Lookbook: Sports Luxe + #youthenchildish

Christmas is in four days, guys. FOUR DAYS. It’s insane how quickly the year has just flown by, huh? I’m pretty stoked about Friday cos my family and I will be celebrating Christmas early! My sis and her hubs are flying to Japan for the holidays so we had to carry celebrations forward a couple days. Whee presents! And speaking of presents, that’s how this lookbook came about!

I’m sure everyone knows that the Victoria’s Secret flagship store recently opened for business at Mandarin Gallery right so duh, being the curious cat that I sometimes am, I asked Sky if he’d like to go check it out with me. And of course he was like ‘YEA SURE LET’S GO!’. Ugh, he makes me so happy lol. Anyway, yea so we went in one day and skipped the first floor cos tbh, VS isn’t known for very good bras. They’re just really strong with branding. I was more interested in Victoria Sport! So I went up and tried on a couple sports bras for the fun of it. Ended up liking this black one but checked the price and was like ‘oh hell no! $59 for a sports bra are you kidding me?!?!’. So blah blah, walked off without it. Wasn’t sad or what cos to me it’s a huge waste of money, though pretty. And Sky was like yea it’s pretty expensive let’s wait for a sale or something. (Wah this boy, power.)

Fast forward to last week, my LOML surprised me with a pink paper bag from which I fished out the exact sports bra I wanted. And I was so happy hehehe. So that’s my Christmas gift. I haz the best boyfriend ever cos he’s so meticulous and caring.. #blessed!

I guess the photos do the talking as per my usual posts so I shan’t elaborate. But this was the first time I wore a sports bra to town so that was fun. Sky was looking sharp as well so I got to take a few shots of his outfit too. He’s been practicing his ‘walking’ shots. So cute.

As always, hope you’re doing well and that this lookbook was a fun one to read/view!

Happy Holidays, darlings!


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