes me happy when people comment on my photos and liking them.

The next person that I want to thank is Joyce. I remembered telling you that I want to stop blogging and you told me that I should continue because people still know me as the girl who lost 40kgs. Thank you so much for motivating me!!! Thank you for always reminding me to focus on doing what I enjoy doing.

I like to share my experiences. I went through alot of things, shit as well. Everything that I talked about is related to me (almost!). I love hearing from people who share the same experiences with me too. It helps me to connect with another individual and I like this feeling. 🙂

I want my blog to be personal and relatable and I actually feel upset when I blogged too much on events and sponsored posts. I always try to push my personal posts out so that you guys will know more about me and what I’m up to. Ahhh yes travel posts too. It takes us very long to talk about travel because there are too many photos to sort and edit. So yes that will take some time definitely.

In a nutshell, 2016 had been really awesome, I got my own house, I got a job and I am really thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me and us. Hoping for more in 2017!! 😀

For 2017, there are a few things that I want to work on. I’m sorry that I will be keeping these stuffs to myself. Hope you understand. 🙂

I have achieved my goals in 2016, and I am aiming for a new number for this space. I am very happy that more people are reading my blog now. Even though my stats are not high like those other famous bloggers but a 6X growth of number of uniques from January 2016 to now means alot to me!!!

Thank you for coming to our blog new readers!! <3 Simon and Claire will work harder thank you people for your support! <3

 photo DSC08189_zpsiej6u3p2.jpg

And last but not least, to a better 2017! 🙂

 photo FullSizeRender 6_zpsr4lkbgss.jpg

to my lovely reader/follower: thank you for drawing us <3 

Till the next time people! 😀
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