E48: Stellar at 1-Atitude review.

Hi guys,

We went to Stellar at 1-Altitude a while back, and here’s what I have to say about the experience…


Well to be fair, 1-Altitude is an awesome place. Stellar is on the 62nd floor and the view is breath-taking, obviously. We made our reservation a week ago and when we arrive, we were ushered to a table by the window. The view can keep my eyes plastered to the glass all night. But its a restaurant we’re in so I should be focusing on the food..


It was a voucher Claire gotten from I don’t know where but we had it so we utilized it. The waiter was a friendly Pak Cik and he made us feel comfortable in this atas venue that I, with my peasant mindset, am having trouble fitting in. He even offered to take a photo of us before the night fall as he said it himself.


It was a quiet evening and there wasn’t many guests around, so we were really enjoying the ambiance of the place.


Before we ordered anything, we were served… Vegemite crackers… See the empty jar? I think they stuffed the contents into that biscuit on it… Vegemite you know? Vegemite. I honestly am not a fan of Vegemite but it was okay.


Starters to start our date night

We took the 3-course meal worth $110++ per pax, but we get to choose from a list of dishes.

Let’s start with with the starters. Claire chose a seemingly harmless Mushroom Consommé made with stock poured over a slab of truffle and a stalk of pickled leek i think? And a single tortelli.



The stock was ok, but Claire was slightly surprised by how ‘harmless’ this dish tastes. I think we were thinking: priced at $110+ per pax, we expected everything to taste divine you see. In my opinion, this is one of the better tasting dishes. I on the other hand, had Seared Hokkaido Scallop.


The description had some fancy name for an oyster and some foreign name for some kind of puree. See that maroon colour sauce? It taste like its made of blood. 

A maroon colour puree I would’ve love it if it tasted fruity like grapes or something, but it tasted like boiled blood… I know because I had pig’s blood when I was young and it tasted like that, that iron taste.. That’s why I feel the need for some booze, to muddle my brain and hopefully my taste buds. And here comes the best item of the night, an old school dessert wine, a glass of Taylor’s Tawny Port. 


And Claire chose Mojito because she can only stomach mojitos.


In come the Mains

Claire’s main dish came first, and it was a pasta dish, or supposed to be a pasta dish.. Its Truffle Gnocchi with summer greens. Gnocchi are just small dough pieces but we had a hard time differentiating them in the greenish-oily paste/sauce.

After her first mouth, she told me it wasn’t bad, but got a little nauseated by that cloyingly thick sauce after that. 


I picked the Braised Tajima Wagyu Chuck Rib in MB 7-8 in Stout. I have no idea what the MB thingy means, but when I see the dish, I thought mine is going to be good. It actually turn out to be good, but not great. I guess you can go horribly wrong with a good slab of wagyu beef unless you burnt the shit.

After half the piece of wagyu, I too got a little nauseated thanks to the oily meat. I am thinking why food this expensive made us feel like puking.


Sweet Surprises

Sweet Wood Fired Nagasaki Corn for Claire, with that roasted corn ice cream with bits of corn, honey comb and erm.. salty fingers? Well I don’t know.. According to Claire, the ice cream was alright only. 


Volcanic Pavlova for me, what’s this grey meringue with lots of chamomile ice cream and strawberries with a fancy name?? Well, mine was better because I got the ice cream, fruits and stuff, Claire only had that scoop of ice cream.


All these food stuffs were all so foreign to us we really cannot link the individual components inside each dish compliments each other. It might be an abstract art form that’s lost within us.. Well at least they keep trying to keep us entertained, we were given this sampler of Styles of Citron, really refreshing..


Well, maybe the problem lies with me and not the food. Imagine me, with my peasant mindset, peasant taste buds and peasant soul. I will never understand the deep thoughts of the chef that conjured up these series of innovative, imaginative fusion cuisine that will most certainly delight the selected privileged minority who would frequent this establishment. If this restaurant can stay open for so long, in a location that would probably cost a few limbs to rent, this must serve as a testament that there are others who can appreciate the food here. 

So in conclusion: Not for peasants.


Simon Tey

P.S. Shots of the menu below.