Channel 8 9pm Chinese Drama: Home Truly 回家

Happy CNY everybody. I hope you have a wonderful new year. Mine was rather hectic this year because I didn’t know we got so many relatives. LOL.

This year I went to 2 places for reunion dinner, first at Simon’s house then followed by my Ahma’s. I was really full but I guess it was really worth it.

This year is also my first time not staying with my Ahma over the 3days. So on chu xi night, Simon and I were watching this show Home Truly 回家 at my Ahma’s house. It is so emotional and relatable. Really love this show. It’s rare to see Simon all teary eyed okay.

Now back at my own house, I have to blog, edit videos and all so the only thing I can do is to listen to music. I hope you guys enjoy the show. And I really hope Chen Shu Cheng’s children can forgive him. I’m not sure how the show is doing right now but of course if you can update me then that would be great too. 😀

The cast for this show: Zhang Zheng Huan, Hong Ling, Pierre Png, Mei Xin, Chen Shu Cheng, Hong Hui Fang, Rayson Tan, Priscelia Chan, Cavin Soh, Adele Wong and Li Wen Hai.

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Channel 8 9pm drama: Hero 大英雄

November has been a very busy month. I basically missed out all the episodes of You are an angel 2. Unknowingly it is already December and Hero (Chinese: 大英雄) has already started!

This drama consists of 30 episodes and has already aired on 29 November. It is also our blockbuster drama of the year end and stars Shaun Chen, Chen Hanwei, Jesseca Liu, Andie Chen, Sheila Sim, Ian Fang, Pan Lingling, Paige Chua, Bonnie Loo, Hor Ying Ying, Aileen Tan, Youyi, Jin Yinji, Brandon Wong, Chen Tianwen, Desmond Ng and Zhu Houren.

It’s about people living if Dakoka crescent, which is one of Singapore’s oldest HDB estates and will show the lives of the people who live there.

Doesn’t sound like a blockbuster to me but maybe it will be a very nice one! Shall start watching tv real soon!! 😀 And then there’s Jesseca Liu, of course I’m watching!!

Till the next people! 😀
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Run Jang Mi Korean drama

Sometimes I really hate korean drama. There is always evil people/third parties in the show that do so much evil but only got exposed when the drama is coming to an end.

Kang Min joo fake her pregnancy and break up Tae ja and jang mi. Now tae ja’s sister tae hee found out that she is not pregnant. I thought she will come clean but she lied that she had a miscarriage!!

Then the worse thing is this tae hee she has to think so long before telling her brother that min joo was lying. Eventually she told him and he wants her to investigate more. I hope they can find out soon that min joo was never pregnant in the first place.

I really hate min joo. Can’t wait for the next episode. By the way lee young ah is so pretty!

Will update again! Till next!

Channel 8 9pm drama: You Can Be An Angel 2 你也可以是天使 2

Next drama after Fire up is You can be an Angel 2. I didn’t watch the first drama but I went to read it up and thought the storyline is very interesting. This is a medical/nursing drama and somehow it reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy. Just that the focus of the show is on nurses instead of doctors. 😀

I don’t think I will have the time to watch but I think you shouldn’t miss it. Because this show has all your favourite characters like zoe tay, aloysius pang, rebecca lim, xiang yun and carrie wong!! Hope I will be able to catch like a few episodes here and there. 😀

Update me if you can. 🙂

Cast: Zoe Tay, Aloysius Pang, Rebecca Lim, Xiang Yun, Carrie Wong, Bryan Wong, Xu Bin and more. Check out to know more!

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Gary To Leave “Running Man” After 6 Years :(

This news hit me hard. Even though I haven’t been watching running man for awhile. I am still a fan of the variety show. And other than my favourite jaesuk, the next one I liked most is GARY!!! Imagine my sadness when I read that he is leaving. 🙁

Running man will be so different without him now man! His face is always so blur but cute. I’m going to miss Monday couple so much too. 🙁 oh my god I feel so sad. I wonder how Ji Hyo feels. 🙁

To find out more about him leaving Running man and the reason why he is leaving, click here: 

[S-series] Netflix, our new addiction.

Netflix is not healthy.

When we got our TV, we didn’t do the mod to add more data lan points in our home, so there’s only that one and only lan point in our living room… We gave priority to our wifi router so the TV box is left to rot in our spare room. And that also meant no Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel on TV. Basically means nothing but surfing the net with our new TV lah.

Then this TV has netflix app in it, so out of curiosity, I signed up.

I have no interest in dramas actually, I only watch Discovery or nothing. Its more useful, to increase my braininess (my goodness this is a word) so I can impress my wifey with my smarts, but it often has the opposite effect on Claire.. But everything changed after I started watching ‘The Get Down’…

The Get Down was really good, its set in the 70s South Bronx, USA. A TV-drama that touch on racism in politics, corruption and gangsters. Drugs and violence behind the DJ rap battles, rhymes, graffiti and senseless unicorn-dreaming-girls. Cool as shit ladies and gentlemen, like ice cool yo. Ya’ll just gotta watch’it bruh.

So instead of doing household chores or cooking meals, we were glued to the TV for what seemed like ‘a while only’. Weird though, the a while is enough for the sun to set and darkness blankets the living world outside, our stomachs growls but the noises were fallen on deaf ears as we gave our full attention to the TV.

Luckily the shows doesn’t last forever, so we do have breaks in between those awesome shows to do what we should be doing instead of wasting all our time on being a couch potato until going to become potato salad already…

Set your priorities, then watch Netflix. Oh Netflix you evil evil thing..


P.S. and now we started on the House of Cards. It has 4 seasons of political scandals. Enough said. *off to watch TV*

Channel 8 9pm drama Fire Up 美味下半场 debuts 4th October

Today showing Fire Up 美味下半场! Drama main protagonist, Huang Bi Ren sets up a zi char stall after she was released from prison. She is determined to turn her life around and make amends to her children, at the same time also helping other ex offenders to find jobs.

From the preview, her child, Hayley seemed to blame her for her past. seems like she felt ashamed cos her mom is a ex offender.

I think this is going to be a very sad yet inspiring story, will try to watch more. So sad Clif 4 finish already, I haven’t really update that post too. Let’s see how this drama will turn out to be.

Update 31st October: I didn’t follow all the episodes but I somehow know how the story goes. It was obvious that Ying Xiong brother was faking concern all the while. His face shouts jealousy all the time when he’s with the family. I also hate the part where meimei has to be forced to leave Ying Xiong because this is like a typical story line. lol!

But anyway the drama is pretty nice – focus on the good side of ex convicts. 🙂 Show that they can still make a difference and contribute to the society.

Pretty nice show overall, kinda sad that it’s the last episode today. Shall look forward to the next. 🙂

Cast for this drama: Huang Bi Ren, Hayley Woo, Thomas Ong, Brian Ng, Constance Song, Steve Yap, Chen Shu Cheng, Eelyn Kok, Tosh Zhang, Mei Xin, Yap Hui Xin, Haden Lee, Lin Ru Ping. For more info check out –


Fifty shades darker movie – Valentine’s day 2017

Are you excited for Fifty Shades darker??
If you haven’t watch the trailer yet, here you can have a look!

Source: Kinocheck international youtube

I think I actually prefer the previous crazy in love remix in Fifty Shades because it is more intense? The new one is more serious and dry and I don’t really like it. The movie is very different from the novel as well and I very much prefer reading than watching.

Movie always missed out so many good and exciting parts and the storyline always changes. Fifty shades darker seems like a thriller or horror movie now especially with the shadowy figure that keeps appearing.. Not very sure if I’m gonna watch this. What about you?

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[S-series] ENCOUNTER escape game – The Hospital review!! Go try!


Just a while ago, Claire asked me to call my friends to go play an escape-the-room game. I’m still quite new in this sort of games, having only played 2 more previously. One of which was from Encounter as well, their first room, The Apartment. And just nice this ‘Hospital’ is the sequel to the first room. Cool right? Follow storyline one!

The Apartment was really good, its ambience and special effects were so real my wifey was positively spooked even when her husband is a damn skeptic. To make it clear, I do believe in spirits and such, but when I go into the room, I believed that its all a controlled environment, meaning its all fake, special effects done by Encounter. They were good and there are a few times the effects made me jump. More like it happened unexpectedly then I got spooked. Kudos to them though when a skeptic got scared in their jump scares. LOL. I cannot reveal too much info anyways if not I will spoil the fun. The internet says that The Apartment got milder compared to when it was launched, I’ll say rubbish, its still darn good. Go ahead and try it, and be surprised by the creativity in the well thought out room.

The Hospital in comparison, is a more focused in solving puzzles. Everytime I play such games, I’m always the guy who open the doors which nobody wanna go near to it. So I might dull the scare factor a little because my reaction is mild to the scares and when people are all scared of the little noises that come from unexpected places I would just go through them like a bulldozer. I’m more like the chiong first (and probably die first) guy in the group.

The puzzles were very well thought out and clues can be found in the room you’re stuck in. It sounded like what everybody would say about an escape room game.. But honestly I’m surprise I had to use some of my knowledge from working in a real hospital to bare. The ambience in the dimly lit room and the smell of Detol instantly make us relate to a hospital. They must’ve use Detol as the air refreshener to make it smell so saturated with that antiseptic smell. But seriously, real hospitals in Singapore don’t smell like Detol anymore.. We smell like whatever alcohol handrub brand our management purchased.

We wasted much time getting used to the game and was really close to not clearing the room… My friends were all as usual, those happy-go-lucky kind who make jokes out of seemingly nothing and laugh at them heartily. LOL. but I feel the pressure from the time limit so I keep wanted to solve those puzzles even though I naturally sucked with them.

And so, the ladies got scared, some of men got scared too. I got scared at one point when I opened one of the doors, and thats seriously a good one that made me jumped. What are they? Are you all dying to find out? Go play the game people, you won’t experience half the fun we had by hearing it from me.

Go play the Apartment first if you wanna know the truth… from the whole story. Claire and I had some closures from the questions we had after we cleared the Apartment. But now we had more questions… Maybe we should go play the next game…

Simon Tey

Channel 8 9pm drama: CLIF 4 警徽天职4 FINALLY!

AIYO!!! I haven’t been watching Channel 8 because I was addicted to stranger things on Netflix. Oh by the way if you have Netflix then please please please watch ‘stranger things!!!’ It is so good I can’t wait for season 2! I think the monthly subscription is about $13-15? Very worth it in my opinion, there’re so many good shows there!

Anyway today I’m not supposed to talk about Netflix. I’m supposed to talk about CLIF 4!! Finally CLIF 4 is airing now! I am 2days late but never mind at least I’m watching now right? 😀

I am very surprised to see Yusuke Fukuchi on the show! He looked so good with short hair by the way! Even my grandma commented that he has become handsome after the haircut LOL.

Elvin Ng is on the show too and I realized that in his recent few dramas, he’s no longer acting as a good guy. He’s either the bad guy or the annoying guy LOL. but still attractive of course. I love when he acted in the shi nian ni hai hao ma show, he’s so good in that role please!

For now I only know Elvin Ng is Sora Ma’s boyfriend and Terence Cao is Sora Ma’s ex boyfriend. I want to know more about what happened between her and terence and what happened between terence and Chen tian wen.

Zhang yao dong is Chen Tian wen’s nephew and I think he will find out more about his uncle’s secrets soon.

Too excited and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!! Will update again!

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