Vlog, Mylife: 3 things I like and hate about my body. Flabby arms, spider veins, yellow teeth and more.

Okay.. so recently I haven’t been very happy with my body. Actually it’s not my body, it’s just my arms. I remember this feeling. I had this sour feeling when I was unhappy with my thighs.

Maybe my arms got fatter because I was eating alot more lately. You know with CNY coming up and all. But I just don’t like how they look and feel now. And I don’t really want to train them because if I happen to stop training someday they would turn from muscles to fats and this itself already sound damn scary to me.

Maybe after CNY they would look normal again, or maybe my arms are flabbier and bigger than normal now because my period is coming. But whichever the case, I know I’m really upset about it. I don’t know how many times I’ve rant to Simon about this but he just thinks that they look the same. Well you know guys are not observant and they don’t really care about this kind of thing.

I also realised how responsive my arms are to running. It is a good and bad thing and I’m not sure if I enjoy it.

FYI my arms used to be really slim last time. Especially before I had liposuction done on my thighs. Last time when I eat alot, my jeans would become tighter and my inner thighs will brush against each other. Now? If I eat alot, those fats go to my arms instead.

Rant aside, today I decided to do this tag. Actually I did the tag a few weeks ago, but I was finding time to write this post. Someone tagged me to do this a few years ago but I didn’t do it until now. I thought it would be good to do this to remind myself that there are still things i liked about my body and I shouldn’t focus on negative things.

But talk is easy, if you are a woman like me you would understand how I feel.

If you think you want to hear more you can watch the video because usually I talk more in videos then in writing.

I like to start with good things first so I shall start with the good points first.

I really like my collarbones. I am quite lucky that they are quite prominent. Prominent collarbones give the illusion that I am slimmer. I love off shoulder pieces because it can draw attention to my collarbones, I mean what else is there to show since I’m quite small chested right? lol.

I like my waist. Because they are relatively small and flat. Alot of people thought I would have excess skin on my stomach because of my weight loss but I don’t. I have stretch marks though, but only on the hip area. My mother has a small waist too so maybe I got her genes.

Lastly, the length of my arms. I have no explanation for this but I like how they look with long sleeves and bell sleeves.

Overall I am quite happy with my upper body, other than having moles almost everywhere, I am generally happy with them.

And let’s move on to things I dislike.  

I have alot to say but I’m just going to narrow down into 3.

I hate the spider veins on my legs. They are so annoying! And because my skin is rather fair, these veins are so obvious! I don’t think I can embrace them yet. If you have these veins and have already or are looking for treatments then email me at dreylim1@gmail.com or talk to me at @claireaudreylim – instagram I really need some help!

My teeth. I’ve tried whitening kit but it makes me bleed. The beautiful teeth whitening kit actually works but I bleed after almost a week of using and I gave up. (if you want to talk to me about it, I welcome you too!)

Toothpaste works but not to the extent that my teeth will become really white, you know what I mean? And I got really sensitive teeth too. zzz

I also thought of trying teeth whitening procedures but I still want my coffee and tea. And I also thought of veneers but they are so freaking expensive. oh well.

The next would be my stomach again. As much as I like how my stomach looks, there is this weird line on my stomach that I can never remove. You can watch my video to see how I explain it because it’s very difficult to type it out. I guess the line comes from excessive hulahooping? Anyway I am usually with clothes on, so I guess it is really not a big issue unless I wanna go be bikini model la.

Actually I am generally quite okay with my body, only during times like now that I would feel really upset and emotional. I also think that I have reached that stage where these type of things don’t matter as much anymore.

I guess I have become so much better over the years. I don’t get depressed over my body anymore. I used to cry over my body and my legs but as I got older, I’ve learn that there are more important things that require my attention and time.

But of course there are times when I still feel sad and I think it is pretty normal. I give myself time to heal when I feel sad and I don’t force myself to be happy when I’m obviously not.

I think it is important to share with someone when you are sad too. Just like what I do when I am. Every time I feel fat or down I will rant it on the blog or to someone. It helps a lot because I get to say out everything that I have been keeping inside my head and mind.

I don’t usually talk to my friends about my body because they all think I’m slim enough. It’s hard for them to understand because they are not me and they don’t know what I’ve went through.

So I really feel much better today after typing everything out, I can focus on what I should do next. And really thank you for your time in reading this and thank you for always sharing your problems with me too. At least I know I’m not alone.


Calf reduction/Hifu treatment review @ Halley Medical Aesthetics

I finally found the time to pop by Halley Medical Aesthetics for my HIFU review. It has been 2 months since my first treatment and I was really nervous about the results.

I think I’m the first person who tried HIFU on the calves and I am worried that it doesn’t work well. I have like thousand of worries but I know eventually all I need to do is to look at the measurements and I will know if it works for me anot. Just a quick recap, HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy for fat reduction.

 photo DSC01581_zps5p1h7glo.jpg

of course my mood became better after meeting with Dr. Terence and his assistant Khay. Khay is so friendly and lovely and Dr. Terence is always so cheerful and funny. lol!

After stepping onto the weighing scale, Dr. Terence proceed to measure my calves.

 photo DSC_8742_zpsti09td0w.jpg

i was like internally chanting ‘please please please’.. 

 photo DSC_8746_zps474litod.jpg

Dr. Terence Tan then write down the measurements on the paper. Up to this point, I still don’t know my measurements.

 photo DSC01584_zpsrohvvvex.jpg

and when he’s done. He smiled at me and showed me my results! OMG look at the difference in the above photo!

My left calf from 22mm and 18mm has reduced to 15mm and 16mm.
My right calf from 22mm and 20mm has reduced to 19mm and 16mm!

Seems like the left side of my calf is working better than the right!

 photo DSC_8776_zpstvhb5wde.jpg

Dr. Terence Tan also showed me my before and after treatment photos for easier comparison! The photo on the right really looks smaller! Especially if I looked closely at the circled area! Even my muscle is more visible now!

Can you imagine my excitement?? I really want slimmer calves and when I see this actual reduction I am so happy! I can’t wait for my next treatment!

If you’re interested to know more just feel free to drop me an email at  dreylim1@gmail.com! You can also find out more from Halley’s website http://www.halley.com.sg/ or facebook.com/halleymedicalaesthetics. Alternatively, drop them an email at info@halley.com.sg or call them at 6737 8233.

Halley Medical Aesthetics is located at 277 Orchard Road, #03-15 Orchard Gateway, 238858.

Till the next time people! 
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Mylife: How to treat fungal infection!

Your sway girl here got so many things to share with you. Other than today’s topic I wanna show you my toe xray too. That will be in another post.. let’s talk about fungus first.

Around late last year I got fungal infection on the feet. It started from a blister and developed into a nasty fungal infection.

I remembered the disgusting affected area and I was very depressed back then as it was so ugly and itchy. I have no idea where I got it from, probably from exploring too much.. I didn’t know it was fungal infection until my 3rd visit to the doctor.

Funny how the doctor can’t see that it is fungus. I mean even Simon knew it was but no doctor can confirm it until the 3rd. The doctor asked me to apply Gentrisone cream but it didn’t get better and so Simon asked me to try Zarin cream instead.

 photo IMG_8234_zpsovkcij9t.jpg

Zarin Cream: For the treatment of ringworm, athletes foot, white spots and fungal infections. 

I applied twice a day for almost a month and the spot is healed now. So if you are looking for something to treat the above mentioned, go get Zarin. You can get it at Watsons. It works.

And before I end this post. Do continue to apply the area even when it is healed for about a week or 2 to entirely kill it!

Anyone can get it. It spares no one. -_-

Till the next,
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How my spine looked like… after my Spinal fusion surgery and also my Chiropractic review!

If you know me long enough, you should know I’ve had spinal fusion surgery done. It was a scary surgery but trust me, it is not as scary as liposuction.

And as requested, I am finally showing you my spine today.

So.. here you go!
 photo Spine xray 1_zpsxnyqsrzh.jpg

This is the implant inside my body. My spine was originally a ‘S’ shape spine.
It is not entirely straight now as you can see from the Xray..

 photo Spine xray 2_zpsvrwqepka.jpg

 photo Spine xray 3_zpsv5uhqyht.jpg

 photo Spine xray 4_zpso2seetmn.jpg

You know when I looked at this I actually find it very scary. I don’t know what will happen next time but for now I’m not gonna think so much and so far yet.

So to answer your question. Yes I am not that flexible anymore. I used to be so flexible last time. I can’t even do proper sit ups now. I used to be able to do 50situps in 1minute when I was still fat. But now I couldn’t even reach 30 in 1minute.

Anyway I also want to share with you my experience with Pinnacle Chiropractic at Simon Plaza. I went there last year because they came to my company and there was a promo whereby I just need to pay $40 for the consultation. JX and I went for our appointment, wanting to know more about our spines but ended up paying $150-199 to get our xray done at Radlink Toa Payoh. haha.

After the Xray, we went back to Pinnacle for our follow up and treatment, where we pay another $65-75 bucks. Spend alot of money but I must say the treatment is quite amazing! The doctor had to be super careful with me because of my spine but after the adjustment, I felt energized and my posture instantly becomes better!

If you want to know my package price (customized) just drop me an email!!

I’m not promoting them okay but I really feel good after the treatment. The reason why I didn’t continue is because I think I’m not ready to commit and I have no time to commit to the treatments/adjustments too. You have to commit to the care plan that the chiropractor planned for you which I think is too difficult for me. Too many things for me to work on now. Maybe I will in the near future but I’m also quite worried about the implant in my body. zzz

The chiropractor also told me that I am actually putting additional stress on the other parts of the spine. 🙁 This is probably why my neck and head is always aching. sigh..

So anyway you know the drill, just drop me an email if you want to know more. See you in my next post! 🙂

Till the next time people! 😀
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Check out this new weight management app and stand to WIN A STAYCATION FOR TWO!!!

Calories in, calories out.  Counting calories helps us achieve our weight goals, regardless of whether you want to lose or gain weight, or maybe even to maintain your current weight. Since beauty starts from within, it is important for us to keep track of what we eat and make an extra effort to workout to achieve those #bodygoals!

 photo IMG_6834_zpswksdofem.jpg

this is my face when I am hungry but I have to instastory the food first. LOL! 

However, it can be difficult to keep track of what we eat throughout the day, and let alone count all those calories that we consume and burnt.

 photo Crunch-3_zps0bgvc9tu.jpg
Credit: Telegraph UK

So how about a weight management app that can check on our calorie intake? What’s more, it can also satisfy our foodfie needs, and allows us to share our OOTD of our latest sports gear?

What is Crunch?

 photo Crunch-4_zpsbzrqif6u.jpg

Crunch is the all-new weight management calorie counter for everyday people like us who are not athletes or professional bodybuilders. It helps us make informed lifestyle choices, without asking us to go on crazy diets or workout plans.

Crunch In to know what is your calorie intake for your meal, and Crunch Out to check how many calories you burnt while you walk from the your home to the MRT station. Now that you are aware of your calories ins and outs, make informed choices on eating right and exercising in a fun, stress-free manner. 

There is more food for thought in Crunch. The app’s other features include insightful tips and articles by nutritionists and experts, attractive coupons and deals, and the ability to earn badges and medals when you consistently Crunch In and Crunch Out. Ultimately, Crunch is your companion that guides you towards setting up positive dieting and exercising habits.

Features of Crunch

Crunch in

 photo Crunch-5_zpscoyvqrxh.jpg

To Crunch In, simply swipe the Crunch In slider in red and take a foodfie. Select your meals amongst an over 3,600 calorie-counted database of local dishes and get the estimated calories consumed and post it on your timeline.

Crunch Out

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Social Community

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Connect and invite friends to Crunch community and encourage each other to stay healthy. Share Crunch Moments and challenge with friends and family to give and seek inspiration for a better, healthier you.

Deals and Offers

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Pamper yourself with attractive F&B and fitness coupons and vouchers. Crunch partners with a host of brands advocating holistic well-being for a healthier and purposeful lifestyle. Be it fresh organic food or yummy healthy meals, classes that enrich physically and mentally, or sportswear and lifestyle equipment that can help improve your life, we want you to be the first to know.

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HIFU treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics for my CALVES!

Check out my video over here. 🙂

5 months ago, I had High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment done on my thighs at Halley Medical Aesthetics (check out the post here) and I was really happy with the results. Normally people need at least 3 sessions to see the difference but it only took me 1 to feel and notice.

 photo claireHIFU1_zpskgmaknky.png

Dr. Terence Tan also commented that my inner thighs look better now! He was amazed as well and we both know that it would be even better if I were to continue with a few more sessions. But being the impatient me I told Dr. Terence Tan that I would like to try HIFU on my calves instead.

 photo halley_claireconsult-25_zpsthhgxu6o.jpg

On the review plus consultation day, Dr. Terence Tan measured my calves to make sure that I have sufficient fats for HIFU.

 photo halley_claireconsult-18_zpszsf50rzd.jpg

After confirming that it is suitable for me, we finally arranged on a date to kickstart the treatment!

The appointment date itself was on 30th November, and I was so excited for it! I really want to see myself having smaller calves and I was looking forward to the treatment! Women are all like that, once their done getting upset with one part of their body, they complained about other parts. I am a woman, and so now my problem is my calves.

Like how it works the previous time, Dr. Terence Tan first draw markings on my calves.
 photo DSC_3367_zpsdlfrjopf.jpg

These are the places where all the fats cells are going to be destroyed.

The nurse then proceed to apply numbing cream on my calves.

 photo DSC_3402_zpst2znk0mb.jpg

 photo DSC_3426_zpsynctmjce.jpg

About 20 minutes later, Dr. Terence Tan walked in and asked if I’m ready for the treatment. Of course I am I said! Even though I still remember that this treatment comes with some discomfort too. lol!
 photo DSC_3547_zpscgyg8a89.jpg

Even though I have done this before I’m still nervous! 

Don’t worry about the discomfort people, Dr. Terence Tan always crack jokes and try to distract you with his jokes. It works by the way. It is also comforting to be treated by a doctor who personally understands the challenges that people face when it comes to weight loss. He himself battled with weight problems, and he even has a personal blog to talk about how he continues to keep his weight down.

 photo DSC_3437_zpsk3nrwb8q.jpg

Dr. Terence Tan measure my calves again before the treatment.
 photo DSC_3456_zpsd5yzq16d.jpg

and finally the HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) treatment starts now!

 photo DSC_3488_zpswuyq9mdn.jpg

HIFU on the calves is faster than the thighs because the area is smaller and for fat reduction the size of the depth of the ultrasound energy used is different too. He only used the 7mm probe this time as there isn’t enough fat in the calf area to go deeper than that. What this means is that ultrasound energy is focused directed at exactly 7mm beneath my skin surface to target and remove the fat cells. This technology makes HIFU a no downtime treatment as it doesn’t damage the surface of our skin at all.

When the device is placed on my calves, the feeling is like many needles poking deep into my legs but the discomfort is bearable.

 photo DSC_3459_zpshj4vtl1h.jpg

I think the level of discomfort for both the thighs and calves is similar. Just that the treatment for calves is so much faster! The whole session only took about half an hour!

Result will be only be seen 1-3 months later as the body needs time to eliminate the fat cells. To see significant results, multiple sessions are recommended. The treatment interval is 1 month apart so it’s very easy for busy people like us.  I am patiently waiting to see mine and I can’t wait to do the treatment!

 photo Capture_zpscdr9hv3n.jpg

Once again, Thank you Dr. Terence Tan and Halley Medical Aesthetics for helping me and I really hope that this treatment will help my calves to become slimmer. If it works well for me I will definitely share it with you!!

As usual, if you’re interested to know more just feel free to drop me an email at  dreylim1@gmail.com! You can also find out more from Halley’s website http://www.halley.com.sg/ or facebook.com/halleymedicalaesthetics. Alternatively, drop them an email at info@halley.com.sg or call them at 6737 8233.

Halley Medical Aesthetics is located at 277 Orchard Road, #03-15 Orchard Gateway, 238858.

Till the next time people! 😀
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[S-series] Our Dinner Sessions: Olivia & Co Compass One


We’re back at Compass One again. Well of course we’re always here, we live in this town.

So now we visited Olivia & co, the latest cafe in the mall.

 photo IMG_5130-2_zps82v8vhjr.jpg

Retro themed decorations everywhere with quirky knick knacks like that petro pump thingy, cute isn’t it?

Well cute as it is, we’re here for the food, its dinner time and we’re freaking starving! Olivia & co has two outlets. The first I think was at Suntec City, of which… I did not visit. What do you expect me to say? I don’t usually dine in a cafe, tonight was something once in a blue moon. Olivia & co serves food from all over the world, from Asia to Europe to America, whatever you feel like having, you can have something from somewhere around the world. Wow that was confusing. But the fact is that we had pastas.. and a flat white (I can’t help it).

 photo IMG_5132-2_zpstuirxi6q.jpg

 photo IMG_5134-2_zpse9bynx1a.jpg

This is the Laksa Pasta. Large juicy prawns served in the spicy laksa msg cream is awesome and jelat too. As always, laksa always give me that explosive-spicy-salty-sweet taste at the first mouthful, I was happily eating the first half of it till the thick creamy taste made me jelat.. 3/5

 photo IMG_5136-2_zpsnw44opt9.jpg

Florentine Carbonara was really good though, I only had a few mouthfuls because Claire couldn’t finish it. Typical of my rubbish-bin role in our marriage. It was creamy and salty like how a good carbonara should have been. My mind screamed ‘delicious!!’ 3 times because I only had 3 mouthfuls before I finished it. After that I even lick the plate clean.. Ok that’s way too gross, of course I didn’t do that, I just scraped every single drop of the sauce off the plate with my spoon. 4/5

The menu courtesy of Claire:

 photo IMG_5124-2_zpsq6ncddxu.jpg

 photo IMG_5125-2_zpsdkcqmdi1.jpg

Will I come back again? I certainly would, on one of those days I feel rich. Because normal days I’ll eat an average meal an average Singaporean couple would go for. Olivia & Co is worth a visit, whether you wanna fill your stomach or just wanna chill out. Since its along my way home, I bet I’ll be coming back again real soon.

Simon Tey

SDWC: Jung Da Yeon S line Fit Aerobic fitness workout!

I am constantly finding new workouts to do. One should never stick to only one workout. Your body and muscles will get use to it and the workout that you’re doing will slowly lose its magic on your body.

With all the food tastings lately, I decided to find a workout that can target my waist. Not that my hula hoop is not helping, it’s just that I needed something more intense. Actually I don’t eat alot too when I attend food tastings. Well you should know who I push my food to. hahaha. The poor person has now gain weight.. It’s good for him to gain abit of weight also lah. :p

So this new workout that I’ve been trying is Jung Da Yeon’s S LINE FIT workout! I did this that day and I had a really bad muscle ache. Other than my stomach, i think it helps to tone my arms too. Whole body was so sore after that.

This is the video and I highly recommend you to try this. LOL. Go try it and let me know how you feel!! 😀

Till the next people! 😀
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*SDWC stands for Slim Down with Claire if you don’t already know.

Yeast infection vs Urinary tract infection (UTI). My experience + home remedy.

I always share things with you. I share my weightloss journey, I share my spinal surgery, I share my lipo journey, my endoscopy procedure and now this. Yeast infection and Urinary tract infection.

You know I really like to write about my life here. Simon might not like it but I don’t mind because I really treat this space as a diary. =P

Well yes today’s topic is kinda awkward but I think it is good for me to share. Especially for you girls who never got the above 2 infections before, all the more you need to read this post.

So what is Yeast Infection and Urinary tract infection? 

Vaginal yeast infections, also known as candidiasis, are a common female condition. Yeast infections are caused by the fungus Candida. This fungus is associated with intense itching, swelling, and irritation.
Source: http://www.healthline.com/health/vaginal-yeast-infection#Overview1

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), develop when bacteria enter the urethra and travel up into the bladder.
Source: http://www.healthline.com/health/bladder-infection-treatments

I got both of them before and it is definitely not fun. It’s uncomfortable, sucky and depressing. You will experience pain for UTI, but yeast infection? It’s another story. It is disgusting and extremely itchy. You know that hokkien word, ‘gao wei’? Yes super gaowei!!!

They say once you get UTI, it’s easy for you to get it again. I think my highest record was 3 times a year. I didn’t get for this and last year and I am hoping for it to stay this way. As for yeast infection, it happened late last year. Very funny why so many things start to happen once I hit mid 20s, it’s like my body is not mine anymore.

Yeast Infection is super disgusting by the way, other than the itch, your vjj will swell and you will have thick yellowish greyish discharge that smells like bread (yeast). Yes I am serious. Can you imagine that? The discharge, the itch, the discomfort? Although it is not painful, it is mentally torturing.

I don’t know why I am so unlucky, honestly. I am clean and hygienic. I am quite ocd when it comes to my body.

Anyway I didn’t see a doctor because I was embarrassed. It’s such a private thing and I have no idea how to tell the doctor. And so I went to google to seek help and I found out that probiotics will help to get rid of yeast infection. Some of the methods are quite gross where they ask you to apply yogurt on your vjj, or IN your vjj but I did nothing of those. What I did was just drinking Yakult or Vitagen or any other probiotic drinks and it a.c.t.u.a.l.l.y works!

It didn’t take me long to get rid of that infection, about 2 days? and I’m back to normal again. I think my condition is not that bad yet that’s why I could recover so fast.

Yeast infection is likely to act up just before or after your menstrual period so during this period you might want to drink more yakult/vitagen. 

As for Urinary tract infection. This is not as disgusting as yeast but it is super uncomfortable. Depending on how bad your condition is, you may see blood when you pee. You constantly have the urge to pee but either there is nothing or only a few drops when you go to the toilet. If you experience something like this, please see a doctor immediately. If the bacteria travel up to the kidney it will be too late!

Doctor will give you antibiotics for sure and also some other medications. During this time when you pee, it will be in a orangey red color. Another way to speed up the recovery process is to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. But this doesn’t stop you from going to the doctor, remember that.

UTI takes about 4-5 days to recover so you really have to be very patient during this period.

I think I’m done with this post, for more information please consult google. Hope this short post helps a little for people who don’t know what the 2 conditions are. Please also note that this is solely based on my own experience. My home remedy is to help you feel better but doesn’t stop you from visiting the doctor. 🙂

I sincerely hope that you don’t get them too. *prayforyou*

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Oh I can also share about the birth control pills that a doctor prescribed me a few months ago. It is still sitting on my desk, I never eat them. Doctor told me there are no side effects for this but I highly doubt so leh. :X  But if anyone of you guys tried Mercilon before, well share with me hahaha. 


Lush Halloween and Christmas Collection 2016! Read read!!

I love LUSH. I love bath bombs. Thank you Lush for inviting me over to unveil your Halloween and Christmas collection this year. =) Really happy to be there!

It was such a happy and fun event! I really enjoyed myself!

 photo CIMG0296_zps0mmhmfbu.jpg

Check out the beautiful treats! I tasted Chloe’s one and was surprised that it was actually not too bad. Look at the coloring, wouldn’t you think they are super sweet?

There were a few stations at the event for us to go and play with, I absolutely love that they allow us to drop the bath bombs into the water, it was so fun and therapeutic looking at all the different bath bombs and the spread of the colors!

 photo Halloween_zpsawx3ot74.png

Alright shall I share with you the collection now?? =D They are so cute and I’m so happy to share with you all their new products!

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First the Halloween Station!! 

The top purple one: Monsters Ball
Top orange: Pumpkin
Top right green one: Lord of Misrule Bomb
Center: Autumn Leaf (damn pretty this baby!)
Bottom orange: Sparkly Pumplin
Bottom White: White ghoul
Bottom: Goth fairy shimmer bar!

 photo CIMG0307_zpsmngpaoku.jpg

The white ghoul (boo) looked like the marshmallow I made in a video 2years ago for halloween lol! Super cute.

 photo CIMG0297_zpsxxqhkj4e.jpg

The beautiful autumn leaf bath bomb!

 photo CIMG0303_zpsdmssd73k.jpg

Here’s me dropping the bathbomb into the water! =D

 photo CIMG0304_zpsxdm2o21d.jpg

Look at this!

 photo CIMG0305_zps3j8r6ybj.jpg

So pretty!! Imagine how it would look like in the bathtub! Ahhhhh..

 photo CIMG0308_zps76wpzluh.jpg

The goth shimmer fairy!

 photo CIMG0300_zpslz8de91b.jpg

I also played with the Monsters Ball! Such a pretty pink!

 photo CIMG0301_zpsizyg1cb9.jpg

Look at the transition! I can never see this in the bathtub though, since it’s all covered up.

Next Christmas station! Night before Christmas! 

 photo CIMG0310_zpsjyjmbsql.jpg

For you to sleep tight and well. =)

 photo CIMG0311_zpsm4eumj4u.jpg

Sleepy body lotion. Interesting!

 photo CIMG0316_zpswy9ol1zq.jpg

Mr Sandman Dusting powder, best enjoyed just before bed!

 photo CIMG0309_zpsg3mnffdr.jpg

Look at the shimmer on my hand!

 photo CIMG0317_zpshrlowipk.jpg

Northern lights bath bomb! One of the prettiest one!

 photo CIMG0315_zpscexyjvjw.jpg

The color combination is so nice!

 photo CIMG0318_zpsr7be5xrw.jpg

All the other products!

 photo CIMG0319_zps02l4nq9g.jpg

Soap bars!

 photo CIMG0320_zps3ug3kl8a.jpg

Check out the Snow Castle (Bottom left) and Baked Alaska on the right plus some others that I have already forgotten the name!

 photo CIMG0322_zpsavsr8je4.jpg

On the right: Shooting stars! They glow in the dark!

 photo CIMG0321_zpsmvjbze9c.jpg

So pretty!

 photo CIMG0323_zps3zhimwgo.jpg

 photo CIMG0324_zpsjnmcienz.jpg

 photo CIMG0326_zps3cfpyj1l.jpg

Reindeer rocks! Every piece look different!

 photo CIMG0327_zpsqi7ehaqe.jpg

Fireside! This one is really warm!

 photo CIMG0329_zpsgb1the7e.jpg

Went to the next station! Sprinkle of Magic where the popular Snow Fairy is located!

 photo CIMG0334_zps17jwsevx.jpg

Fairy Dust Dusting powder!

 photo CIMG0332_zpsf9d0aiaa.jpg

 photo CIMG0331_zpslwia3hpu.jpg

I tried the conditioner and it is so soft on the skin! Can be used on the hair as a conditioner as well! But not too much of course, it can be too heavy on the hair if you put too much of it.

 photo CIMG0333_zps4s2iaiky.jpg

My hand with the fairy dusting powder!

There’s also this very cute product call the PAPA NOEL!! This is a face wash jelly!! It is so fun to hold it!

 photo CIMG0365_zpsl3um0hdn.jpg

 photo CIMG0366_zpsggnyhmjr.jpg

Super wobbly!!!

After playing with the papa noel, I went back to the bath bomb areas again. =P

 photo CIMG0336_zpsuuzu2n4o.jpg

 photo CIMG0337_zpsfvux0zuv.jpg

This so white smells damn good by the way! This will result in apple green bath and refreshing as falling snow!

 photo CIMG0338_zpsvccz6djp.jpg

Cute christmasy bath wands! Magic wand and santasaurus!! So cute!

 photo CIMG0340_zps65wuxbfa.jpg

one of the bath bombs, but I forgot the name. =( this one is damn pretty!

 photo CIMG0343_zpsnunrodag.jpg

This can be used as a bronzer!

Then here’s the self preserve station! All the natural stuffs!

 photo CIMG0345_zpskmnohhlm.jpg

The gift sets!

 photo CIMG0346_zps15tpcwnd.jpg

Me and the cute christmas penguin! Pic taken by June!

 photo use_zpsbjx8a9ia.jpg

Shower gel area! 

 photo CIMG0367_zpsgzfhveuk.jpg

 photo CIMG0368_zps42c9jkfd.jpg

Super wobbly shower jelly!!

 photo CIMG0369_zpsil9et4zy.jpg

Christingle Body Conditioner. Smells like peppermint and menthol and it is very cooling on the skin! In a very pretty mint color too!

 photo CIMG0370_zps9mlfamuq.jpg

Salt and peppermint Bark shower scrub!

 photo CIMG0371_zpstyadnmll.jpg

 photo use2_zpsnseo9w4r.jpg

and finally a selfie with magic bubble wand! =D

There are too many cute stuffs and I just want to buy everything. My favourite is the Papa Noel, Christingle, Autumn Leaf Bathbomb, northern light and all the wobbly jelly soap lol! Gonna find one day to go down Lush again!

And once again, thank you Lush for having me and thanks so much for the sweet goodies! =)

 photo DSC02200_zpsxdmv5epi.jpg

 photo DSC02201_zpsbqzlrxsq.jpg

Was very excited when I saw keep cup in the bag! Simon will be reviewing this btw. =)

 photo DSC02202_zpsmu60btzb.jpg

And also a Christmas Party gift set!

Contains Bubbly Showergel, Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, Reindeer & Robin Fun and Baked Alaska Soap bar! 

If you’re wondering what is Fun: Fun is a brilliant innovation combining soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and malleable toy into a single roll. Each color has a unique scent that evokes fond childhood memories of things like fresh baking and candies! 2.5% of sales from every bar of FUN is contributed to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside. 🙂 

 photo DSC02204_zpsuvxzcn7d.jpg

can’t wait to use them! 🙂

Go check out their Halloween and Christmas Collection now over at https://www.lushsg.com! =) Everyone should play with bathbombs!! 😀

Till the next!

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