L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le rouge Lipsticks and Infallible Never fail Lip Liners!

 photo DSC04720_zpsmktvbecv.jpg

I am sure you heard of the Infallible makeup range under L’Oreal Makeup Paris, they are supposed to last all day with no compromise on comfort. I previously tried their Infallible foundation and it proves to be very good! And so today I’m very happy to share with you their new lipsticks and liners!

The infallible Le Rouge lipsticks come in a luxurious range of 10 shades and the never fail lip liners come in 6 shades and with an in-built sharpener!

The innovative long wearing formula features a flexible network of adhesive polymers that allows for the longevity of the lip color, this formula allows the color to stay even after eating and as long as up to 10 hours or more! Vitamin E in the product also helps to keep our lips moist and comfortable!

The 10 shades include Refined Ruby, Persistent Plum, Bold Bordeaux, Perpetual Peach, Rambling Rose, Everlasting Plum, Tender Berry, Charming Lilac, Charismatic Coral and Eternal Rose. 

As for the Infallible never fail lip liners, they are the perfect match to the infallible Le Rouge! Use the infallible 6 hours never fail lip liners under the lipsticks to define the contours of your lips and prolong the staying power of the lip color. The rich and creamy formula goes on smooth and even, and can prevent any fading and feathering for up to 6 hours!

There are a total of 6 shades but the last one Plum will only be available in July. So currently I only have Brown, Rose, Nude, Red/Wine and Mauve! 

 photo DSC04715_zpsffkusir4.jpg

Check out these gorgeous colors! Guess which are my favs?

 photo DSC04724_zps9uzqkos9.jpg

I love Everlasting Plum, Rambling rose, tenderberry and Charismatic Coral!

Super in love with this range! I have no problem with the lipsticks but my friend don’t like the texture. Well you never try you never know!

Lipsticks are priced at $23.90 each and the lip liners $14.90 each!

I also took some selfie so you can see the colors!

 photo 56AEECA7-E8B3-4563-826C-1ACC9DEA5BCB_zpszpevxain.jpg

Rambling rose!

 photo IMG_0053_zpsnpvnh9zq.jpg

Charismatic Coral

 photo IMG_0145_zpsq2mqlsvs.jpg

Rose lipliner + Tenderberry!

I also did a video for you! Go check it out! 😀

Till the next my loves,
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[S-series] Food at Ministry of Food, Seletar mall. *closed*

Hi welcome to my titles-that-lack-creativity posts,

This was when we were still quite new in the Seletar-Sengkang neighbourhood, yeah that’s my hood now homie.

We frequent Seletar Mall because if I’m not wrong Compass One isn’t up yet. Even though there were awesome and much cheaper fares just outside the mall, I can’t help but wanna feel like a rich man and Claire wanted to have salad, so we entered MOF to splurge on overpriced food.

 photo IMG_6677_zpsbsamc4uh.jpg

Oh yeah check it out people Kin-tama Waifu-material Aglio Olio Pasta, I love Japanese menus!

 photo IMG_6678_zpshqmqhtcg.jpg

And yeah Waifu gonna aim one of these salads, I bet she’ll burn a hole through this menu if she stares long enough.

 photo IMG_6680_zpss9xvnlhq.jpg

I think I took the 8038 Tori Katsu Carbonara Pasta. Chicken cutlet sleep on a bed of carbonara pasta.

 photo IMG_6682_zpsnfofx2wf.jpg

And Waifu’s Grilled Unagi Tofu Salad. She likes Unagi and fried stuff.

 photo IMG_6685_zpsyazeljsz.jpg

That explains the Karaage and Fries dish.

 photo IMG_6686_zpsajtamot0.jpg

Behold. The Chicken Cutlet sleeping on the Carbonara Pasta.

This meal is not only splurging on money, its binging on calories. The Tori-Katsu Carbonara Pasta is real value for money, its tasty without being jelat. And I bet its got enough protein for 2 servings. This and the Unagi salad would have been a complete meal.

The unagi salad is.. well.. I don’t know how to describe a salad you know. Its all greens and sauce and some meat. The tofu adds a little twist to the flavour though so I kinda liked it too.. Probably in contrast with the Tori-katsu’s gigantic size.

I’ll probably visit again, gotta see when I start feeling rich again then I’ll drag Claire here. Worth it.

The Karaage taste like something they pick up from a supermarket’s freezer and fry it for you, at a premium price. So.. nothing much to say.

With this, I’ve come to an end of this short post.


*P.S. I recently realised the restaurant has closed and was going to be replaced by Saizeriya that’s opening real soon. Oh well.

[S-series] Perth Foodie Find – D’ Big Mama, Freshly made Delicious Bamboo Kneaded Noodles!


We live in an era where the machines aid us in everything we do. We have simple machines like a bottle opener all the way to precision robotics that made sophisticated parts where human hands used to be. Now even noodles were made using machines and food loses its ‘human touch’, except for when the chef opens the pack and touch it with his hands before cooking us our favourite noodle dish.

Once upon a time, there were noodle masters who knead the noodle dough themselves before cooking it, this is as fresh as it gets. From China we have ‘la mian’ or hand pulled noodles (which are rather common actually..), there were also the bamboo kneaded noodle dough. Today I’m fortunate enough to taste the latter.

We were visiting our relatives in Perth and my Uncle brought my parents, Claire and myself to a Malaysian Restaurant in Coventry Village at Morley, Perth. The place is like a small neighbourhood mall for a small town in Perth, much like what we have in Singapore. The restaurant offers a large array of Malaysian food we all loved so much. In my opinion, Malaysian food and Singaporean food are like siblings. We have our own differences, but in the end we are born into the same family.

We tried Bak Kut Teh served with rice and youtiao, Hei Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup), Hor Fun, Curry Laksa and a secret dish! Why secret dish? Well because its not on the menu, that’s why.

The bak kut teh tastes nothing like the chain stores sprouting all around Singapore like mushrooms after the rain. Its soup is dark and you see goji berries floating all around with slices of TCM herbs in them. Herbal Pork bone broth that is. I love it, it tasted just like how my mom would cook her bak kut tehs, unlike the white broths that’s getting really common in Singapore.

Next is the Hei Mee, partly because its set in front of me that’s why I keep eating from it. But I the soup tasted of fresh seafood, the prawns used were large and juicy, cooked just right. No fishy aftertaste, I imagined they must’ve dump a really large quantity of prawn heads to make it taste so good. I couldn’t stop eating it, but I of course left some soup for the others and Claire. Claire loves soups.

The hor fun was the only lackluster dish comparing to the rest of the dishes. Its still good, I’ll still give it 3/5, I disliked the gooey gravy but this is just my personal preference. Can’t expect the chef to suit everybody’s taste buds right?

Then the Curry Laksa. Like its name, it tasted more like curry than laksa, so don’t make unreasonable comments like it tasted like curry! I actually liked it too, all things with curry tasted awesome. Its gravy is slightly thicker than a regular laksa you can find in Singapore, and its nothing like the Assam Laksa I love so much from Melaka. There’s also something about noodles that’s cooked al dente that make all the noodle dishes here so good.

The Secret Dish. Is called Rochor Mee. Its basically the fried Hokkien Prawn Mee with more gravy and served with sambal chilli. But doesn’t that sound like Hokkien mee? Yeah it does. A quick search online told me that Hokkien mee as we know it today in Singapore was sort of a combination with Rochor Mee, because we Singaporeans like our sambal chilli. Hokkien Mee in the past was fried till almost dried and served with sliced chilli only. Nevertheless, the rochor mee here was made by order and it takes some time to cook, just like in Singapore you see the hawkers at the hokkien mee stalls usually take about 15mins to fry a batch of noodles before they serve it to you with prawns, sliced pork and fish cakes etc, the Rochor Mee here takes a while to cook too. And like all good things, the noodles were well worth the extra waiting time, they were cooked just right, the consistency of the gravy was excellent, not too watery and not too viscous. The noodles were slightly charred and that’s how a good Hokkien/Rochor Mee should be like! I Loved it!

The chef/owner came out to talk to my uncle and he told us he wanted to try making his own noodles using the bamboo kneading method, just like how he does for years before. I can see that in his physique, he look like he’s into his late 50s but the muscles on his arms are still very well defined like someone who frequents the gym. I have heard of the bamboo method and I’m pretty sure its very physically demanding to be making noodles fresh like that. The owner was operating from another location previously where he made fresh noodles all day for the customers then. He has since moved to this cozy place and was dying to ply his forte again, but due to various reason he was not able to do that full time.

We commented that the food was very good and the chef offered to cook us bamboo kneaded noodles for us tomorrow. Because he also wanna give it a try, making fresh noodles like that at this restaurant. Wow that’s a chance not to be missed right!

And so, the next day we came back again to try his handmade noodle dishes.

He showed us how its like kneading the dough using that thick bamboo. But we came a little late so he already done all the kneading, here’s he just being a good sport and showing us how he does the kneading.

He made Bak Chor Mee and Wanton Soup Mee. We were all eager to try it and we were pleasantly surprised by the springiness of the noodle! Its texture is soft yet never losing the springiness or Q-ness of the noodles. It look a little dull in colour compared to factory made egg noodles because the factory made egg noodles adds colourings to make it look so nice. And unlike the factory made ones, which usually stinks of ammonia if you never rinse them many times before serving, the handmade noodles at D’big Mama tastes like something you can pluck out of a tree, if only noodles grow on trees. It can’t get any fresher than this.

I especially love this dish!

I gobbled all the noodles down greedily once everyone had their fill. I especially love the Bak Chor Mee even though it doesn’t have the many ingredients you can find locally, its just Bak Chor (minced pork), some vege and sauce on the handmade noodles.

If I live in Perth, I’ll definitely visit this joint everyday and try everything on the menu. If I go back to visit my aunt again, I’ll make sure I at least visit once.

D’ Big Mama

Coventry Village, 243-253 Walter Road Morley, Western Australia, Morley, Perth, WA
Sun – Wed: 10 AM to 5 PM
Thurs – Sat: 10 AM to 8 PM
P.S. not sure why the ratings online weren’t too good, I actually honestly sincerely love the food here..

3D2N Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour: Day 1- Old town white coffee, room tour & Dine restaurant + video!

Watch our video here!

We went to JB in February to celebrate Valentine’s day. Didn’t book that one on purpose actually, I was very lucky last year so I won a 2nights stay over there. I didn’t win anything this year but I have been very lucky so far too. 😀

We booked our transportation with WTS travel and the bus stopped at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, which was super convenient!

We were early when we reached, it was about 12pm and we have to wait until 3pm to check into our room. So we left our luggage with Hotel Jen and went to explore the area.

 photo 2_zpswljkakmi.jpg

 photo 1_zpsjiuztog5.jpg

We spotted Dine restaurant that offers discount to Hotel Jen’s guests!

 photo 3_zpsmnek4hqj.jpg

Earlier when we were at the front desk, I took some photos too.

 photo 4_zps28epvien.jpg

 photo 5_zpsw5othkwn.jpg

 photo 6_zpstvbvihjj.jpg

 photo 7_zpslpanqcpc.jpg

I always love the lemon tea in Malaysia, they just taste better! Don’t you think so?

 photo 8_zpsyhatmnlr.jpg

 photo 9_zpsmmbxosas.jpg

 photo 10_zps9flyxts0.jpg

 photo 11_zps8n78pcxq.jpg

I would have book the valentine’s day buffet dinner if I had known these promos earlier.

 photo 12_zpss4c5z5yf.jpg

The random us also got ourselves snacks from vending machines just outside Hotel Jen!

 photo 13_zpshkfntvt9.jpg

 photo 18_zpsctbgfdea.jpg

Simon walker trying to be funny again. LOL

 photo 19_zpsposyuaw9.jpg

We were excited when we saw there’s a japanese restaurant here!! We had this for lunch the next day and I regretted it. lol!

 photo 21_zpsthdghzkd.jpg

Decided to have old town white coffee for lunch because I was craving for nasi lemak!

 photo 20_zpss0h1h72a.jpg

 photo 22_zpsn6hf7r35.jpg

view from where we are seated.

 photo 23_zps0vuxtj0n.jpg

Simon had Asam laksa and me, nasi lemak!

 photo 24_zpsadv1lm5r.jpg

The nasi lemak is so shiok while the asam laksa was pretty normal. Still love the one from Malacca.

 photo 25_zpsxdbyax1t.jpg

There is nothing much around here and it can be a little difficult to wait for the time to pass so we went to Starbucks to get coffee after our meal.

 photo 26_zpsiu7vba5e.jpgThey have affogato here!

 photo 27_zps2cfq6en7.jpg

about 2pm we went back to the hotel and asked if the room is ready. We were so bored already..

 photo 28_zpsgn9w9z3h.jpg

We waited for about 10minutes before we can finally go to our room!

 photo 29_zpspjmqpygo.jpg

 photo 30_zpsarfsk5da.jpg

 photo 31_zpsks5hwcn2.jpg

Our room number 3215!

 photo 32_zpsu08zmsro.jpg

We got to walk pass Hello Kitty Themed Rooms too! So cute!

 photo 33_zpszqnojway.jpg

and here’s our deluxe room!

 photo 34_zpsq7qcxtvg.jpg

looks really nice from the photos but there were some stains on the mattress LOL.

 photo 35_zpsgpfri2v8.jpg

 photo 36_zps7lsf6lpl.jpg

shower area, pretty standard.

 photo 37_zpsrvu24jfu.jpg

 photo 38_zpsuyq9ck1x.jpg

we took a nap and for dinner we went to Dine Restaurant.

 photo 39_zpsyocddmpp.jpg

Here’s the menu for your reference.

 photo 40_zpsjvpu4vr6.jpg

I love the food here. It’s nice and affordable.

 photo 41_zpsubcdaamw.jpg

 photo 42_zpsmexiyjpo.jpg

 photo 43_zpsdici652b.jpg

We were guessing if the owner is a Singaporean.

 photo 44_zpsyhuipr7r.jpg

 photo 45_zpsz6rai9qo.jpg

 photo 46_zpsoiraj9ru.jpg

Looks like a typical restaurant in Singapore right?

 photo 47_zpsgkdgsgez.jpg

I ordered smoked duck salad for myself.

 photo 48_zps38s8qyjl.jpg

Truffle fries

 photo 49_zpsvcvhls4b.jpg

and Simon Walker had Chicken Cordon Bleu!

 photo 50_zpsdkpyj8wd.jpg

after dinner we got us snacks and went back to the hotel to rest.

 photo 51_zpsqzumibm3.jpg

even got ourselves a big bottle of mineral water because we are always thirsty.

Most of the time we were in the room because there’s really nothing much to see or do. And this concludes my day 1 and night.

Will continue the rest in the next post, and let you know if I will go back again. hehe.

Till the next my loves,
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Brazil Churrasco (for meat lovers) with my colleagues!

I already want to laugh before I start this post. I went to Brazil Churrasco with my colleagues about a year and a half ago.. I know right that’s so long!! And writing this today makes me realize that I’m really leaving these awesome peeps.

I am sad, of course, but I got to stay positive! It was a celebration somehow, I can’t really remember for what occasion. Probably because they got their bonus? or maybe for CNY. lol.

 photo 1_zps5sszqmrp.jpg

We took a cab there after work and I know it’s going to be a very meaty night.

 photo 2_zpszi2zmyq9.jpg

 photo 3_zpspgymzr3n.jpg

We were given cheese buns and soup before our big meal.

 photo 4_zpsn96p9f70.jpg

The interior.

 photo 5_zpsolpekbic.jpg

We help ourselves to the salads, vegetables and appetizers before the meat. Free flow salad bar makes me really excited!

 photo 6_zpseuhpppiw.jpg

 photo 7_zpsoelcqgyc.jpg

There are many choices, hot and cold appetizers and they taste good too.

 photo 8_zps5a58jumh.jpg

We went back to our table after taking the food and about 5-10minutes later, the friendly staff is here to feed us with the awesome meat!

 photo 9_zpsidn8gv4f.jpg

 photo 10_zpsk7xs1tdg.jpg

It’s my first time going to a meat buffet and I was really enjoying myself. I don’t usually eat so much meat but I did stuff myself silly that day! The staffs are really friendly and they just keep smiling!

 photo 11_zpsvpsrunxm.jpg

I can’t remember what meat I ate and which part was it but I remembered loving the beef! And I highly recommend the grilled pineapples because it was so so so so so good!!

 photo 12_zpszpmpftif.jpg

Meat carving seems fun? It was dark and I don’t know how but I screwed up the functions in my camera. So this explains why my photos are so crappy here.

 photo 14_zps6nwokixk.jpg


 photo 15_zps47p80uou.jpg

I highly recommend this place, it’s really not bad! The damage is about $50++ per pax. 😀

By the way my soon to be ex colleagues, maybe we should have christmas buffet next? 😀

Till the next my loves,
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Saybons Plaza Singapura: Soups and crepes :D

I love Cedele, and I love Saybons too. Because the soups and crepes are so good.

This is not the first time I’m talking about Saybons. I talked about them before, a couple of years back when I was still very anal about the kind of food I consumed. I really love the soups back then and I wanted to try it again, so Simon and I finally went to Saybons at Plaza Singapura for dinner recently and to check out if the standard is still the same!

Simon does not eat meat on Friday so going to Saybons was a good choice, they have no-meat choices and for me? I love that their portions are small and I guess it’s good for people who are trying to control their diet.

Talking about it now makes me crave for the crepe, I will probably return sometime soon because once I start working at my new place, I don’t think I will keep going back to Plaza Sing already. Too lazy for that. lol!

 photo IMG_8321_zpsz9ullgtj.jpg

I remembered last time there’s only a limited selection of sandwiches, soups and salad choices but now they have crepes already!

 photo IMG_8322_zpso6ksvtao.jpg

There are 3 different types of crepes, savoury, skinny and sweet and I’ve only tried the savoury one.

 photo IMG_8323_zpsb1fdx1hk.jpg

You can have all day breakfast too! 

 photo IMG_8328_zps9j3dpy1y.jpg

we ordered mushroom and some veggie related soup to go along with our crepes!

 photo IMG_8329_zpsmb4zwl6u.jpg

Here’s the crepe! Really crispy! We ordered the Margherita’s and it was good! Really love Saybons and I’m happy that we decided to visit them again!

 photo IMG_8330_zpsaber3wkf.jpg

Yummy and healthy food makes me happy. 😀 Go try them if you haven’t! 😀

Till the next my loves,
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Use ‘claireaudrey10’ for 10% off @ Tracyeinny.com.sg!

June is my favourite month because it’s my birthday month! I’m going to Japan and I’m so excited! It’s going to be my first time spending it abroad!! And when you are happy what do you do? Of course we shop!

Today I’m going to talk about Tracyeinny! I’m sure you’ve heard of them! I have been shopping with them for for so many years and I am super happy to be able to feature their clothes today!

 photo IMG_9053_zps6nhinumz.jpg

  1. I love clothes in blush colour because they are so feminine. And I absolutely love this piece from www.tracyeinny.com.sg! The brooke cold shoulder top is lovely in its own way and I really like it!

 photo IMG_8998_zpsow7qlxn2.jpg

2. This Ping Knit faux pinafore is so versatile and good for everyday wear! It’s one piece by the way not 2 piece!

 photo IMG_9258 1_zpszxwsone4.jpg3. I choose this Hope flutter dress because of the ‘flutter’. I mean.. isn’t it so cute?!

If you are interested in any of the above or you want more clothes to add into your wardrobe here’s the discount code for you! Use ‘claireaudrey10’ for 10% off all clothes on www.tracyeinny.com.sg! Happy shopping!

Till the next my loves,
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Melbourne 7D6N: The Airbnb we stayed- Light & Airey Collingwood loft apt

Travel on Airbnb and get more than $20 in travel credit! Click here! 

Watch our travel video here!

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I finally edited all my photos for Melbourne, and this means I can start blogging about the trip! I think Simon should do a Melbourne VS Perth post by the way, that would be so cool. 😀

Anyway today let’s talk about the Airbnb I booked when I was in Melbourne last year.

 photo 36_zpsjnn1fzfe.jpg

I love everything here, the art pieces, the decoration, the bed and even the location. I love that I have to climb up to my bed every night! 😀

Our Airbnb is just right beside the Knife Shop cafe, which is a wonderful location because you won’t need to worry about breakfast and having to find good coffee! I am sorry if you don’t love coffee as much as we do, but if you really love coffee then Melbourne is the place you should go.

 photo 38_zpsqlydgkxe.jpg

 photo 37_zps04hg5a23.jpg

Here’s simon smiling for me. There’s the microwave oven, tea and coffee supplies, toaster, electric kettle and fridge beside the couch.

 photo DSC03401_zps26meotq8.jpg

There’s a television in the apartment too! and wireless internet access!

 photo DSC03403_zpshkepbqle.jpg

 photo DSC03402_zps742rgltx.jpg

 photo DSC03404_zpsc4jsdkox.jpg

 photo DSC03405_zpsoadz1evd.jpg

stairway to ‘heaven’.

 photo DSC03406_zps89yheht3.jpg

 photo DSC03410_zps3khjsefb.jpg

 photo DSC03411_zpsvwgy2bas.jpg

 photo DSC03412_zpsram9wud9.jpg

books and fan.

 photo 39_zps6oiv10ib.jpg

our bed! The first thing I thought to myself when I saw this was, “how to avoid hitting my head in the morning” but both Simon and I never did hit our head once during our 6 nights stay there. LOL.

 photo DSC03414_zpsqinjnzjv.jpg

There’s a window right above us which is good because it helps to wake us up in the morning.

 photo DSC03417_zpsqyhbpfhj.jpg

and here’s the bathroom!

 photo DSC03418_zpshfqfszza.jpg

I love this place but I am hoping they can remove the carpet. I don’t really like staying in apartments with carpet because I don’t think it is very clean. Also there were 1night where the heater was down, we don’t know what happened but we were freezing in there. LOL! We went there during Spring time and it was crazy cold. I was told that Melbourne can have 4 seasons in a day and now I finally understand why!

Overall this is a really lovely place and I highly recommend to you guys!

Here’s the listing if you are interested! 😀 https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/2056947

Travel on Airbnb and get more than $20 in travel credit! Click here! 

Till the next trip to the land of rising sun!! So excited!!! hehehe. :D:D:D
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Mushroom Cafe in the Park – Seng Kang Riverside park

The first time I tried Mushroom Cafe was many years ago when Simon still occasionally work at Mount Alvernia. Sometimes I would wait for him and we would go explore and lunch together. Talk about exploring people. I am so obsessed with the tv now that I sleep at 6am during the weekend. And the guy? playing the witcher. o god.

 photo IMG_4551_zpsu1btrjyw.jpg

The 2nd time we had it at Seng Kang Riverside Park. We walked to the park because it is very near to our place.

 photo IMG_4552_zpsbdurokat.jpg

The boring us forever ordered the same thing. Chicken stew and beef stew.

 photo IMG_4555_zpsfhiqzcb7.jpg

Chicken Stew was very msg-tasty.

 photo IMG_4554_zpsyp6c8hvl.jpg

and the beef stew was a little watery that day. It still tasted good so no complaints here.

We love picnics but sometimes we are too lazy to make sandwiches and salad for our picnic session. So it is nice that we have Mushroom cafe to fall back on even though the choices are quite limited. It looks pretty simple, but still a good place to chill and relax with your partner or friends. 😀

By the way I want to apologize for the lack of personal updates lately. There are so many things I want to share but netflix is too powerful. LOL. If you watch netflix I think you will understand why. Go watch thirteen reasons why if you haven’t by the way! I super love that show. 😀

Anyway I am very random but I have a new goal this year, is to learn how to cycle! And I am excited to learn. 😀 well just need to fork out the time. 😀

Till the next my loves,
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My love for salad – Simply Wrapps and Happy Tummy!

I have a thing for salad. Nope not because I want to lose weight but because I really love eating vegetables. People always think I eat salad because I want to maintain weight but truth is I do love eating salad!

There’s a sense of satisfaction when I know I’m eating clean food. And just so you know I don’t eat my salad with dressing. Erm that’s the purpose of eating clean right?

Today I want to share 2 of my favourite salad place with you! They are Simply Wraps and Happy Tummy, even the names make one happy!

 photo IMG_8510_zpsebmhy48j.jpg

I always go to the one at Plaza Sing and every single time without fail, I ordered the Taj Mahal. As much as I want to try the other creations, I can’t help but to order Taj Mahal because I really love the tandoori chicken.

 photo IMG_8511_zps4kq3i3d6.jpg

 photo IMG_8519_zpsn9hbddii.jpg

The tandoori chicken is really nice!!

 photo IMG_1722_zps8pwxqkrx.jpg

As for Simon, salad is not enough obviously so he ordered a wrap. I can’t remember what was this, probably new york new york? It was very yummy as well! I love wraps but I will never order one myself. LOL.

Next Happy Tummy at Wilkie Edge! The place that make me got addicted to eating salad with salted egg and century egg. I know it sounds weird but I really love the taste!

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 photo IMG_4751_zpsmvfm6nr8.jpg

I think another reason why Simon and I can click is because of our taste in food. We can mix almost anything and eat them together. Our next challenge is durian or mango with bread. He said this sounds nice, I am not sure about that.

 photo IMG_4642_zpstikqehwx.jpg

 photo IMG_4645_zpsjuz8f6lq.jpg

beef wrap!

 photo IMG_6720_zpsokuqqdgq.jpg

Happy Tummy is not about salad anymore. Now they have ice cream, hot food, ready packed salad, sandwiches, waffles and what not. Recently I tried their vietnam roll and it was very nice! It’s perfect for days when I want to eat clean but have no feel for salad! And I love vietnam food too so I really enjoyed it!

I will definitely miss their salad, sandwiches and their yuen yang!! Will try to drop by whenever I got the time in the future and I hope I will be able to find salad at my new work place!
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