Skin, Nail, Hair & Joint: Kinohimitsu to the rescue!

Firm, tight and bright – adjectives that you’d wish people said about your skin. Why not do something about it instead of idling by? Kinohimitsu’s newest addition, Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen, is here and it is the only collagen product in the market with anti-glycation effects. My colleagues and I tried it for a week and here are our thoughts!

Muhammad, 29:

“I didn’t have a clue what collagen was or maybe the word itself made me think it was some sort of a teeth whitening product. My impression was that it came in tablet form, however when I first saw its packaging it was pretty neat with the ocean blue design, zip lock, spoon and all. Here’s the thing –  I was thankful it came in a lychee-flavour!”

Larry, 23:

“Marine collagen Kinohimitsu has a brilliant packaging to begin with. The moment you open the packaging, you see a scoop that can nicely fill up 6g, just sufficient for 150ml of water. The lychee taste is very refreshing and it doesn’t taste anything like a supplement drink. I really recommend this drink to anyone who is not looking at having something too sweet.”

As for myself? I’m a newbie to Collagen supplements so being introduced to this brand was a pleasant surprise as it wasn’t at all what I thought of such products! The Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen contains powerful ingredients such as all-round-hydrator Green Caviar, glycation-fighter Formosa Ruby and the ever popular Vitamin C. Each scoop contains 5000mg of high-quality collagen with only 22 calories per serving! The collagen is sourced from deep sea fishes in the Atlantic Ocean but yet this product doesn’t have a fishy taste, is fat free, cholesterol free and preservative free! Having it taste like Lychee was a huge perk – I LOVE LYCHEE. Also, it helps turn back the clock for your skin and improves the connective tissue throughout your body.

If you’re a collagen-fanatic, interested to strengthen your joint and bone health or are just looking for a more pleasant tasting alternative to what you are already having, do try Kinohimitsu out and who knows, it may just be your new favourite supplement drink.

Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen is available online (, leading pharmacies and major departmental stores.

Get it at a promotional price at $39.90 (U.P: $59.90) from our online store ( or their Kinohimitsu Beauty Counters today!

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