Our housewarming with Elsie’s Kitchen Catering and I talked about other caterers too!

Did my housewarming in March and it was such a fun experience! I think it is also from this event that we start to get so close with Sebas and Ivy!

Anyway I did some research online and decided on Elsie’s Kitchen because of the good reviews. But I was a little upset on the day because they were late for the setup. It’s not like 5 minutes late okay, it’s half an hour or probably more. I didn’t complain or feedback or whatever because they already apologized and I was quite happy with the food.

Thank god everyone was late otherwise I would have been so pissed.

We chose our spread from the tea reception selection as Simon had to work until 12pm and I had to work on my ‘assignments’ too. So we could only start the buffet around 230pm. I asked my friends to have their lunch first before coming over. Thought they can finish all the food since most of them are finger food but we still have so much left over.

It was supposed to be 11 dishes plus 1 beverage.. but I think I only chose 10? Can’t remember.

 photo hw 8-2_zps0ffdgpiq.jpg

So we had Seafood Gyoza and Tempura Prawn.

 photo hw 7-2_zpszeqgutiw.jpg

Honey Baked chicken drumlet. I eat like 5-8 of this??

 photo hw 6-2_zps1bmewzjm.jpg

Mee Siam.

 photo hw 10-2_zpslrr9wvsk.jpg

Soon kueh.

 photo hw 2-2_zpsgv8wehvk.jpg

Apple streudal.

 photo hw 1-2_zpsamjvzxn4.jpg

Ondeh ondeh.

 photo hw 3-2_zpsspfk10lu.jpg

cheese cake

 photo hw 4-2_zpsw1urwmdz.jpg

mini croissant with tuna filling.

 photo hw 5-2_zpssql3jlvc.jpg

Burbur hitam.

I like the food and I think it is quite worth it. 30 pax for about close to $400 including of 10 PVC stool and transport charges.

I would still recommend Elsie’s Kitchen and I want to believe that the lateness is just a one time incident. 🙂

Since we are talking about caterers. Might as well let me share my thoughts on Eatz Catering, Mum’s Kitchen and Select Catering.

Eatz Catering for Christmas Lunch last year! My favourite was the curry chicken (what’s new) and I find the rest of the food pretty normal.

 photo kaplan 1-2_zps0lx04gxn.jpg

 photo kaplan 2-2_zpshpb4u8ue.jpg

 photo kaplan 3-2_zpsn7yowm38.jpg

 photo kaplan 4-2_zps25cj2rmw.jpg

Teriyaki Chicken Drumlets and Golden Fish Fillet with salted egg yolk sauce.

 photo kaplan 5-2_zpsjgksxjoj.jpg

I heard Eatz Catering is very cheap but I’m not sure what is the price. But food wise I rate 6.5/10.

Mum’s Kitchen after Pinky’s Holy Matrimony!

 photo pinky wed 1-2_zpsqbelevuf.jpg

 photo pinky wed 2-2_zpswevpdri8.jpg

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.

 photo pinky wed 3-2_zpssvpr14po.jpg

Stir fried broccoli.

 photo pinky wed 4-2_zps77ey6brk.jpg

Cereal fish – this is good!

 photo oinky wed 5-2_zpsonwybzcp.jpg

Desserts and even sushi!

 photo pinky wed 7-2_zpsian4byn1.jpg

I missed out one photo, the rendang beef is the best!!!

I would rate Mum’s kitchen 7.5/10.

Select Catering for our own department christmas lunch. Typing this makes me feel a little sad, I just tendered last week and I am serving my 2 month’s notice now. I will miss all these peeps and the fun we had for sure. No more booking of classrooms for celebrations. ='( LOL!

We ordered Wild Wild West from their mini Party Sets selection and it’s $101.65 including GST. The spread is for 8-10 pax!

 photo office 1-2_zpseee7o5yb.jpg

Garlic Butter rice with mushrooms.

 photo office 2-2_zpsxl3ly5ly.jpg

BBQ sauce mini chicken drumlets!

 photo office 3-2_zpsuillfuot.jpg

Sliced beef with mushroom and onion in black pepper sauce.

 photo office 4-2_zpseqrqtjub.jpg

Sauteed mixed vegetables!

 photo office 5-2_zpsijg5pupj.jpg

photos cr Daphy!

Love the food! I rate them 8/10! Actually I wanted Say Siam lo but nobody supports my suggestion!

Well I’m done with my post today! Actually my favourite is still Orange Clove, their food is the best! I hope this post will help you a little if you are looking for caterers for your celebrations and parties. 🙂

Till the next time people! 
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Pepperkoko’s Anniversary Promo! Let’s shop away!

Have you heard of Pepperkoko? If you haven’t, let me introduce you to them today!

Pepperkoko features a range of apparels with styles adopted from the Taiwan, Japan and Korea’s fashion scene and pledge to bring in an array of comfort and quality fashion pieces to let us look our best everyday. New designs are launched every week with sizes ranging from XS to 4L too!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.47.28 AM_zpsxnzl00z4.png
I liked that their website is very straightforward and easy to navigate. The different categories allow me to look for the item I want in the shortest time possible and this probably explains why my pocket hole is getting bigger. lol.

I recently ordered 4 clothings from them for this spring and upcoming summer season and here they are, all so comfy, cute and chic!

1. Cotton Strips Tassel Tied Dress
 photo DSC02137_zps6tkq4udc.jpg

 photo IMG_8773_zpsutx92lf4.jpg

Good in quality and super cute! I always love tassel details!

2. Colourblock Bell Sleeve V-Neck Chiffon Top

 photo IMG_8772_zpsn7xbreca.jpg

 photo IMG_8771_zpstsw2qg2j.jpg

This chiffon top is so light and comfortable! Perfect for lazy work day! :p

3. Double Pockets Denim Shirt

 photo DSC02155_zpsao5tfouu.jpg

 photo DSC02154_zpsg0gbpstu.jpg

 photo DSC02161_zpsa10l2pad.jpg

Wore this on a friday! I love oversized denim!

4. Cotton Lace Popover Blouse

 photo IMG_8804_zpsaqfxeoif.jpg

 photo IMG_8803_zpsu3dxqg83.jpg

I love the details so much! So oversized yet pretty looking!

I remember feeling sad last time that I can’t fit into cute and pretty clothes from online blogshop as I am plump, so I am really happy that Pepperkoko provides sizes up to 4L because this means that everyone regardless of their weight and size can wear cute and pretty clothings too!

On top of this, they sell maternity wear as well!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.58.49 AM_zpsjziyiwfw.png

Shopping on Pepperkoko is fuss free because you just have to choose the clothes you want, add to cart and then proceed to payment. They will email you the status of their parcel and tracking link for you to track your parcel too.

And here’s some good news for you if you are tempted to do some shopping because Pepperkoko is having their Anniversary Promo this month and you can enjoy discounts and maybe get free gifts too!

Pepperkoko Anniversary Promo! 

a. Wednesdays of April: Buy above $38 and receive $10 off your final bill! Applicable with all other promo codes!

b. All other days of April: Receive your free gift when you purchase above $38! (Instead of $60)
For my readers and followers, use my promo code ‘CLAIRE10’ to get $10 off with minimum purchase of $40! 🙂
Hurry go shop now!! www.pepperkoko.com.sg 

 photo Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.45.28 AM_zps6svonol8.png

Like and follow Pepperkoko on social media! 🙂

Till the next time people!
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[S-series] Fujifilm X100T = Stealth.


This is another post about photography gears.

I recently sold some of my camera gears to get myself a smaller camera I can carry with me everywhere, without sacrificing too much picture quality of course. I’ve developed quite a taste for big sensors ever since I’ve gotten my first full frame digital camera. Whoever told you APS-C vs Full frame (FF) have minimal difference is lying. Just like when my friends say I’m rich, they are all liars (LOL). I save for my gear and I sell old gear for new gears. Lots of gears.

So I welcome my newest family member in my photographic gear household: Fujifilm X100T.

I always wanted one of the Fujifilm X series cameras. Okay, maybe I had one, I used to have the X-Pro 1, but at the time I wanted a compact system and X-Pro 1 wasn’t compact enough in my POV. Then I lusted for the X100, then X100S, then X100T.. I know, there’s a new and improved version in the form of X100F now but I can’t afford it. Period. Now I’ve got this little gem in my hands, I’m still trying to get used to it after using my Sony for too long. The good thing is that the X100T offers lots of options in terms of customization. There are a few buttons which you can set to do certain things, and the general ergonomics is good despite being so small, so short of physical infrastructure. The small foot print also means I can bring it everywhere effortlessly, so I’ve technically upgraded my everyday camera from my mobile phone minuscule 1/3in sensor to an APS-C sensor. A major jump in general image quality.

To be honest, I haven’t used this camera enough to do a review, it will only become a rewriting of official specifications with devoid of personal opinions after use. I can only highlight a few points that I immediately noticed after I got it.

Firstly, I really must say the film simulation is generating awesome looking Jpegs direct from camera. But the RAW is so flat it demoralized me. I guess I’m too pampered with my Sony A7II and whatever auto setting I activated on my Lightroom, everytime I import photos onto my computer, the Lightroom automatically apply a filter to all my photos and they look awesome in all the FF glory, or was it the camera that applied the filter before importing? I remembered something called ‘Picture Style’ and I chose ‘Vivid’ on camera. Anyways when I import it I can always see this flat original image change to a more vivid looking one, something for me to begin with.

But my main purpose of this small camera is mainly because of convenience, lens on my Sony can be quite large and most times I rather carry a lighter backpack everywhere when I’m not shooting, I insist on having a camera on me, phone is a poor excuse to me, so X100T it is. Its so light and compact in comparison to my main camera, and the tiny 23mm f2 lens (about 35mm in FF) delivers sharp images with a moderate amount of bokeh. I say this because I’m comparing with my main camera, FF gives more bokeh with the same lens if you know what I mean.

So now you can see through my ramblings that this X100T will never replace my main camera. But well it does add lots of convenience to my lifestyle needs. For one, its shuttle is absolutely quiet, its almost silent! Especially when it decides to use the electronic shuttle instead of the mechanical one. Its like a mean stealthy machine, if I can get the focus correct that is. Its generally speedy in good light, hunts in dim light like almost all the other cameras in the market. So to be even more stealthy, I usually set my own shuttle speed; easily adjustable from a knob on the camera, and I’ll pre-set my focus to a range like 1m to 2~3m away from me aka zone focusing. That way, I don’t have to fiddle with all the setting, when I see the condition is right, I pick up the camera, snap, go. All in less than 4s, during NS I learnt that an average human will take about 4s to react to something, so if I do everything in less than 4s and escape, whoever my subject is will not have time to react. Cool right? but I’m still too shy to do it to real people, so i do that to plants. Also living things what same what…

Well to sum things up, X100T is a speedy, stealthy machine for those random moments you wanna capture, and mobile phones ain’t gonna cut it. I’m a sucker for image quality and the 16MP APS-C sensor on the X100T is almost the limit here. I’ll continue to find new ways to utilize this awesome new tool of mine, and I’ll share more photos soon.

*Disclaimer: I used my own money to buy a X100T, even though I sounded almost like I work for them, unfortunately I don’t…Whatever I said is my own opinion. I do hope that they would gimme something new to test though, like say the GFX 50S? No harm in dreaming right?

Cheers people,

Simon Tey


[S-series] BOUNCE Singapore Trampoline Park


Recently we visited Bounce Singapore to bounce!

Well its a big trampoline park on the 9th floor at Cineleisure that’s great for youths and adults who just want to have fun! And fun is what we get when Claire brought me and her buddies along to play.

Jumping on a trampoline is something I’ve never tried before, I seriously don’t know what to expect, I thought I’m kinda overaged for this sort of thing. So I went there with some doubt whether I’ll enjoy myself among the youngsters.

And not surprisingly, the place is full of youngsters. Those below 30yrs old are youngsters in my eyes.

Claire went and register all of us to enter the park. But we have to complete a waiver form first, probably to protect the establishment from any injury we suffer for doing stupid things on the trampoline. Well that’s fair, also serve as a reminder not to do stupid things or suffer the consequences, some people need to be reminded.

After that we were given socks with rubber studs at the sole for friction. So we don’t have to wear our shoes inside and dirty the place. But the staffs inside preventing people from being stupid were wearing shoes anyways, oh well. I have no doubts that the place will be dirty, but its a park anyways, so of course it will be.

Anyways we entered the ‘arena’ and begin jumping. Who’d have guessed jumping can be fun too! At any given time, there should only be one person on one trampoline, one of the safety rules. So we each took up one trampoline and started jumping. It took a bit of practice to get the momentum right, after which I started jumping higher and higher almost effortlessly. Its fun! it feels like flight for a split second! And we kept jumping to get the kick.

Its Saturday and there’s an event happening here from 8pm to 11pm called ‘Saturday Night Jams’ where they play party music and disco lights. I for one can’t appreciate partying this way, so I’m rather immune to it, I’m just there to jump. The other people were jumping to the beats or performing stunts flipping here and there trying to impress the female gender. Oh well I’m way over that stage now so I’m just enjoying myself and watching my wife and friend falling all over the place. The simple pleasures my friend, nothing complicated here.

check out the photos below to get a feel of what’s available for you:

Generally, I’m not the adventurous type, so no back flips for me. No parkour too even though the surfaces are padded and with trampoline its easy mode here. But no, for me. As for you, if you never jump of a trampoline before, please go to Bounce and try it out, its fun, pure and simple. Serious man, coming from a 32 yr old with a 50 yr old mentality.

BOUNCE Singapore

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, #09-01
Singapore 239695


Cheers people.

Simon Tey

Taiwan 5D4N Alishan, Chiayi and Taipei: Summary, video and we fell sick!

Check out VLOG here!

It was supposed to be a 5 days 4 nights trip but we only utilised 3 days because we were down with food poisoning. Wth right you must be thinking.. This is my 2nd food poisoning this year already! 🙁

Anyway as much as I’m looking forward to the next holiday, I am very sian also because there are so much things to do now at work. 🙁

We fly with scoot again because scoot is my favourite budget airline! I was frustrated at the airport though because there was a change of gate from one end to the other end, E20 to F54 and there was no announcements made. Well I guess this is normal..

I bought this deal back in December where they were offering the 1for1 deal, impulse buy actually, I’m like this. I see something I like, I go for it. hahaha. Anyway this deal only include luggage for one leg. We didn’t have luggage space for the return leg and I had to top $80 for that!!! $80 for 20kg x2. Damn.

I also experienced the worst turbulence in my life this time round. My heart nearly flew out. 😮

We arrived at Taoyuan International Airport at about 5-ish am then we bought tickets for ubus 706 where we head to Taoyuan train station next.The ticket is NT$38 per pax. You can also prepare the exact amount and pay to the bus driver directly.

Please note that you should be extra alert because if he sees no one waiting there, he drives off immediately. We were sitting inside and we missed the bus and had to wait another 20-30minutes for the next one. -_-

 photo 1_zpsjc4qbzgm.jpg

while waiting, I drink my chun cui he – sumiyaki flavour!

 photo 2_zpsovauodku.jpg

and eat our breakfast! super love the onigiri from the minimarts.

 photo 3_zpsdwepk11q.jpg


 photo 4_zpsgeadl2d4.jpg

It was a really cold journey!

When we reached Tao Yuan station, we bought train tickets to go Chiayi station.
We took Puyuma express and paid NT$532 per person.

 photo 5_zpstn3mjswc.jpg

 photo 6_zpsvduxfadd.jpg

here’s our train!

 photo 7_zpsowkn6rgr.jpg

didn’t really take a photo when we were inside as we were sitting in the opposite direction.

 photo 8_zpsuqkqxncu.jpg

takes about 3hours to reach Chiayi Station!

 photo 9_zps27welt6g.jpg

It was only 10.31am when we reached so we slowly made our way to Orange Hotel.

 photo 10_zpsskxwucoz.jpg

we placed our luggage with them first and explore the surroundings abit.

we checked in only at about 1pm or 2.

 photo 11_zpsgdxjzwrn.jpg

Simon’s ootd. LOL

 photo 11.5_zpswkjj5hp6.jpg

Right next to the hotel, there was this shop ‘小林煎餅’ where you can buy souvenirs and pancakes.

600, Taiwan, Chiayi City, West District, 嘉義市西區文化路167號

Bell shaped pancake with milk filling inside, awesome snack!

 photo 13_zpskjq8pv0w.jpg

One of the must eats in Chiayi, turkey rice is readily available in many parts of Chiayi, Its called ‘Spraying Water’ because its located near a large fountain. I think. LOL!

 photo 14_zpszbsmnieq.jpg

 photo 15_zpsbaoflhvp.jpg

Our Turkey rice and bamboo shoots soup. The rice was tasty!! I think they roasted the turkey and kept the turkey oil. Then they serve with the turkey shredded and the oil as the gravy! Simple yet super delicious! The soup though, has this sewerage taste in it, not sure what causes that but I’m sure its safe to eat! Because other people are eating it too!

 photo 16_zpsdaijlfvz.jpg

The reason why we only have 1 bowl of turkey rice is because of this!

 photo 17_zpsj8e69khd.jpg

We kept half our stomach so we will have more space for more food like this! Look at the glistening pork chop on this bento! Its sinful fast food type comfort food. Lots of food in one sentence!

 photo 17.5_zpsjnyomyuh.jpg

After all the food, we went around looking to buy bus ticket up Alishan. We asked our hotel reception staff and they told us we can get it at one of the Family Marts nearby. So we went to it and the cashier directed us to this machine where after a few tries, Simon managed to buy the tickets! Good that we can read Chinese.

 photo 18_zpsetfgolb1.jpg

Then we walked to Hinoki Village, a Japanese Cultural village where you can find all these old style wooden houses!

Beimen Street, Chiayi City, Chiayi 600, Taiwan

 photo 19_zpsa05qxt6f.jpg

I liked this tree, I think its fake, but its so pretty full of autumn feel! photo 20_zpsc3lhmm1g.jpg

On our way to one of the few local shopping malls in Chiayi, we stopped by this awesome looking longish house selling atas coffee.

 photo 21_zpsdfg4jt08.jpg

Simon can’t help but enter you know. Its 15mins before they closes but a man needs his coffee. Cute interior!

 photo 22_zpsxgma4lji.jpg

And here it is, no brand no logo nothing, just plain old Latte.

 photo 23_zpsvizxrbqe.jpg

Saw this weird looking building on our way to the shopping mall.

 photo 24_zpsnrnph3hm.jpg

Toilet of the mall? So cute right! I wonder how clean are the couches though..

2nd day. 

We woke up really early, normally we wake up late in the morning like 10-11am? But for Alishan, we woke up at 5am to prepare. Then off we go waiting for our bus, we were early and the bus was late, so we waited a good 30-45mins before we’re on our way up the mountains!

 photo 30_zpsmznp8r2k.jpg

I decided that Alishan warrants for a post by itself. Since we were sick in Taipei later on, Alishan became the only highlight of this trip…

 photo 31_zpsv9fq0lwt.jpg

 photo 32_zpsil88tgat.jpg

This is the parking area where the bus will drop us off, then we went to the 7-11 store in the area to get ourselves the return tickets back to Chiayi. The 7-11 doubles as the bus ticketing counter. The mountains was really chilly, even though we were prepared with thick jackets, gloves and heat packs.. When the wind blows, it chills us to our bones.

 photo 33_zpsbsewpcbl.jpg

Then at night its more photos of street food!

 photo 25_zps9po32ozs.jpg

 photo 26_zpssuhafayl.jpg

 photo 27_zpsai4tig8x.jpg

 photo 34_zpscmvoyjqv.jpg

We’re not sure but this oyster omelette might be the one dish that killed me and Simon. We thought the dish was not well cooked, even the flour wasn’t cooked thoroughly not to mention the oysters that were added later in the cooking process… Simon ate most of it…

 photo 28_zpshis6xnhh.jpg

 photo 29_zpsf0uovepq.jpg

Soy and rice milk plus onion oil pancake with egg. Deadly combination.. Simon absolutely must have the savoury pancake if not he said: “..our trip to Taiwan will be incomplete with out the pancake…”

Third Day. 

We took the High Speed Rail (HSR) from Chiayi to Taipei. It only took us 1-2hrs compared to the normal train that took us 3-4hrs from Taoyuan to Chiayi. The ride was so fast and smooth we didn’t have much photos, anyways its a train and the zooming zooming landscape makes it hard to take a good shot.

We went to Rilakkuma Cafe at Taipei for dinner, Simon made a booking there prior to our trip to Taiwan. Booking is done online and its free unless you wanna get a gift package where you’ll have to pay online. The Cafe is always crowded so if you choose to walk in, you might not even get a seat at all.

 photo 35_zpshatuqray.jpg

Look at the Rilakkuma biscuit clinging on the cup, SO CUTE!!

 photo 36_zpsvrj1h9da.jpg

 photo 37_zpsh12mjvu2.jpg

The food is not cheap of course, and its not fantastic as well.. But the food isn’t the selling point here, its all the CUTE STUFF EVERYWHERE!!

 photo 38_zpsn6a1miop.jpg

This couch is beside the toilet, life size Rilakkuma and friends! Overloaded with cuteness! I love it!

 photo 39_zpsbntrzqvn.jpg

Next we went to Raohe Night Market, this explains why we only shared a meal at the Rilakkuma cafe. Because we gonna fill our stomachs with streetfood!! By this time, we were only feeling a bit bloated although we didn’t eat a lot prior to arriving here, it might just be the pre-food-poisoning discomfort, we don’t know. The bug that causes food poisoning can stay dormant in our body from few hours to a week if I’m not wrong.. And so we continue to eat like nobody’s business..

 photo 40_zpsdiwrbgsk.jpg


 photo 42_zpslc17o4xv.jpg

 photo 43_zpsffbvwfiy.jpg

 photo 41_zpsjvwm4lqv.jpg

This purple glutinous rice milk drink might be the triggering factor for our illness.. Because we see the big tub of condense milk she uses for the hot version, and we were thinking how fresh that tub can be when she left it outside unrefrigerated.. The weather is cool but not nearly cold enough.. So the milk might be brewing germs..

And so after we drank it, we began to feel even more uncomfortable, especially Simon who as usual, drank most of it. Simon didn’t manage to sleep that night, he started vomiting at 2am onwards, then he woke me up to bring him to the hospital around 3-4am.. We got the hotel reception to help us call a cab and he escorted us down to the cab. At the hospital Simon got a jab and got on 2 packs of IV drip, he finally managed to sleep till 8am when we go back to the hotel. Then began my vomiting and diarrhea episode.. So we share medicine and slept the whole day away till next morning, only ate a slice of plain bread because every food in Taiwan has milk in it.. We were cold and miserable.. Our final diagnosis was Gastroenteritis and the doctor said they are getting an increase of these cases recently..

Anyways after sleeping off the day, we packed up and took the new Airport MRT to Taoyuan Airport, there was only bus if you want to go there directly from Taipei. New and very very crowded because its free to ride during their trial period. Luckily we both got a seat.

And so this concludes our trip to Taiwan! Check out my video here!

Till the next time people! Can’t wait for our next trip!
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Calf reduction/Hifu treatment review @ Halley Medical Aesthetics

I finally found the time to pop by Halley Medical Aesthetics for my HIFU review. It has been 2 months since my first treatment and I was really nervous about the results.

I think I’m the first person who tried HIFU on the calves and I am worried that it doesn’t work well. I have like thousand of worries but I know eventually all I need to do is to look at the measurements and I will know if it works for me anot. Just a quick recap, HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy for fat reduction.

 photo DSC01581_zps5p1h7glo.jpg

of course my mood became better after meeting with Dr. Terence and his assistant Khay. Khay is so friendly and lovely and Dr. Terence is always so cheerful and funny. lol!

After stepping onto the weighing scale, Dr. Terence proceed to measure my calves.

 photo DSC_8742_zpsti09td0w.jpg

i was like internally chanting ‘please please please’.. 

 photo DSC_8746_zps474litod.jpg

Dr. Terence Tan then write down the measurements on the paper. Up to this point, I still don’t know my measurements.

 photo DSC01584_zpsrohvvvex.jpg

and when he’s done. He smiled at me and showed me my results! OMG look at the difference in the above photo!

My left calf from 22mm and 18mm has reduced to 15mm and 16mm.
My right calf from 22mm and 20mm has reduced to 19mm and 16mm!

Seems like the left side of my calf is working better than the right!

 photo DSC_8776_zpstvhb5wde.jpg

Dr. Terence Tan also showed me my before and after treatment photos for easier comparison! The photo on the right really looks smaller! Especially if I looked closely at the circled area! Even my muscle is more visible now!

Can you imagine my excitement?? I really want slimmer calves and when I see this actual reduction I am so happy! I can’t wait for my next treatment!

If you’re interested to know more just feel free to drop me an email at  dreylim1@gmail.com! You can also find out more from Halley’s website http://www.halley.com.sg/ or facebook.com/halleymedicalaesthetics. Alternatively, drop them an email at info@halley.com.sg or call them at 6737 8233.

Halley Medical Aesthetics is located at 277 Orchard Road, #03-15 Orchard Gateway, 238858.

Till the next time people! 
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Giveaway! Free admission tickets to 1-Altitude’s wedding showcase!

 photo Sky High Wedding Showcase - Love For All Seasons 16 Apr 17 - Main_zps2i826wfj.jpg

On 16 April 2017, 1-Altitude and sister company HOST puts on a sky-high wedding showcase of Love for All Seasons to amaze, delight and awe.

Kicking off at 5pm, couples will be spoiled for choice and inspired by Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter set-up options for a lavish celebration or an intimate affair; a bridal collection preview; an exciting do-it-yourself cocktail session; a sky-high solemnization ceremony (an enactment); and a gastronomic feast of progressive Australian cuisine at Singapore’s highest restaurant Stellar.

There will be special privileges and lucky draw prizes too! Couples can look forward to winning a romantic sky-high solemnization at the world’s highest alfresco rooftop bar. And, one lucky couple that signs up a 1-Altitude wedding package on the night will be treated to a round-trip to Phuket!

The Love for all Seasons wedding showcase is priced at $48 per couple and will be held from 5pm to 9pm. The first 20 couples will enjoy an Early Bird Special admission rate of S$38 nett per couple (first-come-first-served basis). To register, email to info@1-altitude.com.

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Winners will be contacted directly! Best of luck!

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Afternoon tea at Brasserie Les Saveurs St. Regis Hotel & went to a perfume making workshop with the girls!

I am finally blogging about this. These sets of photos are in my MSI and I am currently using my Macbook. I think this is the problem with working with 2 laptops, not sure where my photos are..

So last year around November or December we went to St. Regis for high tea and followed by making perfume at Je T’aime Perfume workshop for Pinky’s Hen Party!

I think what we planned is pretty decent, because those that I heard are like super crazy. Like go pubs or bars and talk to random strangers or kissing or etc. Like you know play those truth or dare games? LOL. This is definitely not suitable for Pinky. haha.

So we went to Brasserie Les Saveurs on a Saturday and we paid about $53++ person, from 3pm to 5pm. We chose this place because of the atas setting and of course good reviews online.

 photo pinky1_zpsrygzsda3.jpg

 photo pinky2_zpslf0z4nsy.jpg

 photo pink3.jpg_zps2xbtsn6j.jpg

smiley balloon for Pinky!

 photo pink4_zpsyy2bqg5o.jpg

The interior.

 photo pink5_zps4boi2fs6.jpg

Daphy and Pinky!

 photo pink6_zpsrggwr2gf.jpg

 photo pink7_zpsguaoenrn.jpg

Our floral crowns and corsage from Candiiflorals!

 photo pink8_zpsnin9fy7o.jpg

 photo pink9_zpseoatlmf8.jpg

Selection of tea.

 photo pink10_zpsukouieji.jpg

and drinks

 photo pink11_zpswovkfhpm.jpg

 photo pink12_zpsrgqi2ebt.jpg

 photo pink13_zpskqqzzvmg.jpg

the buffet spread

 photo pink14_zps26jaomov.jpg

 photo pink15_zpsswzfpp7u.jpg

 photo pink16_zpspj06khd8.jpg

 photo pink17_zpseqtjemkm.jpg


 photo pink18_zpsypqdezid.jpg


 photo pink19_zpsoehcgff1.jpg

 photo pink20_zps18zufsfj.jpg

 photo pink21_zpsglcrfmyh.jpg

bread pudding!

 photo pink22_zps1pnlamm2.jpg

 photo pink23_zpsf7zpw3kv.jpg

chocolate fondue!

 photo pink24_zpsrmlb409t.jpg


 photo pink25_zps0rlbwiyb.jpg

Our three tierred silver stand for 2 to share.

 photo pink26_zpszyc6lcbu.jpg

 photo pink27_zpsae6mukvp.jpg

 photo pink28_zpsjhkiqc2s.jpg

sweet delights

 photo pink29_zpseuhremna.jpg

savory treats

 photo pink30_zpsfen8vfjp.jpg

and finger sandwiches

 photo pink31_zpsrymkj4ch.jpg

 photo pink32_zpskjo0x8eq.jpg

My favourite was the eclair and the sandwiches, and from the spread the salmon obviously!

I thought the spread was alright only, but I really love the place. Very beautiful and lovely!

After our buffet we went to 90 Goodman Road for the perfume workshop by Je T’aime Perfumery!

 photo pink33_zps1u1jptga.jpg

 photo pink34_zpsgquyngf3.jpg

Thanks Daphy for bringing us! We started off by doing a ‘How well do you know the bride’ quiz hahaha! Omg I did this better than Jiaxin when I only know Pinky for a few months okayyy..

 photo pink35_zps1vbi0tey.jpg

We were asked to do a Perfume Personality Quiz next before we can start working on our perfume. I was quite happy with my result because yes I’m quite exotic and boyish in a way lol!

 photo pink36_zpsjlhhafro.jpg

we have like 40+ perfume oils to choose from and to be honest, my nose was going numb! hahaha.

 photo pink37_zpszpbitvnl.jpg

 photo pink38_zpsj211a3bv.jpg

From our results, we also get to find out how many drops from each oil category we should put into our sample.

There are 5 types of perfume oils, Floral, Oriental, Woody, Citrus and Fresh. For mine, I had to put 9 drops from the floral selection, 18 drops from oriental, 9 drops from woody, 9 drops from citrus and 12 drops from the fresh selection.

 photo pink39_zpsiysa0q5r.jpg

we can make 3 samples in total and take home our favourite one in an actual perfume bottle!

 photo pink40_zpsmveg5pzf.jpg

This is the sample.

 photo pink41_zpskj6xoarl.jpg

 photo pink42_zpskjhhr5iw.jpg

When the 3 samples are done, we chose our favourite scent and continue adding drops into our actual sized perfume bottle. For the perfume bottle, we have to x10 for every drop we put into the sample! We had to do like a few hundred drops for this! I think this explains why we were there until 10pm+ from 7pm!

They have different workshops for couple, individual and even corporate team bonding! Maybe I can try the couple one next! If you’re interested in this go check out https://www.jetaime-singapore.com/perfume-workshop.html . 😀

It was a very fun outing! Just for your information, this post is late and Pinky is already married. 🙂 very sad that Pinky is leaving us in a week’s time but it’s okay we will meet again. 🙂

Till the next,
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Check out Uniqlo’s New Minnie Mouse Loves Dots’ Collection! Cute!

Sharing cute stuffs with you today! Parisian Designer, Olympia Le-Tan has created an original collection for Uniqlo Minnie Mouse and dot themes. This collection is part of MAGIC FOR ALL, a global Uniqlo collaboration with the Walt Disney Company to bring the dreams and delights of Disney to people around the world through clothes!

The ‘Minnie Mouse Loves Dots’ Collection features reproduced felt applique, ribbons, bobbins and embroidery details which are signature of Olympia Le-Tan’s designs. The collection conveys the story of Minnie Mouse creating a handmade dress in a dot pattern and centres around Minnie’s trademark dots and classic vintage colour blue dress motif, infused with a fantasy world imagined by her.

This collection is already launched on www.uniqlo.com.sg, and will be available in selcted Uniqlo stores including ION Orchard, Tampines 1, Causeway Point, VivoCity, Parkway Parade, Bugis+, Suntec City, Jem, Plaza Singapura, Nex, Jurong Point, Waterway Point and the UNIQLO Flagship store at Orchard Central from 10 April 2017!

 photo uniqlo1_zps6qa84lls.jpg

 photo uniqlo2_zpsmhd31gf8.jpg

 photo uniqlo3_zpseykfk8p3.jpg

Items in the collection will be priced at $14.90 for a Girls’ UT, $19.90 for a Womens’ UT and $29.90 for a shoulder bag.

 photo IMG_8545 1_zpsltspsnhj.jpg

Go get one cute tee for yourself or your children now! Its always good to stay youthful and cute. 😀 *Neckerchief is my own, not included!* 

Thanks Uniqlo for making me cute! (Y)


+Sixty6 Thai Food at Short Street!

 photo IMG_0313_zpssqr4is2u.jpg

Recently my new colleague just commented that she is too old for cafe hopping. I was like whuttttt because she’s only 23!! And the 27 years old me and the 31 years old hubby still looking for unique cafes with good ambience and most importantly, good coffee. omy..

Anyway today is about thai food. I love thai food. Especially green curry BUT Simon don’t really fancy thai food so we don’t eat thai food when we are out.

A few months ago, my Colleagues and I went to +Sixty6 cafe for lunch.

 photo IMG_0296_zpszpmmlgjt.jpg

 photo IMG_0297_zps07rrlhtu.jpg

The order form if you want the 4pax set. (not sure if this promo still going on) 

Guess what I ordered? I usually change my order but when it comes to Thai food I always order Green curry hehe. oh or maybe phad thai.

 photo IMG_0307_zps56et2dqi.jpg

Thai Milk Tea and lemongrass juice. I got a feeling that the lemongrass belongs to Jiaxin.

 photo IMG_0309_zpsksvcutu1.jpg

I can’t remember what is this but I think it’s something to do with sweet and sour pork or maybe chicken.

 photo IMG_0310_zps8kctegq0.jpg

Thai Basil Pork rice!

 photo IMG_0311_zps5ldhcbsn.jpg

my green chicken curry!

 photo IMG_0312_zps4b0t1zlr.jpg

and Phad Thai!

I tried the Phad Thai and I like it! i don’t really like the green curry because it’s abit diluted and I still prefer the one from Aroy Dee. Chee Shong also commented that the Thai basil pork rice is better at Aroy Dee too~

I will still go back again but recently when we go during lunch time the shop seems to be closed. Never mind, let’s try again soon.

And here’s some pages from the menu for your reference.

 photo IMG_0304_zpspoi1zyja.jpg

 photo IMG_0299_zpsrp9sfvrs.jpg

 photo IMG_0298_zpsxzq819v4.jpg

1A Short Street, #01-03, 188210

Till the next,
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