[S-series] BOUNCE Singapore Trampoline Park


Recently we visited Bounce Singapore to bounce!

Well its a big trampoline park on the 9th floor at Cineleisure that’s great for youths and adults who just want to have fun! And fun is what we get when Claire brought me and her buddies along to play.

Jumping on a trampoline is something I’ve never tried before, I seriously don’t know what to expect, I thought I’m kinda overaged for this sort of thing. So I went there with some doubt whether I’ll enjoy myself among the youngsters.

And not surprisingly, the place is full of youngsters. Those below 30yrs old are youngsters in my eyes.

Claire went and register all of us to enter the park. But we have to complete a waiver form first, probably to protect the establishment from any injury we suffer for doing stupid things on the trampoline. Well that’s fair, also serve as a reminder not to do stupid things or suffer the consequences, some people need to be reminded.

After that we were given socks with rubber studs at the sole for friction. So we don’t have to wear our shoes inside and dirty the place. But the staffs inside preventing people from being stupid were wearing shoes anyways, oh well. I have no doubts that the place will be dirty, but its a park anyways, so of course it will be.

Anyways we entered the ‘arena’ and begin jumping. Who’d have guessed jumping can be fun too! At any given time, there should only be one person on one trampoline, one of the safety rules. So we each took up one trampoline and started jumping. It took a bit of practice to get the momentum right, after which I started jumping higher and higher almost effortlessly. Its fun! it feels like flight for a split second! And we kept jumping to get the kick.

Its Saturday and there’s an event happening here from 8pm to 11pm called ‘Saturday Night Jams’ where they play party music and disco lights. I for one can’t appreciate partying this way, so I’m rather immune to it, I’m just there to jump. The other people were jumping to the beats or performing stunts flipping here and there trying to impress the female gender. Oh well I’m way over that stage now so I’m just enjoying myself and watching my wife and friend falling all over the place. The simple pleasures my friend, nothing complicated here.

check out the photos below to get a feel of what’s available for you:

Generally, I’m not the adventurous type, so no back flips for me. No parkour too even though the surfaces are padded and with trampoline its easy mode here. But no, for me. As for you, if you never jump of a trampoline before, please go to Bounce and try it out, its fun, pure and simple. Serious man, coming from a 32 yr old with a 50 yr old mentality.

BOUNCE Singapore

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, #09-01
Singapore 239695


Cheers people.

Simon Tey