[S-series] Sushi-Tei Thomson Plaza and Pacamara Review!


Today I’m gonna talk about what happened during my birthday… That was… like 3 months ago…

This post came so late because recent months had been a hurricane of stuff happenings that we totally forgot that I was supposed to blog about… my own birthday.. So I ended up doing this after the hurricane season, God bless those people suffering the effects of those hurricanes and tropical storms.

Back to the food, I always loved Japanese food, so during my birthday I opt for Japanese food again. There was this Restaurant Sushiro that was serving highly rated dons at reasonable pricing. BUT they opens from 11:45 – 14:15 and 17:45 – 21:15. We went there at 14:10 and there was a long queue with a sign that says they stop serving after the last guy in the queue. Bummer. So after some hesitation, we decided to go to Sushi Tei instead.

In my opinion, Sushi Tei is not bad, its like an atas Ichiban boshi. They also have their seasonal menu at the time, so I decided to try them, Claire is footing the bill anyways so I can eat all I want hahaha!


We had one of the cheaper Chirashi-don, Kani Chawamushi, and Salmon Sashimi that Claire always have a craving for.DSC04674



I enjoyed the Chirashi-don, I liked the sashimi in thick chunky slices rather than in tiny cubes that some places serves. I think those cubes type were called bara-chirashizushi.. Claire is licking the chopsticks from her sashimi and the crabmeat steamed egg thingy. 


Next the ambitious me ordered the chirasu-hijiki fried rice from their seasonal menu. I actually wanted the hijiki seaweed ramen and a hijiki seaweed salad, but we were told they ran out of hijiki seaweed.. Then.. what’s the black strips in my fried rice called? :O Well I don’t run the restaurant so who am I to say anything eh?


We seldom have dessert in a restaurant due to the overpriced nature of things. But Claire wanted a scoop of Goma ice cream so I also went for a hot mochi in red bean soup thing that tasted like some instant paste mixed in hot water and drop a few mochi in and charge us 5 bucks for it. Damn.


Next next we of course have to go for my coffee break, its my birthday you know. We’re in Thomson area so might as well drop in to one of the cafes in the area, and so we went to Pacamara which I’ve seen so many times but never tried.

Pacamara’s previous incarnation was OZ specialty coffee that I’ve never tried before they closed and rebirth again into the current Pacamara Coffee roasters, like the phoenix, except the logo is a horsey. 


They serve brunch and some usual cafe food. I didn’t know they serve alcohol too, and some hipster craft beer at that too, but no I’m here for the coffee and cakes.


I ordered a ‘one plus one’ that consist of an espresso and a 5oz white coffee. Claire asked for a white cold brew and hated it. Then I ordered an Earl Grey Something cake to go along with our drinks. The cake was good, the coffee wasn’t too far off from my top 10 list but still not quite there. In a pinch, when I have an urge for good coffee but am stucked along Upper Thomson Rd, I’ll probably make the walk to Yahava like 3km away from Pacamara. Please note this is my opinion so YMMV. Enjoy the following pics Claire took.




And then back home, Claire bought a slice of Lychee Martini cake from the bakery near our place. Taste great, but made even better with the company of my beloved wife. 🙂


Happy birthday to myself, about 3-4months ago.. 

Cheers people,

Simon Tey