Video: Customized Facial at Estetica Beauty, Plaza Singapura review! They are running a trial promo now too!

Watch the vlog here!!

Recently I went to Estetica Beauty Salon for a customized facial! My face has been pretty oily and dull lately due to my busy schedule and I really wanted a good facial to help me get my skin back on track.



I had a consultation with the manager and also my beautician and she could also see that my skin is not very good too. During our consultation I mentioned that I would like to skip extraction if possible because I’m really scared that it will hurt.

She advised that extraction is essential and it will really help my skin to become better. And she also assure me that it will not be so painful because she won’t apply force during the extraction.

She also informed me that the extraction will definitely help in my skin condition and will help to refine my skin.

Go watch the video and see how I felt about the treamtment! I can only tell you I had a good time and my skin feels so smooth, clean and refreshed after that! There is no significant redness after the extraction too!



If you are interested, Estetica is running a 1st trial promo right now where you will get a Customized Facial at $68. (U.P. $200!) Go watch my video 🙂