I love to snack P5: Mama Cup Noodle, Swiss roll, Mee Sua and more!

For someone who wants to maintain her weight I actually really snack alot. But snacks make me happy and I believe they make you happy too! 😀

So first one I have this seaweed peanuts from Porippy. I felt that it’s a little sweet and would taste alot better if wasabi is added. 😛


2. Koko krunch in ‘protein bar’ form. This is really addictive. I can’t remember where I got this from. It’s impossible to stop at one! 2

3. Pocky but mango flavour. I think Daphy got this from Bangkok for us. It tasted like mango and although not bad I still think the chocolate is the best. 3


4. Rich & Good Cake Shop – swiss roll 5

I think ah.. I also forget already but this should be mango and coffee. I really love the swiss rolls from Rich and Good. They have the best swiss rolls in Singapore! Okay lah olive bakery’s one also not bad but the Kaya and Coffee from Rich & Good cake shop really very nice leh! 


5. Timtam! Australia got so many different flavours and the Espresso Martini really super shiok. The blackforest also not bad too but they are really super sweet.

6. This fish flavoured egg roll from Taiwan. 



I can’t figure out the brand but it has a very unique taste to it. Egg roll but with fishy taste. Lol I know it sounds weird but I find it very nice! 

7. Waffle from Gelare! 

I finally tried the waffle and icecream at Gelare and I think it’s really really good! I don’t need to run to Creamier to get my waffle craving fixed already! 9

8. Butlers Chocolate – The Dessert Menu. The chocolates are so delicate and pretty, I can’t bring myself to eat them! 11


I ended up eating them anyways and really like them. I got this from Melbourne and it’s about 20+aud.

9. Sweets 12

I’m sure this looks familiar to you. I usually eat the grape one but decided to try the melon and green grapes. Recently I also bought the peach one and I think I like the melon the best! 13

10. Mama Cup noodles – Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum. Not sure if you can get this here but this is from Indonesia. We usually crack one egg into our cup noodles and the egg with the creamy soup base is just awesome! 1415

Super shiok!!

11. Ke Kou Wei Plaza Singapura 16

Sorry Shi Lin, I think I prefer the mee sua and chicken from Ke Kou Wei!  I feel so hungry looking at the photos now.  17

12. Brown sugar cookie from Cold Storage 18

kinda addictive but very fast ‘lao hong’. 

13. Black pepper crab flavour nissin potato chips. I think the tom yum one is nicer! 19


14. CORNTOZ! So old school man! I remember eating this when I was young and it is so hard to find them now! 21


And that’s all for today! Let me continue in another post. 😀

Share with me your fav snacks too!

Claire – dreylim1@gmail.com / IG: claireaudreylim 

NEW! PARTEA 茶派: High-grade Chinese Whole Tea Leaves x Fruits and/or Cheese in a Cup.

Hi guys,

Quite recently, we had that tea-beverage-franchise-owner-vs-francisee-falling-out saga, then the Mouse Hunt thingy with a certain local re-branded-tea-beverage-chain giving out hint cards. These couple of events made me drink a lot more of such drinks than I would’ve like to. But as you people would’ve known, these tea or fruity beverages has add a lot of sugar and other additives to make it taste so nice.

Being a slightly health conscious person, especially with age being one that always moves forward, I would ask for less sweet like 25%? But anything below 50% sweetness taste bland, and that won’t make me happy spending money on a drink that makes me sad. Its counter-intuitive.

Health and sweet beverages just don’t match that well don’t they?


Well, we might have stumbled onto an answer to this question. Allow me to present: PARTEA, a spanking new shop offering high grade chinese tea beverages at an affordable price. Isn’t that a good enough reason for us to PARTEA? *cough* pun intended.

Well jokes aside, I’m serious when I say high grade chinese tea. Very often, we get tea ‘chips’ in cheap teabags that pass off as ‘tea’ in other places, or you pay big bucks to make your own chinese tea in a tea house. But hey, PARTEA is serious with their tea you know, they use whole tea leaves to brew their tea beverages. And freshness is high up in their priority, because stale tea leaves brew lousy tea, obviously. There are many tea choices to choose from, all whole tea leaves sourced from Taiwan. They are serious about their tea, I will shed more light on the tea choices below.


And fruit juices people, these fruit juice stalls are popping up in malls and people pay $4 and up for a tiny 300ml max cup of juice, which is usually 75% ice cubes and 25% juice. Sounds like a rather high profit margin to me. And they throw in sugar syrup to the mix, like as if the fruits aren’t laden full of carbohydrates already, they sweeten it further. Oh right, its mostly ice cubes yah? So the sugar were for sweetening the ice cubes right? 

Goodness, whatever happen to health right? Check out PARTEA‘s offering though. 


See that first cup? That’s a huge cup full of freshly cup fruits and tea. That’s good health in a ‘Big Gulp’ cup my friend. 1 litre worth of vitamins to fend off any flu bug, the best part is that it taste awesome!


Claire’s wide smile says it all, she loved it! Let’s start introducing them shall we?

Rainbow Tea 七彩茶


Can you see the amount of fruits in this cup? Its aptly named Rainbow Tea because rainbows generally have 7 colours, and there are 7 ingredients in this cup for you to chug to good health. It might not be as obvious as I would want it to be, but lemme just tell you. Its got big chunks of freshly cut fruits such as: watermelon, mango, strawberries, bits of passion fruit at the bottom, green lemon and lime. All of which infused its essence into the tea making it a deeply refreshing drink for the ‘perma-summer’ weather of Singapore!

And you get to choose from Green Tea, Black Tea, Sijichun (4 seasons) Tea and Gaoshan Oolong Tea. Need I say more about all the anti-oxidants and other good stuff that tea provides us with? 

This cup you see here is brewed with the premium Gaoshan Oolong Tea (S$6.90). I have to mention that Claire and I, we were not really into tea. As a matter of fact, I’ve always been a coffee addict, but this tea is easy to enjoy, if you get what I mean. Even with all these fruits that also helps sweeten the tea naturally, I still can taste and smell the aroma of the Oolong tea. Its very robust and yet tasted smooth with none of the gritty acidity you get from leaving your teabag/tea leaves in your tea-tea-teapot for too long. The fruits helps of course, and one can see why its an immediate hit at the shop. I’m sure it draws a lot of attention with its huge volume and ‘insta-worthy’ look, plus the awesome taste, sweetened using natural source and/or diabetic-friendly artificial sweetener, if you need it sweeter than it already is, you naughty kid with a sweet tooth. 


We were even provided with a fork so we can poke them fruits after we finish the fruity tea. We were having a little trouble finishing it in one go, for obvious reasons. So we started eating the fruits and were really surprised by the taste of tea-infused fruits. I mean, when you see this is a drink, you would think the fruits are just supporting characters. But the supporting characters are worthy of an Oscar in its own category too! Overall, this cup to us is like an adventure-in-a-cup that took our taste buds on a ride. This is a must-have drink in all Par-TEAS! *pun intended*

Sunrise Tea 霞彩茶


Sunrise Tea is actually a single fruit, ice blended beverage with a choice of adding awesome cheese on top. It uses Sijichun Tea with a top choice of blending with fresh mango, strawberries or Kumquat + Lemon.

Why use Sijichun Tea? Because its got that subtle bitter-sweetness of oolong tea and a vibrant aroma that matches well with ice blended fruits! Green tea goes well with fruits too due to its ‘under-whelmingly’ mild taste.

We had 2 cups, Mango (S$6.90 add cheese) and Strawberry (S$5.30 no cheese). And cheese was later added to the mango tea drink.


Why is the mango + cheese so awesome? It became one of my favourite drinks of all time, damned. The rainbow is close behind too, but this one beats it with the stirring nostalgia the mango gave me. That’s because of the saltiness of the cheese coupled with the sweetness of the mango that reminded me of how my mom used to prepare sliced mangoes by adding salt to it. I love it! Now living in my own apartment with Claire, we seldom buy fresh mangoes, so I can only eat them when I went to my mom’s place during mango season. Hence the nostalgia..


Here’s the strawberry version fruit + tea ice blended. Something I need to try at home soon, never thought of blending fruits with tea you know.

Fluffy Cloud Tea 云彩茶


The Fluffy Cloud Tea is basically Chinese Tea with Cheese. Sounded like an unlikely combination right? Well, be surprised. It offers 4 choices: Jade Green Tea (S$2,90), Jinfeng Tea (S$4.90), Ruby Black Tea (S$4.90) and Sijichun Tea (S$4.90). All with cheese on top.

We were recommended to try Jinfeng tea because its a well balanced oolong tea that was dubbed the ‘King of Tea’ in Taiwan.


We were told that the right way to drink cheese tea is to tilt it up to 45 degrees and gulp the cheese and tea down together, this is when you will taste the combined power of the creamy, savoury cheese topping and the bitter-sweetness of high grade tea. Best of both worlds IMO.

This is Claire’s favourite by the way, do note that this girl likes sweet stuff like a kid. 


See how she gulp the tea like a kid. Sorry, I just can’t help calling her a kid.

There are also a Milky Mist Tea that are served with pearls, I’m sure its better known as bubble tea; And 3 types of cold brewed Chill Tea 手工冷萃茶. Both of which we didn’t get to try, because… 4 cups of tea is really too much for Claire and I to handle.. So we’ll probably have to try it next time we’re here. And trust me on coming back for PARTEA again.


It almost always have a long queue in front of the shop. But like the old saying goes: Good things are worth waiting for. 

Whats better is that, compared to other tea beverage or bubble tea stalls, PARTEA uses all natural high grade ingredients at a reasonable price. HPB should slap a ‘Healthier Choice’ logo on PARTEA!

At the time of writing this, PARTEA offers delivery service with the office towers and tenants of Suntec City. Good for them, for they can have PARTEA in their pantry breaks. But I heard from them that they might wanna expand this delivery service or maybe become available on one of those third party food delivery platforms available locally! As the namesake implies, a party will be even more awesome if you add PARTEA into your party! What’s a party without PARTEA? 

Ok its getting a little too lame here. Anyways, until they open an outlet near where I stay, I’m going to visit Suntec City more from now on. Do go check them out people, don’t say I bojio. 

You can now redeem a voucher from PARTEA by 

  1. Ordering the Rainbow Tea, follow PARTEA on their facebook https://www.facebook.com/parteasg/ OR Instagram https://www.instagram.com/parteasg/
  2. Share a photo with a short review
  3. Redeem!

This is while stock lasts! 

Suntec City Mall, North Wing, #02-470, S(038983)


Drink up, people.

[S-series] Sushi-Tei Thomson Plaza and Pacamara Review!


Today I’m gonna talk about what happened during my birthday… That was… like 3 months ago…

This post came so late because recent months had been a hurricane of stuff happenings that we totally forgot that I was supposed to blog about… my own birthday.. So I ended up doing this after the hurricane season, God bless those people suffering the effects of those hurricanes and tropical storms.

Back to the food, I always loved Japanese food, so during my birthday I opt for Japanese food again. There was this Restaurant Sushiro that was serving highly rated dons at reasonable pricing. BUT they opens from 11:45 – 14:15 and 17:45 – 21:15. We went there at 14:10 and there was a long queue with a sign that says they stop serving after the last guy in the queue. Bummer. So after some hesitation, we decided to go to Sushi Tei instead.

In my opinion, Sushi Tei is not bad, its like an atas Ichiban boshi. They also have their seasonal menu at the time, so I decided to try them, Claire is footing the bill anyways so I can eat all I want hahaha!


We had one of the cheaper Chirashi-don, Kani Chawamushi, and Salmon Sashimi that Claire always have a craving for.DSC04674



I enjoyed the Chirashi-don, I liked the sashimi in thick chunky slices rather than in tiny cubes that some places serves. I think those cubes type were called bara-chirashizushi.. Claire is licking the chopsticks from her sashimi and the crabmeat steamed egg thingy. 


Next the ambitious me ordered the chirasu-hijiki fried rice from their seasonal menu. I actually wanted the hijiki seaweed ramen and a hijiki seaweed salad, but we were told they ran out of hijiki seaweed.. Then.. what’s the black strips in my fried rice called? :O Well I don’t run the restaurant so who am I to say anything eh?


We seldom have dessert in a restaurant due to the overpriced nature of things. But Claire wanted a scoop of Goma ice cream so I also went for a hot mochi in red bean soup thing that tasted like some instant paste mixed in hot water and drop a few mochi in and charge us 5 bucks for it. Damn.


Next next we of course have to go for my coffee break, its my birthday you know. We’re in Thomson area so might as well drop in to one of the cafes in the area, and so we went to Pacamara which I’ve seen so many times but never tried.

Pacamara’s previous incarnation was OZ specialty coffee that I’ve never tried before they closed and rebirth again into the current Pacamara Coffee roasters, like the phoenix, except the logo is a horsey. 


They serve brunch and some usual cafe food. I didn’t know they serve alcohol too, and some hipster craft beer at that too, but no I’m here for the coffee and cakes.


I ordered a ‘one plus one’ that consist of an espresso and a 5oz white coffee. Claire asked for a white cold brew and hated it. Then I ordered an Earl Grey Something cake to go along with our drinks. The cake was good, the coffee wasn’t too far off from my top 10 list but still not quite there. In a pinch, when I have an urge for good coffee but am stucked along Upper Thomson Rd, I’ll probably make the walk to Yahava like 3km away from Pacamara. Please note this is my opinion so YMMV. Enjoy the following pics Claire took.




And then back home, Claire bought a slice of Lychee Martini cake from the bakery near our place. Taste great, but made even better with the company of my beloved wife. 🙂


Happy birthday to myself, about 3-4months ago.. 

Cheers people,

Simon Tey

Tokyo City Map art from Modern Map Art.

I recently received a poster from Modern Map Art. I thought it was very unique because I have never thought that I would want to put a map of a certain city in my house. IMG_2490

Simon got a frame from IKEA and we just place it by our window. We don’t even need to hang it on the wall, it just looks good where it is! I’m thinking of getting a few more from different cities, maybe Melbourne and London.

If you’re interested, why not check out their website at

https://www.modernmapart.com/products/ .

They comes in 5 different sizes too, it’s perfect! 🙂

Till the next time people! 😀
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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift LASER X3 Anti-Aging Double Serum and other products!

Sharing my favourite L’Oréal with you today!


Thank you L’Oréal for sending me more products to try! I really love your products! DSC05547

The time round the star is the L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT LASER X3 Anti-Aging Double Serum! But just let me share all the products I have here with me first! I was already using the REVITALIFT LASER x3 Day cream before, and I shall not show any photos! I liked that one because it is moisturizing but not heavy on the skin at all!

  1. So first would be the REVITALIFT LASER x3 Night Cream mask. It contains LHA and Pro-Xylane to reduce appearance of pores and fine lines! I felt that the cream is a little on the heavier side but I guess it’s okay since the cream is suppose to use overnight.


2. The star today – The Anti Aging Double Serum helps to correct first signs of aging and prevents future signs of aging! The new formula will reduce emerging signs of ageing like fine lines, enlarged pores and skin roughness, while strengthening the skin barrier and replenishing lost nutrients in order to prevent future signs of ageing! Doesn’t it sound good??

The formula has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin too!


3. REVITALIFT LASER X3 Anti-Aging Eye Cream! 

The triple action eye cream is formulated with Adenosine that smoothens fine lines! Pro-Xylane also improves skin density and Caffeine also helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness! The cooling metal tip application helps to make the application on the eyes so much easier. DSC05550If you are looking for anti aging products for the skin and eyes, look no further already, head down to Watsons and give them a try! 😀 

The Revitalift LASER X3 range is available at all leading Watsons, Guardian, major super/hyper markets and beauty marts! 

Price as follows: 

Day cream – $41.90
Night cream mask – $41.90
Anti aging eye cream – $39.90
Anti aging Double serum – $49.90 

Let’s fight aging people! 

Till the next time! 
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[S-Series] Analog Photography: Short Walks in August


Its been awhile since I last took any photos with my film cameras.

Yes, I bought new ones, new old ones from ebay. Some calls ebay, evilbay, I’m starting to understand again. Because its really tempting, everything you want, you can find at the site. The temptation, its evil.

And so I succumbed to the temptation and have myself a couple of new cameras. Due to certain circumstances, I have to cast a mystery veil over them. So in this post, I’ll just gonna share the first shots from my new medium format camera, and perhaps some from my trusty old rangefinder I had before evilbay.







I had some issues with the shutter though, it fires but then it stalls once in a while.. Well that’s what you get from evilbay.. There will never be any guarantee for what you’re getting, and you just have to suck it up..

I’ll probably get it over for repairs, ran 2 rolls of 120 film and due to the shutter problems, I’ve got on average 3 blank frames out of the available 10. Its frustrating when you’re wasting frames like that..

The draw of film though, its like a moth attracted to fire. In this case, I’m the moth. And my wallet is on fire. I’ll have to take a short break from film for like 1 or 2 months, before I start burning my wallet like this again. Till then, cheers people. More shots from my rangefinder coming up. 







Enjoy film, I totally am enjoying it.


THEFACESHOP Nature Collection – BEYOND Best Body Shower Collection and Professional Defense Shampoo and Conditioner.

THEFACESHOP – Nature Collection is an exclusive chain of stores that boast multiple brands in one place. An extension of THEFACESHOP group, it is the latest concept store offering a curation of the best K-beauty products that will take care of all your lifestyle and beauty needs.
Other than taking care of our skin, they are caring for our hair and body too!
This Summer Kit I just recently received includes a total of 6 products, the BEYOND shower creams and gels alongside the Professional Defense Shampoo & Conditioner!


Also the sweet girls gave me a bouquet of flowers too. 😀 DSC05566

The Professional Defense Shampoo and Conditioner contains cranberries, blueberries and juniper berries, which provide nutrition to the hair and scalp. 

It also carries a sweet scent and leave a refreshing feeling on our scalp! 

As for the shower cream and gel! I love the packaging so much and it is so travel friendly! Can’t wait to bring them and share with my friends for our staycation at Le Meridien on the 22nd! 😀 

From the left to the right I have: 

Deep Moisture Shower Cream that contains Rice Milk, honey and olives – This helps to enhance moisture retention and leave the skin glossy and sumptuous. 

Total Recovery Shower Cream that builds a barrier with yeast fermentation extract and ceramide that keeps our skin soft and elastic with hibiscus flower extract. 

Revital Shower Gel provides moisture and vitality to the body with vitamin C from Acerola and lemon and vitamin E, without stickiness. 

And lastly the Deep Moisture Olive Shower cream that contains olives, honey and rice milk! 

And for the record, they smell really really good! 

Can’t wait for a good shower time with these products! 😀 

Till the next time people! 😀
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Go redeem a teeth whitening kit for yourself from Darlie Singapore!


People, Go redeem this teeth whitening kit for yourself! The box includes 2 Darlie All Shiny White Supreme toothpastes, in Refreshing Mint and Citrus Mint, 1 Kinohitmitsu Beauty BB Drink and a Sephora lipstick!

The new ASW toothpaste comes with 3X whitening function and anti-oxidative Coezyme Q10 to bring forth a new experience of Attack & Defence in teeth whitening.

The whitening function will actively dissolve stubborn stains on teeth, regain whiteness and attack uneven coloration and the Q10 formulation helps to prevent stain build up by 90% and also preventing future stain formation!

This is really good because alot of products promised to whiten your teeth but when I stop using or start drinking coffee again, my teeth goes back to being yellow. Being able to smile as often as I want definitely makes me happier and confident too!

For only $5.90 a tube, this is definitely a great way to whiten our teeth! Now good news for you, your can redeem samples from darlie website! Go to www.darlie.com.sg/allshinywhitesupreme and redeem your kit now! *while stocks last!* Let’s start this teeth whitening journey together with me. 😀

Also, go check out Darlie Singapore facebook, and watch the video too – https://www.facebook.com/DarlieSingapore/videos/1624131104304481. 🙂

[S-Series] Vivocity – Wingstop Review


In today’s short post on fried chicken wings, we will be talking about Wingstop from the United States of America.

We passed by Wingstop on our daily quest for our dinner place and just decided to go ahead and try it. I tried it with my friends before, but that was a long time ago and I tend to forget things like that. Actually, I forget almost everything after a weekend spent slacking at home. My brain works in mysterious way that stumps me, or I simply forgotten how it works…


I read Wingstop came in from USA and it brings us authentic American styled fried chicken wings. Its choice of sauces to coat them wings are all American, like, obviously. Its names were strangers to me. So we just chose 2 of what we thought would be nice: Cajun and Oriental Soy sauce..



After munching on these juicy wings.. Well, I kinda prefer Korean fried chickens… LOL. How should I say this. It is good, but just not as good. Me and my Asian taste buds I guess. The cajun wasn’t like the cajun I’m used to. Its not as salty and not the kind of spicy that I’m used to at home, its a numbing hotness instead of the savoury salty spiciness. The oriental soy tasted like.. well.. starchy soy sauce. So I really don’t know what to think. But the fries was good though. And the DIY drinks vending machine was amazingly high tech.

I’ll probably go again if I happen to pass by again, just to try the other flavours.

Cheers people.


[S-series] Top quality Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Hayman Coffee!


I’ve always been a coffee drinker.

I need to brew my own coffee in the mornings before i go to work. It has to be made fresh! Freshly ground beans, fresh hot water and all that stuff.

I used to grind them all by hand, but it takes up too much time, so I invested in a decent electric burr grinder. I used to do drip coffee but that, too, takes up too much time. Time is a luxury in the mornings ain’t I right? So I switched to an Aeropress.

Then now its all about the beans. Well I’m all for value for money, so normal days I would use IKEA beans. They were decent and cheap. So its always in my hopper. And for anything exotic, I would have to go manual with my trusty Porlex grinder.

Claire got this from the mail, its a small bag of beans. So it goes to the guru between the 2 of us, yours truly, but of course.


Its a bag of quality I must say, boxed in a classy tiffany blue box, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee by Hayman Coffee. Mail order coffee is getting some love nowadays, with the World shrinking at an astounding speed, we pay for shipping and we can have the World at our doorstep. Here we have London in our mailbox with erm… Jamaican beans.

Its packaged so nicely, its impolite to not try it immediately, so I dug out my grinder and prep the operation in my kitchen.



Once I cut the bag, the aroma instantly filled my kitchen. Such a profound aroma it screams quality in my ears. Judging from my nose, I’m not sure if it will be too strong for the evening so I didn’t fill my little grinder to the brim.

And with the water on the kettle, I grind away to unleash the full potential in a slightly finer than ‘filter’ grind. Sorry I got too excited with my coffee I went straight to the pouring.


Here you can see the little bit of crema while it soaks in the Aeropress. And there you have it, after some muscling with the plunger thing, we have our liquid black gold in a cup.


Let me go on to the taste shall we. I’m no coffee connoisseur, I’ll do my best..

Jamaican Blue Mountain is said to be one of the best sought-after coffees in the world. And some googling tells me Hayman is the only place to get them in Nespresso capsules.

Well firstly, the coffee presents with a caramel colour as you can see the brownish glow around the inside edges of my cup.


It has good velvety crema as seen on my Aeropress pic, note that this is more of a pour over method instead of an espresso machine where crema is more generous.


The body of the coffee is generally light despite its looks, its acidic with chocoloatey notes. The aroma is sweet with a hint of nutty aroma.

Alright people, reading my tasting notes is not going to do you any favours. You people need to head to Hayman‘s  and order yourself a bag of them. They have other types of coffees too so if you know your coffee, you should know what you’re getting into.

As for me? I’m gonna go enjoy my cuppa in comfort.

Simon: Out.