Tokyo City Map art from Modern Map Art.

I recently received a poster from Modern Map Art. I thought it was very unique because I have never thought that I would want to put a map of a certain city in my house. IMG_2490

Simon got a frame from IKEA and we just place it by our window. We don’t even need to hang it on the wall, it just looks good where it is! I’m thinking of getting a few more from different cities, maybe Melbourne and London.

If you’re interested, why not check out their website at .

They comes in 5 different sizes too, it’s perfect! 🙂

Till the next time people! 😀
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HDB BTO P9: House in a mess.

I am very tired lately. Alot of things to do. Not enough time to do. I snap easily and I just get very frustrated with every single thing.

I was vacuuming the floor last weekend and I suddenly got so irritated with the heels/sneakers/flats that were on the floor. I got irritated with the study room too. I am angry that I haven’t set up my vanity area.

Just for the record, we haven’t even get shoe cabinet yet. Which explains why all the shoes are on the floor. zzz

It is already November, sorry I should correct myself. soon it’s going to be December. And all I’m thinking about is holidays holidays and holidays. My colleagues and friends are nagging at me because I havent invite them over for housewarming. Well it’s not that I don’t want. It’s because my house is not ready yet.

We don’t even have the time to go to IKEA nowadays. God knows why we are so busy or so lazy. Actually I know why but I just don’t feel like sharing today.

After our bali trip and the itinerary for penang, I will focus on the house and get everything done by end of this year!

 photo IMG_5554_zpsaupvxv76.jpg

This is my living room wall by the way. Drill in 2 shelves and added some frames and plants. It is disturbing because CS reminds me of my colleague. my gosh.

And here its my living room! Damn messy right now but I will show you again once we tidy everything up. :p

 photo DSC02338_zps5hftxzrb.jpg

Till then! Time to shop for furnitures!

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[S-series] Why nobody thought about mass producing a little nut like this??


Recently I spent close to 30 bucks for this.

Its a screw, nut, bolt, whatever you wanna call it. Its custom-made but its not made of gold. So why did I spend money on something like this?

I’m not sure if any of you noticed the tiny screw bit pentagonal hole. Like what the heck uses a pentagon shaped bit, because the world seems to use the hexagon shape.. Most of you would’ve known that I hand grind my own beans with my Porlex Mini Grinder. But turning the hand crank can take a bit of time and effort. So to make things easier, I wanted to use my electric drill on it, technically making it an electric burr grinder which would’ve cost me much more money.

BUT! When I happily try to fit my drill to the grinder.. Its does not fit. Why the heck did Porlex use a pentagon shaped bit!!

I was in such a dilemma when I have to hand grind again in the end, when it was really late in the night and I really have to sleep on a weekday.. I need my coffee. So I went looking for some kind of adapter on the internet and they were scarce. Because no one uses pentagon bits… The only option was to 3D print it via Shapeways and engage a forwarding company to send it to Singapore.

Now this thing marries my hand grinder to my electric drill, and I can grind my beans like a machine, its not without its flaws, because this cheapo method is heavily dependent on the power of your grip and the strength of the drill. I think if I were to grind ‘blond’ roast beans, my drill will give up on me. Blond roast are usually harder to grind, dark roast are more brittle and my drill is already running at full power, any lesser, the drill will not work..

So its either I get an even stronger drill or get a dedicated electric burr grinder… Well for the time being I’m still a poor kid so I’ll make do with this. It works and I’m glad.

But someone really need to make this readily available..

I’m a happy coffee addict now.


HDB BTO P7: I can OOTD in the house and more home pictures!

Yo people. Last week we spent alot of money!! Bought alot of things from Typo, and ikea. Will post that soon but now we are in the midst of decorating our house. omg so exciting you know! Ok anyway, more pictures today!

 photo IMG_2977_zpsawvghaku.jpg

I forgot to tell you in my last post that Simon fixed this sofa bed himself. Castlery is like ikea man, DIY and all. Simon just have to drill the 4 legs in and it is done. Although the base feels abit cheapo, it is actually very sturdy.

 photo IMG_3496_zpsvergjhum.jpg

Kitchen. A better photo today with our track lights. 🙂 I think my kitchen is quite industrial looking but very cosy ok!

 photo IMG_3494_zpsdl8zxbvg.jpg

Then this is the other side of the kitchen where we have 2 shelves on the top and normal cabinets on the bottom. Our ID also suggested to add in lightings under the shelves.

 photo IMG_3488_zps1pvavmx8.jpg

 photo IMG_3493_zpsnephvuwn.jpg

close up of the cabinets.

Bedroom. Currently pending a bed side table (mine) from His is from Ikea. Also this floral bedsheet is from Akemi. Super comfortable to sleep in by the way. Money well spend. (Y)

 photo IMG_3296_zps0qqkgnhm.jpg

We also bought this super retro looking fan – Brand mistral. Can’t remember it is $70 or $79.

 photo IMG_3497_zps2ml6mun2.jpg

Aladdin Mason jar. Love this!! It’s like taking water in office but in the cutest way possible. hahaha. I bought this from BHG.

 photo IMG_3491_zpsaim59lkh.jpg

Loosen the cap so the water can flow easily. After you’re done, tighten it again.

 photo IMG_3492_zps8dggltf9.jpg

This can hold 3.79litre of water which is pretty cool. But I can’t find any recipe inside???

 photo IMG_3490_zpsusfiqh7q.jpg

I also realized that Ikea’s information tags are damn big. It’s like the bigger your item are, the bigger it is. -_-

And lastly, a OOTD in my house. Have I ever show you guys my ceiling lights? Maybe not but yeah here you go. ^^ Spider lights in the house!

 photo FullSizeRender_zpscrnhlfs4.jpg

And I shall end my post here and let’s look forward to the next bto post. ^^

Signing off,
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Sleeping at our new not-ready-yet BTO for the first time!!

Have you read our explore series special? If you haven’t then click here! 🙂

A few weeks ago we went to our house and stay for a night. Very exciting and fun but alot of things to do too!

It is quite difficult for me to explain but we wanted to avoid moving in during the lunar 6th and 7th month. My mother in law told us that it’s not good to move in during the lunar 6th month because it’s ‘yi ban’ half (middle of the year) and 7th month because of the ghost festival.

Simon usually don’t believe in such things but I get influenced easily so we ended up doing something funny just to act like we have already moved in before the lunar 6th month.
We did some research and find out that we need to sleep, bathe, cook, switch on the electricity, bring in money to our house on that day to signify that we are moving in and yes this is my house so if there’re anything inside it’s time for them to go out! Anyway if you’re interested to know the dos and don’ts for moving house then click here!
We did not bring any urn in by the way but instead we pour the rice grains into a lock and lock container (he says this is more practical) and followed by sticking a red and gold sticker that denotes ‘Fullness’ (满). a printed piece of paper that denotes ‘fullness’. (满).

So far so good I think you’re following quite closely. Now I’m going to talk about cooking in our house. The thing is our stove is not ready yet! Our kitchen was bare back then so there was no way we can cook! I was quite anal about this part because we have to cook to complete the process! So you guess what we did? We brought over a induction cooker to simulate cooking. HA HA HA.

 photo IMG_1714_zpswbtlphir.jpg

Sigh… if only I had done a vlog. It would be so funny please. I also forgot to mentioned the condition of our house. It was dirty. Dusty. Toilets were half done. Heater not yet done. Lightings not entirely done, overall it was still a mess.

I realized I am quite anal about my house. I scrubbed the toilet bowl, wall and floors like mad. We did the vacuuming and mopping together, and he cleaned the windows. 24th floor is actually really scary especially when I stand at my windows and looked down. :O

We slept at 2-3am because the room was very quiet and the street lights were too bright. Oh yes we haven’t put up curtains yet. AHHH so many things to do!

Anyway yesterday was our final cleaning and already more or less completed! I’m really very excited to show you my furnitures, decor and all. Slow and steady yay!

I shall show you some pics for that night first! 

 photo IMG_1717_zpskpyvpb93.jpg

I think Simon must be very sad to sleep on this girly bed. This set costs us about $170-190 after discount. zzz I actually wanted an all white sheet but our room is too plain right now, so if I were to put white, I think it will look very scary. (Imagine that)

I will probably switch this to white again after all the necessary items in our room are fixed up.

The day before Taobao also delivered our chairs and I’m very happy that they are in great condition! We got 2 black and 2 white chairs, eames inspired! and might be getting a few more. If I’m not wrong they are less than 20bucks each.

Totally the same concept as ikea, fix and drill yourself.

 photo IMG_1646_zpsjz0cg7ks.jpg

 photo IMG_1648_zpsoc3uwgi8.jpg

 photo IMG_1649_zps6prbhy1w.jpg

 photo IMG_1650_zpsdjvugvx5.jpg

it’s quite straightforward.

 photo IMG_1651_zpsyry73m39.jpg

 photo IMG_1654_zpsbqhxjgfb.jpg

There’re 2 legs where you have to turn the screw yourself because the space is too narrow for the driller/screw driver to fit in.

 photo IMG_1655_zpsh4hksj4e.jpg

After we are done with the chairs, he went to fix the bed so we can sleep!

 photo IMG_1710_zpswjplq1tf.jpg

Got our bed frame from IKEA. The same one simon has at his own place. The bed frame together with the extension thing costs less than $200.

 photo IMG_1712_zpsgsx7rgak.jpg

He is quite familiar with this as he fixed one before but I think that day he was too tired so he placed some parts wrongly and got to redo again. lol!

And this is the very troublesome bed base, that can make our bed higher – something that acts like a bed riser i guess? This is about $50! Cheap but you have to individually fix the boards into the ‘small holders’.

 photo IMG_1713_zpseyp3kkwe.jpg

which he spend alot of time on as there were also colour codes to follow! Grey with dark grey, white with light grey.. This really takes alot of time.

While he was doing the bed, I was using this cooker to boil water so that we can make milo. lol!

 photo IMG_1714_zpswbtlphir.jpg

Using the induction can be quite dangerous I feel.

 photo IMG_1715_zpsaybx4kl0.jpg

Then there’s also our random stuffs behind.

The last thing Simon did was the mirror! This is super important to me as I need to makeup before going to work the next day! Got this from Ikea also! Costs less than 80. Mad love that there are hooks behind. Good for my hats and belts!

 photo IMG_1718_zpsjmyzyyyo.jpg

and that’s it for that night! was very tired because we couldn’t really sleep well and have to wake up early for work. :O but now with the flat ready and clean, I can’t wait to move in already!! Hope you guys are as excited as we are! 😀

Will talk more about our house in the next post! Thank you for reading hehe.


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BTO renovation journey: Shopping for recycled and reclaimed furnitures

When you have no leaves to take yet, you end up exploring Singapore.

Also do not expect much from this post, it’s just an update of what we’ve been doing for our house.

Simon loves teak furnitures and because of this we went to Tan Boon Liat building to check out these very expensive wood.

Our initial plan was to go to Journey East because we cheapos wanted cheap stuffs. Recycled furnitures sound like a cheaper alternative for us, and I thought I might find something I like! I mean.. recycled wood sound really rustic/industrial/laidback or WHATEVER you call it, and that’s exactly what I want for my house! (for now)

It was a exciting trip until I stepped into one of the shops, Red House or something, and decided right on the spot that this might be a futile trip.

Then we moved on to Fairprice Antique, Knocknock (maybe?), Mountain Teak and some other stores located at different floors and of course Journey East. We loved alot of things but they are so frigging expensive! I shall give you a summary of the average costs of the furnitures there.

A 2 seater sofa cost about close to $3k
A dining table cost about close to $4k
A coffee table costs close to $2k
A bed frame costs about close to $5k!!!!!!!

Freaking insane please! With this amount of money, I can get alot of other things lor. That bed frame can get me a System 4 aircon. That coffee table can cover up the lightings cost for my whole house. and etc and etc.. don’t even think about custom made teak furnitures man, it might kill me.

Okay wait, before that. Let me clarify.. even though it’s very expensive, I don’t deny that the furnitures are really unique and nice. Teak furnitures are very lasting, hence some of you might think that it’s worth it to spend this money. But this is not for me.. especially when I’m so fickle minded when it comes to decoration and designs. So.. ya..

I think my best bet would still be Ikea and Muji, but honestly, it’s quite boring. Everyone’s furnitures gonna look the same one day. We shall research more and see how it goes.

ONE LAST THING, I dont think I will get second hand furnitures.. You never know if there are BED BUGS!!! 

Continue my journey soon…. 

Signing off,
Poor Claire



BTO Renovation journey: The sourcing and confirming + tips

My BTO journey is quite a painstaking process. It’s worth it I guess.. at least I got it back. 🙂

So it took longer than usual because many things happened and we have to submit our documents again. The estimated date to take our keys would be around end Feb/early march as told. BUT we decided to just believe that it’s mid or end March. lol you know la.. sometimes government do things can be abit slow.. (im not complaining)

Slow could be because they are vigilant and meticulous, in a way it’s a good thing. =P

Of course this means that we have to start confirming our ID already.. The first thing that S did was to post his contacts on Renotalk and he ended up getting endless amount of phone calls. lol.

Then we shortlisted a few ID firms after researching about them online.

These are the few we met:

  1. Design4space
  2. Superhome Design
  3. Nine creations
  4. Artisan Design
  5. Defong Interior Design

We wanted to meet Edmund and his partner too but didnt have the chance. I have to decide on someone before getting the keys if not the whole process will just drag on even longer.

The one that talked to us from Design4space was a female designer, she’s a very friendly and nice woman and she seems to be very experienced as well. We met her twice, second time to discuss on the quotation. She gives us alot of ideas but somehow somewhere we just don’t click.

I’ll let you know who we engaged later on. 🙂

Then we spoke to D from Superhome Design, he is quite a shy guy and one thing good about him is he really let us do all the talking and listened to what we want. He gives us ideas but doesn’t force his ideas on us. WHICH IS VERY GOOD because we know what we want and we don’t really like people pushing ideas on us. (not saying any of them did)

Nine creations: He is a very nice guy also. He gives us alot of tips, like what to take note of in our house, and if putting a curb is a good idea in the toilet as we don’t want the glass sliding door. (will come up with a new post next time to talk about how our house looks like so you have a better idea why we decided to do whatever we did)

Artisan Design: Nothing much to comment about.

Defong Interior Design: He is a very outgoing guy, very nice to talk to. And if you are on a budget you can go to him, I think among this 5, his quotation is the lowest.

After talking to the 5 interior designers, I realized there are a few factors if you have to take into consideration when choosing the right interior designer.

Price is of course one of them BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS CHEMISTRY. Your designer and you need to be on the same wavelength and frequency. If you find it awkward or uneasy with them, then he is not the right one.
Find someone you can say NO to, find someone you can talk honestly to, find someone who you can trust and rely on.

I didn’t know what bad chemistry is like until I experienced myself.

And of course do alot of research on the designer and his company, one thing I know for sure is there will definitely be bad reviews in the web, it’s very normal. Try to focus on the good ones instead.

Eventually we end up signing the contract with Daniel from Superhome Design. 🙂

One thing we liked about him is he is very easygoing, he listened to our ideas before giving us his advice and recommendations. He is not pushy at all and the best part is he makes sure he keeps everything within our budget.

By the way FERNVALE RIVERGROVE TOILET AND KITCHEN TILES ARE FREAKING UGLY. The wall just ruined the whole toilet. This resulted in us SPENDING ALMOST 7K TO OVERLAY THE WHOLE FRIGGING WALL AND FLOOR. I think i’m not the only one who thinks like this. -_-

Right now, we are waiting for the key to be handed over to us before we can view our flat and finally start all the renovation works. We have already decided on how we want our kitchen cabinets and work top to look like and I shall blog about it soon.

I’ll post more pics of the progress and during the renovation. 😀 Very excited, but of course when the house is done, I have to do housework already. :'( hahaha!

Till the next post,

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Holiday DIY! Room/treats/gifts

Hellooooooo!!! It’s my DIY video again! I love doing DIYs! With christmas coming I decided to spice up my room again! I also made some treats in this video =D They can also be given as gifts so watch it =D

The hot chocolate is the BOMB! Try out and lemme know =D

This is the Peppermint peanut butter hot chocolate recipe:
1oz of chocolates
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 cup + bit more of milk
one peppermint candy crush it
whipped cream

By the way I’m back to work and lemme know if you want heart to heart episodes from me =D


DIY Halloween treats!

Hello people! This is probably my last post until I finished my exam. In the mean time you can look at Simon’s posts 😀

Anyway because I know Halloween is coming I tried out some treats snacks ideas that are really tasty and fun! LOL. It took me a few days to do this video so I hope you guys will enjoy it! I got my ideas from Pinterest (no shame) but I try to be different for some of them.

These are 2 out of the 5 I did and if you’re interested click to watch the video, and i prewarn first.. The starting is kinda scary cos I was trying out a halloween makeup look -_- lol ok enjoy!

 photo SAM_0779_zps2b4e9d25.jpg

 photo SAM_0773_zpsf13a8943.jpg

 photo SAM_0767_zpsdc29b22b.jpg

Pinterest Inspiration:

I will do a weightloss related video next 😉
Claire say bye and wish me luck!

Room Decor DIY: Autumn theme (video)

Hello world. Im sorry I really need to do this.

Ever since I experienced fall in Japan, I had been obsessed. So I really need to do my room up to at least have that ‘feel’…

So here this is my DIY ROOM DECOR for FALL/AUTUMN.

Abit crazy btw, but hope you enjoy it =D

With love,
Crazy claire