Fresh Blooms for your Queen: A Mother’s Day Affair

So here’s one going out to all you sons and daughters. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I hope you’ve planned something for your one true Queen. My mother gave me life, gives me unconditional love and inspires me to be a stronger, more self-assured woman every single day. She is my heroine (and my dad, my hero) and even though I already shower her with love every day, Mother’s Day is the best time to surprise her with something different and slightly more extravagant! Cue ABetterFlorist – a local team of flower enthusiasts who aim to disrupt the traditional florist business by providing faster service and cheaper bouquets. I first started working with them last year, being fortunate enough to receive a couple bouquets for shoots and loved ones. Have you tried their service? If not, perhaps now’s a good time to start!

My mum doesn’t read my blog. At least I don’t think she does. So little does she know, I’ve actually arranged for this exact vase of beautiful flowers, The Elizabeth, to be delivered as a surprise to her on Mother’s Day afternoon! Shhhhh, can’t wait till she receives it at the door! I chose The Elizabeth because it is a lovely combination of lilies, roses, tulips and asters. You’ll find lilies and asters to be a common sight in ABetterFlorist’s Mother’s Day bouquets. Why? White lilies symbolise humility, devotion and virtue. Lilies, in general, symbolise motherhood and the beauty of youth – super apt for the occasion no? Asters are widely known as a talisman of love, symbol of patience and elegance – precisely how our mothers look in our eyes. Without their love, patience and support, we would definitely not be here today!

For those who are more curious about ABetterFlorist, read on!

1. Where are ABetterFlorist flowers grown?

They are imported from the Netherlands, Taiwan and locally from local suppliers – whoever has the freshest blooms.

2. How do you keep them fresh and maintain quality?

The flowers are stored in in-house fridges at an optimum temperature and quality checks are done the minute they reach the office upon delivery by the suppliers. This is done to ensure that every stalk received is of the best quality/looks the best. Their suppliers are very understanding and accommodating, allowing them to perform exchanges if they are unhappy with the quality of the flowers and this really helps facilitate the process of arranging their flowers.

3. What does Mother’s Day mean to the ABetterFlorist team?

Mother’s Day is a day set aside for children around the world to honor their mothers for all the blood (literally and figuratively!), sweat and tears in raising us up…but beyond that, the team believes that it is a day to commemorate the achievements of both the children and mothers – without the mothers, these achievements wouldn’t be possible. ABetterFlorist sees it as a symbolic day of celebrating strength and confidence of not just Mothers, but mothers-to-be and all the other motherly figures we have in our lives.

The Elizabeth is retailing at $109 with free shipping. In case this particular bouquet isn’t to your liking, ABetterFlorist has several other options for the season so do check them out soon to reward your mother with the prettiest flowers she definitely deserves.


Photography: Pat and Larry

Edits: Christy

Top: Forever 21
Floral Jeans:
Sneakers: Puma

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