Styling Flannel in time for the Christmas Season!

Everyone’s familiar with this type of print – Flannel! Perfect to help us all get into the holiday spirit, I must add. I’m back, this time, with a lookbook in collaboration with one of my good friends, Cass of @cassansaurus who blogs at! We dug through our wardrobes and found a flannel item of clothing to work into an outfit, each. See, if you follow me on my socials, you’d know that my style leans more towards street, rocker and grunge – more on the boyish side of things cos I’m really not a girly-girl (though I can be at times and for certain occasions that call for it). But Cass is the total opposite. Her style, as you’ll soon see when you hop over later, is much more elegant and ladylike. We thought it’d be fun to showcase one item on two different individuals, in two vastly different manners. Scroll down to see how I paired mine for a cool girl look.

Chokers have been THE accessory of choice for the later part of this year. It’s fun to see trends from the past get refreshed and resurfaced. I’m a huge fan of chokers as they add a hint of badass-ery (yes, I just made that up) and edge to any outfit! This one I’m wearing closes with push buttons – much convenience!

Also if you noticed, my flannel shirt is lined with a layer of checkers. So instead of the usual flannel that looks the same on the inside, mine has two looks in one! How cool is that? This piece wasn’t cheap though. Apparently imported to Taiwan from Japan. But it’s amazing how light weight and airy it is though there’s an inner lining!


Shoutout to for this sick new phone cover I’m rocking and my dusty pink tresses by @hairbyxavierleong!

If you’re curious to see how Cass styled her flannel, click over here! Let us know which one you’d rock or how else you’d wear a flannel in the comments below or on our socials. We’re working on more of these little collabs down the road so keep your eyes peeled!



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