[S-series] Coffee places we visited in the past year..

Hi guys,

Welcome to another post by yours truly, its yet another useless post about coffee we’ve tasted through the past year or so. Over here, I’ll be rating the few places we are featuring here with my highly inconsistent and unscientific method (my tongue and my brain), so remember to take it with a pinch of salt, your mileage may vary. We, of course, drank gallons of coffee already by now, but we don’t take every single cup we drank because that’s just overkill. So here are some of the ones we actually cared to take a shot.

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee Blk 170 Stirling Road #01-1133. Singapore 140170 
Monday – Friday: 08:30 – 17:30
Saturdays: 09:00 – 16:00

This was a time long ago, we got cozy together and when she made lots more effort in appearing in front of me. Well our working timing was the opposite of now, she ends earlier than me so she has the time to travel towards me. I brought her to Tiong Hoe which was conveniently situated real close to my place of employment. Although I knew the coffee were awesome, I don’t frequent the place because it can get expensive very fast living like that and the place closes early. I digress, so the main point is that it was a hot day so we ordered iced latte and iced mocha. They were served in a small milk bottle, really cute, but the volume is lacking. Well I can’t complain, because they make wicked tasting coffee over here. its so smooth and the full bodied taste of the beans used will blow your mind. Do note that seating might be limited because the cafe area is a small place. Well they need the rest of the space for their coffee roasting machinery.


 photo IMG_9061-2-2_zpsehjcnxyn.jpg

Chye Seng Huat Hardware – 150 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207563
Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday
9am to 10pm
Last order for food – 9:30pm | drinks – 9:45pm

Friday & Saturday
9am to Midnight
Last order for food – 10:30pm | drinks – 11:45pm

Next comes CSHH coffee. Yeah when I first heard it I was like “what the heck is CSHH?”. Singaporeans are quite good with acronyms I think, CSHH is kinda catchy. Well we went there specially to visit CSHH. It was during the time when we were still always out exploring Singapore and looking for cafes to visit. We made a freaking long list, furthermore there were quite a community vouching for CSHH as the best coffee locally, so all the more we need to visit it.

 photo IMG_1080-2-2_zpsvscoa64u.jpg

The coffee bar concept was something new to us, it features a oval shaped work area for the team of baristas in the middle of the space where you can watch them weave the magic that will become your favourite drink. But that day Claire wasn’t feeling well with all the bloated-ness she’s suffering from.. I was the only one drinking. Because milk can cause more bloating. I ordered a latte because I didn’t see a flat white option in the menu at that time. It was magic indeed, but I find the grounds were over-extracted a little. All in all, I would still think its a tie with Tiong Hoe for awesome coffee. They roast their own coffee too!


 photo IMG_1089-2-2_zpsh3fa5vb9.jpg

Joe & Dough Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-86 Singapore 039596

Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday and public holidays: 7.30am – 9.30pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 8.30pm

Joe & Dough has been popping up all over our little island recently. We happen to be at Millenia Walk walking around shopping for inspiration for our home at that time. The standard progression would be: we go gai-gai, we got tired, we go to cafe and sit till they close. So this time round we choose to sit in Joe & Dough at Millenia Walk. We both ordered latte, its strange because that’s not our usual go-to drink in a cafe. Furthermore, I kinda think it tasted comparable with Starbucks, which is not very high up in my mind’s cafe rankings.. Its acidic and its burnt.


 photo IMG_9912-2-2_zpsqqzvf7hx.jpg

 photo IMG_9917-2-2_zpsyze5cr55.jpg

Kotobuki CoffeeWisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, #01-18C, Singapore 238877

Daily: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Last Order: 10.00pm)

We passed by this awesome looking cafe and thought we’ll be able to taste something similarly awesome! But that day, I decided to turn cheapo and wanna try to save my bucks.. So after going through its menu, we call the staff over to place our orders. But… as that day was the first day its open for business, there were only a limited selection available from the menu. I was going to share a slice of cake over coffee with Wifey, but we ended up with 2 cups of black siphon coffee.

 photo IMG_0686-2-2_zpsvmuquelz.jpg

Siphon coffee maker is like a vac pot.. oh that’s another name for it, according to Wikipedia… So anyways, the coffee wasn’t too bad, I really can’t remember much from so far back.. But my impression was its real tasty, nothing harsh. The siphon maker have enough for 2 mugs, so I downed 3 mugs while Claire downed 1.
Based on a vague impression: 3.5/5

 photo IMG_0698-2-2_zpskyozvdbm.jpg

Dean & Deluca – 181 Orchard Road, #01-09/10/15 (S) 238896

Sunday to Thursday
10am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday
10am to 12mn

Claire seem to have heard about Dean & Deluca, I couldn’t say I have.. Well here we are one weekday night. We were out window shopping and got tired. Usual scenario. So off we go to an atas looking mini-mart x cafe at Orchard Central.

 photo IMG_5572-2_zpsevyodgyr.jpg

Claire had a Mocha Latte while I had a Marble Latte, because initially wanted to try it. If not I would’ve ordered a cappucino or latte.

 photo IMG_5574-2_zpsjxv3h0ut.jpg

Well, it tasted like coffee + lots of milk + lots of cocoa powder.. So I don’t feel like I’m drinking coffee, its more like coffee flavour beverage.. Her mocha tasted like chocolate milk.  photo IMG_5585-2_zpsqs83rvzv.jpg

 photo IMG_5584-2_zpsgbjmfcy8.jpg

Can’t see the marble effect on the marble latte..

Its nice enough, nicer than Starbucks standard. But it doesn’t shine.

2.5/5 just passed.

And there you have it, we’ve come to the end of my coffee ratings/rantings. Its been a year since I last gone back to Nylon Coffee, I guess its about time to wash my palate with their black gold and refresh my memory of what the best coffee in Singapore taste like. (IMO, YMMV)

Cheers people.



Gifts Less Ordinary for their range of Baby Gifts in Singapore!

Once you reach my age right, you will realise that the invitation you received are mostly, wedding, 1st month baby born and kids’ birthday celebrations. Just this January alone, I already received 3 for Man Yue (aka Baby 1st Month).

As I get busier and become more anti social (just kidding), the only gifts I can think of and have the time to prepare are red packets. I mean, isn’t that the most practical gift?

Even though that is the case, I still find it quite boring to give out the same thing every time. Because we are attending another celebration soon, I decided that I need to do something different. I asked Simon for ideas and he suggested Gift Less Ordinary!

If you still remember, I actually work with Gift Less Ordinary before and I can’t believe that I actually forgot about them! They are actually an online gifting store based in Singapore.

I remembered looking through their personalised gifts for babies and they were super cute and suitable for many occasions! You can buy them for baby showers or even for new born babies. They carry a wide range of products from trainers, blankets, comforters to bracelet and even gift sets too! These baby gift sets seem like a good gifting option as well if you are looking for newborn baby hampers in Singapore.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 11.57.28 PM_zpsunwk6mfn.png

Personalised Embroidered Gift Set for Baby Boy!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 11.52.34 PM_zpsy8xecl9j.png

Blue Hand and Foot Print Cufflinks for babies!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 12.00.53 AM_zpsnc6brhpc.png

Personalised Blue and Pink Hooded Towel with ears! HOW CUTE!!!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 12.00.45 AM_zpshljnwao8.png

Personalised Top trainers for boy and girl!

I will definitely get these for my kids in the future if I have!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 12.29.33 AM_zpstkgzi4g2.png

Personalised Mummy & Baby girl box and also

 photo Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 12.29.20 AM_zpswc1s1wm4.png

Personalised Christening Set!

I’m going to continue shopping now and get a personalised gift for my friend. 😛

If you are looking for baby gifts too then please check out Gifts Less Ordinary for their range of Baby Gifts in Singapore“! 😀

This post is brought to you by Gifts Less Ordinary. 


Explore 35: We went to the Zoo Part 1!

No I didn’t forget my explore series. Truth is we are actually quite busy lately. :/ so we didn’t have time to go out. Can’t remember when we went to the zoo. Not this year definitely but still I’m here to share with you today!

For the record, we won’t go to the zoo on a normal day. We went because Simon always have certain freebies for the year and just nice last year was a trip to the zoo.

 photo 2_zpsa98ihioh.jpg

Yo couple go to the zoo! I think I prefer having fringe now hahaha!

 photo 1_zpshqqrehlx.jpg

 photo 3_zpsaljfwzne.jpg

Singapore Zoo!

 photo 4_zpssldzjg5s.jpg

 photo 5_zpsudio0qru.jpg

Volunteers wanted in the zoo?

 photo 6_zps8l9jtvj4.jpg

The Wild Deli if you’re looking for food!

 photo 7_zpspetbsbrv.jpg

 photo 8_zpskfpsafja.jpg

River Safari Tea House – Never try the food but I don’t think it’s cheap. lol!

 photo 11_zps9trtivzi.jpg

 photo 9_zpsuntiouch.jpg

This is the promotion for NTUC members last year. I think this year will have the same promo too.

and spamming more photos now!

 photo 10_zps7ttgzpz2.jpg

Meet the American Beavers! Please note all these are taken last year! So I’m not sure what’s going on at the zoo right now.

 photo 12_zpsauv8y1sz.jpg

Plan your journey! They even have suggested itinerary for you!

 photo 13_zpszqm7qaj9.jpg

River Wonders

 photo 14_zpsrfutsq7w.jpg

 photo 17_zpsyxwnhtpf.jpg

 photo 15_zpsq842upqg.jpg

River trails.

 photo 18_zpssmovniax.jpg

Blue fish! So pretty!

 photo 22_zpsseudfdns.jpg

Scary alligators!

 photo 23_zpsmls3uw8c.jpg

Mekong River and Simon Tey.

 photo 24_zpsnkqraqnz.jpg

Cheeky face?

 photo 25_zpscoras23e.jpg

Fishy fishy!

 photo 28_zpssueiln7v.jpg


 photo 27_zpsaexgpfnz.jpg

So fat!

 photo 29_zpskvm4hvdp.jpg photo 33_zps8gs4jnuf.jpg

The river!

 photo 32_zps9idcyeyi.jpg

Time for some boat rides at the zoo!

 photo 37_zpsvhy3c0py.jpg

Panorama shot!

 photo 38_zpsmqxhywld.jpg

We went for the River Safari Cruise!

 photo 39_zpstuq6pooe.jpg

It is 15minutes long but feels shorter than that!  photo 43_zpsbh6awckc.jpg

in the queue and eating my blueberry fig bar!

 photo 44_zpshlvjernc.jpg

our turn to hop on the boat!

 photo 46_zpsqaai6twe.jpg

when in the boat, the staff showed us samples of … I only remembered giraffe tail hair and poop.

 photo 47_zpstrljxeme.jpg

Thank God this is free because there’s basically nothing to see. I think I only saw the neck of the giraffe.

 photo 49_zpshodbn51l.jpg

I was just enjoying the breeze and nothing more LOL! I think the Amazon River quest will be more interesting?

Will continue the part 2 in the next post and share with you our dinner at Renjong after we collect our ezbuy loots!

Till the next,
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Bali D3P2: Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Tegenungan waterfall if you want to do cliff jumping!

Watch our travel video:

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Day 3 Part 1: Bali Zoo to feed elephants *scary* and Mount Batur, Batur Lake view!

And here we are at Tegallalang to see the amazing rice terrace!
 photo 46_zpsnjlgdakg.jpgThere were small shops there selling paintings and also fabrics.

 photo 47_zpsksumdrcm.jpg

so nice right?

 photo 48_zpshjfrfdsa.jpg

Tourists everywhere.

 photo 50_zpsdyvssoum.jpg

Amazing. wanted to go down but we didn’t because it was too crowded. I think you have to pay $1 SGD/pax if you want to go down, something like a tour.

 photo 51_zpsopmneaxt.jpg

everyone is standing there taking pictures.

 photo 52_zpsbuaubsae.jpg

trying hard to take a good shot and find out that candid is still the best.

 photo 53_zpsf0p4j8i6.jpg

July 2016 me.

After this we went to Tegenungan Village to see the waterfall!

 photo 56_zpshmyub1al.jpg

shops along the road.

 photo 57_zps7opcmcga.jpg

 photo 58_zpsageljt38.jpg

entrance fee is $1Sgd/pax.

 photo 59_zpszgpnt2d6.jpg

you can buy hats here too. Bali is freaking hot.

 photo 60_zpspqztng3j.jpg

 photo 61_zpsqemcze19.jpg

The waterfall from far..

 photo 62_zpsnfxkkirt.jpg

Took about 8-10mins walk/climb to reach the waterfall.

 photo 63_zpswqxxuc0l.jpg

 photo 67_zpstf37pwje.jpg

 photo 68_zpssmdwxdhz.jpg

Reaching soon!

 photo 69_zpsdwpqe5gv.jpg

 photo 70_zpsoblsueua.jpg

and here we are! Not safe for jumping that day by the way.

And if it’s safe we wouldn’t do that too. lol!

 photo 73_zpsoikwpqhr.jpg

 photo 74_zpsmqrdjgtm.jpg

Kids are inside this corner showering.

 photo 75_zps4q9a9t1p.jpg

nothing much to explore and we went back to our Villa before we head out to do some shopping. AND GUESS WHAT!?

We walked all the way to Beach Walk Shopping Center at Kuta Beach and during the routine security check, Simon got nervous and while leaving, he pry his toe nail from the nail bed when he missed a step on the stairs! WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? So much blood and we had to look for a clinic there. We couldn’t find one and he had to self treat himself by getting bandage and betadine.

We went to Changi General Hospital A&E when we reached Singapore the next night and we had to wait for 4 hours. -_- Lucky the nail already grow back now.

People please be careful when you travel. LOL! Shall continue my day 4 – last day in the next post! =D

Till the next,
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Video – Spring Summer Clothing Haul 2017! :D

Sharing my shopping with you today! 😀 Features Hervelvetvase, Faythlabel, LBRlabel and Ohvola. ^^

Hope you enjoy it and subscribe!

Till the next,
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Claire loves to snack P4: Asam Tree Cafe, Blueberry Cheese tarts (Le Cafe) and more snacks/drinks!

Yippee welcome to Claire loves to snack P4!

You know the drill so I shall just start my post. 😀

Onion rings and prawn fritter from Asam Tree Kang Kar Mall ! 

 photo 1_zpsdwcudavu.jpg

Simon loves the prawn fritter and me the onion rings! I can’t stop eating this!

 photo 2_zpslzc1qhgy.jpg

 photo 3_zps7oz66x0v.jpg


2. Rabenhorst Smoothie

 photo 4_zpsexjvofzf.jpg

I’m a sucker for smoothie. I love ALL smoothie and I’m always on a lookout for them. Sometimes I love the ‘real’ smoothie and sometimes the store bought ones. This one I’m sharing today (Rabenhorst Organic Blueberry, Banana & Acai Smoothie) which I got from Isetan tastes so thick and good!

 photo 5_zpscirjdwgu.jpg

3. Waterway Point Punggol food court

 photo 6_zpsirhexlou.jpg

I super love this food court because they have cute stalls that sell small bites. I didn’t try the thai fried ice cream but I know I will try soon, provided if they are still there.

 photo 7_zpsyhb9og6i.jpg

I tried the tutu kueh and my favourite tapioca kueh instead and I love it! 😀

 photo 9_zpsmekignyd.jpg

 photo 10_zpsbuupu3sk.jpg

4. Blueberry cheese tarts from Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry!

If you love blueberry and cheese tarts then this is a must try!!! I love this so much! Maybe because I love cheese =D

 photo 11_zpsyzbb16ga.jpg

and of course if you haven’t try the popular bean curd tarts then you should really try soon!

 photo 12_zpsncwnw5yb.jpg

5. Mackie’s Of Scotland Potato chips – Mature Cheddar & Onion flavour

 photo 13_zpsql8ccr9g.jpg

Love and hate relationship with this LOL. Pungent but awesome!

 photo 14_zps1ceuvexr.jpg

6. Random desserts from Sheng Shiong.

 photo 15_zps9fgoohth.jpg

Orh nee!! Yam paste! Both of us love Yam paste and we thought we could get this to try. Hahaha. It was acceptable but the real one is still the best!

 photo 16_zpsg5teriee.jpg

Top Gourmet Sweet Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

 photo 17_zpsnvs7ozbm.jpg

Also tried this coconut Jelly from Coco Nutto!??!! I remembered the one that I liked was from NTUC Fairprice. I don’t remember the brand though, really have to find that out soon!

 photo 18_zpscdf99ijv.jpg

This jelly is so-so only.

7. Japan Home Compass One

 photo 18.5_zpsqo4t7xjl.jpg

Super love this outlet because they are spacious and I feel that they carry more things compared to the other outlets? The interior also seems to be different from the usual Japan Home.

I bought Bourbon Jelly from there, I think it was 3 for $2?

 photo 19_zps5txao96t.jpg

tried the grape flavour one and the jelly is very watery but still not too bad luh.

 photo 20_zpsjmlo01xh.jpg

8. Drinks time! Tried the not so new Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt drink and it is so so good! Super love the Wild Berry Yogurt drink, must try!

 photo 21_zpsvcrkuidt.jpg

9. Arizona Iced Tea!!!! I wanted to try this for so long and I was so excited when I saw this at a Minimart!! Now cold storage sell this too by the way.

 photo 22_zpstjh7cuf9.jpg

Green tea with Ginseng and Honey.

 photo 23_zpshlsgesa3.jpg

This is the one I bought, Iced tea with lemon flavor. It was okay I guess. Also tried the pomegranate flavor with Simon that day and I don’t really like it. Shall try more next time.

10.  CocoCane Compass One 

 photo 24_zpsvtovrjtz.jpg

I finally tried this! $5 for this cup and honestly I don’t really like it LOL!! 😡 I was so bloated after that zzz.

11. Oishi Green tea in Lychee Flavor. 

 photo 25_zpsyp9ciork.jpg

Taste like lychee drink LOL. normal.

12. Nudie smoothies!! 

 photo 26_zpsn8rclrca.jpg

One of my fav! Love all of them! Can find them at Cold storage! 😀

Hope you enjoy my P4 today, let’s snack more people! ^^

Till the next,
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Daniel Wellington – Use code ‘clairedw’ to get 15% off!

I love watches, and if I didn’t spend my money on traveling, I would have spent them on watches.

Today I’m sharing this classic watch from DW! Finally I got a classic piece! Everyone needs a classic watch, don’t you agree? 🙂

If you are planning to buy your watch from Daniel Wellington then use my code to get 15% off until March 15th 2017.

 photo IMG_7097_zpsyskib5cq.jpg

 photo IMG_7225_zpsgx4hquos.jpg

 photo IMG_7454_zpscne0ybor.jpg

Go check out their website now – www.danielwellington.com. Psss: There might be a surprise giveaway!

Till the next,
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Bali D3P1: Bali Zoo feeding elephants *scary* and Mount Batur & Batur Lake!

Watch our travel vlog here:

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Maybe one day I will rest for a year just to catch up on all these travel posts. :p But that’s impossible hahaha! Simon complained that he got so many photos to edit and I just kept adding new trips. hehehe.

So welcome to our July 2016 Bali 4D3N trip Day 3! We went to the zoo for a short while to feed elephants. Just to gain experience you know. Then check out volcano mountain, Mount Batur – to recce the area first before we do the actual trekking next time (probably). Next we went to Tegallalang to see the amazing rice fields and finally Tegenungan waterfall WHERE it’s the perfect place to do a CLIFF JUMP! I didn’t because I was scared. Obviously. 

So this post I will cover Bali Zoo and the amazing Mount Batur and Lake Batur!

Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu Banjar Seseh Sukawati Batuan Sukawati Gianyar Bali, Singapadu, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

 photo 1_zpscoziaamt.jpg

 photo 2_zpsecl71bgy.jpg

walking in~

 photo 3_zpsyxpzgf6x.jpg

 photo 4_zpsbshhsvyj.jpg

Us with parrots.

 photo 5_zpsuuffs8wm.jpg

 photo 6_zpsfluxkdiv.jpg

and followed by feeding elephants! 

I was so so so so so so scared. I remembered riding an elephant when I was younger. Back then the elephant pooped so I didn’t have a really nice experience but feeding elephants is a completely different story.

Achmed asked if we want to try feeding the elephants and I thought we should try something different. Visiting Bali itself is already different from our usual travel destinations so I don’t see why we shouldn’t try something new. 😛

 photo 7_zpsfaounpwf.jpg

We pay 60,000 Baht (~$6) for the basket of fruits. Didn’t pay entrance fees because Achmed’s friend worked there last time. :p

The entrance fee for Zoo is quite expensive! It’s about $32~ man.
Check out the price here: http://www.bali-zoo.com/index.php/ticket/list_ticket

 photo 8_zpsbfq0airp.jpg


Not very excited honestly because elephants are HUGE.

As usual I asked Simon to feed the elephants first because I am really scared. hahaha. The elephant trunk itself can already lift me up okay, I’m not kidding.

 photo 9_zps6b28rm2j.jpg

Look at Simon’s face HAHAHA.

It’s my turn and…

 photo 10_zpsum3rx9sx.jpg

Moist moist one the nostrils LOL!

Along the way the elephants became a little aggressive, I suspect it’s because we feed too slow. lol!

 photo 12_zpsagjon9et.jpg

Too scared already I decided to walk away.

 photo 13_zpso8obv8zs.jpg

There are still fruits though so Simon bring me back to them again.

 photo 14_zpsj3ynvo21.jpg

Then I don’t really remember what happened here but I think the elephant snatched the whole basket!?

 photo 15_zpsjfd4fmff.jpg

and the story continues…

 photo 16_zpsr300x6th.jpg

 photo 17_zps4gnb2sb9.jpg

 photo 18_zpsicb32wip.jpg

Then suddenly simon sayang the elephant? LOL!

 photo 19_zpsfa8ur7gn.jpg

The elephant is fierce! I find them very sad because these guys riding on them usually hold a hammer or some tool to hit them if they turned aggressive. :/ (If I never see wrongly)

 photo 20_zpsofwour3v.jpg

Then Achmed asked us to take a photo with the elephant. :O

 photo 21_zpsib59iy0a.jpg

Super weird pose because the elephant can’t keep still.

 photo 22_zpspntrpiev.jpg

Damn scary.

 photo 23_zpsvsns96u7.jpg

Look at my sian face.

 photo 25_zps2ifihu7i.jpg

Both of us run away quickly. There was this instance where the elephant trunk actually wrapped around Achmed! We were so shocked!! Luckily the elephant let go of him man.

I think I’m not cut out for this. It’s something fun but no next time LOL!

After Zoo, it’s time for lunch and to check out Mount Batur and Batur Lake!

 photo 26_zpsi1rdmfdb.jpg

I kinda wish I was there to hike. But I’m only there to look at it.

 photo 27_zps4spbsft0.jpg

 photo 28_zpsbzyevxpg.jpg

 photo 29_zpshdkhevms.jpg

I think it will be awesome to stand over there instead of here.

 photo 30_zpskyirstqo.jpg

Another get fat day again. Instead of hiking, we stopped at Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant for buffet lunch! The food is alright. Not so fantastic but it’s only $11 or $12 per person so I’m not complaining!

Jl. Raya Penelokan | Grand Puncak Sari 2, Kintamani 80652, Indonesia

 photo 31_zpscktejk9a.jpg

 photo 32_zps5znpqlui.jpg

 photo 33_zpsj4ah9fce.jpg

The spread.

 photo 34_zpsvcbqbcok.jpg


 photo 35.5_zps6defye4q.jpg

Achmed managed to get us a table with wonderful view!

 photo 35_zpsyw31nfhs.jpg

 photo 36_zpszi6tjmsu.jpg

 photo 37_zps29uboilf.jpg

 photo 38_zpsxxiwt0ta.jpg

Right outside the restaurant is a lookout area where we can stand there and take photos of the volcano mountain.

 photo 41_zpst71k2olf.jpg

 photo 44_zps5szd8gto.jpg

Us and the volcano mountain!

 photo 45.5_zpsaepkfl81.jpg


 photo 45_zpsg8cfw343.jpg

two of us again. 😀

Didn’t stay here for very long because we don’t have much time left, and next we head to rice paddy field at Ubud! Will continue this in another post. 😀

Till the next,
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Video! Valentine’s day 2017 outfit ideas!

I love making videos! hahaha. Anyway outfits below:

 photo vdaycover_zpsjkbf2h5a.jpg

 photo DSC00237_zps5jjyodyj.jpg

  1. Blue lace romper from Fairebelle.

 photo DSC00230_zpsiwb9gbay.jpg

2. Palazzo pants from Hervelvetvase

 photo DSC00248_zpsucyex4wl.jpg

3. Black off shoulder dress from Fashmob.

 photo DSC00249_zpsr68q0kvt.jpg

4. Red top with sash from Faythlabel.

 photo DSC00243_zpsvyk5t5x2.jpg

 photo DSC00241_zpsjpuhdfqq.jpg

5. Jumpsuit from LoveBonito and OTK boots from Public Desire

Till the next and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! <3 Hope you enjoy the short video ^^

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[S-series] Fried Chicken Master 炸鷄大獅 at Serangoon NEX review!


Once again, we’re out feasting again. Well its Chinese New Year season now so of course we’re training our tummies right? Its the right thing to do.

We went to Taiwan’s Master of Fried Chicken outlet at NEX Serangoon B2. The modest stall is conveniently located near the NEL entrance where Cold Storage is. So even if you’re in a rush but also in need of sustenance, this is the stall to patronize.

Also known as Fried Chicken Master, they specialize in fried chicken chop. Taiwan + Chicken Chop = Giant Fried Chicken Chop? Well not quite. Fried Chicken Master had 30-year experience in making fried chicken with their secret recipe. They are also under the parent company, Super Qin Group, who specializes in processing meat and poultry. That translates to having the ability to provide us with the freshest parts on a chicken, marinade in their secret recipe and fry them to perfection.

Check out their menu:

On the menu are the 4 ‘Jimbo Classic’, their specialty marinated fried chicken. The marinade is, of course, their trade secret. But we got to know that they usually make a batch and marinade them overnight for the next day’s sales. And make no mistakes about the resulting flavour in the chicken. Fried chicken from other places usually depends on their batter for the extra flavour, Fried Chicken Master double up the others by adding flavours to both the flesh and the outer batter! The juicy texture of the 4 Jimbo Classic dishes are phenomenal!

Lemme show you the actual Jimbos one by one:

Cutey Jimbo 200g ($4.80)

Chicken thigh meat cut into cubes and marinated in a slightly sweeter sauce. This is the only dish that uses a different marinade from the other 3 Jimbos. Its darker and has a more prominent soy sauce flavour. This is a great snack for smuggling into a cinema watching a movie at home. You just pop them in like juicy popcorn chicken. When I say juicy, it doesn’t mean its soggy, the crispiness can only be due to the freshness of the chicken. All their dishes are cooked on order, so you will always get freshly fried chicken every time.

Running Jimbo ($4.80)

This is named ‘Running Jimbo’ because its actually thigh meat. Get it? Thigh meat so it runs.. Okay that’s not funny, but the taste is nothing to joke about. This freshly fried thigh meat is the juiciest meat I ever had! Move over that spicy thigh meat from that letter ‘M’ restaurant, when I bite into this thigh meat, the juices will flow down my chin. Well I’m not really sure if that’s juices or just flavoured oil. Highly recommended.

*Glistering Glistering*

Lovely Jimbo ($5.00)

This is the meatiest of all, well its chicken breast meat so that’s why. Breast meat is known for its dry texture, but none of that nonsense in this Lovely Jimbo. Oh I forgot to mention, its call lovely because well its shape vaguely resembles a heart. Well names are just names, when you bite into this then you will really fall in love.

Flying Jimbo ($3.80)

Flying Jimbo.. yeah.. wings. This has to be the crispiest of the lot, its also the only one still having its bone inside. If you love crispy stuff, look no further. Wings for me is a love hate relationship, I love its crispiness when fried but I resent the fact that its got bones usually and lesser meat for my money. I’m cheapo so I always look out for the best value. LOL.

Sides: Crispy French Fries and Onion Rings

I don’t know why but their fries are really crispy. We were trying to think where else did we had the same type of fries.. The onion rings though, was awesome! I mean, we can even taste fresh onion within the batter, fresh you know!! Not those over cooked hard fibrous strip of what the onion once was, FRESH! I seriously wonder how they did it, but if I do know, I’ll be opening my own stall already anyways… So.. yeah…

One thing I really need to comment: We were served all 4 of the drinks they offer on their menu, the Kamquat & Lemon Juice ($2), Earl Grey Milk Tea ($2.50), Roselle Tea ($1.80) and Lychee Black Tea ($1.80). I am really really impressed by the drinks they have to offer. Even though there are only 4 choices, everyone of them actually goes well with the food. And they match the standard of those overpriced bubble tea chain stores available everywhere. The Kamquat and Lemon Juice is for when you want that refreshing kick, its a heavy kick mind you, wakes you up better than an espresso. The Roselle Tea and Lychee Black Tea neutralized the oiliness of all the fried stuff you ingests and the Earl Grey Milk Tea beats that just drink tea that was once the hype where people go queue up after midnight for. Weird, when the best Earl Grey Milk Tea is hidden in a fried chicken restaurant and nobody cares… They source their own tea leaves from Sri Lanka to brew this awesome milk tea you know, show some appreciation!

Well just so you guys know, this awesome meaty restaurant is located in NEX.

NEX Serangoon, #B2-48A, 23 Serangoon Central 556083

Go visit them at their facebook and instagram. You will find promotions frequently, do check them out and save some bucks.

Now I’m craving for another fried chicken feast.. hmmmm… need to convince Claire though… oh well.

Simon Tey signing out now.