Physiogel: Daily Defence Range

Did you know that almost 60% of Singaporean women suffer from facial skin sensitivity? Myself included, to be honest. I’ve always battled with sensitive skin so I was pretty excited to test out Physiogel’s Daily Defence Range and review it here on my blog. Let’s just jump straight into it yea?

What does the Daily Defence Range consist of and aim to achieve?

The Daily Defence Range consists of four products:

  1. Gentle Facial Cleanser
  2. Day Cream (Light)
  3. Day Cream (Richer – a more moisturizing texture)
  4. Replenishing Night Cream

The range aims to help women counter the effects of living in megacities. Being exposed to environmental aggressors and modern pollutants that can trigger skin sensitivity is far from ideal, which is why the Daily Defence Range helps to protect our skin & make it more radiant!

What’s in the creams and lotions?

The creams are made of an advanced formulation called Physiogel BioMimic Technology that contains lipids that mimic our skin’s natural structure to repair the moisture barrier. SPF 15 (battles UVA/UVB) and antioxidants are also present to neutralize free radicals in the environment that may damage the skin. This is also known as ‘Triple Action’. With this range, 84% of women get to experience more radiant hydrated skin!

Out of the four products, my personal favourites were the Replenishing Night Cream and Day Cream Light. Up till working with Physiogel, I never believed in sleeping masks but decided to give the Night Cream a try since the product is hypoallergenic! I’ve been applying it before bedtime every day for about a week now and my skin is always visibly moisturized and hydrated in the morning. Would definitely keep this as part of my skincare regime!

As for the Day Cream, I prefer light over rich because I dislike having a lot on product my face for the whole day so this was very comfortable on my skin. As a disclaimer though, be careful not to apply this on any open wounds as I did and there was slight irritation around the area. Not too sure if this is just because my skin is more sensitive than others but I thought I’d just share.

The Gentle Facial Cleanser did its job. It was mild, gentle and cleansed well but because I prefer cleansers of a rinse-off nature, this wouldn’t be a first choice. However, if you are tight on time and need a good fuss free cleanser, this is the one for you. Rinse free! Just add a few pumps of the product into the palm of your hands, massage it into your face and wipe everything off with cotton pads. Tada! Ready to go!

Now that you’ve read my review, here’s how you can check it out for yourself:

Daily Defence page: 

For links to request for samples, please have a scroll through Physiogel’s Singapore Facebook page for more information:



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