Weekly life update: 5th to 11th February 2018 (CNY goodies, mould at home, beauty products)

I had alot of fun updating my dayre these days, because it was easier, more personal and ‘private’. I don’t need to tell people who I am, I don’t need to work on my english, I don’t need to edit my photos and I don’t need to worry what other people think about what I said. I could tell the whole world I 流口水 while sleeping and nobody would care.

I can just talk to anybody and no one needs to know who I am, if I am a blogger or an influencer or whatever shitname this industry has for us now.

I felt really free at Dayre and I wonder why I feel so uncomfortable with my blog recently. I miss those days where I can just talk shit and rant here without being professional.

So after some thoughts yesterday I decided to update more here. I will blog more on my life, random things and what I do on a daily basis. Due to my hectic schedule it is really hard to update everyday so for now I will provide a weekly update instead to share with you what I have been doing and up to.

Recently I am also working on something new and there are also some decisions I need to make by June.

This is going to be like my personal diary. It might be boring on some weeks but I don’t care. I need a space to help me record all the small little details that are happening in my life.

So ya, here you go. My first update for the week. 🙂


As usual I went to work. For lunch I had chicken chop. I wanted to eat from the same stall but they did not open. So I ordered from another stall, the stall is call something Sim Lim one. Usually I have my lunch at either whampoa big or small market and some of the other coffee shops along the neighbourhood. Alot of choices but as usual after 3 months Im bored already., totally have no idea what to eat now. The most sian thing is what you know? No salad!!! I feel so fat after working here even though I didnt gain any weight.

So ya back to my chicken chop it was okay only, chicken was too salty. $5.50. Not too bad.


During lunch we talked about valentine’s day, shopping for chinese new year and all sorts of lame things.

That evening, I asked Simon to help me collect my pants from refash. I like refash but it’s very troublesome. I bought a few pieces from them and I had to go down several times to collect because once the clothes are ready I had to collect them within 4days. And they are not ready at the same time one leh..

Anyway I had a similar white size S pants from theclosetlover but I sold it away cos white gets dirty easily hence I bought a 2nd hand blue one and thought maybe I should try size M since the S was a little tight on the hips and loose on the waist.

I tried on the pants and got disappointed because it was too loose sigh..


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 5.02.19 PM

I have the above pants in Navy colour. If you are interested. Email me at dreylim1@gmail.com or dm me at instagram: claireaudreylim.

I also brought home the kueh lapis I brought from this shop call – Authentic Baker’s Centre from Indonesia.


They came to my office and I ordered one for my family. Its big and only $38!! Bengawan solo already sell $60plus lor. The taste also quite good just that cannot be compared to bengawan solo la haha.

After we had our dinner (don’t remember what I ate already) I went to work on my campaigns.

Some blogger friends of mine have been asking why they don’t see me at events or food tasting anymore. Other than just wanting to rest, I have to work. Morning my normal work evening time my ‘influencer’ work. God I really hate this term. And also for many other reasons lah maybe soon I will be able to share with you. 🙂


Another super busy day.

I had this really strong cravings for pineapple tarts and so far we havent buy any goodies yet. So I went to compassone and almost got pineapple tarts from Tosuta and Bakery Cuisine but suddenly felt bad because I have always been a huge supporter of Olive Bakery.

But anyway Bakery Cuisine’s tarts were a little too sweet. 


Tosuta’s salted egg potato chips were really good though! And their pineapple tarts got so many different flavours. 


In the end…. I went to Olive and got one yuan yang love letters and pineapple tarts. Do you remember the salted egg pineapple tarts I tried last year? Yah same shop.


And then they also made this super cute rice bucket cake. omg. This is the last one already because all sold out!


Next I went to open letter box and I was so happy to see my package! I bought one dress from carousell and I really like that piece!

However I was disappointed again because there were marks and tears on the dress. Sigh. Not good not good. I talked to the seller and she was nice enough to refund me. Thank god I don’t need to face another carousell fight.

Then I worked on my campaign again. Ya my life.


Also saw this hello kitty sneakers from Puma. So cute but too kiddy for me la..

Then that night I posted these phone cases on instagram.

It’s really pretty and they are made from real dried flowers. Check this link out if you are interested: https://www.foxideashop.com/?product_cat=mobile


By the way in case you all are wondering hor, I always do background checks on what I will be advertising before I accept it. Most of the time I accept because I really want to try the products.



A selfie finally because I havent posted any since my eyelash extensions. I had mine done at skinlashsg and Debbie was such a nice and sweet girl. I really like her alot.


If you quote my name you will enjoy 20% discount! Go check her out at @skinlashsg on instagram.

Today I had laksa yongtaufoo for lunch. And then I felt bloated for the rest of the day.


For dinner I had stuff’d. Forever the same chicken kebab.



And I always look forward to the quotes.

Tonight I don’t need to work on anything and so I watch Netflix. I am finishing drop dead diva already so now I am on Jane the virgin. I stop watching pretty little liars and riverdale because they are too intense.

I had the time to blog today but I just didnt want to ‘work’ again.


I finally set up the thing. Bye USD400.

I was also on MC and I went somewhere then to my usual Olive tree clinic. I really cannot tahan the doctor but its cheap! It was only 20 or 20plus dollars, no wonder so many people go to him. LOL If you know where and who I’m talking about Im sure you can relate.

Then I had dinner at Renjong with Simon. I was distracted because I had alot of things going in my head. Simon was sick and hence he was quite quiet too. I was also worried for his eyes because it had been so red for weeks already.

He went to see doctor for his eyes finally and the GP suspected it might be Pterygium so the doctor referred him to Eye centre. Haiz hope his eyes are okay.


Was obviously distracted because the previous day I got ‘slapped’ by someone. I swear my brain was going to explode already but Simon asked me not to think so much. I asked if he would support my decision and he said he will. But I would have to wait for the next intake which is next year 🙁

Anyway tonight is also the day Im having dinner with WP, J and D so I asked myself to relax and just enjoy the night.

We went to Astons at City Square for dinner and I ordered fiery chicken with mac and cheese. It was my first time trying mac and cheese from Astons and it was surprisingly not bad. There are better mac & cheese elsewhere thats why I never say good. Fiery chicken was shiok but caused me to have diarrhea.. 3 times somemore.

Then I went home and saw these products from Eucerin Singapore. Almost worked with them last year but happy to work with them this time round. 🙂


Fast forward to Saturday.

Met up with Nic my lao peng you. And then Simon came at around 3pm. Chit chat awhile more and Simon went off first and I met him later at Seletar Mall.

Nic gave me pineapple tarts and coffee cookies! I shall share the coffee cookies next time! By the way these pineapple tarts are so mini and cute! Perfect for girls and they are eggless! very nice too! They are from My Mum’s Cookies! 



see! So damn cute!

Anyway I had lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria. Ordered meatball beehoon cos its healthier and because my stomach was still aching.


At seletar mall, we went to fairprice to get groceries because Simon won vouchers again.

We had dinner at Kopitiam. I finally tried the chicken rice at the kopitiam outside Fernvale Lrt. The meat was good but the rice was kinda dry.


Would be even better if got Azhar!! 


After dinner I came home and change my clothes because it’s time to film. It is the only thing that keeps me sane now.

And I also shared the Labelle Ultrasonic Cleanser on my instagram. I really love this product. It is included in my monthly favorites list so I shall not talk more about it today. But if you are interested to get this product, from now until 12 Feb you will receive a Vitamin C serum for free when you purchase this cleanser!

You will also enjoy additional 15% discount if you quote <claire15> for non event items until 25th Feb.


FYI I wasnt paid to promote this. For all non paid products, I have the option to not share it if it’s not good for me. And if you really want to know, usually I only put #sp for paid ads and when I say something is good I really meant it. 

Sunday – last day of the week.

Usually its my stay home day or work till death kind of day. Edit video, edit photos, submit work and do housework. I woke up with many fake lashes on my face because I apparently rub my eyes really violently while I was sleeping. Sigh.. Now my right eyes looked botak 🙁 


Then I had breakfast and start cleaning the house and found alot of angbaos at home! If you want you can take from me. hahaha.

Today is also our fight the freaking mould day. I want to swear but I am learning to be more civilised now.

I am really frustrated with these disgusting stuffs. How you all deal with it man? We either bleach or throw now.




Today we also have to prepare our house for CNY because our friends are coming over on CNY day 3 and we will be away from 19th to 24th Feb. Sian this is the first time I am not excited for holidays.

So this is how my week looks like. Actually quite fun to type everything out.

Can’t wait to share the next weekly update already wahahhaa. Thank you for reading if you are reading. 🙂



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